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Index of Artists at mitchmen

This Index lists artists represented at both mitchmen blogs and contains links to their principal articles, taken mostly, but not exclusively from the mitchmen A-Z of Fetish Artists.

Most of the early A-Z articles are scheduled for revision and expansion but they do offer an introduction and style guide. I'm concentrating on upgrading major artists first. Dates against index letters show when the original A-Z posts for that letter were made. Later additions have dates in brackets against individual articles. Revised articles have (rev) dates in brackets against them and show where I have got to. 
If you find a defective link - please add a comment.
last updated Apr 6th 2024

  • Coverage of non-fetish and computer-aided art is patchy at present. Artists who do photo manips, computer aided, colourising (CC) or computer generated imagery (CGI) have a coloured label where I can work it out!
  • Entries in italics are sample works not full reviews
  • Artists are listed under the names they put on their pictures or else by surnames. I've tried to cross-reference where it is ambiguous.
  • The links provided usually point to one principal article, you may find other articles featuring the artist by using the search options in the right sidebar and blogger's navigation bar at the top of the page.

3DWaxx - renders, abductions, punishments (2023)

The Amir - Shampoo

Absolutbleu - muscle, sex and fantasy (2021)
Ace Moorcock (aka Brad Parker) - cartoon domination (2012)
Adam (Jack Bozzi), cute boys in trouble (rev 2015)
AdonisIO - AI men in sexy tight clothes (2023)
Ain Postolos AI men in chastity (2023)
Aizenhower - realistic fetish cartoons (2024)
Aizy - Compelling Venom depiction (2023)
Ajay , Creator of the Harry Chess comic strips (rev 2018)
Alabuster - sample tentacle comic strip (2024)
Albron, Muscle bondage and French whimsy CGI (2020)
Alibobokk aka JR - bondage chastity milk'n'plug (2023) 
Amalaric - classic captivity, slavery photo manips (2020)
AManNamedN - Alien experiment (Furry Specialist) CGI 2020
Amir ,(The Amir) bondage and humiliation (rev 2015)
AN7 (aka Opemam77) - superhero  CGI (2018)
Anakuodo - painterly style, domination (2022)
Animas Animus - Ultra Muscle & animal fantasies (2023)
Anteros - Aliens and tentacles, quality renders (2023)
Anubis 1000 - Octopus Tentacles (2022)
ApostlXIII - Devils & hunks nicely drawn (2023) 
Appas - bondage, tentacle, fan art mult styles (2023)
Aquadude - photo manips sample, (2011)
ArielXY - Muscles & Tentacles (2020)
Arion - see Colt 
Arsch - Lab rat/medical sample (2021) 
Art Bob - sample of vintage 60's sailors (2008)
Augustine , vintage, exotic hard bondage, cartoony (rev 2018)
Axel - Accomplished, atmospheric, cartoony (part rev 2015)
Aztec Marco CGI, jail sample (2015)


B2 - black musclemen, inventive bondage (2018)
Barclay, McClelland-Barclay - 40's Navy Muscle Art (2019)
Baron - quality photo manips, slavery, torture threat (2015)
Bastille , rubber fantasies, serious art approach (rev2020)
Beau -  fetish selection (2017)
Belasco , Black urban men in S&M scenes
Beverley, D - Muscle morphs, tarzan fant
Bill Ward, stylish comic strip fetish, mild (2016)
Bishop , Extreme bondage
Bisonnes, Fred
BlackProf - Realist cartoons, kidnap bondage (2020)
Blade - vintage 60's, vanilla  
BladesOfZambe aka Ehrlik - exotic dom,fem dom (2022)
Blake RJ , Hardcore fetish, piercing, cutting (rev2019)
Blaze, Theo - photo manips
Blue Blazes - sample jail image CGI
Blue Apricot - aka MadDoctor, neat bondage, tentacle art CGI (2020)
Boris Vallejo - St Marks Baths ad (2022) 
Botguy aka DGG - milked by aliens (2020)
Boundex Severe bondage,rubber flavours, speedo's
Bowen cartoons with an unexpected edge (2018)
Brad Parker - Ace Moorcock comics domination (2012)
Breyette - sample Octopus attack + targeted (2024)
Brick , men abducted for exotic torments (rev 2019)
BrosFate , fantasy stories of men in trouble (2019) CGI
Bruce, Neil - see Neil Bruce
Brunet, Nicolas aka N.B.
wrestling art
Bubentcov, Ivan - ToF-style farm worker fantasies (2018)
Bud - Classic cartoon of The Smithy   (2023)
BuiltByTallSteve - muscle morphs photo manips (2017)
Bush, Harry  - 70's master, cute boys and captives (2012)
Cavelo - Tree torture


'C' of Sweden , spanking art
Cadete , heroes in trouble
Carcel, Mike (see under MCarcel)
Cas - 60's classic, vintage bulges (2022)
Casablanca - unusual comic style, fierce bdsm (2022)
Casey - Vintage humour bondage art (2022)  
Cavelo , bondage and punishment (rev 2015)
Cavernous Uni - tentacle groping sequence (2023)
Chenz_x_Chen - AI Hunk captivity+torment (2023)
Chirenon, photomanips, chastity, transformations
Chooi , chunky men, CC
Chris , aka Musclemax, muscular men Tom-like style
Chuckie79,  Renders with a twist (2019) CGI
Clyde Christie, Domination of Knights (2023)
Colt - see also Luger  sample sailor (2018)
Copper ,  spanking cartoons
Cross, Julia - Avengers Tarot Card (2020)
Cyrano, crucifixion art


DAD muscle art 
Damnd1 (aka KW)  milking factory samples (2021)
Damo - cartoon bondage + dom in increments (2022)
Dante , Hardcore fetish, piercing, cutting, crucifixion art
David Hueso - serious comic style (2021)
De Bauch , arty erotica (rev 2022)
De Souza , kidnap and bondage art CC
De Souza, Madiera - see M CGI (2021)
Dean Cornwell - conventional art, homo-erotic elements (2021) sample 
Deon, Felix - Gay slants on eclectic trad art styles (2023)
Derart - milking sample (2021)
Devils Three - mild office and domestic fetish (2020)
Dgerzeeboy CGI jail art sample
DGG aka BotguyCGI- domination renders, milked by aliens (2020,2023)
DollceDrawsAfterDark - youthful, cartoon bondage, x-dress fetish (2022)
Domino, quality art with chunky men  and domination flavours
DooSoo aka rntentn - humiliated man sample (2020)
DOPQ (aka yy 6242, yy 6241 etc) nice men
Dorus (see Kok)
DragonTattoo - marvellous space 'relief' imagery (2023)
Drtkk - see MilkCow - musclemen in captivity
Drubskin , skinheads and seedy practices (rev 2017)
Dupre sample pic - sailor
Dusky, Roger - sample burglar comic (2024)

Etienne - Hero spanked


Ebisen aka Ebisubashi  chunky men in bondage
Eastman, David rough S+M
EdDraws - simple modern domination (2022)
Ehrlik aka BladesofZambe - exotic domination, fem dom (2022) 
El Chuncho, bondage/kidnap example
Ephorox muscles and giant organs CGI (2019)
Eric awkward bondage of goofy guys (unusual)
ErosisSFM - Stylish Redfield tentacle sample (2023)
Esposito, Craig vintage, softly drawn fetish imagery
Etheridge, J C modern, cartoony humorous style CC
Etienne aka Stephen:- Vintage storyteller, foot fetishist (r2016)
Evinist, men undressed, sharp style (2023)

Facchini - Prisoner tortures in legal detention
Falkon, Felix - Style like Etienne, exotic fire tortures
Fallout4 - Sci Fi FanArt  CGI (2022)
Fanelli - pretty painting, underwear (2018)
Fellows - bondage across generations
Fillion, Patrick - stylish fantasy comic artist
Florid-Blade aka Tonkatsu Sando - sexy muscle buddies, striking (2023)
Franco - noted spanking artist,milk machines (rev 2017) inc photo manips
Fred Bisonnes see under 'Bisonnes'
Frey, Oliver aka Zack - bondage, ripped clothing, energy/movement
Fuwa - Park Captive
Fritz, Tom - Vanilla masculinity 
Fujimoto - Big men, cop kidnap example 
Funayama - bondage and punishment with violent overtones
Furminger, Lucas - Bondage and male art paintings
Fury aka Marc Chan - quality male art,occasional domination (rev 2024)
Futoshi - cartoon domination 
Fuwa - (aka Yamato) chunky Japanese men in bondage

Gabo - attractive fan art, fetish flavours, computer-aided (2021)CC
Garcia, Greg - simple comic strip art with fetish flavours
German Twister - Muscular men, cartoon-y realistic style (2019)
Gilgamesh 800 - Huge muscle in heavy captivity (2022)
Giquel, Xavier Distinctive 'stained glass window' style, occasional fetish 
Gleyre - old master style enslavement scene (2024)
Greasetank - disturbing depictions of aggressive punks CGI
GreenzBamboo - Realistic cartoons feat domination, ball busting etc (2023)

Hasegawa - hanging out

Hirano , brief mention+link, memorable male erotic art
Hall, Dale - Memorable one hit wonder with lion
Hammer - bloodthirsty piercing/crucifixion, naive style
Harald - Spanking and CP with a serious air
Harry Bush - great vintage artist, distracting boys (rev 2012)
Hartley - sailor 
Hasegawa - Master of bondage and cute, Japanese men (rev 2019)
Hector - gifted artist with occasional fetish elements
Heerdink - romantic artist but his fantasy subjects get interesting
Heredia - popular purveyor of boy torture in a cartoony style
Hethong - spanking sample CGI
Homoeros  Lithe young muscle tortured & crucified CGI (2018)
HongTao - man with parasol painting(2017)
Humbug - lively art with fetish flourishes sometimes CGI
Hun, The - Prison and captivity scenes with dense dialogue (Rev 2015)

Iamnotavirgin - sci fi fantasy, over-muscled men CGI (2022)
Iceman - fantasy/superhero cartoonery, occasional but very imaginative fetish CC
Ira C Smith arty bondage + leather
Irizarry - Isolated bondage scene, realist cartoons
Irwin Olaf - Sexy artful photos (2022)
Iskan156 - Crucifixion, whip, slavery story (2023)
Ism@ - Spanking, minimalist style (2022)
Iwao - polished cartoon domination scenes

Jack   - (aka Kamui-Jack) attractive cartoon style (updated 2019)
JAD  - dense cartoons of multiple torture ordeals
Jaguar - semi-realistic hetero cartoons, cuckold example (2021)
Jahi aka Yuni - Contortion bondage in a lush cartoon style
Jakal - Vintage fetish art in a realist cartoon style (Images de-censored 2015)
Jakarta - excellent milking parlour, TV video edit (2022)
Jame - stylish and artistically imaginative fantasy bondage scenes
Jayse - fantastical ball-stretching cartoons
Jeeprat - isolated image of overpowering 
Jero - super sexy predicament renders (2022)
Jesus on the rocks - see Yomero
JF - naive but highly erotic, muscle hunk kidnaps
JoeT - Stylish kidnap bondage cartoons, Leather/rubber men, cops and sportsmen
Johansson - isolated realist wrestling image
Johnson, Joe - Vintage artist, CP
jojo-kun -  aka Velvetarms, mild, yaoi style
JomsViking (aka OddArtists) - comic style, sexy abductions (2024)
Jonathan - master of light-hearted, sexy, spanking situation cartoons
Jones, Tom - cubist influenced artist with notable wrestling output (rev 2017)
Joseph - realist drawings, decent fetish content when he's not drawing boys and daddies (rev 2014)
Josman - great masculine faces, clean refreshing style, mostly daddy stuff
Jotto - classy illustrator of fairly violent stories
JuiceJ - undressing image (2019)
Julius - great at mature, hairy muscle & uniforms, more daddythan fetish (rev 2017)
JR - see Alibobokk
Justin - unrestrained fetish orgies in pastel shades, slightly grotesque in style (decensored 2018)
JX  - bondage suit kidnap scenarios
JZ - tights rip'n'strip humiln (2023)

Kalabro - Nick Gut-punched
K.L.I.P. - prisoner-medic sample (2023)
Kaarlo - vintage leather fantasy
Kai, Makoto - line drawing
Kajlet  - CC angular modern style, veiny muscles, wedge
Kalabro - superb danger art, exaggerated limbs (rev. 2022)
Kamion - CGI art, Asian flavour
Kamui-Jack - (aka Jack) Hunks, man sex, arty skills (2019)
Karolux - human torch image
Ken Wood - 1980's Drummer illus
Kent - pleasant vanilla art, occasional fetish
Kent, Nigel - classy, leather porn
Kevin - vintage bondage
Kenya Shimizu - quality art fetish edge
Kimura - chocolate box stuff with fetish excursions
Kirwan, Michael - Whimsical, erotic, slightly grotesque
Klaus von Brandenburg - naive, colourful, muscle torture KnowKname - merman image (2019)
Kobaro - bondage + kidnap feat. chunky men
Kok, Willem (aka Dorus) - feat shaved heads, piercing
Krabat - Strip poker, realistic painterly style (2021)
Kuchar, Mike Sexy languid men (prominent stomachs)
KW (aka damnd1) - milking factory sample (2021)

Laeton, Richard - Colourful, impressionistic paintings (2019)
LBN (see Underbeit)
LCR - bat bondage example
Leo - classic whimsical severe bondage
Leo Art - Typical rendering whipping sample (2021)
Leon - boot licking sample (extended version rev 2022)
Les - classic, vintage, square jawed dungeon art
Leyendecker - 30's Navy Muscle art (2019)
Link - Military enslavement fantasy, naive
Logan - accomplished modern comic book art
Losarro - vintage domination art
Lowenhaupt - vintage leather fantasy
Lucas Furminger - Bondage and male art paintings (2020)
Luger (aka Colt) - 60's master of erotic iconography (2018)
Lundqvist - handsome guys in a pickle 
Luxuris (Lux) - Cute faces, bulbous bottoms, giant dicks (2021)

Macbeth - Vintage, scary leather encounters
Mack - Vintage, sharp edged stuff
MacLane - 60's vanilla art (2018)
Macy - Vintage comic strip
Madahv - photo manips with gruesome endings 
MadDoctor aka Blue Apricot, neat bondage, tentacle art CGI (2020)
Madiera DeSouza - philosophical CGI harsher stuff (2021)
Mahoney - crucifixion specialist
Malex - Vintage, morbid, distinctive style
Manflesh - Yummy men in captivity, fleshy style, water colour
Marc - noose art
MarcusWresting - Hi quality renders of fight bullying (2022) CGI
Mark - Spanking photo manips
Mark Vulfing (aka BathHouseBoi)  Chris redfield image (2020)
Marquis - Vintage, awkward bondage portraits
Martin of Holland - Covers every excess
Matsugoroh - densely shaded, semi vanilla
Matt - Popular commercial artist, angular style, Sado Island
Matt (ear tweaker), humiliation, spanking
Matt (Muscle)- Young muscle and riotous sex comic
Max - Stylish french artist
MCarcel (Mike Carcel) - Weird, gruesome fantasies, a modern master
McClelland-Barclay - 40's Navy Muscle Art
Mentaiko - luscious Yaoi style bondage
Michael - Vintage ToF copyist
Micro - Vintage boot and rubber fetish
Mighty Foo (The), Combat and execution art, X-rated (2021)
Migri - Hitchhiker story, square jawed Yaoi (2023)  
Mike - A lesser known bondage artist
MilkCow - musclemen in captivity
Minoru - nice bear bondage
Mishima- Vintage bondage master, tattoos
Mister X - boy punishment
Mitchell - owner of this blog, see also Gallery Tab and mitchpix label
Mitchell, Michael - cross generational, much admired
Mizuki Gai - office domination image
Mizukage Ryoji (aka Ryuji?) Japanese bondage
Moc - Lighthearted bondage fantasies
Muscle Matt also listed under Matt, cartoony, bodybuilders & sex
Musgrave - tied hands study, one hit wonder?
Myles Antony - watercolours, leather art samples (2021)
Mylkichoco - cute men and bondage (2021)  CGI

Nath66 - cartoony, hero in peril CGI
Neil Bruce - B/W CGI airbrush, bear captivity and domination
N.B. aka Nicolas Brunet - accomplished, (often skinheads), wrestling article (2020)
Nielsen - sun god image
Naomichi Okutsu - beautifully stylish, octopus classic
Nickie - superb draftsman, medical examples (2021)
Nicolas - distinctive boot imagery, not to be confused with Nikolaas or N.B.
Nicos - electro
Nikolaas - noose art
Nimium - crucifixion art
NoBeast - atmospheric fantasy
Nou - man in a cage
Nowid50 - CGI milking image
Noxsatvrn - bondage, mysticism, occult (2022)
NSM - fantasy plant attack
Nunn PL - abduction, (age issues)
Nursury0 - Wedge image/spidey!

Okawa - Punishment

ObiCumKenobi - Simple spanking +Captivity (2020)
Oda - Japanese POW art
OddArtists - see JomsViking (2024)
Odom, Mel - nice 'deco' harvest image (2018)
Okawa - vintage Japanese bondage master
Olaf - skilled practitioner of hyper-realism + wood-block style
Opemam77 (aka AN7) - superhero  CGI (2018)
Orez - severe threat, hairy style
Osamu - Japanese war-inspired bondage art
Oscar Waldes - chubby chasing
Osze - spikey styled giants
Otokono - well-produced, prisoner experimentation
Otoko Bara - sensual cartoons of captive men (2023)
Owsley - sailors kissing photo manip?
Oztangles - renders with fetish, milking  CGI (2022)


Palanca - Bald and Furry
Palanca - foot fetish, luxuriant depictions of Latin males
Papa-Con - Older, mature men, inter-generational (2021)
Parker, Brad  (aka Ace Moorcock) comic strip sex
Paul Richmond, 'PaulyPants', 'nice' underwear adventures (2017)
Paragon Illusions - nicely styled domination (2023)
Paschke - leather paintings, classy
Patrao aka Pote - inky lines, men in captivity/enslaved
Patrick - sketchy but sexy kidnap sample
Paul aka P.R. - spank art
Paul Patterson - classy commercial artist, dabbles in fetish
PenguinFrontier - Nice CGI fantasy art
Phausto - fantasy CC alley cat image
Philip Gladstone - naked men in the bath, arty paintings (2020)
Philippe - painter, naive
Phyjikal - hairy muscle men grapple (2023)  
Pichard - one off roman whipping (vintage)
Pickedapeck - modern stylish breath&bondage (2018)
Planet Gay - neat renders, cute men, mild fetish (2022)
Platter - demonic comics
Player - polished, skins and real men
Plinio - crucifixion art
Pote (formerly Patrao) - spidery style, extreme leanings (2021)
Powers, Scott Tallman - pretty farmworker painting (2018)
Priapus of Milet classy photo manip & CGI art 
Prescott - vintage, xtreme, guillotines etc
Prevot - 30's nostalgia and witty fetish
Proco - spank art
PwrOf3D - Sneak Attack (sample work), CGI render (2021)

Quaintance - 50's master, Latins in tight jeans

Rex - Hunk Worship
Rader, Brad (aka Raider)
RAM - Colt-like images
RAS (Schultz) - over sized cocks
Raute - CP and lederhosen
Ray - foot fetish oddity
Remi - stylised bondage/captivity (2021)
Rent-a-Dude - fascinating body petrification
Rex - sleazy, provocative fetish, pointillist
Reyes,MA - imaginative hunk painting (2019)
Reynolds - academic style
RF - naive bondage
Richards, RW - see RWR
Richie - merman sample
Richie San Lucas - choc box vanilla with lurking edge (2020)
Rickard - scary bondage image!
Rick Hard - naive military dungeon
Rico - bizarre erotic image
Ridley - sex in bondage/milking renders (2022) CGI
Riton Z - cartoon fetish semi-humorous
rntentn aka DooSoo - humiliated man sample (2020)
Roa aka Roanovel aka Estomaroa - muscular captives (2021) CGI
Roan - spanking image
Robber Copper aka Robby Cop (just below)
RobbyCop - deceptively light with menace (2021)
Robin - vintage
Roger Dusky - sample burglar comic story (2024)
Rőhm - disturbing military fetish
Rohr - accomplished artist, flirts with extreme
Rokudenashi - cgi fantasy 'Crisis' CGI?
Ron-9 - Medical samples (2021)
Ronald Wright - Vintage 60's, predicament, threat
Rorc - naive kidnap fantasy
Rosario NM - maturity portrait
Roscoe - commercial artist, luscious flesh
Ruslan - early render, machine tentacle attack (2024)
Russ - simply drawn but sexy 80's fetish art (2023)
Ruuich4n - bondage, bizarre yaoi style
RWR (RWRichards) - true artist, handsome, sensuous men (rev 2020) 
Ryuji - prison sex sample

Sabian - vintage, naive fleshy boys in trouble
Saolin1234 - Neat imagery of muscular, handsome men (2020)
Saj - kidnap fun, stylised
Sallee - hairy torso image
Samsonovich, Boimon Soloman - Sailor weightlifting, painting(2020)
Sanchez - shorts image
Sarander - rich render of Milking Factory (2023)
Sardax - sanitised fem dom
Sarawa - realist master slave image
SavrenX - FallOut4 SciFi fanart CGI (2022)
Scott Tallman Powers - pretty farmworker painting (2018)
Sean - classic 80's drawings, adventurous fetish
Sepp of Vienna - mild leather and rubber imagery
Sergeant, Bruce - gymnasts image
Sergey - classic cowboy torture (updated Nov 2015)
Shenguanlin - Mass abduction and toilet ordeals (2023)
Sherer - nostalgic 50's style Sebastian imagery
Sherwin - drawings of fetish in real life settings
Silencio - marvellously erotic fantasy imagery
Silverjow - Stylish photo based art (Sep 2019)
Silverkitty - see Sylvia Baker
Siproites - Gender transformation art 
Sirio - quirky style
Sit - rubber punishment render, Fallout4 fanart CGI (2022)
Sketches - vintage, distinctive Far Eastern bondage and torture
Skipper - brutalist
Smith, Ira C - deeply shaded muscle bondage
Solé, pastiche of Tom of Finland
Song Inkollo - (aka Xue) Chunky musclemen cartoons
Soto - chunkies in trouble
Spacron - sexy renders, domination, danger  CGI (2022)
SparkieShock - electro torture CGI
Spartacus - vintage frolics with a hint of edge
Spi-n-t - sensuous images with oversize cocks and caricature CGI?
Spryte - master of comical spanking cartoons
Spubba - studies in restraint
Squire - big boots and dom
St Jinx - cute men, fantasy images, hint of fetish (2022)
Stefan  - Muscle manips and deco cartoons
Stephen - see Etienne for full entry

Steven - magazine standard, occasional fetish
Stevens, William - prison abuse, not playful
Stevie - isolated swimmer bondage cartoon
Stud - 80's vintage domination art, edgy
Sven - pretty images, touch of fetish
Swarbrick - painter of skins & social realism
Swordman - cartoony fantasy exploration of fetish
Syd Wheels - spanking cartoons
Sylvia Baker (aka Silverkitty) - sharp edge cartoons in the modern style

Tacitus - bondage, abduction, subtly erotic, teen comic style
Taddei, Richard - imaginative, pretty painting (2017)
Tagame - 4 part review, great modern master of Japanese S&M imagery
Taikonaut - solitary wedge image
Teddy - Bound Captive (det)
Takenoya - solitary wedge image
Takeshi Matsu - bondage drawn in the modern Japanese style
Takeuchi - muscular encounters, economical, sexy style
Teracles - sample- Tarzan captured (2023)
Tam - British, Military/Police revenge-kidnap, fights, punching
TangBingLa - see TooBoShoo
Tank - luscious male imagery with a hint of bondage
Tatsuya Naoki  - bondage and humiliation. attractive style
Team52Crazy - Nice bondage, military uniforms (2022)
Teddy of Paris - stylish pointillist art, great S&M artist
Telamon - extreme subjects CGI
Tentakun - Fantasy, tentacles etc, luscious muscle CGI (2020)
Tendoji - memorable one hit wonder, swimmer suspended 
The Mighty Foo (see under M)  (2021)
The Overcoat - Atmospheric bondage images
TheUrges - exotic cruel predators (2023)
Thompson - sexy, dense, comic style 
Tigger - Captured Warrior in snow
Titus- Classic 80's S&M
Tim Marcus - cowboy spank
Tom of Finland , The Master erotic art, leather, bondage and spanking
Tonkatsu Sando (aka Florid Blade) - sexy muscle buddies, striking style (2023)
TooBoShoo aka TangBingLa - Chunky men milked (Oct 19)
Torturepen - slightly wierd cbt
Tsukasa Matsuzaki - nice, adult style Yaio
Turquine - CGI spank art

Uli - Tom-like images with a spike of malice and aggression
Ulf - Noted modern CGI artist, majors on leather scene and XXL cocks
Ultraswole - Muscle hunk cartoons (2021)
Underbeit (LBN) - naive bondage and gagging art
Uyvari - 80's realist muscle
Uzu - Sample Rugby Cartoon

Valentine - Shanghai'd

Vallejo, Boris - St Marks Baths ad
Valentine - raunchy bondage art, historical settings 
Velvetarms (aka jojo-kun)  mild, yaoi-style
Verlato,- realist fantasy art homoerotic +here
Veresk (?) - CGI Tentacles, attribution uncertain 
Vern Dufford - moody 'deco' paintings (2019)
Victor Le Graphfist - Chunky men, asses, FF
Vincent - Extreme soft muscle bulk
Virginsoul - Yaoi S&M
Viste - Bearish prison torments
VolfKing - imaginative tentacle/bondage story (2023)
Vortex - vintage humour, exaggerated tackle
Vore Tentacle - photo manips, models vs plants!
Vuri - Hentai violence with depth


Woodun Art - Available for Hire

  Waelon, Randy - ethnic, often violent
  Waistband - Worshipping white, Y-front underwear
  Waldes, Oscar - chubby chasing
  Waldo - spanking art
  Wally Rainbow - mostly teen-romantic comic
  Ward, DF - vintage spanking
  Ward, Bill - stylish 80's comics, fetish + humour
  Watson, Ross - normally vanilla, arty homoerotica
  Wheels, Syd - spanking - see Syd
  WhiteBriefs - slave fantasy
  Whiteworm - cbt + fetish cartoons
  WithNoTitle -  Yaoi, game character fantasy
  Wood, Ken - 80's Drummer illustrator
  WOODun Art - painter of big men and kidnap scenes
  Wright, Ronald - vintage 60's, predicament+threat
  Wu - sailors, vanilla
 Wudangx - Captive, muscle cop sample (2021)

Xamda - sample only, spooky coach, attribution uncertain
XenoForge - 'Venom' attractive Japanese style (2021)
Xian - Cartoons, historical stories set in China
xth13teenx - Chris Redfield fantasies, true to original (2021)
XTop - Spanking example
Xue Song - aka Song Inkollo, Comic book erotica, hairy muscle

Yael Fantasy, tentacle style art
Yahn - Pointillist fetish (sim to Rex)
Yamato - (aka Fuwa) beefy bondage and humiliation
Yana Goya - spikey, stylish, vanilla-ish
Yetigo - sexy tentacle series (2023)  
Yomero - race transformation art
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko - example of crucifixion story
Yoshiyo - single image of bondage
yy6242 - quality art with intrigung undertones

Zach - see Rex
Zagato, Mark - chocolate box stuff, fetish dabblings
Zamius aka Zael whimsical yoof pix
Zamok, top quality gym machine erotica. Exhibition
Zane - sensitive imagery with fetish overtones
Zanuf - tentacle classic
Zaria - manga, kidnap + bondage fantasies
Zelolee - manga, tentacle fanasies
Zero #1 - Classic b/w bondage photo manips
Zero #2 aka Zerotation, Zero after Dark - sinister subjects, cartoon style 


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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback

A. Panda said...

I second Jay, months later. Your descriptions allowed me to go through and select the artists I'd most likely enjoy, to review further, and avoid the ones that don't interest me or are too extreme for my taste. THANK YOU. You've done a great service for untold pervy art-lovers like me.

Mitchell said...

Thanks for your comment, I should also acknowledge the work of Olaf of the GMBA group whose own extensive research has given me many leads to follow up.