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Tuesday 30 March 2010

Rugby Images 16

Shane Williams in the flesh. An amazing image produced for a health campaign

One can imagine the conversation here, 'that's my boy!'
(more nice thighs by the way).

Monday 29 March 2010

Rugby Images - 16

From the pitch to the dressing room......

This chap's relaxed nudity with his mates typifies the blokish confidence I like about rugby players. His hairy torso's not bad either.

This guys not so sure about his friend's cameraderie!
An erotic moment created for the Dieux de Stade calendar.
The shiny and ever-so-slightly chubby bodies are very nice.

Golden balls from another calendar. A more artsy shot which suggests a loneliness which hardly seems appropriate. The shorts and socks lend realism to the untypical muscularity of his body and as for those thighs......well!

This real shot shows genuine dressing room chums. A cute smile from Brian Habana and a glimpse of another fine pair of thighs from Shane Williams representing Wales in these proceedings.
More of Shane in the next post.

Sunday 28 March 2010

Rugby Images 15

Just a prankster, but what a figure this man cuts!
Thighs, chest and neck.
Socks, shorts and shirt.
In perfect manly combination.

Saturday 27 March 2010

Rugby Images 14

Real life fantasy material. Interesting that the coach is exploring with his ungloved hand! The player's reaction is intriguing too, as though he's not sure whether it's OK or not.

More 'hands on' fun and games in the 'Lions' dressing room. We love the playful side of rugby players which seems to often involve sexual things. Tim Bowes underwear reveal (right) is rather tasty.

Friday 26 March 2010

Rugby Images 13

This one the other hand is genuine (possibly!). The French Rugby Team in action. Even minus the stray hands, the shorts and thighs look excellent.

Thursday 25 March 2010

Rugby Images 12

Neither of these pictures are genuine scrums but they capture quite well the strength and heaving of bodies.
Rugby afficionado's were outraged by this advertising campaign but it's humour doesn't diminish the manliness on display. I love the stray hand extreme left.

Monday 22 March 2010

Rugby Images - 11

Strong arms lock around the buddies bodies in the scrum, a glimpse of neck and sexy upturned collar.

Thigh rubs on thigh, shorts stretched tight

Buttock cheeks emerge below arching hems, brushed by muscular chests and cupped by wayward hands

Sunday 21 March 2010

Rugby Images 10

If you like your rugbymen cute Berrick Barnes of Australia might be of interest.
Deceptively boyish as an estate agent might say.

Pert nipples, crisply cut shorts and manly legs

Berrick showing attitude and chunky thighs is better.
The sight of a man being 'carried off' always conjures abduction fantasies in my head.

Another nice leg shot.

Saturday 20 March 2010

Rugby Images 09

Ben Cohen's cute, boyish looks have made him a long time favourite with guys who would never pick up a rugby ball. In this picture he dwarfs Jason Robinson - who has his own compact charms.

Ben embraces his iconic status happily. This picture is part of a feature for Attitude magazine in which he reveals some other attractions, a chubby muscularity and a natural hairy body. The swirling hair shapes on Ben's chest are almost artistic showing off it's curves and shape.
This nice lump in his pants is as close as you are likely to get to Ben's most interesting tackle. Nude pictures circulating on the net are fakes.

Ben takes his clothes off so often, it's quite hard to find decent pictures of him in his Rugby clothes! This picture shows his fun side and a more flattering shot of his torso.

Ben poses with baby for a charity campaign. If there are doubters out there, his choice of clothing says straight, straight, straight. Unfortunately his self assured indifference makes him all the more desirable.

Friday 19 March 2010

Rugby Images - 08

Rugby League continues to use the traditional short shorts, thank goodness, but their shirt advertising usually doesn't do much for the aesthetic appearance of the player. Just have to enjoy his admirable thighs and arms instead.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Rugby Images 07

He's not pretty but I've always admired Lawrence Dallagio's masculinity and power. The descriptions bull neck and arms like hams have never been so apt. But there is another side.

Rugby players have always been happy to expose themselves and now they can do it in a good cause or for money. The power is still there but is that sensitivity in the face? Bring it on!

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Rugby Images - 06

A contribution from New Zealand, another strapping man, big chest, bulging arms and another sexy thick neck. Shorts seem to have lost the plot in the brave new world but black socks worn just below the knee show off the legs in marvellous fashion.

Monday 15 March 2010

Rugby Images 05

Gareth Thomas came out as a gay man in 2009 after a long career in Rugby Union.
The tight fitting Welsh shirt shows a fine body to suit a craggy face.

Gareth was quite a looker in younger days

An interesting encounter with Chris Horsman on the field

Rugby Images 04

The new image of rugby emphasises the power in the upper body, with snug fitting shirts and snazzy designs that flatter the physique. The imperious gaze and stormy clouds are a bit OTT but there's no doubting the weight of this chap!

It seems extraordinary that soccer - the popular game - has never tried to promote itself this way. Not that I'm complaining. Love that neck!

Saturday 13 March 2010

Rugby Images - 03

John Eales, captain of Australia during the nineties, poses during training, demonstrating the body enhancing qualities of rubgy shorts. Amazingly this man was 18 stones in weight, according to my references. It is certainly placed in all the right places.

Friday 12 March 2010

Rugby Images - 02

I'm not sure if this is a genuine rugby player but he captures the image well. Chunky, masculine and self assured.

Monday 8 March 2010

Rugby Images - 01

Ain't nothing like the real thing baby! (see previous post)
Boad of beam, chunky legs, animal strength and just a hint of togetherness. The scrum is one of rugby's unique glories.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Mitchell's Rugby Art - Sexy Scrum

Mitchell - Rugby Memory

My illustrated story The Legend of The Path of Pain (avail at my Yahoo! Group) includes a section detailing the capture and milking of a whole rugby team (and the reserves!).

I have an erotic attraction to Rugby Players that goes right back to school experiences but it has been re-invigorated by recent changes in the game that have produced fitter, muscular players and sexy clinging outfits.

I took the opportunity to play with those themes in a series of rugby pictures for my story. This particular one (Rugby Memories) grew out of a sketch which I have had hanging around unfinished for 20 years or more, showing just the foreground figure wearing a jockstrap. He dresses up quite well I think, at any rate I had fun doing it! The resulting picture is not realistic and you can see the joins, as it were, but I hope it conveys some sense of the pleasure I get from watching these hunky beasts!

The full set is posted at my mitchmen Group (link in sidebar).
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Saturday 6 March 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - My Favourite 'L'

Once again I have a good selection from which to choose a favourite, but for 'L' it is heavily weighted towards past masters so I have the benefit of a long term perspective.

I have always found the sensuality and subject matter of Link's art very attractive but he is being jostled by some seriously talented artists here. I love the domination scenarios concocted by Losarro and Lowenhaupt but as regular readers will know, the old man + young man scenario doesn't work for me erotically and when combined with feminised facial features it's a no no.

I highlighted femininity in Leo's work as well, but it's quite different in nature, his men are made to behave in a feminine way so there's a humiliation angle that I can appreciate providing that the men do not lose their maleness in the process. In fact there is a gentleness about Leo's men which is not unmasculine (and is probably true to life) but doesn't seem quite appropriate in erotic domination fantasy. Leo's wide-ranging exploration of bondage is very perceptive and tremendously important but his representation of manhood doesn't work for me.

Logan is a different kettle of fish. He's a very talented graphic artist and his pictures have a tremendous power that springs from their artistry more than the subject matter. The maturity of his men is refreshing. But they have an angularity and hardness that for me drains away the erotic appeal.

This leaves me with Link and Les. Eye candy vs scary fantasy. I have to admit that my favourite picture in all the “L's” is Les's dungeon staircase, it invokes a sense of sexual anxiety and helplessness that presses all my buttons and this flavour runs through his work. The bizarre facial features and outfits add an extra twist which is surprisingly effective and has even survived the passage of time.

Les - Military Interrogation

'Military Interrogation' is another picture that makes good use of clothing and nudity to underline danger and vulnerability. The neat balanced composition draws you in to focus on the prisoner until you realise what the guard has clenched in his hand.

The vague, muddy reproductions unfortunately deprive Les's pictures of sensuality which is where Link really scores with his voluptuously muscled and handsome heroes that the eyes linger over.

Link's 'Train to Crotchdorf' is a good example with a selection of attractive men to study. The cute prisoners are being ferried to the prison, apparently by public transport, while the guards charged with keeping them 'on the boil' relax with their buddies. I love the situation that Link has created here, the condemned men hanging naked in full view of all the other passengers is the stuff of many commuters' fantasies!.

It's very hard to choose between these two but in this case I'm inclined to follow my head rather than my heart so I'm choosing Les as my winner for L.

There's a good selection of Les's work in the recent postings at Roids and Rants - but you'll have to hunt back through the archives for it!

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Friday 5 March 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Lowenhaupt

Lowenhaupt's work is a classic mid 20th century take on the predatory leather man theme. It invokes a sexual allure and danger that Brando and James Dean's portrayals only hint at. Naive young men are taken in hand, put in bondage and shamelessly abused. But looking at these pictures it's hard to tell whether Lowenhaupt is suggesting the leather man is ruthlessly feasting on helpless prey or the youth is enjoying a deliciously frightening, sexual fantasy from an obliging expert.
Lowenhaupt - Roped Youth
In 'roped youth' the young man is comprehensively restrained and even has a (disguised) rope around his neck which his attacker is toying with and yet the portrayal of the leather man is rather camp. Lowenhaupt's strong men often have slightly feminine faces with fleshy lips, baby noses and thick black lashes. This one is also clad in ultra tight pants and wears his cap at a jaunty angle to show off his quiff.
There's no doubting the male qualities of his equipment which has a solidity and sheen which justifies the apprehensive look of the intended recipient. In a way the sexual ambiguity makes the attacker all the more scary, although it's ability to disturb is much reduced these days. Lowenhaupt draws on the techniques of the female glamour art of his day, with flavours of 1930's Berlin which at this time still had very powerful associations with unbridled excess, predatory sex and impending doom. 
It would have looked quite different to it's intended audience.
Lowenhaupt - Leashed
The second picture, 'leashed' has a similar subject and is planted equally firmly in it's own era but the treatment is much more masculine - the hairy backside contrasted with clean cut youthfulness of the captive's face is intensely sexual. The casual pose of the leather man and the apparent eagerness of his victim allow for a benign interpretation of the scenario.
You can see that Lowenhaupt is an accomplished artist and there is so much to admire in his best pictures. His style reflects the graphic conventions of it's time, look at the zig-zag pattern in the rolled down socks of the 'roped youth ' in the first picture. The hands of the kneeling youth in 'leashed' could almost be a detail from a sketch for a ladies fashion page or an illustration for a dress pattern. The creases in the leather jacket and the rolled down jeans show a confident technique which is marvellously effective.
Despite the quality of his work, Lowenhaupt is harder to find than many of his contemporaries. I can't ID a working link for this artist but a search of GMBA (see sidebar) should turn up more examples. I'd welcome alternative link info from readers of this blog.
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