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Monday 28 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 7

If Parker's sucking technique was soft and amateurish, Roys is aggressive and rough.
The skilled, harsh chewing rapidly induces a sizeable erection from Parker, 
but there's little pleasure in it for him.
He appeals to Seagars “You said you'd help me!”
Seagars grimly replies “You'd better bite the bullet, buddy, if you wanna get outta here anytime soon.”
But it's Roy who's doing the biting, down below, right now.

“Oh God!” groans Parker.
He's soon pleading, “Noooo, please..... don't!”
as the cops aggressively explore his nakedness from the front and behind.
It's all way too much for an innocent country boy,
he feels like he's being eaten alive,
but there's absolutely nothing he can do.
Not while they've got him under lock and key.

Though wilting from the double erotic assault,
he realises to his horror and confusion 
that these strong, rough men are actually turning him on.
As though reading his mind, Roy suddenly sits back and smiles with pleasure, 

and now he turns his attention to Seagars.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 6

Parker does his best to please Officer Roy building on the crash course he just received from Seagars - which was interrupted halfway through by Roy finding them at it.

“He's not much good, is he?” Roy says to Seagars, tweaking the other cop's nipple. “It's gonna take more than this for me to overlook your gross behaviour and dereliction of duty"

Roy tells Parker to help him out of his shirt so won't get sweaty and dirty. 
Parker, fumbling with the buttons, realises that he has an easy way out 
as he feels Seagars' beard bristling between his cheeks and Roy's hand on his tool 
twirling it like a smoker assessing an expensive cigar.


Seagars joins in, grabbing Parker's balls from behind.
He falls forward onto Roy's chest, and purely by accident, 
jerks the officer's uniform trousers down.


“Did you see that, Seagars?” exclaims Roy, “The punks's stripping me!”
Seagars jumps up and puts a double arm lock on Parker pulling him backwards. 
Parker groans in pleasure as Roy's mouth engulfs his cock.

Friday 18 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 5

 Suddenly the lights go on.
“What the hell's going on here?”
It's Officer Roy, who's been wondering why Seagars has been gone so long.

Parker anxiously watches, as the cops have an angry exchange outside his cell.

“You see,” Seagars says in a flustered voice,
“Parker was claiming extenuating circumstances”.
Roy weighs things up and looks unimpressed.
“Not exactly evidence I can put before the Judge, is it?”
Parker's heart lurches at the renewed threat of a long stint in jail.

“So, what have you got to say for yourself, Parker?” demands Roy, “You seemed to be taking a close interest in Officer Seagars' cock when I arrived. 
Unnaturally close I might add.”

“Well Sir” stammers Parker, going bright red and absently reaching for the item in question as he gropes to come up with a plausible explanation. 

Seagars tries to help him out. “Parker was askin' about maybe getting just a warning this time, and he was wondering if......” 

“I'll deal with you later, Seagars” snaps Roy, waving him aside.
“Corrupting an Officer of the Law is a serious offence Parker, 
we're talking 5 years minimum.”

Parker gulps tearfully, “But I only....”.

“You only wanted to suck Officer Seagars dick, is that it? You wanna try mine too while you're at it?” and he plucks his stick out as though to tempt the prisoner. 

It's not clever. But it's very big.

Parker hesitates. He's pretty confused and frightened, unsure if he's being offered a lifeline by Roy or a stick, with which he will be beaten. Seagars gives him an encouraging nudge in the back, so he swallows his pride, sinks to his knees, closes his eyes and opens his mouth.

“There, that wasn't so hard was it?” whispers Seagars as Roy's shaft glides in.. 

“Nuurrgh” confirms the prisoner, though it does seem to be getting harder. Presumably that's a good sign.

'Make it good, baby,' thinks Seagars, 'make it good. You're playing for both of us now'.

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 4

As soon as Parker has fallen into a deep sleep, Seagars enters the cell.
Breathing heavily, he begins to cut away Parker's white underpants.
Parker is dreaming, he turns restlessly, making it easier for the cop to ease the shredded underpants out from under his body.
The remains are tossed into the corner of the cell. 
Seagars begins to explore Parker's naked body.

Parker seems to sense Seagars' groping hands and slobbering mouth traversing his sleeping body, he becomes aroused in his sleep and gradually comes to,
finding the cop's hairy face is only inches away from his own.
“Jeez, man! What are you doing? What's happening?” he cries, shocked and still befuddled by sleep.
“Jest checkin' the evidence for our report”, chuckles Seagars. 

 Pushing Parker firmly back down on the bed, Seagars examines his rigid shaft.
“Officer Roy says it was a 10 incher we saw, but I reckoned 8 at the most.
We gotta get the detail exactly right for the Judge hearing your case, you understand.”

“A Judge?” gulps Parker, momentarily forgetting his revulsion at having Seagars rough beard scouring his groin, “I thought you'd let me off with just a warning!”
“Hell no. Not in these parts, buddy” replies Seagars. “You're going to jail!"

“Please, Officer you can't lock me up, I got family, I'll lose my job! I'll do anyth......”
Parker's pleas cut off abruptly as Seagars' mouth finds a sweet spot.
For a few moments the two men are joined in silent, mutual, erotic union.

Then Seagars stands up and begins unbuttoning his shirt,
“If yer wanna get outta here, I'm open to persuasion, buddy” he says, adding,
“You're being sensible. Round these parts it always pays to co-operate with the Police”.

As night begins to fall outside, Parker learns how to co-operate with the police.


Sunday 13 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 3

To Parker's surprise and horror, the cops now forcibly strip him of his clothes, 
right down to his underpants. 
Ostensibly it's to search them more thoroughly, but the cops enjoy the intimidating effect it has on young men who are new to the experience of being held in jail.

As the cell gate clangs shut on him, a shocked Parker tries to see the funny side.
The cops go off with his clothes and he's left all alone,
wondering how long he's in for. 

Time passes. 
Parker, lies on the bed and reflects on his foolishness. 
He thinks about all the things he should now be doing outside, 
meeting people, doing errands and chores.
He wonders what the cops are doing with his clothes
 and what other nasty surprises they may have in store
 Eventually, bored and anxious, he drifts off to sleep................zzzzz

zzzzz…...............unaware that one of the cops, Seagars, 
has come back and is watching him.
Seagars can't get that bulge in Parker's jeans out of his mind

…..and it's starting to show

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 2

Arriving at the local cop shop, Parker is forcibly bundled up the stairs by the cops who look as if they mean business. The narrow staircase isn't entirely convincing as an entrance to the Sheriff's office but it does make you wonder if something nasty awaits, at the top.

Inside, the officers begin to search their prisoner. As they say in the trade:-
“Are you carrying anything I ought to know about? (Sir?).”
Parker, securely handcuffed, can do nothing to resist their groping hands. His shirt is pulled open.

Parker can't quite understand what is going on, as his bare torso is examined in detail. The other cop's search homes in on a suspicious bulge in his jeans.
......the source of Parker's fame!

This groping of the hand-cuffed captive is so horny, especially if you can believe in the character as an 'ordinary guy' picked up for a minor infringement. Parker's shirt is open but it's still tucked into securely belted jeans, which gives these proceedings a strange, almost polite formality.

Parker is embarrassed by the intimate body search and makes a wise-crack, hoping to convince the cops that he's 'clean', but it only incenses them. They bundle him into a cell and bend him over to release him from the cuffs...and get a good look at his buns squeezed into those tight-fitting jeans. But they aren't about to let him go.

Saturday 5 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - Part 1 with Al Parker

 This arrest and abuse sequence is taken from 'Weekend Lock-up', a 1977 Falcon video starring Al Parker, Will Seagars and an actor identified as 'Roy'.

Parker stops by the roadside to take a piss...... 
His choice of vehicle suggests this is a down-to-earth type of guy.

…...the piss stop develops into a sensuous manipulation session.....

At this time Parker's physique was lean and clean looking and his hair not as wild as it became later. I know many readers hate these high-waisted Y-fronts, but to me, the severely functional design suggests a practical garment not intended for public show, worn by a man who is normally modest.
Anyway asses look great in them when they are pulled up tight!

.Parker's ruminations have just borne juicy fruit when he is interrupted 
by two cops who arrive catching him with his pants down.

The cops make him to correct his dress, then cuff him and run him in.
There's a short clip of the arrest sequence here.

these images are copyright Falcon Studios

Tuesday 1 January 2013

New Year - mitchmen style

Don't you just hate being bossed around by those Bouncers?