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Saturday 28 September 2019

Chet Chastain - A Villain of the Ring - 3

We've seen Chet's an irredeemable show-off with a ruthless streak
Sometimes he's shows he's got a naughty side too.

This attempt to embarrass Brice Moore seems rather petulant
and probably not Chet's finest hour as a ring villain.

He looks the part more when stretching the rules against Ty Alexander,
simultaneously enjoying the chance to flex his pecs for us

Unfortunately, as a true bad boy, he can't resist slipping in really underhand tricks,
here catching Biff Farrell by surprise before the fight has even begun.

He successfully uses a similar ploy against Tristan Baldwin
Previously, we've seen him giving a good account of himself against this opponent,
but it seems Chet simply can't resist resorting to skulduggery.
However, Tristan's no pussy, is Chet playing with fire?

You don't need a diagram to know that Chet is up to something naughty here.
It's a great way of humiliating opponents if you can pull it off (so to speak)
but is it wise to wind up two big guys like Blake Morris and Rex Lawless?

You're being a very bad boy Chet!

But every man meets his match eventually
and sometimes a bad boy can see that man coming for him
In this case it's the hulk that is Danny Demented.
Chet's apprehensive look at the camera speaks volumes.
At times like this you can see the cocky confidence draining away
and contrary to the usual saying,  it is a very pretty sight.
Especially when his ring partner looks equally dismayed
and seems to be hanging back, pushing Chet into the firing line.

Here we see realisation dawning in mid contest after Chet's been put down.
He's looking cute and appealing, but that's not going to help him now.
Methinks this isn't going to end well for him.

Chet knew it would be hard to pull off his sneaky tricks against Man Mountain
But you can sense his sinking feeling as he is pulled in close by the hulk
Trapped, with no way to escape, he's looking out of his depth for once.

Damien Rush looks far less formidable by comparison,
so when he teaches Chet what it's like to be paraded around
like a piece of ring baggage, it's got to be a bit of a downer.

Mark Muscle's strength also allows him to casually carry Chet over his shoulder,
Maybe he's planning to cart him off to the dressing room and showers.
You can see Chet doesn't like it, being helpless like this
Luckily (or unluckily!) Brendan Cage is happy to wait for his turn to torment Chet.

If being helplessly lifted in a stronger man's arms is humiliating, 
the tough guy act understandably wilts further when he's trapped 
 knowing that something nasty is coming his way from Danny Demented.

Something like this.
If Chet thought the corner padding would protect his assets,
It seems like he was wrong, Danny delivers a bouncing bomb.

Wait for it!
It ought to be a doddle for Chet to escape this telegraphed punch
But the Man Mountain has Chet so demoralised he can only stand and take it
like a rabbit trapped in the headlights, it's a great moment.

Mountain's follow-on lift seems to have Chet positively terrified
A cynic might think that those yellow trunks have sapped his morale.
Or perhaps it's Mountain's grip on his crotch that's triggered this grimace.

It's the moment a wrestler dreads when the legs are folded and trapped like this.
Yellow trunks are beginning to develop unpleasant associations for Chet
But his ass certainly looks pretty as Flash LaCash lines him up for a surfboard.

Flash has got Chet howling already, in another great pose for his admirers.
Sadly I don't have an image of the deadly lift.

When a bad boy's down, no-one seems to care!
Not even referee Brendan Cage, who stands by watching
as Mark Muscle makes Chet (in yellowish trunks) look very puny indeed.
Chet's fortunes may be on the slide but boy does he look good!

Continued in Part 4

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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Chet Chastain - A Villain of the Ring - 2

Chastain v Baldwin photo: Wrestler4Hire

Despite his fearsome reputation, Chet Chastain's sometimes extravagent hair colouring
 might tempt more experienced and difficult opponents like Tristan Baldwin to mock him, 
but he finds it's no laughing matter as Chet subjugates him with the dreaded Boston Crab,
while simultaneously manufacturing a sexy conjunction of their bottom cheeks
which seems to emphasise his ascendancy and control.

Chet's even manages to overcome the challenge of having to don
 a less-than-flattering 'Superhero' outfit - and it's against another tricky opponent too, 
the chunky, hairy and ferocious hulk known as Guido Gennatto.

Erotic wrestlers often use the head scissors to give their opponents a taste of crotch
Chet uses it as an opportunity to show off his lithe body and neat little bottom.
Even against Guido, his look of concentration seems to radiate a sense of superiority.

Against weaker opponents, Chastain's ruthless streak is unrelenting.
It gives him space to demonstrate his flair for sexy ring performance
He casually pins Ethan Andrews against a corner post with the heel of his boot
while contriving to exhibit his sexy ass to on-lookers. 

It's the same story here, where it's Zack Reno who finds himself grovelling on the floor, 
trapped in the same 'half-crab' hold as Ethan Andrews suffered in Part 1.
Chet's squatting ass looms over him most impressively and threateningly,
while Zack's own body seems to shrink and his buns clench defensively .  

The ass-enhancing qualities of Chet's revealing, red trunks get another testimonial here
as he finds an unorthodox way to make the chunky Marc Merino look foolish.
Of course it's illegal to use the ropes in this way and against novices - well, not nice.

Chet's muscularity and close-cropped hair helps to project his image as a hard man
but his sheer sexiness can be just as intimidating against 'regular guys' like Marc.

As this candid back-stage picture shows, Chet is perfectly aware of his own sexiness
Even team-mate Alvin seems uncomfortable at this display of self-admiration

This is blatant exhibitionism, but it's spontenity reveals a charming element of vulnerabilty.
The bulging white jeans, are a reminder of the 60's images of Scott and Royale.
Somewhat crude and unsophisticted but the plunging waistline area looks nice.


Given his personality and ring persona, Chet is inevitably guilty sometimes of showboating.
It seems almost inevitable that Marc Merino will wind up as one of the victims.


Nor is Chet inclined to pass up other ways to humiliate this victim
especially if it provides a chance to show off his sculptured physique.
It's an emphatic pose admittedly, but precarious and less than elegant.
(rather like those tight jeans above)
A single foot on the chest, big-game-hunter style, might serve his image better.

Believe it or not, this chunky unfortunate being lined up for a pummeling is Marc Merino again!
It has to be conceded that such a physically big man must make a tempting target.
Chet takes his time, appearing undecided, knowing his victim can't escape.
It's sadistic and rather bad form with Randy Winters keeping Marc restrained for him,
but Chet does look good here, especially in those low-cut trunks!

Talking of trunks, you may notice that Marc is wearing the same pair here as Chet had on in their first encounter, shown just above. I like to think Chet handed them over and forced him to wear them as a punishment for that poor performance, but in any case, it's a nice addition (No 28) to the mitchmen series about 'men swapping and sharing clothes'. Sweaty wrestlers make tasty donors. 
(For the other mitchmen clothes sharing posts, click on the 'sharing' label at the foot of this one).

Chet's gleefully dishes out the full 'Crab' treatment on Zack Reno,
while Austin Cooper reels groggily in the background unable to intervene
Chets expression here is almost scary (it makes you wonder about that hair).
I love Zach's balletic, outstretched foot in this picture.
It's very sexy but perhaps an indication that Chet has even more leverage in reserve.

Austin gets a taste of crotch-sniffing humiliation himself in this scene
but shows he's up with the best of them whem comes to cute butt cheeks.

Chet is has an unexpected apprentice here doing most of the work for him,
it's Alex Oliver, fresh from his own humiliation masterclass.
He leaves Chet free to loll back, proud of how good he is.

Back with Tristan, he has to be a little more focussed and careful,
 but he still finds time to gloat at his own success in taming a real pro.
Tristan's sweaty torso reveals his own frustration
 at being tamed by such an boastful exhibitionist.


For a moment it looks as if Zach Reno has given Chet a dose of his own medicine here
and is making him kneel in obeisance and submit to being chained up.
In reality it's an elaborate ritual, blessing the collar that will end up round Zach's neck.
It's just another way that Chet grabs our attention and honours us with his dishy dish.

Continued in Part 3

Photos by
photo credits: Wrestler 4 Hire (aka Cameron Wrestler)

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Sunday 22 September 2019

Chet Chastain - A Villain of the Ring - 1

Chet Chastain is a wrestler who spans the divide between Erotic Wrestling......
(which I feature here from time to time)

.......and the tougher, show bizzy, Professional code
(which I usually don't).

That versatility gives some indication of athletic prowess.
and his physique here looks like a marble statue of a Greek God.

This man is a little bit special.

and I give a bonus point to any man who can make pro-trunks look sexy!

Well, maybe not....

Chet,(who goes under the name Randy Summers in the Pro arena)
has looks, muscles and charm coupled with a cocky, laddish, mischievous way
that makes him a natural for the archetypal show-off and bad boy role.
(I don't know about his singing though!)

Chet has appeared here before, in my series about Alex Oliver and his sexy, but extraordinarily unlucky red trunks. In the encounter I featured, Chastain ruthlessly dominates him, he even spanks him and forces him to carry out menial tasks in the ring.

Alex gets another chance to be humiliated in a second encounter between the two. Changing into a different pair of sexy trunks doesn't save him. Nor does Chastain's flamboyant hair colouring signal any softening of his wrestling style. Instead, he drags Oliver round the ring and, in a vivid demonstration of his bad-boy credentials, he even puts him through the ordeal of a mock strangulation with a sock
(one which Chastain has been wearing up 'til then, ugh!).

As an ultimate insult and demonstration of his total domination,
Chastain stuffs his smelly sock into Oliver's mouth.

(Chet's swimming trunks in this scene remind me of the old 'kick-sand-in-your-face' beach bullying
which Charles Atlas used to feature in his muscle building ads back in the last century).

Chastain v Merino photo: Cameron Wrestling
It has to be said that Chet Chastain has an ability to look extremely professional and manly
 when he's putting his losers through the mill. Here he's steering Marc Merino to defeat with a through-the-legs position that is not entirely devoid of erotic interest.

Chastain v Farrell - photo: BGEast
 There's a nice sense of grim satisfaction on his face here,
as he levers Biff Farrell into an equally sexy and potentially painful, Boston Crab position.
You do wonder if he's admiring himself in a monitor though!

Against tougher, experienced cookies like Tristan Baldwin (aka Aryx Quinn)
a little more concentration and effort is required, but Chet has been around a bit too
and is still able to force his opponent into a sexy, exposing pose
 and make himself look strong.

Judging by his trunks, Baldwin's relishing the challenge and prospects here.

Against lesser mortals like Lon Dumont, Chet's got the time to show himself off to the camera,
I'm not complaining about that.

He seems to be taking his ruthless hard man persona very seriously here
but is obviously not averse to projecting the sexual dimension too.

Another nice shot of the man, putting an original twist on Ethan Andrew's back, which Ethan doesn't seem to be enjoying very much. It's a Boston Crab-like, back-breaker, but applied by locking the victim's ankles round a single knee. There's an imbalance in Chet's stance that looks potentially perilous for Ethan if he struggles too hard!

This sort of position brings the two combatant's backsides tantalisingly close together
 and Chet does have a great backside. In this picture it looks as if he knows it too!
Is he looking back at Ethan - or at a ringside monitor, or mirror?

more about Chet's ass in Part 2

photo credits: Wrestler 4 Hire (aka Cameron Wrestler) ,  BGEast

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Friday 20 September 2019

After Work

This domination image has great tension,
with multiple perpetrators calmly waiting to chastise their captive
whose nudity serves to underline his helpless predicament.

I don't lust after women, but fortunately these are suitably clothed
and the implication of a straight rogue bought to heel is compulsive.

This femdom image borrowed from drunksimian at Deviant Art has a nice balance 
and menacing tone not unlike the gangster punishment images of Woodunart

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Mitchell's Fetish Art for September - Bondage Dreamer

Mitchell - Bondage Dreamer (Night Visitor)
Daniel dreamed he was being bound and gagged 
by a man who had entered his bedroom at night.

 This is another of my 'Night Visitor' series where men awake 
 to find themselves the object of the attentions of an univited guest.

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Saturday 14 September 2019

Beautifully Bound - Frank Defeo, The Cop

In this series, the beauty really originates from the captive himself.
The yellow tee-shirt isn't police issue but it flatters the subject's physique.
The colour, cleverly set against an all-grey background makes the picture zing.
The enlarged boots in the foreground also contribute to a sense of his power  

The simplicity of the bondage and tokenistic gag allows his manliness to show through
but also seems to mock his muscularity and the profession he represents.
In that context, those oversize boots contribute their own irony.

This hunky body belongs to Frank Defeo

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Tips For Your Holiday - No 3

Remember that the gay nudist beaches and cruising areas
will be less crowded out of season

Sunday 8 September 2019

The Art of Silverjow

Silverjow - Tomb Raider (feat Steve Raider)

Silverjow is a prolific producer of muscle-hunk fan-art, much of which is stylish and technically stunning. Taking images of real body-builders and fitness professionals as his models, he re-styles them in a painterly way, augmenting and smoothing their physique. The fantasy role in this case was suggested by the original image of Steve Raider and but he's kitted him out with new, sexy shorts and added dramatic crashing waves in the background.

Silverjow - Acrodave (feat Davide Zongoli)
Other men are transported to more abstract or fanciful domains. This image is an amazing transformation of the original photograph by Joan Crisol. Silverjow has enhanced the model's physique and subtly skewed it, which introduces a sense of the fantastic and powerful into his character. There's also a distinct tang of the erotic in those chunky thighs. The erotic is often present but not usually prominent in Silverjow's work. The bubbles here contribute to the mysterious atmosphere but it's hard to tell whether they are intended as anything more than a visual pun on the photo and Silverjow has not supplied an enlightening title.

Silverjow - Aquarius
 This image develops his fantasy credentials and showcases his technical artistry to the full. It's from a series of Zodiac images and by far the best of them for me, portraying the 'water carrier' in a way that is truly suggestive of fate, time and other such aspects of life governed by these gods. The use of a splash of water to obscure the water god's organs isn't entirely consistent with the rest of the image but, perversely, it actually becomes an erotic highlight that draws attention (unintentionally?) to the suggestive pose and the not unrelated symbolism of trickling water.

I've not identified a source image but imagine it's a conventional muscleman pose.

There's another fantasy image by Silverjow at my gateway blog, the handsome Merman 'Sven'
It's another of his best works.

Silverjow - Summer Breeze (feat Andrew Biernat)
This beautiful image requires little interpretation. Once again the transformation from the original photo is startling. Not only the appearance of the model's physique but the whole mood of the picture is changed from the downbeat to something more optimistic. Silverjow re-imagines the model wandering through a poppy-field in wistful mood. You can imagine the flower heads gently brushing his thighs as he walks through them, opening up to nature.

This image gives a sense of how Silverjow approaches the creation of a figure with distinctive, almost geometric planes and sharp intersections defining the surfaces and volume of the body.

Silverjow - Thanksgiving
That technique is made clearer in this image which appears to be unfinished, although I haven't seen another version and it doesn't really need more work. The erotic ingredient is the most overt I've found in Silverjow's work but it makes me wonder if there's a secret, porny stash somewhere, yet to see the light of day. There's also something faintly erotic in the way the human is shown in such intimate contact with 'nature', you can also see that in the preceding picture and others in this article.

I'm not aware of a source photo for this image but there's an interesting similarity in style and theme to a Harvest picture by Mel Odom which I published at my gateway blog last year.

Valentines Day by Silverjow
There's another, playful side to Silverjow's work and the abundance of sweet things in this picture gives a good idea of how he views life. By Silverjow's standards, it's an unexpectedly sexy image for commemorating what is normally seen as an occasion primarily for romance and sentimentality. The portrayal of an irresistible hunk as a coy, needy hopeful seems improbable, but will appeal to life's optimists and men who relish a fatherly role with their lover. Silverjow explores the intergenerational theme in depth in his Deviant art gallery, featuring a character who is more grandad than daddy.

Silverjow - Teddy Bear
I suppose this image is the epitome of the ideal lover for many. Handsome and sexy but with a soft, romantic and playful character. Silverjow adds nursery colours and childish cartoons just to underline the point. It's a little out of place in what is a fetish-oriented blog - I don't usually include fixations on soft toys! This character might seem altogether more interesting if there was a hint of him having more manly characteristics as well.

This is No 38 from Silverjow's 'Hunk of the Week' series at his Deviant Art page
 This untitled image is perhaps a more welcome 'gift' for my readers. It's the only hint of bondage I've found anywhere in his work and quite pleasing in many respects despite the exaggerated light-heartedness. You can see that the underlying pose is a body-builder doing standard beefcake. By wrapping him, as is, frozen like a statue, Silverjow conjures the fantasy of entrapping an otherwise unattainable hunk.

This is No 40 from Silverjow's 'Hunk of the Week' series at his Deviant Art page

If bondage and fetish is pretty much non-existent in Silverjow's work, it's equally difficult to find the conventional homoerotic iconography of sportsmen, sailors, bikers, cowboys and cops, this image being a rare exception. Silverjow's icons and inspirations come from the realms of advertising, fantasy and sci-fi computer games, a sign of the changing times.

This is a nice depiction of a student's crush on uniformed men (still a near universal experience for gay men, I would think). I'd have liked to see the cop bulging out of his uniform, but Silverjow strips him to show his muscles. That's nice but doesn't seem quite consistent with the placing of the figures which appear to be portraying a real street scene. If he moved the student on past, then the topless cop would seem more like the student's fantasy. Perhaps that's an idea for a diptych!

Notice that there's no overt interest shown between these figures, the desire remains a secret. Compare that with the 60's picture by Harry Bush

Untitled, this is No 52 from Silverjow's 'Hunks of the Week' series at his Deviant Art page
Another sign of how the world has changed. Silverjow has produced a  stream of depictions of gay lovers showing affection for each other in domestic situations. The low slung towels here are very sexy and you can read erotic messages into the body positions and steaming coffee if you wish, but this is really a story of romance and real love. That gentle kiss sends a shiver up the spine.

Gay men have always shown love for each other but portraying it in such a softly romantic and demonstrative way would have astonished (and delighted) our forebears. Silverjow's sentimentality is delicious in many ways and you'll taste much more in his gallery, but I warn you, consuming too many of his sweets may make you feel a little queasy!

Untitled, this is No 63 from Silverjow's 'Hunks of the Week' series at his Deviant Art page

 I'm not sure how to categorise this image but I like it!  Three striking hunks appear to be sharing a steamy shower (or maybe they've been caught out in the rain). Either way the underwear seems to be inappropriate garb. There's a sense of mysteryand the men have facial expressions suggestive of confusion and secret anticipation - presumably of the sights (and emotions) to be revealed as water is gradually absorbed by their skimpy garments. There's a sense of mischievous brotherhood in this little group which is very nice. The men are handsome and appealing and project the air of being desirable as partners and friends.

Silverjow - Sakura Strolls
My final example is Silverjow's fantasy of walking the streets of Tokyo in Spring (Sakura) and features his own love of men in suits (also a relatively new iconography). He shows this character stripping further but this is my favourite. The muscular, shirted arms give a sense of the bulging I visualised for the cop picture earlier on. The Cherry Blossom is an integral part of the inspiration of this series, not just a decorative detail and it restates the idea of connection with nature which we noted earlier. The falling petals correspond to ......
well you work it out!

Silverjow gives his location as Malaysia which might explain his cautious eroticism. He is highly Internationalist in his subject matter, but much of his work is suggestive of Japanese influences, not least the subject and 'sun' design of 'Sakura Strolls' above. Interestingly though, his men seem to be predominantly Western not Oriental, possibly that is a reflection of the dominance of Western imagery in the media he takes for his inspiration.

There's a comprehensive free gallery of Silverjow at Deviant Art
and if you fancy seeing his payable images visit Silverjow at Patreon