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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Vintage Bondage - Dean Spencer - 4

Dean Spencer's induction as a rubber sub by Master Andrew Lennox continues... 
(Read this mitchmen series of articles on Dean Spencer from Part 1)

Lennox peels up Dean's rubber top to reveal alluring pecs.
one of which has a piercing.

It looks like love at first sight.
For both of them I think!

Dean sits up bolt upright with shoulders pulled back, in proud military style
as Lennox bestows what seems like a kiss of approval.
It's as though he's already decided Dean's a 'keeper' (see Part 1).

At the same time he squeezes Dean's nipples firmly
and savours Dean's flinching through his mouth.

For my money Lennox looks great here in his skin-suit and boots
as he drops to check the response at Dean's crotch.
It's not a masterful pose I suppose, more like worshipping at the shrine.
But it's a very mannish in character and shows great ass.

Dean's holy pecs preside over the feasting.
As a buddha-like presence

Lennox releases Dean's hands, but not yet his feet.
There's something very thrilling about the tying and untying of wrists.

Lennox's squatting figure here is another nice, typically manly pose,
showing great thighs and hinting at volume in between them.  
Nice shot of Dean's arms and folded legs too, they must be hurting by now.


Now he tests Dean again with another kiss and nipple pinch.

His chunky thighs and their centrepiece are close now - in touching distance.
Dean doesn't quite know what to do with his hands.

But when Dean reaches out to touch his new Master,
Lennox brusquely pushes his hands away. 
"I didn't say you could do that" he says.
An understated assertion of his absolute control
which he takes for granted.

A nice shot of Dean's forearms

Dean's sulky reaction to his chastisement
shows an inner spirit that is well worth controlling.

He transforms from Buddha into a stony-raced Sphinx.
But Lennox is busily licking up the sweat that has accumulated
between Dean's amazing pecs during their rubber confinement. 

Once again he has to remind Dean to keep his hands under control.
That ass is not for touching by him.

His kneeling position in front of Dean give his authority an alluring, parental softness.
Dean's face looks pained as he begins to learn the true nature of subservience.

Lennox decides it's time for a more physical lesson.
He releases Dean's feet and pulls him up off the chair.

He throws him to the ground. Telling him to stay there.

Now he kneels and removes Dean's rubber top altogether.
Reminding him that it's a privilege to be allowed to wear anything in his presence.

This is also a practical lesson in the art of removing tight rubber garments,
which is much, much easier if you have a helper. 
 I don't suppose Master Lennox would apply that term to himself
but in the video he demonstrates great skill in whisking off  the sticky top.

He quickly follows suit with the trunks,
pausing only to spank Dean's exposed ass with his hands. 

In short order Dean is reduced to nakedness in boots.
Lennox disentangles his trunks from his feet
telling him to stay down, lying flat on the floor.

Just in case the kissing and stripping give Dean the wrong idea,
Lennox gives his ass another drubbing.

He spreads Dean's legs open wide, confirming that his duties as a Sub 
will include giving his Master free access to everything between his legs. 

Dean is revealed to be wear wearing a cock ring that plumps his balls. 
Lennox arranges his cock and balls into a pleasing erotic display.

Finally Lennox plants his boot between Dean's shoulder blades
preventing him from getting up while he licks the other boot.
This is total domination, but Dean seems quite excited by it all!

When he eventually is allowed to stand
Lennox discovers that his spirit has not yet been quenched
The two of them begin to fight..... 

This final image in the 'David and Goliath' vein seems to epitomise 
how the relationship between these two men has evolved.


I've given this segment of Fetish Fights 3 a lengthy presentation because I love the imagery of this combination of simple bondage, rubber and domination in an enslavement scenario. These two great-looking men convincingly play the roles of Master and would-be Sub. Dean's pouty boyishness is a natural fit to his Sub role here and Andrew Lennox, who I haven't come across before, makes an extremely manly Master. The sequence is actually only 9 minutes long and (apart from the 2.5 minute 'crucifixion' epilogue which I covered in Part 1 of this mitchmen series) the rest of the video is entirely devoted to the two men wrestling naked and ends with Dean surrendering his fetish virginity to Lennox. You'll have to get hold of the video to see how that goes (link below). 

The Spencer - Lennox encounter is just one of three pairings of Fetish Sex Fights 3. 
Find out more at

(Read the whole Dean Spencer story at mitchmen from Part 1)

Sunday 27 March 2022

Vintage Bondage - Dean Spencer 3

 Continued from Part 2

Dean Spencer has been waiting for his first training session to commence.
He's tied to an uncomfortable chair in a vast emty room.
Now he hears someone entering the room and steals a glance.

Just in time he remembers that he must not stare.
It's not respectful. So, he hastily averts his eyes.
The Master comes and stands silently behind him,
like a menacing presence.

The Master circles to the front, inspecting his new sub.
Dean steals a wary look at him.
He's a big, big man and wearing a black rubber, skin-tight, wrestling singlet.
It shows off his muscular shoulders and massive thighs.

The Master's hand lashes out, stinging Dean's cheek.
Then he lifts Dean's chin.
"You look at me when I say you can" he says firmly, but not unkindly.
Dean remembers his manners, "Yes, Sir" he says, trying not to sound terrified.

The Master crouches before Dean explaining the rules he must follow.
It's nothing like the military bawling Dean had expected, more fatherly.
As he speaks he runs his hands along Dean's thighs approvingly
Dean feels instinctively drawn to this handsome man, it will be easy to serve him.

The Master stands and circles behind him and Dean watches, fascinated by his muscular body
and the way the tight, shiny singlet changes shape, moulding to his body through every movement. 

Much to his surprise the Master releases the restraints on his upper body.
"You cannot show me you are obedient if you are tied up", he explains,
running the thongs through his fingers as though he hasn't finished with them yet

"No Sir", Dean affirms, sitting up straight
and trying not to look too hard at his rubber-clad torso.

Dean's disinterest suddenly becomes harder
as the Master suddenly bends and kisses him.
At the same time he stretches the thongs across Dean's throat,
a sinister reminder of his subservience here. 

Dean's chest swells with excitement and he feels a surge of pleasure
as his Master's hand drops between his legs.

It seems like the kiss was just a test
and now the Master wants to gauge the response.

It seems he is satisfied, bestowing a token of approval.

Then he turns his attention to Dean's pecs which seem to have swollen with pride.

This idyllic interlude does not last for long.
The Master squeezes his nipples sharply
Dean manfully strives to give no sign of how much it hurts.

A quick check on his nether regions reassures his Master that all is well.
Another test has been passed, another milestone on Dean's long journey into service

to be concluded

The narrative I have supplied here is entirely my invention and not part of the Can-Am video. Andrew Lennox plays the Master and he hardly speaks except to make approving noises about Dean as well he might! Dean doesn't utter a word throughout. 


 I mentioned in another post recently that the world of rubber was a largely closed book to me apart from the visual impact and the presentational benefits of the simple outfits these two are wearing amply satisfy my preferences. Can-Am's photography does do justice to Dean's sexy physique but Lennox seems to be relegated to a supporting role. His black body suit flatters his physique and looks terrific  from a distance but the most sexy details have to be imagined. 

Thursday 24 March 2022

Vintage Bondage - Dean Spencer 2

 This is the opening shot of Fetish Fights 3 by Can-Am which eventually concludes with the 'crucifixion' scene reviewed in the first of these articles about Dean Spencer. Here we see Dean tied to a ladder-back chair and dressed in a yellow, rubber, two-piece not dissimilar in design to the splendid outfits worn by the hunky males of the TV 'Gladiators' series in the 90's.

In the FSF video, Dean has presented himself to be trained and we see him here in the 'Waiting Room' looking as though he's having second thoughts and wondering what he's got himself into. 

He's been put into restraint while he waits, not by his allocated Master, but by a person we never see. It creates the impression that this place is a fully staffed, processing centre for would-be subs. 

The clinging, rubber, crop-top Dean is wearing shows off his pecs and biceps. A tight, thick, leather thong holds him firmly against the chairback. It passes around his chest, under his pecs, enhancing their shape for the benefit of whoever comes to view him.

The featureless shorts that make up the other half of his outfit might be seen as passion killers in any other context, but their generous size allows for plenty of interior expansion. It looks as if Dean is already taking advantage of that as he contemplates what might lie ahead. It isn't clear whether he's brought the outfit with him or if it's been supplied to him by the centre as novice kit. If he's read up on the subject he may know that yellow is not just another colour in this world. That might explain his 'thoughtful' expression.

His wrists are secured behind the chair back by a simple loop and link arrangement. There's an element of leverage on his arms, pulling them back as they pass behind the upright back, but the relatively loose coupling of his wrists spares Dean the worst possibilities of that feature.

His legs are folded back fairly tightly at the side of the chair and his feet (clad in regulation, S&M, black boots) are suspended from the chair-back by more thongs. It's a position that severely limits escape options but produces pleasing bunching of the leg muscles. 

 Over time, though, the inability to put his feet on solid ground will become increasingly frustrating
and the compression of his leg muscles will become more and more uncomfortable for him.

The chair back is tall, flat and absolutely vertical, forcing a man's upper body into an unnatural position.
Dean looks around hoping someone will come to him, but the room is completely empty.

He becomes aware that he's under surveillance by cameras.
Under the cold eye of the camera his groin feels unprotected and exposed.
The wide, open-legged position is imposed by the broad, chair seat.
It is also another nagging point of stress on his body.

As the waiting goes on the discomfort starts to kick in. He wriggles.
The tightness of his captor's restraint allows little scope for easing those protesting muscles.
He's starting to feel very alone now.

Angry, defiant feelings start to bubble up inside him.
They know he's waiting, why doesn't someone come?

To be continued


This ladder-back chair seen in these pictures was often used by Zeus, who collaborated with Can-Am on this production. The design provides plentiful options for attaching restraints and it's simple, austere lines tell you it's probably not very comfortable. It's black colour contrasts nicely with Dean's outfit. I suppose you might argue against using a padded seat for S&M but remember, the leather (or vinyl) will provide a 'sticking surface' for bare, sweaty skin. It will deliver a painful and embarrassing postscript when the moment comes for Dean to get up. (If he were a nude captive, the idea of displaying his crown jewels on a cushion has a certain appeal too).

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Monday 21 March 2022

The Look of Wilting Passion

Bob met Maxim in a hotel bar on a business trip. He seemed his ideal man, handsome, bearded and urbane. What's more he made no secret of the fact that he fancied Bob. Bob had long craved for sex with another man but had been too scared to find anyone to do it with. This man would be the perfect partner to introduce him to it gently. But once in the bedroom he saw things from a different angle


This No 28 in 'The Look' series at mitchmen blog,
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or use the mitchmen search function (top right in sidebar) 

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original image Grayson and Pavel (Sean Cody)


Friday 18 March 2022

Art by Leon

 This is a revised and extended version of an article about Leon in the mitchmen A-Z of fetish artists series, first published in 2010

Leon - Bootlicker

You probably know this image with it's distinctive Tom of Finland flavour*. Leon's would-be sub, practicing on empty boots and pretending he's restrained is rather charming. He's very neat in appearance and has even kept his socks and underwear on. The reality of the roleplay he's imagining would probably be very different.

*I don't think Tom ever did anything exactly like this. The little known image below is more typical of his rather less earthy approach.

Tom of Finland - Boot Worship

A little-known boot-worship sketch by Tom of Finland ca.1978. It's another example of an imperfect sketch being better than the polished final product in some ways. The depiction of the face, without hard edges added, is marvellous.

Leon - Down-Trodden (my title)

A man who pairs up with a true master can expect to be kept firmly in his place. This man is much more mature than the kneeling sub above and that makes his humiliation all the more acute, but it seems he's experienced enough to take it like a sub should, in fact he's positively aroused by it. 

His clothing is intriguing. It's not exactly dungeon attire, suggesting this is not a staged roleplay. Rather it's almost as if he's just come off the street. The dark vest/singlet is the garb of a man who does manual work, which accords (stereotypically) with his hairy torso. The slim shoulder straps, however, are more like gym attire which offers another explanation of where those shapely pecs came from. His trousers though look more like part of a suit than workman's clothes. 

Leon imagines boots as having phallic qualities here by illustrating a symmetry between the toe of a boot and the tip of a cock. 

Leon - Power Down

Leon's art comes from the 80's era of Drummer and this must be such a magazine illustration. It's a notably different take on fire fighters compared with the chocolatey, bare-top beefcake that spawned a thousand calendars. There are a variety of fetish references included in this picture - Helmet of course, but also the mask with air tube, axe and thigh-length boots made of rubber. The daring analogy with enemas reflects the pre-AIDS era of celebrating all things gay and pushing boundaries. Physically daring as well, to use a high pressure hose.

Leon - Electro

There's a distinct touch of Tagame in the depiction of this man being subjected to electro-stimulation with an arty embellishment suggesting deeper pleasures. Once again he shows a mature man with a stocky build and very hairy torso. These days this open-legged pose has become a tentacles cliché, it seems too static and relaxed for a situation in which either energetic squirming or arcing rigidity is to be expected. Nice draughtsmanship though., with an arty embellishment implying deeper pleasures.


Leon has an accomplished style so it's surprising but I haven't found a website or gallery link for him.