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Wednesday 29 December 2010

Connor at Bound Guys - 1

One of the highlights of the year for me was the arrival of a new model, Connor, at Bound Guys.
One of the nice features of this site is that it's not obsessed with nudity
(although that genre is well represented)
Connor's first appearance, clad in black singlet and jeans certainly did not disappoint.

Connor has an attractive boyish face and a chunky body
The storyline about a hotel thief surprised and tied up by his intended victim is sexy.

Connor's backside gets another showcase in a story of an American visitor
who is kidnapped and held hostage in a hotel room.

The victim's imploring look is terrific.

Nudity is superfluous when pants fit this well.
See more of Connor in the next post and at Bound Guys

Sunday 19 December 2010

A-Z of Fetish Artists,The letter N - Mitchell's Choice

It is my custom to choose a favourite for each letter and the letter N has provided the usual mix of artistry and eroticism.

My criteria are artistic merit, fetish content and sensuality, all overlaid of course with my own personal prejudices. In this group we had two notable 'artistic' contributions from Naomichi and Nobeast - beautiful but possibly not fetishistic enough to top the heap. Nicolas's more elastic draughtsmanship is also worthy of mention for it's successful portrayal of struggle and movement. As for fetish, Neil Bruce covers a wide spectrum of tastes, disguised with humour, but Nath66's sci-fi/medic fantasies also strike a chord for me. In the extreme art department Nikos' struggling torture victims, though simply drawn, quicken the blood in contrast with the art of NSM, Nimium and Nikolaas, which is perhaps a bit too careful and passive.

None of the artists represented here majors in sensuality (in the erotic sense) but I guess Nath66 and Neil Bruce come closest and these two artists are my main contenders and despite my reservations about mixing humour with fetishism there is only one choice here for me .... Neil Bruce whose subtly disguised nastiness and power play is very erotic.

Monday 6 December 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nunn

Nunn - Forced

I'm not a fan of the work of Paul Nunn and I don't collect it because of the youth of the subjects he draws. However, I'm happy to acknowledge his existence and show a sample which is less Yaoi-like than much of his work.

The captive buddies/comrades theme is another 'pinch' from standard adventure fiction and I find it very erotic although I've never figured out quite why it should exert this power. The sexual coupling pose shown here, even with bondage involved, is pretty standard fare these days over at sites like 'Bound Gods' but the substitution of normal clothing for leather gear immediately creates a more sinister real-life atmosphere. Nunn manages to infuse the scene with a sense of frenzied activity and aggression which makes the plight of the captives seem more real. The faces of the two aggressors and their victims spell out exactly what is happening. Cold shiver time!

Nunn takes a few liberties with perspective (like the table) but they don't jar and almost lend an air of Picasso-esque respectability. This image has more convincing 'depth' than most cartoons. It's interesting to compare his treatment of folds in clothes with NSM our last artist.

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Sunday 28 November 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - NSM

I have a small selection of NSM's work which is another example of Science Fiction settings for S&M fetish. NSM's heroes are tied up and tortured by the inhabitants of other worlds.

NSM - Settling of Scores in The Mabin Desert
In 'Settling of scores in the Mabin desert' you might almost think you were in the Old West were it not for the curious spiky implement held by the torturer. The thorns embedded in the captive's thighs are an original variation on the piercing theme and suggest an undercurrent of pain. The dildo like post between the captives legs is, I suspect, a living organism that in due course will grow and impale (or engulf) the hapless captive.
I like the simple power of this image and the scope it gives for morbid fantasy. The captive's body with a flash of hair on the chest and arms is that of a real man. The depiction of the captor's clothing, though lacking any erotic interest, is none the less highly accomplished. The simple splashes of black which define the folds in the boots, for example, also create a startlingly effective 3D illusion. The stark black shadowing in this picture is a classic comic strip technique which is particularly useful in small scale comic drawings which have to be simple. In this full size picture it creates a powerful lighting effect but you can see it's a bit too powerful for defining musculature which has more subtle contours.

NSM - 'The Thing Plays With The Rebel'

In 'The Thing Plays With The Rebel', NSM unleashes a spiky creature of indeterminate shape on another realistic looking man. It's a clever idea but despite the facial grimace, the victim's muscle-man pose is just that, a photographic pose, and not the writhing of a man under attack. The branches(?) wrapped around his neck and draped over his head are brilliant but they should be pulling him, the ear probe should surely cause some reaction too. It's a bit of a disappointment that 'The Thing', armed with all those fearsome spikes, just wants to tickle him! But you have to admire the clarity with which the artist has managed to depict such a complex scene - unaided by the viewers own knowledge of what 'Things' look like. That's part of the problem of course, monsters exist in everyone's imagination but are defined not just as shapes, but as senses and intangible fears as well. Trying to convincing capture that complex entity on paper or celluloid is a challenge of the highest order.

NSM - The Nephew Will Take It

The final picture restores reality, this man actually looks like he is hanging by his arms. Another menacing (sort of!) organism rises to attack him. It's a nice drawing and captures a classic male fetish image in a very attractive way.

I like NSM's work, it's well drawn, imaginative and also memorable because it attempts to set male bondage in a context that is inherently filled with danger and the unknown. Paradoxically it also sums up the dilemma of the fetish artist:- now you've got him tied up, what are you going to do with him? If you really love men, it's a tough call!


Sorry I don't have a link, information from readers welcome! 
These images probably came from GMBA (see sidebar)

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Sunday 21 November 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - 'Nou'

Nou - Cage Thirst

This picture is something of a classic and regularly surfaces in art groups, I have it under the name Nou but I don't really know if that is the correct attribution, nor do I have any other work by him.

'The caged man' is a popular fetish theme but not that easy to make into a memorable visual image. The bars get in the way of course and there's a temptation to include additional bondage which, logically speaking, renders the cage superfluous. If you do away with the bondage, sizing the cage is an issue. Too large and the captive doesn't seem constrained enough, (think of Tom's prison cells which don't imprison so much as separate the prisoner and his jailor). Make the cage too small and the prisoner has to sit, a position which is altogether too comfortable, or else his head and legs fold into his body, hiding the most attractive features.

Nou's stroke of genius is to allow the prisoner's head to project from the top of the cage making it an anchoring device and allowing the crouching body position to be clearly seen. The detailing of the feet and legs is accomplished. The black mummy-like mask, hides the face and personality of the captive, but combines with the cage to make a powerful visual statement. I'm not sure many men would be able to replenish the urinal at that height - but then deception is part of the power of drawn art.

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Monday 15 November 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - NoBeast

NoBeast - Kiss
The fantasy worlds stalked by 'NoBeast' are outside my normal area of interest (too much long hair for a start!) but I have certain fascination with his amorous human-plus-monster encounters, which arguably are a very ancient fetish. In 'Kiss' NoBeast has accurately pinpointed the sensual eroticism underlying this potentially shocking fantasy subject. No peck on the cheek is this, check out where the dragon's teeth are!
There's an artistic intelligence about his rendering which is a delight to the eye. While the presentation is very modern his underlying technique harks back to the style of Aubery Beardsley, evidenced in the striking, artful poses, the simplicity of line and (below) the use of dense background patterns.
NoBeast - Tentacles

The tentacle art shown here is less stylish but to my mind is something of a classic in the genre, since it imports the fantasy dream into the real world rather than placing the dreamer in a fantasy land. This inversion of the usual approach creates a stronger sense of intimacy initially, but then one wonders about those strange hands!. The line of the arched body is very pleasing and draws attention to the untouched erection which allows the viewer a frisson of 'me too' anticipation, particularly if this gentleman is in the process of becoming prey.
There's a small selection of NoBeast's work on feuilleton
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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nimium

Nimium - GI's on the road to Jiang

Nimium's theme is crucufixion and he addresses it with meticulously drawn detail. One is immediately struck by the strong sense of almost geometric perspective, a stylistic feature which seems to characterise many of our 'N' artists. His subject matter is usually set in Roman/biblical times, but the sample I have chosen is a more modern story - conceived on an epic scale with crosses stretching into the far distance, snaking across the hills like the great wall of China. No doubt this imagery was inspired in part by the fate of Spartacus and his fellow rebels so there are Roman connections after all! The GI punishment theme these days has all sorts of political connotations which I won't go into, but in this context it's sympathetic, the abuse of POW's and the fear induced in their colleagues. Despite the nails the victims are supported by ropes, so this is arguably a punishment not an execution, Nimium's pictures usually underplay the cruelty of the cross. However, this is erotic fantasy so it's perfectly permissible for both victims and onlookers to be getting a kick out of it.

Nimium often draws non-stereotypical, realistic faces and his men have well toned but believable physiques which he also depicts accurately. The forward facing, photographic pose is typical and although the foreground figure is a bit stiff and almost detached from the rest of the composition, the supporting cast are rendered in a more lifelike and interesting way. The background detail is highly impressive and the sense of depth is assisted by nice pencil technique, fading out into the distance.

Nimium's work appears at the MCR Group from time to time

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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nikolaas

As far as I know, Nikolaas only draws one subject, men being hanged. This is a controversial fetish to say the least, although an erotic interest in asphyxiation is common as witness the regularity with which misjudged experiments claim lives significant enough to warrant press reports.

Preoccupation with the imagery is equally common amongst fetish artists. I dabble in this area myself occasionally and it figures in the work of Mike Carcel, Martin of Holland and Marc, all of whom who I featured under the letter 'M'. For me Bondageskin is the foremost exponent of this genre although his computer generated work doesn't qualify for this series. 

Nikolaas's contributions depict youthful, floppy haired victims being callously despatched by prison guards or the military. Generally they are in a state of nudity and you can see that for Nikolaas, this is an important part of the ritual. His subjects are a bit too young for me but the example here is an interesting depiction of arbitrary justice.

Nikolaas - Farm Boys

The rural setting for the drama is painted in delicate water colours and is reminiscent of the art of the mid-20th century which invoked the pastoral ideal in similar terms in order to promote food production or healthy leisure pursuits. It's a dramatically structured composition telling a chilling story. The motivations are more obscure than his prison scenes but suggest backward/backwoods prejudice and redneck country boys of the worst sort. The dramatic perspective and setting make an interesting comparison with the Highway picture by Nicolas which I featured previously.

Nikolaas posts occasionally on GMBA - see sidebar for current link

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Thursday 28 October 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nicos

Nicos - One More Left
Nicos (Nikos) has produced a small selection of drawings depicting dungeon scenes. Prisoners in shorts are being prepared for torture, which can be a highly erotic subject. The absence of total nudity is no drawback, it adds a touch of realism. In the example here, he brings out the fear of the prisoner while the torturer is impassive, slightly puzzled it seems. The picture abounds with interesting detail - the body hair, feet etc are very satisfying - even the electrical clips are carefully shown. I like the way the electrical leads track across the bottom of the frame, it's a stylish touch.

 Nikos own site has disappeared (July 2013) but you can see his work in the archives at GMBA (current link in sidebar).
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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nicolas

The examples I have of this artist's work fit into the skinhead/rubber boot genre.

Nicolas - Highway Capture

The highway capture picture shows a man being hogtied - a moment of subjugation and submission which is very erotic in my view. The captive's spiky tuft of hair and naked torso lend him an air of aggression and unpredictability which somehow enhances his desirability as a capture. The empty road and the setting sun seem to symbolise his isolation and the danger looming.

The style of this drawing is most interesting. The figures are drawn with bold, careless strokes but the depiction of captor's hands and outstretched leg show a command of anatomical proportions. The highlighting of the bodies meticulously accords with the position of the setting sun and is particularly effective on the singlet. The art deco style depiction of the clouds and distant mountains underlines the artistic intelligence.

Nicolas - Skinhead Orgy

The orgy scene is not dressed up in quite the same way, the emphasis is on sensuality not situation. The use of the shaved head for butt rubbing is a novelty! However, the exaggerated boots and bizarre spikes underneath the bench create a similar sense of hidden malice. The enthusiasm of the participants is captured with the help of slight bodily distortions but the same, casual strokes disguise a skill in interweaving bodies which is quite hard to achieve without creating a confusing jumble of limbs. The prominent thick-soled, chunky boots are beautifully depicted and there are a couple of nice hands. In this image, with it's boots, steely, determined faces and blurry, hatched shading, Nicolas almost conjures up the ghost of the artist, Les (see earlier article in this series).

Sorry I don't have a link for Nicolas (any information from readers is welcome)

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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Art - Naomichi

Naomichi - Octopus
This is the only work I have by this artist but it's an oustanding one. There is a fairly well known Japanese print which depicts a woman being 'devoured' (in a sexual sense) by an octopus or squid. It's often cited as a classic expression of female desire. This picture develops the dream-like subject in a homoerotic vein but is less inward looking. We cannot see the man's face but the pose suggests acceptance rather passion, his body is covered with weals left by the tentacles in the struggle to avoid this fate and it seems the artist is more interested in his conquest than the sensuality of the embrace.
At an erotic level, the man's smooth, muscular physique, dark cropped hair and opened legs excite interest while the octopus is suitably knarled and lascivious in appearance. The bulbous body of the sea creature which visually narrows down towards the head in a sort of teardrop shape creates the sense of a frighteningly large invasion but the facial expression appears to be contemplative and benign. The artistic treatment is no less interesting. The compact composition and delicate colours lift this image into the realms of art regardless of content.

There was a page of Naomichi's work at Rainbow Arts
but it has disappeared now
(Many thanks to the reader who provided this link)
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Thursday 14 October 2010

Mitchmen A -Z of Fetish Artists - Neil Bruce

Neil Bruce - Moonlight

Neil Bruce's work is pretty well known. His distinctive 'nightscapes' created, it seems, entirely out of lighting effects, are particularly memorable. His pictures usually feature 'chubbies' acting in a predatory fashion towards more slender men, as in 'Moonlight' above. These pictures are created with the aid of computer airbrush techniques and you can see that the interesting background textures have similar origins but I have no reservations about including his work in this survey.

Artists usually create black and white images by shading darker areas but this is the reverse technique of 'painting' light areas. It naturally creates atmosphere and dramatic effect, in this case transforming a straightforward captivity cartoon into something rather more interesting. The humourous expression on the chubbie's face for example acquires a manic quality while the moon gleaming mistily suggests a distinctly chilly night for the naked captive.

Neil Bruce - Cuffed

'Cuffed' features another chubby, this time it's a cop prodding his young prisoner towards his fate. This is a more conventional drawing but utilises similar highlighting techniques. The composition cleverly highlights the intimidating bulk of the officer by placing him in the foreground and picking out details like the bull neck, pot belly and shirt tight around arm. His neglected physique suggests we are in a backwater where the sheriff is boss and anything goes. The handcuffed boy is dwarfed by him and quails in naked fear.

Neil Bruce - Fork Lift

'Fork Lift' uses a melodramatic, Hollywood 'nightmare' scenario. The bear builder seems entirely plausible in this context but his anger runs counter to stereotype. The boy captive is sexily portrayed and I love the use of a jockstrap to highlight his erection which is firmly at the centre of the picture surrounded by a radiating pattern which somehow adds a sense of a rapidly unfolding drama. The cruelty and fear hinted at in many of Neil's pictures is stronger here (it sometimes becomes much more explict than this) but the unreal presentation defuses it for the casual viewer.

This is a good example of how the artist creates a convincing image with suggestion rather than explicit detail. The fork lift tyres, for example, seem realistic at first but the tread pattern is actually very simple. The 'rubbery' arms and fingers of the victim are another trademark style serving to lighten the drama.

Neil Bruce - Bear Pit

'Bear Pit' is a favourite of mine, the helplessness of the victim, removed from the real world and dangling above the chubbies who are presented as wild, voracious animals all serves to create a classic fear scenario.The 'threat' seems relatively benign but that bondage would be very painful in real life giving more than one cause for the victim's expression. The use of dramatic perspective helps create a memorable image.

Neil Bruce - Stray

'Stray' brings us back to innocent humour and shows he can draw anatomy when he wants to. This is a much copied image but I give credit to Neil for doing it first. The absence of any hint of coercion makes it a comic, character statement and provides a legitimate excuse for depicting a view of the genitals which would otherwise be pure artifice and filth! Nice.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding Neil Bruce's work in gay art groups but you could start with his own site Bearotic Art which also has some interesting vanilla stuff.

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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nath66

I'm not sure how Nath66 creates his art but there is certainly an element of computer assistance in assembling and shading the image. I don't cover computer renders in this series but do include computer assisted work. However it is produced, the result is a rather clean looking image with simple, fine outlines enhanced by a limited use of shading to suggest bulk. Anatomically his men have youthful chiselled faces and highly developed pecs with a tendency to over-size buttocks and thighs.

Nath66 - Tangled
In 'Tangled' he has utilised a dramatic, Chinese-looking, forest backdrop which is rather beautiful. The fetish interest here is the predatory flora, an interesting S&M manifestation of Sci Fi, linking of course to the eroticism of tentacles. The other notable exponent of man-devouring plant life is Christuffer who I should have mentioned under 'C', an omission I must rectify! Nath's plant is not particularly convincing as an organic entity, but the result is an attractive and entertaining image.

Nath66 - Lactating
'Lactating' is a much better picture although I have my doubts as to whether this is entirely the work of one artist. It shows (I think!) a captive being implanted with alien embryos - or possibly suckling them. The insertion technique is probably not scientifically sound but highly erotic! The helplessness and fear of the host male is beautifully captured. The set of the arms, the clenched fist and the turned head make the restraint convincing whilst the the claw like curling of the fingers and toes conveys something of the strange discomfort caused inside by his parasitic companions. The lab equipment is highly detailed and the technicians in the background nicely done. To me, the glow of the hidden computer screen and the reflection in the glass suggests a more accomplished hand than the simpler treatment of 'Tangled'.
Nath66 - Sperm Lab
In 'Sperm lab' the human host 'lays' his eggs from a slightly puzzling standing position. They disgorge from his sperm-lubricated urethra - possibly with some electrical assistance. The tube enclosing him echoes the birthing scenario in a rather satisfying way, as well as reminding us of the isolation and exposed helplessness flowing from his guinea pig status. Again the lab surroundings are highly detailed, the technicians are captured in striking, realistic poses. The lab coat detail shows the power of simple line and shading.

This is powerful imagery that attempts to invoke a sensuality you can't see and which none of us have experienced. I'm not sure how much it succeeds, I suspect it helps if your adolescence is a recent event. But it's still sexy and imaginative.

See comment below for link information for Nath66
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Monday 20 September 2010

Time for a break

Mitchell is taking a break. Posting will resume in October with the letter 'N' in the A-Z of Fetish Artists. Meanwhile here's a nice picture to get us in the mood. I'm hoping the weather will be better where I'm going!

Nickie - Wet Jogger
Nickie has a delicious crisp style and a liking for chunky men so he's worth a mention as a prelude to the letter N even if the only fetish on display here is wet shorts. He's tackling a lot of challenges here - rain, puddles, splashing water and wet clothes - the result is impressive.
Have a look at his blog 'The Art of Nickie' 

Thursday 16 September 2010

More cycling Lycra

On his knees
More pictures of one of the captive cyclists. The excitement shows!

Always a pleasure to see legs doubled back and a pert backside

At the post
A Boundex-type image, tied to a post and forced to bear his own weight on his knees, he still manages to keep his pecker up.

Monday 13 September 2010

Men Sharing Clothes 7 - Lycra Cycling Shorts

In 2009, I did a series of 6 articles about different men depicted wearing the same clothes and fantasied about the erotic possibilities.
(the first article in the series is here :- Men sharing clothes )

A reader who enjoyed that theme has sent me in some more pictures of these men being subjected to bondage while wearing the same lycra cycling shorts. Above, a nice erect pose to begin with

Number 2 is a cute package, hogtied and ready

With the sinister black mask, this man looks like he's about to become a kidnap victim, the thick striped rope is very erotic.

Friday 10 September 2010

Royale & Guys In Uniform Studios - Conclusion

Royale studio and it's successor 'Guys In Uniform' trod a unique path portraying men, not as beefcake or highly polished seducers, but as ordinary guys with natural looking, sexy bodies. They dressed them in clothing that signified male-ness and placed them into situations suggesting submission and subservience under the threat of military/authoritarian control.

Guys in Uniform - Chained Nude
This Guys in Uniform image (sadly imperfect) is a classic domination scenario which looks back to the artsy AMG style. It's is unusual for it's virtually naked captive. The scarcity of frontal nudity and extreme forms of discipline in these pictures was dictated by the laws of the day and may initially disappoint modern tastes, which have become accustomed to high quality imagery of muscular bodies, exceptional erections and elaborate bondage and beatings. But for anyone who cares to linger, these pictures rekindle the lost art of anticipation, of savouring the plight of the prey. It's a process which is generally swept aside by the rush to nudity in modern porn and replaced by interminable studies of oral mechanics.

Royale - Man dressed as a Scout
This Royale picture of a rather mature scout shows that the use of clothing is no hinderance to admiring a man's body. It's use gives the characters an identity and the pictures a context which makes them far more memorable than variations of naked men beating other naked men. This is not to deny the intimacy and erotic power of modern video and photography which admittedly puts these studios in the shade as far as sensuality and realism is concerned. But Royale and Guys in Uniform pictures have a special masculine quality that sets them apart and they retain their erotic power still.

I haven't covered all the GIU and Royale material that I have in this series and intend to return to the subject again in the future. I hope that posting the material will help keep it alive for future generations of gay men.

Saturday 4 September 2010

Royale Studio 15 - Sporting Hunks in Tight Shorts

Ultra tight wet soccer shorts show jock strapRoyale Studio - Soccer Player Tying Laces

I'm going to conclude this Royale review with a selection of sporting images which are really just pin-ups and not tied in directly to the themed sets I have discussed before. These pictures showcase the famous tight shorts that were the hallmark of the studio, although they weren't alone in using this iconography (Scott Studio was probably the foremost exponent of the technique).

In the first picture the informal pose of a soccer player tying his laces has a nice masculine intimacy about it, but it is transformed into erotica by the application of water to his skin-tight shorts. The image quality has suffered from reproduction, but it is a great example of sporting erotica.

Hairy, muscular thighs and bulging groin, soccer football boots

Royale - Footballer in Tight Shorts, Dennis White

This picture is a good deal less subtle but the contrast between the standard issue football shirt and footwear and the tiny squeezed-in shorts conjures up an erotic fantasy from an otherwise everyday image. The hairiness of the model's legs adds to the incongruity of the display. 

The left foot extended forward could be interpreted as a foot fetish offering - or maybe it's just an attempt to relieve the strain on those flimsy shorts - and the model's groin! Whatever the case, the combination of enlarged boots with the model's impressively tapered torso has somehow created a curious shrinking effect around his lower body. For me thoughts of how the model was persuaded to climb into these garments - at a time when sexy underwear for men was unheard of - is just as erotic as the visual result.

ass in tight shorts, soccer boots rolled-up sleeves

Royale Studio - Footballer Face Down on a Bench

This is a better-known image, and it relies a lot on the entirely unnatural, passive pose for its impact. In the context of Royale's other subject matter, it immediately suggests a punishment scenario, but the open defenceless pose also invites the viewer to savour the model's body. The shorts play their part erotically, but the tightness is less extreme so it's more subtle than my previous examples making the image less artificial. This viewpoint obviously makes the most of the model's tremendous thighs, but you get the impression that the care has also been taken to highlight his muscular arms and calves by carefully positioning rolled-back sleeves and socks.

Soccer player in tight shorts, sexy thighs
Royale Studio - Footballer Bruce Thomas

This pose is more naturalistic and the soccer kit closer to a normal fit, 
but there's enough tightness round the nether regions 
to bring out interesting creases and shapely thighs.
(printed in Man Alive 2, ca 1958)

ass in sexy tight shorts

Royale - Cyclist in Tight Shorts

My final picture is a much prized, recent addition to my collection and once again uses an everyday pose to impressive effect. You can just imagine how Royale's fans might have fantasised about those famous shorts appearing in their own favourite, real life situations and on their favourite crush. The bicycle is a rarely used erotic prop - surprisingly so when you consider the shape of the saddle and its position relative to the bottom in the riding position. It associates the model with youthful pursuits, athleticism and independence. An example of boyish associations which Royale and GIU both flirted with from time to time in a nostalgic way - their models are never immature.

Sunday 29 August 2010

Royale Studio 14 - Men in shorts

In this post some Royale images which I haven't associated with themed sets although they may well be part of them. Today's group features men restrained or readied for punishment.

Royale - Man tied to a door frame
This man is tied to the frame of a door which is not a standard Royale situation, but his shorts and socks could easily be the same as those featured in the last few postings of football mayhem. I haven't succeeded in identifying this individual in those sets though! I commented before how these bouffant hair styles make the head look bigger and the body smaller, creating a boyish effect which may appeal to some, but I prefer manly qualities which are most evident in this figure from the waist down. If you cover up his head you will see that this is actually quite a chunky man! The cut of the shorts is very brief allowing a sexy glimpse of the lower part of his buttock, Royale tailored items to create these effects, see part 12 for another wearer. I also like the way that the waistband is rolled down suggesting the revelation of more flesh than is proper!
Royale - Suspended in Shorts
The second figure is being subjected to the more usual wrist suspension technique used by Royale and which featured in a couple of the sets reviewed earlier in this series. The submissively bowed head creates tension for what is to come. Some thought has gone into lighting this picture which nicely shows off the musculature of his arms, the sweep of his neck and texture of his hair, the buttocks appear pert rather than bulky but I can't help noticing how the pleats of the shorts pointing downwards suggest a considerable downward pressure on the waistband! Overall there's a strong vertical line in this image which is very striking.
Royale - Man bent over a horse
The final picture shows a man draped over a gym horse, though for some reason it's in a curiously lopsided way which looks very artificial. The model sports a splendid pair of thighs but for me the coiffured hair, neatly turned down socks and freshly ironed shorts don't quite capture the rough masculinity I look for in these pictures.

Monday 23 August 2010

Royale Studio 13 - Footballers Caned by Sir

Royale - Caned on the Hand
Another caning story with the same football gear but featuring a different group of men. This time there's a classroom setting and an 'instructor' dressed in military style uniform wielding the cane. The subject of the class, according to the blackboard, is maths, differential equations so it's hard to fathom why they are all wearing football outfits. It's quite hard to sequence these pictures into a plot but I have assumed they all start off fully clothed and progressively undress.
In the first picture a student is caned on the hand by the instructor who is dressed in flamboyant military riding gear. Curiously, another student helps to restrain the victim, using an embrace that is rather intimate considering their skimpy clothing.
Royale - Rescued from the Cane
The punishment of the offender progresses to bare ass caning and another student comes to his assistance in a rare acting moment. The collaborator from picture 1 has by now been labelled a dunce (i.e. stupid). Even in Royale's time, the school dunce's cap was history, the stuff of children's comics and pre-war schoolboy tales. It's use as a humiliation motif tells you more about the creator's background than anything else, it's certainly not sexy!
You may recall that it was also used by GIU, some years after this set was made, in another group caning scene which I described back at the start of this survey. If you go back and check you will find that set has exactly the same plot elements as this story, but substitutes athletic vests and shoes for football shirts/boots and the instructor wears a different uniform too.
The dunce's shorts are actually more interesting than his headgear. Apparently the Royale models' clothes were dampened to show more of what was underneath and this is a rather successful example. This practice must have been quite uncomfortable for the model and may explain some of their more stilted posing!
Royale - Student's Revenge
The students take their revenge and one of them gives us a fine bottom and thigh display while there's also a mild treat for boot lovers. The dunce has ditched his cap on the floor.The overthrow of the authority figure, subjecting him to an caning of his own in a most undignified position would have had more shock value in Royale's time than it has today, even these rear views would have raised eyebrows.
Royale - Bent Over A Stool
In this picture the rescuer has shed his shirt, so it seems that we have moved on and the original order is restored. Punishment of the first victim resumes and his friends watch with arms crossed as though in agreement with their instructor. The sense of collaboration is quite erie and intriguing, not knowing the real story. The damp shorts show their mettle again!
Royale - Bared For Retribution
I placed this one at the end as it fits the traditional Royale finale. Hands hoisted overhead, the rescuer is readied for his own punishment by his submissive classmates. The manipulative power of the instructor comes across but the victim's rather full head of hair seems to diminish his body size so the nudity doesn't have the impact it should. The posing is pretty stiff too but the student with flashy boots shows up well.

Thursday 19 August 2010

Royale Studio 12 - Football Ballet (FOBA)

Article awaiting review and enlargement

Royale - Football Team Gather Round

This set continues the football theme, but it's essentially a group of men wearing nothing but tight white shorts - and socks of various patterns which I find are invaluable in tracking the different characters through the 'action'. As far as I can see it's a different group to the last set although they are obviously sharing socks (and possibly shorts too, a nice thought!).

In the first picture the team are watching the referee holding up a pair of ripped shorts which they have just torn off him. This chap's shirt is a real period piece but it's the tight shorts everyone is wearing that are most eye catching. 

The referee is Ian Oliver. On the far right is Fred Collins and standing next to him is John Skilling, they also appeared together in Soldier-Sailor. The model on the far left is Tom Manlick, infamous for his appearance wearing a chain pouch in the Horse Guard's series. Next to him is a less well documented model, Alan Hythe

Erotically speaking this is an unremarkable picture but what is striking is the number of actors/models in it - 5. When did you last see 5 men in a modern erotic photo? The only examples I can call to mind are from Bound Gods, maybe a few other major film studios and fashion shoots like underwear range launches.

This is a straightforward cheesecake shot 50's style but with my interest in shorts and men's bottoms it's irresistible. In Royale's pictures the themes of discipline and submission are never far away so that even a simple line-up like this has darker possibilities. These men have well shaped bodies and natural muscle definition, but Tom Manlick (far left) and John Skilling (far right stand out). With a haircut and new footwear they would grace any modern photographers output.

Royale - Double Caning for The Football Team

The series continues with a series of shots in which the models take turns in caning each other (for their misdeeds. This picture sums it up pretty well. There's quite a contrast between these wooden, static pictures and the energy and atmosphere of the last set suggesting they are earlier, or perhaps the models were less experienced. 

(L to R: Hythe, Manlick, Skilling, Collins)