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Friday 30 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Martin of Holland

Martin of Holland has covered most aspects of fetish in his long career, but he is particularly noted for his highly explicit contributions to the more specialised arenas such as scat, mutilation and violent death. His best pictures have an arresting, sexual intensity that demands that you look, even if you are not sure you like what you see.
Martin of Holland - Fluid ExchangeMuch of his work is drawn in outline only but when adds shading or colour they acquire a striking sense of depth and the skin textures take on a soft sheen which is very sensual. 'Fluid exchange' shows the effect. This picture is unusually romantic for Martin, but even so, it oozes with lust while the cuffs and the hand grasping the back of the captive's head give a subtle 'edge'.
Tom's influence can be sensed here and also in the early '70's pictures which have bikers, sailors, woodland settings etc. and sometimes reinterpret Tom-like themes. Martin of Holland also has a similar story telling approach which causes you to linger and examine what is going on in the picture, although his 'stories' are usually infused with a sense of lust, fear or danger that Tom never employed.
Martin of Holland - Back Of My Truck
In 'Back of my Truck' which is later, the Latino captor has Kake's jawline and physique but the other characters are more typical of Martin of Holland's men. They have distinctive, sometimes angular faces, with prominent fleshy lips, snub noses and dark eyes. They bear a family resemblance to those of his Dutch compatriot Wilhelm Kok (Dorus). The bodies have a slender, long-limbed elegance of line and, though stylised, are more realistic in their proportions than the average muscle hunk drawing. In fact, Martin generally underplays the detail of musculature so that his men appear to have a youthful, natural appearance.
This scenario of the smooth, young captive apparently facing unpleasant treatment from an older, stronger man is pure Martin of Holland and a theme that recurs throughout his work evolving into something much stronger.
Martin of Holland - Enema
The same domination/youth education flavour is also present in 'Enema'. The artist formalises the irrigation process into an intimidating procedure using laboratory style tanks and industrial grade piping. He brings out the reactions of the 'patient' who though chained to the platform is free to writhe in his discomfort for the erotic pleasure of the hooded attendant. This work is a mild example of Martin of Holland's interest in things anal, which extends to scat and this theme becomes increasingly explicit in his later work.
Martin of Holland - Rent A Slave

In 'Rent a Slave', the youth (with attitude, judging by his haircut) has been transformed into an helpless sex object, his clothes ripped off and body strapped. His prospective partner is older and hyper-masculine. He exudes strength, debauchery and excess. The angular face we saw earlier on has evolved into an almost deranged, demonic appearance giving the picture a sinister atmosphere.
Martin of Holland - Buddies

Martin of Holland's pictures have the great virtue of simplicity, he tends to focus on one idea and portray it, and all it's erotic potential, explicitly and clearly. There may be multiple participants but they are all involved in the same process. Unlike other artists he glories in the reactions of the recipient (willing or not) of the treatment. This is particularly effective in scenes in which a group of male captives queue to suffer the same unpleasant fate. In the buddy 'event' shown here, two naked men relaxing in a domestic setting are attacked, apparently by intruders. The appealing eroticism of their arching bodies in the context of violence and danger is thought provoking and disturbing. When Martin of Holland chooses to visit more extreme areas he doesn't pull his punches, it is very explicit and in your face and portrayed in almost clinical detail.

Sadly, Martin died in 2011. I am grateful for his help in the preparation of this article.
His site at Ziggo has gone but you can find out more at Delft Boys
Martin's work can also be found at GMBA (see sidebar for link).
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Wednesday 28 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Marquis

Marquis - Indian
Marquis produced some striking bondage images in the 90's. He has an instantly recognisable, softly pencilled style which is almost academic in nature. His subjects typically have slender arching bodies with major muscle groups well defined somewhat in the style of an anatomical drawing. Their faces have a slightly Asiatic flavour, with pronounced cheek bones and chins, dark eyes and fleshy lips.
Marquis - 'Fence' series
These men are shown tied to posts, gates, saddles etc., struggling with their bonds or turning away from an unseen attacker, their heads flung back. The single figure compositions lend themselves to elegant images and Marquis has an eye for positions which are satisfying both erotically and artistically. The viewer is invited to linger and examine the helpless captive before him, to fantasise about what might be done to him.
Marquis - 'Nightstick' series
The nightstick picture shows how Marquis' approach to drawing which is based on building up the structure of the body rather than observing it's overall shape gets him into trouble with angled heads. It also leads him to include fine detail like lines between teeth for example and the knobbly bits of fingers which are normally not noticeable. However, this picture has another sort of cleverness about it - count the hands! This image can be related to other work by Marquis which links his bondage images to more self-consciously arty imagery like picture frames, Greek urns - and multi-armed Asian gods.
Marquis' work does not have the sensuality, earthiness or drama that the most successful fetish artists achieve but his best images have an artistic beauty which will always secure him a place in the hall of fame.

Marquis now (Jan 2013) has his own blog at 
The other place to look for his work is at the GMBA archives
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Monday 26 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Marc

Marc is another artist with morbid interests and he is as single minded as Mahoney but focussed on execution by hanging rather than crucifixion. In Marc's pictures, groups of men are usually suffering the same fate, apparently voluntarily in some cases.
I don't have a large number of examples of his work and those I have are fuzzy copies. They are drawn in great detail, including the background locations and the intensely naturalistic style is disturbingly authentic looking - particularly when he appears to be depicting mass military executions as here. The distant viewpoints and small scale means little can be made of the victims beyond kicking legs and voluminous ejaculations. The poses of the executioners, however, are given some thought and they may be hauling on the ropes, looking on casually or intimately sharing the victims last moments.
A fascination with the supposed association between violent death and sexual excitement is not uncommon - as a survey of tabloid headlines would sadly reveal. It's not that difficult to understand and Marc addresses the subject with a directness which is fascinating but unsettling.
I cannot recall where I found these images, probably the best place to look for his work is at the GMBA archives but there is also a group called Gay Noose which specialises in this fetish.

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Friday 23 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Manflesh

Manflesh is one of my favourite artists and I can't resist giving him a more extended review than usual. He draws the most delicious, hunky men in capture and kidnap situations where they are tormented and abused, physically and sexually.

Manflesh - Cop Enslaved (cover art)
Cop enslaved is a good example. It's a comic book cover, the type of art for which he is best known. His men are stereotypical hunks with handsome faces and virile occupations such as cops (as above) but also soldiers, sportsmen, etc. In the stories which Manflesh illustrates, these men start out full of arrogance and bravado, clad in evocative male outfits that bulge under the pressure of their contents but these are soon removed or ripped off as they begin their new lives in captivity.
Manflesh - Butt Fighter (Cover art)
The men have muscular physiques, usually the bulky kind with plump pecs, exaggerated nipples and chunky sexual organs to match.
Manflesh - All Sales are Final (Cover detail)
The comeuppance of these enviable beasts is an essential part of the enjoyment and Manflesh is good at depicting their surprise and indignation as they are overcome and subsequently reduced to blubbering fear. I find this highly erotic.
Manflesh - Lt Steele
The process of control is comprehensive, the naked slaves are put to work and used as beasts of burden, encouraged by brutal whippings and other punishments from their captors. But this is mere preparation for their principal role as sexual servants. In pursuance of this, their impressive male bodily attributes may be modified, enhanced, diminished or even converted into cavities for the pleasure of their abusers. We only see the end result I'm glad to say. The semi-caricaturing style ensures that the reader is able to feel little sympathy for these fallen idols.
Manflesh - Fighters
Control and humiliation of male beauty is the underlying theme and Manflesh does it better than most. His illustrations are intensely physical and his interest in male fighting and wrestling is reflected in a series of line only pictures on this specific subject. The theme is also evident in his mainstream work as well (see Rugby Lion). 
Manflesh - Rugby Lion
The figures are simply outlined in ink and the details and volume shading are added using a colourful painting technique which looks like watercolours and is virtually unique in my knowledge of fetish art. The style looks rushed, sketchy and casual and sometimes the colours are a bit garish, but he still manages to produce the most astonishingly real faces and succulent (unreal!) body parts particularly on the cover pages for his stories. The inner pages are more cartoon like, less refined in style than the average comic book, but peppered with sensuous imagery and infused with a sense of drama and movement.

See more at the Manflesh blog. He used to be published through the late Barrett Cole's website and pictures were still on view there last time I looked, but the stories are now being offered at battle-annals. There are also samples of his work at the Tom of Finland Foundation galleries (link in sidebar)

Visit the Manflesh Exhibition at mitchmen blog

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Tuesday 20 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Malex

Malex produces images which range from mild 'hazing' to amazing explorations of the death experience. In Mahoney's pictures the threat of death hangs as a terrible finale but Malex takes you by the hand and walks you though the door.


Malex - Frat Hazing (my title)
The Frat Hazing picture here is a fairly mild example but the evil pleasure etched on the face of the blond spanker is typical of the sense of malice that runs though his work. His young men can be handsome and muscular jocks, skinny, bony geeks or anything in-between. You can see that there is an interest in musculature and the detail of hands and feet but although the men's bodies and clothes are well detailed the volumes are not fleshed out by shading.
The dark wash of black in the background, a comic book technique, is characteristic of his work and although it is used fairly crudely it adds a good sense of depth and drama. The treatment of the side table is more sophisticated.
Malex - Weight Training (my title)

The vindictive intent is equally apparent in this well known weight training picture, the muscular jock is one of Malex's more sensual creations and the situation more obviously erotic with a strong man being forced into demeaning activity. The black arching roof presses down on him too.
Although older men appear occasionally as authority figures, the teens who comfortably populate the fraternity and college pictures are a central feature of his work. It becomes more disturbing when they appear in execution and torture scenarios with older men as guards and executioners. Malex has illustrated a wide variety of execution scenes, generally bloodless and apparently painless too. The Block (below) is a fair representation of this scenario, shocking but darkly erotic.
Malex - The Block

His most challenging works are protracted scenes in which young men are cajoled and bullied into allowing themselves to be executed as a punishment for a minor infringement - or even as a sexual experience, giving the artist the opportunity to explore the fear, power play and supposed erotic excitement which accompanies death. He does not spare us the calculating pleasure and excitement of the executioner, which is spelt out in unequivocal terms.

Malex is a versatile and inventive chronicler of malicious intent, the mitchmen motto 'putting men in their place' could not be more appropriate although Malex pushes the boundaries further than most. His explorations of death are unique. The youth of his victims is naturally more disturbing, but the sketchy drawing technique (which does not represent the full extent of his illustrative skills) takes some of the edge away. Hollywood, of course, has no such scruples when comes to death and erotic violence. 

There's a further article on the Sci Fi Art of Malex

The gallery of his work I found in 2013 (see comments) has now been removed
There's presently (2017) a small display at malesmpractices
He can usually be found on sites and groups dealing with more extreme fetish interests 
such as nooses and crucifixion but these come and go. 

The other place to look for his work is at the GMBA archives 
(see sidebar for current GMBA link which changes from time to time)

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Saturday 17 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Mahoney

Mahoney's work is very simply summed up - the crucifixion of naked men. Within this narrow field he explores the detailed process by which this form of torture and execution is carried out.

Mahoney - Raising The Crosspiece

The proceedings are nearly always seen from a distance, often looking down over the heads of the spectators. The reactions of the victims as the punishment proceeds - fear, horror, pain, despair - are portrayed quite well within the limitations of the drawing's scale but naturally they don't have the same impact as Mack's more intimate close-ups.

Mahoney - Outside the City Walls
Apart from facial expressions, the victim's reactions are self contained for the most part and we are simply witnessing the effects of a punishment sanctioned by the community (sometimes evidenced by the presence of uniformed executioners or plaques naming the victim's crime). The settings are detached from our reality, showing arid landscapes and walled cities, sometimes Roman soldiers and men in turbans are present. This biblical setting may be simply intended to give realism or perhaps suggest that the victim has met an undeserved but inevitable fate.

Although they are naked, he usually does not depict his victims in an overtly erotic way. They may be young or mature but their bodies are thin and wiry so the rib cages and breast bones and the muscles of the legs for example are clearly visible. In the absence of close-ups there is no visual sensuality. We are not invited to glory in the destruction of the beautiful man or sympathise with their suffering.

Mahoney - Shaking

The example shown above is a bit of an exception, the victim's unruly hair suggests a villainous character while the shading of his muscular body gives it volume and sexuality. He struggles to escape, shaking the whole cross. The spittle flying from his mouth suggests belligerent defiance or panic. The soldiers look on with contemptuous, casual interest.

Mahoney does sometimes suggest an erotic intention, the victim's clothes shown being removed, being impaled by his rectum or showing a twitch of sexual arousal but in general the pictures are concerned with portraying a process which cannot be experienced in real life and the eroticism is left to the viewer's leanings.

There's a good selection of his work at the MCR Group

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Friday 16 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Mack

Mack - Blond Tourist

You can find pictures by Mack which are studies of male beauty in which handsome subjects are shown in attractive everyday clothing. It comes as something of a shock to find his fetish pictures where the same beautiful men are stripped naked, tied down and subjected to cruel tortures. His pictures are not dark or violent like Macbeth's but intimate studies of fear and helpless suffering. The expressions of agony are carefully crafted and lest you be in any doubt about their pain, even tears may be flowing.


Mack - Collar

Unlike Macbeth, the torturer is just an accessory in all this, he is often not shown at all or may be represented by just a hand. His motivation and feelings are irrelev
ant and unknown except that he has a preference for complex and unusual ways of inflicting pain.

Mack - The Match

The men are well drawn with detail like eyebrows and chest hair realistically shown. Their faces could be those of models but there is a degree of ordinariness about their appearance, their bodies are not muscular but they are trim and defined. The objects used in their torture are equally well drawn. Mack sometimes using a pointilistic technique which demonstrates a trained hand.

It's difficult to sum up Mack's work. The subject matter is shocking but whereas other artists seem to be expressing a fairly blunt anger and revenge in their pictures the overwhelming sense you get from Mack's best work is of intense personal pain. It gives his work it's own special niche

The best place to look for his work is at the GMBA archives

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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Macbeth

Sometimes called Macheath but I think it's the same man. Macbeth's pictures are dark in appearance and in content. They feature grim faced men wearing leather jackets and peaked caps in threatening poses, having rough sex and making brutal attacks on naked squirming victims.

Macbeth - Licking (my title)

The characters have exaggerated physical characteristics to make them more threatening with prominent square jaws, bulging thighs and big boots. Their leather jackets are deftly defined by white highlights and jeans they wear are skin tight and shaded with horizontal lines which create a sense of erotic bulk. The resulting appearance is sometimes frighteningly attractive (below).

Macbeth - The Belt (my title)

The picture above is my favourite, the two attackers have handsome square jawed faces and sexy bodies in heroic poses to match and this seduces the viewer. The imploring hands of the unseen, anonymous victim just seem pathetic. It's so well drawn you mentally stop and look closer. Then the full meaning of the picture strikes home: the victim's unseen injuries, the belt curling for another lash, the cruel, determined expressions of the two attackers and their unashamed sexual pleasure. I don't think for a minute it's meant to have a moral, but it's a very clever depiction of a very forbidden desire. Clever not only in the storytelling but in it's technical execution too.

Macbeth - Kick (my title)

In these pictures the facial features are sometimes very roughly sketched with a few spidery lines with volume shaping achieved by dark blocking, a technique similar to that often used in war comic books. The point of the pictures is not physical beauty but a sense of dark drama and action which climaxes in the most violent images showing attackers kicking and stamping on their victims. Many feature dramatic upward angles which puts the viewer (and the artist?) in the position of the victim. Not a comfortable feeling. The dramatic effect is heightened by exaggerated foreshortening and distortions of size.

There's slight resemblence to the style of Les, but Macbeth's aggressors show a deliberate cruelty in their faces and deeds which goes much further and perhaps is better compared with Greasetank's violent and threatening pictures except that you can't see the blood in black and white. And whereas Greasetank's meanfaced villains are chillingly calculating in their evil, Macbeth's seem to be boiling with urgency and anger.

Not everyone will find these pictures erotic, but there's no denying the impact.

You will find more pictures at the GMBA archive (latest link at foot of right sidebar)

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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Michael and Mister X

Todays post covers a couple of more controversial artists. 

Michael based his work heavily on the drawings of Tom Of Finland, quite often copying complete compositions and making modifications to clothing and faces to add his own mark. Regardless of the propriety of this, the results are sometimes quite interesting and not totally lacking in originality. There are fetish elements in some of his pictures but, in every case I have seen, the fetish ingredient had been copied directly from Tom's work (see below)

Michael - from 'Brotherhood' 
Tom - from 'The Rope'

Although I might give Michael more credit in a general art survey, 
it seems absurd to include him here except as a curiousity.

MisterX's output is heavily populated with boyish youths and those strange child-animal creatures
 that the Japanese like so much. His work is quite imaginative, but for me, placing childlike beings
 in erotic S&M situations is a no no. 
Mister X - The bulge in his speedo's 

However I did find this image of an octopus or squid installing itself in a young man's swimming trunks which I think is extraordinarily original and sexy and it has an almost classic simplicity
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Monday 12 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Macy

Macy - Trail Blazer (det)

I have only one work by Macy*, a comic strip from which this panel is taken. 
It's unremarkable cartooning, I just like the image.

The use of rope instead of the barbed wire to restrain the captive gives an insight to the limits of Macy's fetish credentials!
*I have slated this article for upgrading in the future having acquired a lot more work by the artist since the original draft (July 2014).

I originally posted another picture in this article under the name 'Madison' but have now concluded that was actually drawn by Sean, the discussion of it can now be found here

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Sunday 11 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - The Letter 'M'

Here we are at the letter M.
Malex, Manflesh, Martin of Holland, Mishima, the list goes on and on. No other letter so far has given me such a long list of major and minor artists, so I can see I will have my work cut out finding a favourite. As usual I exclude artists who do not have a major fetish angle to their work (like Mike and Steven Masters for example) and those who employ CG techniques (like McHolland and Minx) but the list is still very, very long.

Musgrave - Roped
To accompany this introduction I have singled out a one hit wonder. This is the only picture I have ever seen by Musgrave. It's almost photographic and no doubt derived from one but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt because of the way it's signed and simply because it's a superb, simple rope bondage image. Please see comments for more on Musgrave.

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Saturday 10 April 2010

Rugby Player in Captured in his Jock by Mitchell

Mitchell - First Aid
To round off the Rugby Player sequence a picture from my last series of drawings, 'The Legend of The Path of Pain' . You can see the full story at the mitchmen Adonis Male club (see Gallery Hub). There are 50 pictures in the set and an accompanying narrative recounts how the Rugby Team are captured by a group of leathermen desperate for their juices. I am in the process of converting the story into a PDF file and that should be available soon at the Yahoo Group.

For more of Mitchell's Art Drawings, click on the mitchpix label below.

Friday 9 April 2010

Rugby Images 25

More compression shorts performing well in the rain in the recent England v France match

Danny Cipriani (above)manages a pretty good show without them

Another gratuitous nude dressing room scene starring a selection of Harlequins players - for a Health campaign naturally! It's a curious mixture of arty and erotic. The guys haven't been pretty-fied for the shoot. The two outside figures are cast in semi-classical poses which are almost demure. However the two seated on the bench are showing modesty in a raunchy way which suggests quite the opposite!

Thursday 8 April 2010

Rugby Images 24

Ficticious but fanciable.
In this atmospheric shot from Gotham Knights, Joe Oppedisano picks up on the tight fitting compression shorts that have caught on as undershorts in recent years.

Jonah from Captured Guys has exactly the right look for a rugby role

This series concludes in the next post and I start a new letter in my A-Z

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Rugby Images 23

These crisp white shorts look great and demonstrate that chunky thighs look great from the back too.

The gloves suggest this is a soccer goalkeeper but hell, you're allowed to fantasise!

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Rugby Images 22

A trio of French players from a 2004 calendar. Thomas Lode on the right shows some fine buttock meat. The curiously defensive pose and dangling boots make him seem more naked than the other two players.

This solo pose has a similar over-the-shoulder coyness. The photographer has caught his skin and muscle tone beautifully.

The legs together pose suggests the same vulnerability as the fully clothed photographers move in close, directing the arrangement of his naked body.

Monday 5 April 2010

Rugby Images - 21

Internationals pose playfully in the new Lions oufit, somehow I can't imagine a group of soccer players doing this. For lovers of socks and shorts the result is very nice.

......and a different group get naked for a Cancer awareness campaign. Modesty can be very sexy!

Saturday 3 April 2010

Rugby Images 20

There's something very satisfying about this image, the referee is definitely in control of this cute redhead. The player's pose is highly defensive as he reluctantly defers to authority, embarassed at his public rebuke and dejected by the punishment.

What man hasn't enjoyed this form of shirt pulling?
You can't see anything but it's so erotic. The chunky legs are delicious.

Friday 2 April 2010

Rugby Images - 19

Tom Croft featured in the last post, he has a rugged, hard jawed handsomeness about him that is very attractive.

This cut and bruised mug shot is strangely alluring.

He doesn't mind getting his kit off either

Keen observers will note that the shorts don't give much away. The swirling red line on England's 'O2' Kit is very figure enhancing.

Dancing cheek to cheek

After years of alleigance to cute 'n' hairy Ben Cohen, I'm very tempted to switch to smooth, rugged Tom!