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Friday 31 December 2021

Four Sportsmen in Bondage by Rai - 1


A rare subject for bondage fantasy

Rai - Athlete A1

Great image, I love the sweep of the athlete's neck  in this submissive bow

Rai - Athlete A2

This traditional athletics kit, is refreshingly free of ads. 
The split side in the shorts has always been an erotic trigger.
The glimpse of inner lining a more subtle treat.

Rai - Athlete A3

Shibari-style leg bindings accentuate the thighs.
A rope harness shapes 'Linford's lunchbox'.

Rai - Athlete A4

 A classic tight hog-tie with cheeky embellishment.
Our captive athlete bites the pillow.

One of my favourite sporting stereotypes

Rai - Rugby Player RB1
Rugby Players are a more common erotic uniform,
but usually young models are substituted for the real life hunks 
and they rarely look as chunky as this man!
His arms look great in the modern type of snug fitting top
(an innovation that has added pecography to the evergreen lust appeal of dinky shorts).

Rai - Rugby Player RB2
A roll-call of Rugby iconography
Muscular arms - tick! 
Thick thighs -tick!, 
Lumpy Jockstrap - tick!, 
Knee high socks - tick!
This open legged, chair restraint is a great fantasy feeder.

Rai - Rugby Player RB3

 This shot homes in on those fleshy thighs


Rai - Soccer Player SCW1
Rai finds another pleasingly chunky man to model as a footballer captive.
The appeal of soccer players resided in sexy, truly brief shorts at one time
But the international playboy image has focussed attention on handsome faces.
Modern soccer styles have stubbornly refused to go down the tight, brief route,
but the flimsy clinging material does have it's moments front (above) and rear.

Rai - Soccer Player SCW2
We all know that footballers have well developed thighs from their explosive sprinting.
Rai gives us a rare treat by stripping the curtaining shorts away to reveal all
even to the reproductive parts, an equally elusive, legendary attribute of these men.

Rai - Soccer Player SCW3
We have a better idea of how soccer player's rear's are shaped by their training.
Rai makes the fantasy of stripping one bare a reality.
The captive's, submissive and receptive kneeling pose speaks for itself.


Rai - Swimmer SWC1

A lean rangy body and skimpy, tight trunks are the essence of the swimmer's appeal.
We rarely get to see them packed out like this though.
Rai - Swimmer SWC2
In recent years, it seems to have dawned on media types
that swimmers look much more interesting when they are out of the water.
This has created something of a vogue for the diving branch of aquatics.
This shibari semi-suspension seems to pick up on the artistic shaping involved.

Rai - Swimmer SWC3

Swimmer's slender bodies seem an appropriate subject for contorted positions.
This one is very open and receptive in nature.
Something for the captive to ponder as he waits.
All these images supplied by Rai's Playroom where you will find more eplicit sequels
More Rai in the mitchmen Speedo Bondage post 
or click on the sport of your choice in the mitchmen label list below

Wednesday 29 December 2021

The Fortunes of War

Bazz - Men At War 02

He's not the first and he won't be the last!

Bazz has a knack of finding sexy images to do his manips on.

Bazz - POW 21

I'd say the POW's wistful, 'little boy lost' act is ill-advised in this situation.

I like the way he's rubbing his ankle as though it feels there's something missing.
Like an iron manacle for instance.


Bazz - Soldier 05

 This is a very nice image and Bazz has added a well-thought caption (although I confess I have cropped off the last line which is a bit crude for my taste. View original).

 Other images by Bazz at mitchmen 

(some have links to his blog, some are examples included in a themed collection)

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Vintage Bondage - Jeff Golden (Part 4)


 Jeff passes out during the night and wakes on Day 4 to find he has been lowered and seated on a bench.
The chafing cock tie has been removed and his libido is in sprightly 'morning wood' mode, 
apparently unimpaired by it's extended trauma (see end of Part 3).

This image will seem pretty tame to modern bondage afficionados but fans of the male body will enjoy Jeff's fleshy torso and the chunky thighs produced by his outstretched legs (and I dare say the impressive apparatus in-between as well).


In this final part of this story Jeff is subjected to further restraint, which is more imagined than real.
Thus these last two images seem to simulate the effects of diagonal racking and crucifixion without ever going there. Jeff's flexed feet are a particularly eloquent element. It's as if he's awoken to a nightmare of pain, which was set up while he slept.


The persistence of his erection suggests that the idea excites him.

But a sterner test is to follow.


Now he's laid upon a bench with his chained arms pulled upwards behind him.
Levering the shoulder joint, it forces the torso down and can become very painful.



Jeff's flailing feet signal the discomfort caused when the arms are tweaked upwards.
His ankles have been fettered like this throughout but this is a good close-up.

When the feet are restrained astride the bench the leverage on the arms cannot be moderated by adjusting the body. In addition Jeff's ass is fully displayed and his cock has been pulled down, so it too is fully visible in a position that is unnatural and uncomfortable. Once again Jeff's raging erection is used to punish him. But he is also well aware that this area is an open target should his interrogator wish to attack it - so too the fleshy backs of his thighs and even the soles of his feet.

As his tormentor circles behind him, Jeff can only brace himself,
fearing there may be interference of the crudest kind,
or painful beating of his lower body
or further agonising leverage of his arms.

Pain duly manifests itself.
Jeff's resistance is starting to crumble.
Next Jeff is moved to a position tethered, facing downwards, between the uprights of the frame.
It's a minimal restraint really, notionally resembling the in-line racking position.
There's no stretching, but Jeff's movement is sufficiently restricted to allow his tormentor free access.
He can administer punishing strokes to the whole of the back of Jeff's body, 
from his shoulders right down to the soles of his feet.

Which producing deliciously clenched buttocks with a sheen of nervous sweat
trembling in anticipation - or searing in the aftermath.

The clenching of his thighs here creates a thickening worthy of a rugby player.
The post rising between his feet accentuates the anchoring of ankles
and the tempting openness of his legs.

Eventually Jeff does confess to his crime,.
His captor reveals that he has a private licence to requisition minor felons as indentured labour. 
Jeff feared this all along, it means enslavement from which he may never be freed.
A rope is tied round his neck, symbolic of the chains which will become his eternal companions,
once a buyer has been found for him.

He begins to fantasise about what sort of man might buy him.
Will he be kind or cruel? Will he beat him or nurture him?
Will he be condemned to labour in the fields or to lie in his master's bed?
Jeff's irrepresible libido takes all these possibilities in it's stride.

 Already the slave manacles have been put on his wrists.
 As he is led away to await collection by the Auctioneer,
Jeff looks back at the place where his downfall was engineered, 
His clothes which were stripped from him lie on the floor.
But they are gone forever, along with all his other possesions.


 That night in a cold, lonely cell, he seeks a last consolation
in an act which is likely to be denied him, or at any rate, rationed
once the State declares that he belongs to another man.


I have adapted the ending of this story to the enslavement scenario which seemed an ideal fit for these last images. The format and variety of 'restraint' positions illustrated here are typical of  the 'Bound to Please' series. Jeff Golden's serial torment is paired with that of Rod Garetto in Number 1 of the series and I hope to posts extracts from that sometime (also featuring nice underpants).
'Bound to Please No 1' seems to have been delisted from the Bacchus Studio catalogue. It is listed for streaming at Gay Hot Movies and my  browser doesn't throw up any issues with this site, but I can't vouch for it. Also rentable at iafd. Sometimes available to buy secondhand at Adult DVD Marketplace.
The mitchmen, 'Vintage Bondage' Series:

There's also some retro stuff in my Muscles and Rope series, notably No 11 (Steve Landless by Zeus), No 15 (Robert Black at CanAm & Beau Hopkins at Zeus), No 19 (Can-Am) and No 20 (Rocco De Vega, Zeus). This group highlights the issue at what point does a picture become vintage?

Monday 27 December 2021

Vintage Bondage - Jeff Golden (Part 3)


Having spent two days using the threat of sexual torture to intimidate Jeff, the interrogator finally strips him completely naked and chains him to a post. If Jeff continues his non-co-operation, he will be open to serious chastisement from now on.


But Jeff continues to struggle against his restraints and this produces some extremely provocative positions. His arousal remains undiminished by his increasing extremity, indeed he now seems to be embracing the sexuality of it all, rubbing himself against the restraint post for stimulation.



It has become a mute struggle of wills between these men.
But it's no longer completely clear what the struggle is about.
Jeff's unflagging erotic response baffles and enrages his tormentor.



But given that he chose to reduce his captive to this restrained and naked state,
it's hard to imagine that he is totally unmoved by the simmering display of masculinity..



Jeff's body seems to be inviting him to respond and intervene in some way.


An aggressive response might put an end to this strange, compelling dream.


But this is not a dream, it is an important interrogation of a suspected criminal.


 The power of Justice must be reasserted.


The prisoner reminded of his parlous position in no uncertain terms.

mitchmen-style, Put him in his place!


But even in his anguish Jeff still remains defiant.


Angrily the interrogator responds with more extreme restraint.
He puts Jeff into the full X-spread, where no self-stimulation is possible.
Nor any way to evade the instruments of persuasion.


Conventional tongue-loosening techniques can be applied.


And yet the erotic aura of this prisoner refuses to subside


His raging defiance is unimpaired despite his complete vulnerability.


Chastisement curbs him but doesn't break him

In desperation, the interrogator resorts to roping his tool.
Capturing it in a sliding loop that tightens as Jeff struggles.


Once again Jeff is left overnight, naked, tethered and stretched out.
Another night in cold, uncomfortable, nagging restraint
Further attempts to wring a confession from him will be made on the morrow.


Some of the close-up photography in this segment, though erotic in intent, succeeds in reaching a level of artistry too and I've tried to draw that out in my sampled images. The simplicity of the set and the bondage itself ensures there's little to distract from the essence of the male body being examined. In the video itself, the focus on erotic, body display aquires an extra dimension of movement which is engrossing but it does slows the pace of the storyline and unfortunately exposes an underlying lack of realism and genuine restraint.
This mitchmen mini-series concludes in Part 4

Sunday 26 December 2021

Vintage Bondage - Jeff Golden (Part 2)


When Jeff's interrogation is resumed on day 2, his clothes have been restored to their normal positions.
But he's now stretched out, inside a square frame, his limbs forming an inverted 'Y' shape 

The scene has shifted away from the draughty garage door of the opening images to a backdrop of bare bricks which suggests a more serious incarceration. 


It's not a normal position for verbal questioning and you sense his rising panic,
suspecting that far worse is in prospect than yesterday's invasive tweaking.



Sure enough his jeans are loosened and lowered once again.
In this stretched upright position his groin feels even more exposed than before


But once again his own inner excitement is also revealed.
The dropping of his jeans has dragged his underpants down too
They sit across his hips revealing a fuzzy crown.


The interrogator's hand caresses his thigh,
easing the waistband of his underpants even further downwards....


Gradually revealing the root of his most private and vulnerable parts.....


.....and then finally grabbing the prize and squeezing the bunch.

Producing superb, delicious shaping!



Jeff recoils from the groping glove, backing away
but he's trapped, there's no escape for him.
His balls are twisted and tweaked mercilessly.


Leaving Jeff sagging, shocked, groaning and aching.....
....and yet still inexplicably(?) aroused.

The trainers and 'half mast' jeans and underwear here underline the invasive nature of the assault he has suffered far more succinctly than total nudity ever could.



He turns away to protect himself and hide his shame and embarrassment.
But the jeans around his ankles hinder this manoeuveur,
making him look clumsy and foolish, he's humiliated.

Notice that by twisting round, Jeff has pulled his wrists together, increasing the severity of what we see now is the only point of restraint. He can look down and see his sagging garments, but there's no way of retrieving them.


His desperate pulling at the chains now unwittingly, presents a new target to his tormentor
as his swirling, billowing shirt uncovers luscious buns.
You might not think Jeff's face is especially handsome, but his butt certainly is.

From this point onwards, Jeff's twisting and turning begin to look like a simulation of a corporal punishment situation with him seeking to escape a rain of blows directed at his tender cheeks. However, we see no hand or slapper and no sound effect other than his grunts and groans.



Nevertheless, the clenching of his buttocks and their rosy sheen in this image
certainly give the impression of a response to a sharp slap.

Even if you don't buy that interpretation it's still a great image.
Rarely can shirt-lifting have seemed such an enjoyable pastime!


His dipped head and tensed body here suggests he's bracing himself.

Jeff's loose fitting shirt and sagging underwear are only inches away from providing him with some modesty and a degree of self respect (if not actual physical protection) but in this stretched position he can't do anything about it and instead they just draw attention to the tantalising sight of his bare ass. 


This upward viewpoint creates a glimpse of more erotic possibilities between his legs
But this potential is not realised, regrettably. Not even with a groping glove.

This scene ends with Jeff in deep trouble


In a way, these old, fuzzy images continue the recent 'strip tease' theme at mitchmen, although the forced captivity context is quite different to the self-inflicted consequences of an ill-judged bet. For me the slow, involuntary stripping of a man's body is a supremely erotic ritual, but one that is almost completely ignored in modern work. On the other hand, this video only hints at physical torments that are routine and explicit fare these days. However, it draws you into looking at the temptations of succulent flesh and it's a great vehicle for Jeff's great looking, natural body. Nudity addicts need have no fear, however, there is more to come in Part 3.


'Bound To Please No 1' is still available to stream at GayHot Movies (but I can't vouch for this site)

Bound to Please 1 (review)