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Monday 29 December 2014

Vintage Spanking Art

I found these images while sorting through some files over the holiday break. They all seem to have an extra 'something' that lifts them out of the run of the mill. 
I don't know who the artists are.

No1 - Caned Against The Wall
A big boy takes his punishment, hands to the wall. His pert little ass and unkempt hair suggests there's a naive, normal, young man underneath all that muscularity. The floppy hair and oversized hands put me in mind of Adam's work but my readers may know better! The spiky, black shadow behind him creates the impression of severe punishment, of his body pushed up against the wall by repeated blows from behind.

No 2 - Caned in the Bedroom

 This scene is more frank about the sexual pleasure of spanking. There's a sailor in this group (see chair), I'm guessing it's the man with the devotional tattoo who is introducing these young men to the pleasure of pain before sex. Particularly his pleasure, as you can see! It's underlined by his anticipatory forward thrust.

Paradoxically the mixture of S&M, religion, race and disparate ages in this picture probably make it no less startling today than the homosexual angle did when it was drawn.

The hair styles and pose of the boy on the bed look typical of the 50's and the latin looking sailor is very Quaintance-like although I never saw anything else like this from him, it's amazingly explicit for that time. Any suggestions?

No 3 - Caning a Man over a Stool

This example is not as stylish as my other choices and there's some wierd perspectives and positioning (notice the hand appearing to rest on a level surface far right). Still, it's nice to see a spanking picture with all real men. This one has shot his load during a hard caning, reversing the sexual polarity from the previous picture where it's the spanker who seems most excited about it all. The spanker here shows nothing more than a plain bulge, which is coy enough to make me wonder if the cock on the stool was added by a mischievous modifier. Of course it's misalignment and curious shaping may be an attempt at hidden eroticism by the artist, I'd have thought the white, dripping ooze is a bit of a giveaway though! 

The moustaches and body suggest this was drawn in the 80's but who by?

No 4 - Belted on the Floor

An intimidating belt-cum-paddle is the implement of choice for this spanking punishment. No wonder the recipient looks so dismayed and is struggling so hard to escape! It's the energy of the struggle and forceful domination that makes this picture so striking. 

By allowing the victim's legs the freedom to flail around the artist has chosen to forgo the erotic possibilities of a totally undefended ass in favour of the joys of an unequal battle. Because of this the visual sensuality is subtle - the shading of the victim's pecs and the ambiguous, intriguing scribble in the area of his abdomen is surprisingly effective. Also the spanker's close fitting, traditional underwear which moulds to his pecs while the 'key hole' seams in his underpants form a collar around the mound of his growing excitement. This almost qualifies as 'hidden eroticism' but is perhaps more accurately described as 'disguised' 

The figure on the ground could almost be by Adam, but the cleft chin and cheek lines of the spanker remind me of 60's artists like Losarro.

No 5 - Tied and Horsewhipped

Sensuality is definitely the name of the game here as a casually wielded riding crop cuts deep into the buttock of a young man under restraint, tied and blindfolded. His head jerks back as the pain of the lash registers through his nervous system. The lushly shaded, smooth, rounded contours of his body together with the length of his hair are indicators of youthful inexperience. He is recieving this little lesson at the hands of a woman (probably!) who, judging by the scary nails, has much to teach him! (I'm not a fan of female involvement in sexual matters but I confess I do enjoy the idea of straight men being chastised for their transgressions by the so-called weaker sex).

The style of this artist reminds me very much of Toby but again, I'm not sure.

No 6. - Chained and Belted

This extraordinary picture explores the very darkest regions of spanking fetish and asks some awkward questions about what sparks the interest in it. We can conjecture that this is the pick-up that went awry, the curious explorer taken beyond his boundaries or perhaps the experienced top subjected to an unpleasant role reversal.

Suspended in ankle chains with hands tied together round one leg, the subject is entirely helpless. His ass (and backs of his thighs) are completely unprotected from the ferocious assault that is in progress. The wild-eyed rage of his attacker, seemingly out of control, is terrifying and with his head lodged in the spanker's groin he also has a close-up view of his captor's intimidating arousal. It's a nettle that he seems none to anxious to grasp (even if his hands were free to do so!). His suspension position advertises another attractive destination for it and if that is not what he expected or had planned when he met this man, he is neverthless clearly seriously excited by the predicament, the pain and the fear. It's a redeeming detail that allows us to imagine that he will look back upon this encounter as a memorable experience - if not one he wants to repeat in a hurry.

The style of this picture is unfamiliar to me but I think I have seen the the wings on the boot tops before which (if I can find it again) may identify the era if not the artist. This is an original on a folded up piece of paper and so may be an unpublished piece or the work of an amateur but it's technically accomplished and convincing. Details like the spanker's expression and his menacing shadow on the wall convey a darkness of intent to us that is not visible to the victim.


Please leave a comment if you have any information about the origins of these pictures

Saturday 27 December 2014

First Catch Your Rogue - 4 One for Posterity

"Please Mister, I didn't mean no 'arm!
I just wanted a bit of money, like,
to buy a Chrissy present for me Mum, like.
She'll go mad if you 'and me over to the rozzers. 
Please don't turn me in, Mister!
I'll pay for the window, like!
I'll do anyfing. Anyfing!"

Well, I'm not made of stone, so, later.......

(click,...... click,

"This is, like, really weird, Mister",
"I never had my ass, like, shaved like that before".
(click, click) 
"You won't, like, tell me Mum, will you? She'll go mad".
(click,...... click,
"This is soooo weird....
(click, click) 
Hey Mister, whatcha doin'?
(clatter, clatter)

.......tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.....

" Sorry 'bout that Mister, but your hand was, like, dead"
"....made me jump, like. Sorry"
(click, click)
"Is yer camra alright then?
(click, click)
 "Mister? You ain't gonna show those pictures to anyone.... ?"
".......are you?"

(click, click, click, click, click)
"Mister? Can I have my jeans back now?"
 (click, click)
"Please Mister? (sniff)"
"Please! I wanna go home!"
 (click, click, click........)

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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Bound Men Await You

 I'm not sure what I like best here:-
(a) chunky man in moderately testing bondage
(b) chunky man in heavy duty jockstrap (skinny boys need not apply!)
The jerked down military shorts fire the imagination.

How can a guy look so cute without showing his face?
His tilted head and well-spread legs suggest complete capitulation, 
but the minimal bondage is simple enough to allow him some modesty as he waits.
The implausible weight of the bindings complements his surprisingly muscular arms and back

Kyle James by Blade T Bannon

Here too, the simplest of bindings and the resignation of a defeated man
who has lost the will to escape.

Dreamboys Heavyweight Bondage 

The metal ankle fetters and padlock are inescapable,
signalling indefinite confinement at his captor's pleasure.
His slumped, arched body acknowledges that reality.

Drake at Bound Guys 

Not a prisoner, but the victim of an opportunist,
who did not reduce him to nudity but ripped open his clothes.
Just enough to reveal and gorge on the treasures within.
The leaving him helpless and humiliated on the floor of the reeking closet.

But it's not over yet.
He certainly won't be leaving that pricey leather gag behind.
No, he'll be back - to take full possession 

Sunday 21 December 2014


Isn't it scary when your nose starts looking like your cock?
Pinocchio would be green with envy!

Actually this a super picture of a young Will Clark, my apologies to him!
He's featured at length(!) in my hunks series article boy to man

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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Tagame stripped down

 Tagame - Country Doctor
This is the climactic initiation-cum-wedding scene from Tagame's 'Country Doctor' (Inaka Isha). In my review of this piece, I suggested that Tagame's sound effects and speech bubbles sometimes detracted from the artwork. This thought prompted me to experiment with removing the 'offending' additions to see what the result would be.
  Tagame - Country Doctor (modified) -1
In this version I replaced the symbols and bubbles with whatever I thought was being obscured. The overall effect is not so much to reveal more of the picture, but to remove the distractions. You can decide for yourselves whether the alteration is an improvement of not.

Method: First, I erased all the bubbles and characters electronically.  I electronically copied the coat patterns to fill big gaps and penciled in awkward corners (these are fairly obvious if you look closely but I'm not attempting to fake an original artwork here). Missing lines, hairs etc were also simply pencilled in. 

The replacements required were mostly fairly obvious, but I had to create the tree-top (top right) from imagination. The darkening of the image compared with the original is intentional, partly designed to make my pencilwork less obvious but I also think it looks better.

  Tagame - Country Doctor (modified) - 2

In this second variation I have simply adjusted the Doctor's left ass cheek so it looks a better balance. Ideally the right cheek ought to be reduced as well.

The resulting picture looks as though it would benefit from colouring,
 is that jacket red or gold, I wonder?

If you enjoy my tinkering with other artists work, 
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Saturday 13 December 2014

Real Men Ride The Wedge -Trey Turner

This scene from Bound Gods combines some favourite themes of mine, not just the wedge and tight rope bondage, but white, shorts-style underwear amply filled out by the delicious Trey Turner, who I confess I never imagined as a suitable subject for torture. His screen persona usually seems too soft and warm for this fate - and his trendy hair adornment would surely not survive dungeon induction! The collar looks great on him though.

The Warm-up. It looks like Trey's being given a relatively easy ride here, with the height of the wedge adjusted to allow his toes to just touch the ground (unlike his unfortunate predecessor in this punishment chamber - Cody Allen, who was entirely unsupported while being worked over by Brad Kalvo*). Trey can relieve the pressure of the wedge between his legs simply by flexing his feet - but that action does give us a fine display of his chunky thighs and calf muscles. In this un-natural position it won't take long for them to be burning.

The wedge is a nice enough, very snug fit here as Jessie Colter begins to warm Trey's ass cheeks with the lash. Trey's excitement shows no sign of flagging.

The Bound Gods photographer hasn't gone out of his way to flatter our Trey in these last two pictures and the accompanying blurb even describes his ass as 'plump'. Hmmm - perhaps that's part of his punishment. However, this image of his balls balanced astride the tip of the wedge with cock jutting out like a glorious ship's figurehead is truly memorable. 
Jessie Colter's treatment is equally double edge, a petulant-looking, jutting chin, but this is a nice snap of his (naturally) tensed midriff.

See more of this production at Bound Gods 
*Note - Riding the wedge for real, especially unsupported, is more dangerous than it might appear. Please don't try this at home!
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Wednesday 10 December 2014

Kajlet's Wedge

Kajlet - Taken for a Ride

Kajlet, who I featured not so long ago, has done a picture on the theme of 'Riding the Wedge'. 
In his version I particularly like the sense of struggle and the indignant protestations of the victim. It's an example of how the build-up can be just as good as the ultimate torment. The arm lock embellishment looks great, it’s very convincingly drawn and potentially an evil torture in it's own right, but I can't work out whether it would increase or ease the action of the wedge.

There's a bit of kitchen-sinking going on here, what with the ball weight, electro equipment and whip marks as well. Perhaps a little over the top!

It's good to come to the dialogue after studying the picture,
"No! No! No! I swear I wasn't speeding! Soldiers can't arrest civilians!" 
protests the hapless victim.
Nice black humour!
Visit Kajlet's blog for more pictures in the same vein.

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Friday 5 December 2014

A-Z of fetish Artists - Letter 'T' Round-up

Teddy of Paris - Initiation

It's my custom to pick a favourite artist for each letter but that seems a rather foregone conclusion in this case, my lifelong obsession with Tom of Finland has only been rekindled to greater heights by this review! However, I would not let his elevated status detract from the stunning artwork of Teddy of Paris which would romp home the winner in a less crowded group and indeed might even pip 'ToF' on a more strictly objective analysis.

Tagame - Dungeon 2

The other giant of this group is Tagame of course. He certainly outranks the others in terms of fetish delivery – to the point of discomfort for most people, I imagine. For me, however, his representations of the male form somehow lack an essential sexiness that makes you want to linger and drool, but I expect that many hulk lovers will disagree with me on this (and there's a compelling exception to my own rule at the foot of this post). His story-telling accomplishments are significant too, but hard to weigh in the pictorial context of this series. However, I would hasten to add that I would not want to diminish in any way his importance to the fetish art form. Unfortunately his texts and imagery present serious accessibility hurdles to Westerners that cannot be overcome simply by translation (even if good translations were available!). Tagame's example proves that 'globalisation' is something of an illusion if you want to fully enjoy the products of other cultures. 

 Tam - Staked Sailor

The same is true of Tam's work to a lesser degree, consider the nationalities and service rivalry depicted in this image and you realise there is a level of meaning and context available only to the initiated. (I suspect many non-Americans may have experienced a similar bafflement with the nuances of Ulf's distinctive, cultural identity). Tam's art is not as polished as the others here, but his very British adventures and retro, uniform fetish will always command my interest and affection.

Tom of Finland - Jail Fetish

ToF, Tagame and Tam have all produced large quantities of pictures in their 'careers' and it's not surprising if inspiration flags sometimes. The best erotic art comes from emotional commitment and focus. It's the classic 'more is less' dilemma, so Tom's late 'second flowering' in his unpressured 60's (see original Tom of Finland articles and image above) is a rare glimpse of a level of erotic quality we might otherwise never have seen and confirms his primary position in my pantheon.

Paradoxically, the Letter T group of artists also has it's fair share of tantalising, isolated classics where, sadly, there is no supporting work to flesh out our acquaintanceship with an artist we would all like to know more of. I'm thinking of Thompson, Takeuchi and Tendoji.

The letter 'T' with it's wealth of fetish riches has been a both a challenge and a pleasure for me to review. I have learned much from my research for the series which will probably produce some follow-up articles too. Letter 'U' will follow soon.

 Tagame - Bound Captive in Underwear

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Wednesday 3 December 2014

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Tsukasa Matsuzaki

I've included these solitary examples to represent Tsukasa Matsuzaki, most of his work is rather more vanilla than this. The domination scene above is from the story 'Team Kuroda', at least it appears on the cover of part 2 of that story but is not part of the action. Presumably it represents a dream or subconscious desire.

Similarly, this tantalising, insect encounter in the Cicada story turns out to be, not the prisoner torment I hoped for, but a allegorical, self discovery reference . 

This genre is not really my cup of tea, but Tsukasa Matsuzaki does butch faces better than many and details like clothing are interestingly drawn. You can easily find his work through search engines.

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