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Friday 30 August 2019

New Rugby Player for the Gallery Page

Mitchell - Cry Baby Plays for The Whites

 As part of my on-going maintenance and up-grading of the site I have added this picture to the mitchmen 'Gallery Hub' page. It's a variant of the 'Cry Baby' picture which I often use as an alternative 'signature image' to the 'Dishonest Gardener'. In this version I have swapped the rugby player's red and white kit for a white and blue combination.You can see the red and white version on my Deviant Art page

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Tuesday 27 August 2019

The Process of Bondage

For me the tying up process is one of the sexiest parts of bondage.
The subject is a volunteer, but the gradual loss of his freedom is still real.

For any man submitting to a bondage master is a step into the unknown.

 At this point, when the arms are secured behind his back, tied to a chest harness,
the rope work moves into more intimate regions and there is very little he can do about it.
That cheerful smile has faded somewhat, not knowing what is planned for him here.
Tight knots in this vicinity have the potential to be quite uncomfortable and challenging.

Tying a man up is a lengthy process and the slowly accumulating restraints become
increasingly emphatic and intimidating (depending of his trust of the master).

Unfortunately, any video that records every single  minute of it (and some do)
tends to drain the drama, making it tedious to watch

Clever editing can catch the progressive entrapment and the subject's response.
But sadly most film-makers simply skip it altogether.

It's incumbent on the subject to writhe and struggle at some point (when it's too late of course).
This exuberant moment probably gives a misleading impression of the effectiveness of the restraint. Those little under-arm cinches severely restrict the options for lateral arm movement.

The struggling phase usually gets the lion's share of screen time,
but I don't think many men would try to escape their restraints in this way,
they'd soon realise it requires thoughtfulness rather than force and energy.
Stills allow us to get a good look at the captive's sensual details.

The master's coup de grace is to tie the legs together (and what fine legs they are!)
Suddenly the bondage model finds himself totally incapacitated.
He is discovering that this arrangement leaves very little scope for struggle.
(which is probably why studios don't use it very much!)

He now has difficulty even seeing what the bondage master is doing,
and realises he has become totally dependent on him for everything - including release.
Fittingly he's wearing a much more serious expression now!

This is a great picture for mitchmen.
If you like 'tying up' sequences look at Billy tied up in Olive Underwear

Saturday 24 August 2019

Beautifully Bound - Asian Jock

An Asian delight

Tight muscles, tightly bound with beautiful symmetry of the ropes.
The torso is bracketed between the simple, black gag and the line of the jock waistband

Beautiful too, from the same bondage session.
The white jock moulds nicely to the subject's body shape.
There's obviously something big going on inside it!
It's a stiffer pose reflecting and underlining the total restraint.
The blindfold adds vulnerability but obscures the face
which for me robs the picture of much of it's character.

Wednesday 21 August 2019

The Art of Bazz

Bazz - Superman 14
One of life's unanswered questions:
"What happens to Superman's discarded street clothes, when he flies off on a mission?"

Nice to see Supes visiting the UK, he must have used his super powers
 to manage to find a public telephone box. It probably won't be working though.

I love the gentle humour of Bazz. I don't know if I can credit him with underlying image
 but whoever is responsible did a pretty good job on the paint textures and atmospheric lighting.

Bazz posts regularly at GMBA (current link in sidebar)

Sunday 18 August 2019

Tips for your Holiday - No 2

When camping and exploring the forest in Winter, 
be sure to take a plentiful supply of underwear,
in case you encounter a hungry bear.

Photo: model Frank Carter (see more of him)

See also Tip No 1

Thursday 15 August 2019

Joe's Office Underwear Humiliation

 A story loosely based on the CMNM series 'Office Discipline' 
showcasing the marvellous underwear humiliation sequence.

Joe, a new boy at the Bank, is massively inspired by the office motivation talk. 
He realises he can be rich, very rich, if he's willing to take risks and pull out the stops.
Kiss ass and lick boots if need be, risk losing your pants, he is told.
To make the point, the bank even issues them with new, snug-fitting, white underpants.

Joe enters into the spirit of the company energetically and creatively.
When the boss summons him to review his first monthly figures,
he's thinks he's in line for promotion or a massive bonus at least.

Unfortunately the boss has spotted that Joe has been fiddling his figures.
Angrily, he throws the book at him, knocking a cup of hot coffee into his lap.
Joe howls, but this pain is just the beginning.

Joe strips off his expensive suit, it's soaked and ruined
 - and so is his career if he's not careful.
His boss is going to consult the Departmental Head about what action to take. 

Joe sheds his soggy trousers.
Miraculously his bank-issue underwear has stayed dry.
But his boss says that his financial manipulations amount to criminal fraud.

Joe realises he'd better start showing some contrition before it's too late.
He notices splashes of coffee on the bosses, expensive, hand-made shoes.
That looks like a good place to start.
(I love this shot, with Joe's shoes still on)

The encouraging foot placed on Joe's neck gives him hope that his boss may relent.
He groans and wriggles his ass to create the impression that he feels totally humiliated.  
He thinks he hears a murmur of approval from above.

At this rather cosy but embarrassing moment, the Departmental head walks in.
He seems surprised at the scene of grovelling and boot-licking that greets him,
but he's clearly amused too. 

But when he hears what Joe has done, he is shocked and horrified.  
It's clear that Joe has misjudged the corporate culture here.
He switches hopefully to sucking up to the Departmental Head.
Wincing as his disloyalty brings a sharp ball-tap in reprisal from his boss.

It's clear the Managers are most concerned about reputational damage,
Joe soldiers on with his book licking hoping they might go for a cover-up.
In fact a cover-up is the last thing on the two manager's minds.

Joe feels a tug on his underwear and an ominous 'snip'.
 When a man is sacked here, the bank takes back all it has given,
including the special issue, tight, white, motivational underwear.

Joe feels his underpants being pulled away,
then released altogether by a second 'snip!'.

Dismayed, Joe carries on licking, he can't think of anything else to do.

In the end the Managers decide to hand Joe over to the authorities.
All his grovelling has been in vain, he is tied up with his own silk tie.
The Manager smiles as he notices that Joe is actually aroused by his humiliation.

Joe turns away embarrassed by this weakness.
The two men laugh and scold him mercilessly.

When the Head of Security arrives,
he sees Joe bent immodestly over his bosses desk,
licking his soles in a last ditch attempt to escape dismissal.

The Security man listens to what the bosses have decided,
but his eyes are on Joe and his hands fidget in his pockets.

Joe is escorted away to clear his desk and await the arrival of the Police.
He's unaware that the Security Head is forming ideas of his own
about how to look after him in the meantime.

Afterwards the bosses examine Joe's shredded underpants.
They both agree that his exit ceremony was a bit special. 
Nostalgically they label the undies and add them to the trophy display.
You can see more of this series at Scally Guy and CNMN which has an Office Discipline trailer

Sunday 11 August 2019

Mitchell's Fetish Art for August - Army Bullies

Mitchell - Army Bullies, tongue in cheek
Army Life can be tough for rookies!

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Thursday 8 August 2019

First Catch Your Rogue - 17 Leather Ride

Then make him crawl!

Bill was a hardened criminal, always in and out of jail for violent robberies.
He spotted the young, clean-cut businessman posing with his swanky car
and felt sure he would be a pushover.
The victim lived alone, so Bill called late at night and forced his way in.
Intending to force the man to surrender his credit cards, cash and valuables.

It went better than expected, the intimidated man showed him a safe
 and even wrote down the lock combination for him.

Bill busied himself with twiddling the dial,
confident he had nothing to fear from his pathetic victim.
He forgot all about him in fact.

When the combination didn't work, he thought he'd made a mistake.
The second try failed too and when he turned to question the owner,
He was nowhere to be seen.

Hastily Bill searched the house and eventually he found him upstairs,
But he wasn't in a business suit any longer, but sparsely dressed in leather.
A cap, some biker boots, gauntlets and a very brief pouch.

The leather man advanced confidently towards him.
Bill saw and sensed how big, muscular and strong he was.
A length of heavy, clinking chain swung from his hand.

Bill knew from his time in jail when an opponent had the greater power.
He knew not to resist as his clothes were stripped off and his wrists chained together
Even though it reduced him to a puny wretch beside this mountain of muscle.

He sank to his knees and awaited his orders.

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Sunday 4 August 2019

mitchmen's war No 14 - The Batman No 2 - Bed Warming Duty

Image by Commando War Stories, re-captioned by Mitchell for mitchmen.

The men of this Regiment discover that they are all liable 
to be requisitioned by an Officer to serve as his batman! 

This is No 2 of my series casting aspersions on the antiquated custom
(one not confined to the British Army!) of officers having batmen (personal servants). 

The bed-warmer idea is not mine but borrowed from a TV film I once saw about an Australian prison in the 1800's. The Prison Governor, played by Alec Guinness, summons a particularly hunky prisoner on a cold night and tells him to warm his bed before he himself gets in. Naturally the poor convict has to strip naked to perform this duty since his clothes are very dirty. When Guinness slips in beside him, the prisoner makes a hasty exit, still naked. 

The Original comic artwork I have adapted here comes from the Commando war comic No 1498, entitled 'Way of Honour'. I have only changed the words in this frame. In the original story it depicts a confrontation between Australian and British soldiers in a POW camp. The senior officer of the newly arrived Brits has caused great consternation amongst the Aussies by seeming to cosy up to the Camp Commandant.

This is an earlier image in the story showing the Brits arriving at the camp under escort.
It is not entirely devoid of gay innuendo if you have the same peculiar turn of mind as I do.
However I have included it mainly on account of the artwork. 
For me the depiction of the Australian Soldiers as grizzled hunks is very nice
 and I can visualise them as very manly protagonists in a gay-themed story.

This escaping prisoner is downright hunky with his cute, snub nose and dangling hair.
He looks very much like one of Etienne's hapless heroes, (also in Night Patrol) .

The device of swapping clothes with one of the enemy occurs quite often in these stories, 
but although it has a natural homoerotic frisson about it, it's rare to get an image as sexy as this.
It's afforded us by his dishevelled appearance and the plunging open neck of his jacket, which he is in the process of taking off. Unfortunately what lies beneath the jacket has been (somewhat unconvincingly) disguised and the disrobing is already over by the next frame.

This is the cover image. The British Officer in  the story is a judo expert and (by pure coincidence) so is the Camp Commandant. They met before the war due to their common sporting interest, hence the unexpectedly friendly behaviour in the Camp. Eventually the two men have to fight each other and the British Officer wins and redeems himself in the eyes of the other prisoners.

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Thursday 1 August 2019

Tips for your Holiday - No 1

Always take something to occupy you on the beach

Photo - Daniel @ Captured Guys