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Wednesday 29 January 2014

In Bondage, less is more

Sometimes, simple imagery is the most powerful, sparking the imagination.
Black, rubbery gloves tell the victim that his predator is strong and dangerous 
- and harbours unconventional motivations.
(source not known, info welcome)

B+W bondage study by Dan Skinner

A naked young man, loosened bindings and a look that says 
an escape attempt has just come to nought.

 Blindfolded, arms pinned back, the captive follows his guard.
He is drawn along reluctantly, a noose-like halter tugging insistently at his neck,
and imagines terrible fates which lie ahead.
(Bound Gods

 Draven Torres tied up at Fetish Force

Multiple windings, imitating the seams of underwear,
emphasise to the victim his captive, helpless state
 and package up his male, erotic zones for the pleasure of his guard.
(Fetish Force)

Aiden at Bound

Handsome, admired on the street, now he tastes captivity.
The casual, everyday clothing and absence of body embellishments 
create the impression of a man unspoiled, real and desirable,
and now he has been taken.

This clean, smooth, naked body used to sprawl in the comforting caress of soft sheets,
his luxuriant, coiffeured hair rested on downy pillows.
Now he is walled in by a cold, abrasive, rusty, metal grille.
The simplest of restraints suffice to detain him
and make for an economical feast for fetishists
(Unknown Model for Manbound Hardcore Supercuffs)

Spencer Fox invaded at Bound Jocks
Forced to bend by corded windings tugging upwards on his arms.
During the game his jockstrap kept his manly organs safely pocketed
against the rough and tumble of his sport.
But now it leaves a tempting openness for the oily advances of other men. 
(Bound Jocks)

Jared at Dreamboy Bondage

Three-point bondage renders the captive totally defenceless,
preventing him from turning away from the punishing lash.
 The bolted-down, neck restraint, tightly encircling his throat,
allows no hope of escape and reminds him of his vulnerability

His captor has shaved his body
and dressed him in flimsy, see-through, lingerie shorts,
so that he may enjoy the gyrations of that part of the body
- when the punishment resumes.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Speedo swimming Trunks Shredded

This recent fetish storyline from BF caught my eye.
It features a swimmer who falls foul of the Team Management - and pays the price.

 Model Scott has a nice body and wears his speedo's well.
I like the gleaming body highlights suggesting he's just out of the pool,
it would be even more interesting if his trunks were wet too!

 The Officials produce evidence of Scotty's misdeeds.
Scotty protests that it's only the syringe he uses to refill his printer cartridges.
His face has a look of naivety and innocence but he's not fooling anyone.
A likely story, they scoff, it looks like a long ban for you Scotty!

 Poor Scotty is devastated, all his hopes for the Games, all that training down the drain.
It looks like he's going to be like putty in their hands.
(He's already pretty well moulded from where I'm sitting!)

There's a simple, on-the-spot test to verify the side effects of ingesting diluted, cyan ink.
Unfortunately the hands-on check is invasive and Scotty finds that refusal is not an option.
but Speedo swimming trunks were made for such as this!
Scotty turns out to be not putty exactly, but something a bit warmer and firmer.

Scotty's bare bottom clinches it.
Those rosy, blushing cheeks are conclusive proof 
- not of cyan abuse, but of a guilty conscience.

Scotty's Team Speedo's are ceremonially removed from his body
cut apart using the revered, traditional scissors
specially kept by the committee for the purpose of detrunking fallen swimmers.
"No!" whines Scotty, visibly shrivelling. 
"Please don't kick me out of the Team. I'll do anything!"

They immediately close in like wolves and Scotty realises he may have over-promised.
"Well, says the team manager, there might just be a way....."

Scotty's broad back and a flail
turn out to be a match made in heaven.

Scotty takes his unexpected thrashing like a man,
The punishment is worth it to stay in the team.

His grimaces give the two officials all the satisfaction they could wish for.
He also faces a year of looking after the Swimming Team's kit.
But maybe that's not such a bad punishment.

My thanks to the BF studio for the pictures, see more here

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Wednesday 15 January 2014

Baron's Wedge

Baron - Sawhorse
A slightly fuzzy contribution to our 'Riding The Wedge' tortures from Baron.
For commercial reasons, this artist rarely publishes high resolution copies of his pictures, so I've blown this up from a catalogue page. It gives you the gist of what's going on though it scarcely does justice to his remarkable photo-manipulation technique. 

 His historical scenes have a sense of realism, but it's a movie-like version of realism where buff models are pitched into nightmare scenarios. With Baron, there is sometimes blood on the floor but only just enough to chill the soul and kindle our fears for the fate of the beautiful captives. 

I'm presently preparing a more substantial article on his work for future publication.
Find out more at Baron's Google Group

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Friday 10 January 2014


These images come from the RetroRope Blog which is a fairly recent arrival.
It's full of original, good quality, bondage imagery.

For the most part the guys are fully dressed in simple, masculine clothes, like the classic white tee-shirt and jeans above. This gives air of authenticity, regular guys, a visiting workman perhaps,  come to fix the plumbing, then unexpectedly trapped and made captive.

The stuggles of the captives trying to escape their bondage are particularly well depicted and purposeful. This young man twists round to assess his position while his captor is away, no doubt examining the pockets of his trousers to discover more about his unwanted visitor.

There's no nudity on this site, but the occasional flash of practical male underwear is not short of erotic power. The shirt and tie, carefully placed on one side in this picture, suggest this business man intended to return to his office. But someone may have other ideas.

 The bondage formula is simple - hands, feet and gag. It allows the men great freedom to struggle and flex their bodies. How little it takes for a strong man to be placed under control.

There's an air of concentration about this workman as he tests the captor's restraints.
His simple clothing, complete with chunky belt and workboots is strongly masculine. The glimpse of nipple mound and defined forearm muscle is subtly erotic.
Who needs harnesses?

 The earthy colours and uncluttered appearance of the apartment setting used by the photographer gives a stylish feel to the pictures and focusses attention firmly on the models and their plight. No garish duvets here! This spread-eagle position does not permit much body movement but the use of a mirror reflection adds psychological interest, making it seem as though we are there, spying on the struggles of the frightened captive who is unaware of us watching him.
Compare this with the use of mirrors in other posts by Hoxton Rubber and Royale Studios

Hoping for a rescuer?
I'm glad the captor made this salesman remove his jacket before tying him up. Jackets look messy scrunched up with rope and shirts are more revealing, spot the nipple! The white vest worn unself-consciously beneath the shirt is another delightful 'real man' touch. 

For this man, the possibility of escape has been made more difficult by the removal of his shoes.The level of restraint is more aggressive too. The chest and upper arm binding limits the scope for him to slip out of his wrist ties, Tieing his ankles to the cross bracing of the chair makes lifting his leg that much harder too. His feet can barely reach the floor, showing their shape to good effect for those of us who enjoy such things.

For more examples visit RetroRope Blog

Monday 6 January 2014

The Look of Desperation - Frightened Captive

The Look that says 'help me someone!'

He'd just been enjoying himself in the club when they siezed him.
They roughly stripped him of his clothes, gloating as his body was revealed.
Men like him - cute, natural and modest,
were highly sought after where they were taking him.

They let him keep his boots and shackled him hand and foot,
so he could walk unaided to the black van purring outside.
Everyone else in the club pretended not to notice.
They ignored his pleas for help.
Lest they be picked up too. 

So simple but so erotic.
I don't recall where I found this picture 
but if anyone wants to claim it I will provide a link.

Saturday 4 January 2014

Riding The Wedge again

Takenoya - Riding The Wedge

Another example, this time in the Yaoi style. The wedge apex looks pretty sharp but the sense of sitting and spreading of legs isn't strong. The pirate headscarf would almost qualify for my 'silly hats' series, but I like the collar, it chimes in with my current story at the Yahoo Group (link in sidebar).

Takenoya uses the wedge motif extensively and most imaginatively too,
unfortunately most of the images feature baby-faced captives
which I won't publish on this blog.
If anyone can give me a link for Takenoya I'll add it here.

Facchini - Dentist
I stumbled across this 'wedge-ette' while updating my A-Z on the artist.
It's just an ancilliary torment in this scenario. I am a fan of Facchini, but his ambiguous arrangement of the prisoner's tackle shows that the challenge of the wedge is not confined to it's victim!

If you like this piece, see also my A-Z entry on Facchini
and the mitchmen Facchini Exhibition link

Taikonaut - On The Horse
This is not a true 'Riding' image, either,
but it's a splendid wedge with a saw-tooth top edge.
The captive's protesting face alone makes the picture worth posting.

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Wednesday 1 January 2014


Isn't it weird when men's bodies start looking like their wall coverings?
Mad I call it.

Picture of Lee John courtesy of Gilles Crofta

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