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Saturday 23 July 2011

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Orez

I only have one picture by Orez in my collection but I'm sure he must have produced more, it's quite apparent that he has a well developed technique.

This image has a number of memorable erotic motifs of which the most obvious is the 'Beauty and the Beast' theme (or perhaps it should be youth and age?) The older, kneeling man is a veritable satyr seemingly covered in hair and the embodiment of lust. The portrayal of his captive does not suggest innocence either, the pugnacious face, nipple ring and clumpy boots all suggest he is an tough, experienced hand - but possibly not quite prepared for this ordeal.

Orez - Tree Stump
A powerful sense of threat is produced by the caveman-style, spiked club and the array of various sharp-edged tools scattered around. Orez pushes the menace right to the edge without quite resorting to Greasetank-style explicitness. The bondange depicted is refreshingly uncomplicated, but still chillingly effective - the young man's manhood is uncompromisingly secured to the flat top of a symbolically saw-off tree-stump. Tom of Finland also employed lumberjack images involving sawn off trees but as far as I can recall he never made this freudian association (although he certainly flirts with the threat of mutilation in later work).

I generally prefer lusher, prettier styles but this spiky, pen and ink technique adds a sense of uncontrolled, spontaneous horror to the image through association with the historic depictions of genuine atrocities and punishments - by Goya for example.

I don't have a link for Orez but would welcome more information from readers
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