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Friday 29 January 2021

The Art of Luxuris - 1

Luxuris - Bondage Angel

Luxuris is a prolific artist but he's more focussed on modern fantasy art than conventional, S&M fetish which is one of the reasons why I haven't featured him at 'mitchmen blog' before. The images above and below however have an overt bondage theme and others in this article flirt with such things. 

Arguably the choice of an Angel to be tied up shifts this particular picture into thoughtful, arty territory. The unexpected, yellow trainers suggest he's non-conformist of some sort and his carefully colour co-ordinated, underwear implies a sensitivity to art and design. Say no more! When coupled with an exceptionally muscular body, they suggest a preoccupation with self-image which is not entirely in accord with spiritual or angelic norms. 

The bondage that has been inflicted on him might simply be a rebuke from Higher Authority, or a precursor to expulsion from the Heavenly Host, or it might be the action of a more down-to-earth admirer or perhaps a ruthless collector, irresistably attracted to his cultivated, male qualities. The (well-informed) shibari-style ropework is quite brutal for a virgin, his facial expression shows dread and the rivulets of cold sweat trickling over his body also indicate he isn't totally happy about it. 

However, it has plainly induced an erotic response, witness the giant pouch. So it seems this is an Angel heading for a career change, a fall from grace which was lurking within him, waiting to happen.


Luxuris O.C. in Chains

   There's a hint of the fantastic in this character too, neccessitating that he be restrained with chains. In fact this is the O.C. of Luxuris, in other words his 'Own Character' or avatar who represents him in his own imagery. He often grows rabbit-like ears out of that purple hair (of which more later). This picture is part of a series in which O.C. is stripped and subjected to sexual interference the outcome of which you can probably imagine (it's messy). Personally I'm quite happy with him in his common or garden jockstrap while I enjoy those pneumatic muscles. The enthusiasm with which Luxuris embraces bondage in these first two images makes it surprising that it's so rare in his work.


Luxuris - Encounter by Moonlight

 The night is full of dangers for the inhabitants of Lux's imaginary world. I haven't identified this character yet, but I love his allegedly 'corny' underwear and Bluto-like beard. They top and tail a torso that would make any man tremble (for one reason or another). It too is beaded with sweat but it's certainly not of the cold variety. In this series, set in a murky wood, he has his way with a stranger who is cast in similar virtuous mould to the Angel above. In need of life experience, you might say. But it's the sense of dark domination and masculine strength that caused me to include this particular picture.

Luxuris - Chris Redfield, Zombie Attack

At one time the popular homo-art world was awash with images of the muscular Chris R battling with the unintended consequences of biological experimentation. If only he could pop up and help us now! One of his character's great virtues was his tendency to get involved in wrestling matches with strange creatures and have his clothes ripped off his body in a highly erotic manner - leastways that's what always happens in the homoerotic art stream!

Luxuris - Chris Redfield, Zombie Attack

This isn't the prettiest representation I've seen of Chris, although he probably looks better when he smiles. Fortunately this incarnation of him more than makes up for that in other departments, neccessitating, for example, that he wears more capacious underwear than most of us prefer to see on a man. Actually these look more like swimwear than undies, providing him with better support during athletic exertions and the option of modesty in the showers afterwards. Ultimately none of this matters since they don't hang for around long once Chris is propelled towards his own M.O. (messy outcome) by which time you've stopped worrying about his face.


Luxuris - Destiny Hero, Dreadmaster

Chris R's shredded clothing is typical of Lux's output and this character, originating from the world of card trading (don't ask!) provides another 'in your face' example. If you can cut away from that distraction for a minute you'll see that he is also chained at the wrists. 

The sheer density of the rippage here indicates that either Dreadmaster has fallen into the hands of an obsessive gradualist who has turned the exposing his captives flesh into a painstaking, time-consuming fine art (in the manner of 'Straight Men In Trouble') or else this chunky captive has unwisely invested in inferior-quality garments that have split under the pressure of his flexing muscles (and other body parts). Maybe the swirling atmospherics have caused them to rot. 

This image is a case of bulk for the sake of bulk since the character's face is hidden by a mask which gives no clue to his feelings at this predicament. It matches the bondage angel above, two superior beings brought down to earth and confronted with their own earthy weaknesses.


Luxuris - Captain America

Giant appendages are Luxuris' forte and when they are not being used for educating innocent angels they can also serve as an ironic 'also present' at their owners own comeuppance. When the man being taught a lesson is a Superhero of a particularly respectable character, his downfall is particularly entertaining. 

Lux portrays Captain America as a classic, all-American jock. The shock of blond hair is often associated with boyish innocence and purity. Ah well, all things must come to an end sometime! The rips and absence of any physical restraint might indicate that he's been reduced to abject submissiveness by this other-wordly opponent. That won't look good on his CV. 

Or maybe he didn't need to be overpowered at all, that might take a bit of explaining too. Perhaps he's found that he enjoys it rough but you sense that the shredding of his expensive, body-hugging uniform must have galled him as much as the loss of his virginal and dull, conventional reputation.

for more ripped clothing at 'mitchmen' click on the label at the foot of this post

Luxuris - Drake Dominant

This image has a strong domination theme too, but is more discreet about the mechanisms than the previous example, although the inevitable M.O. is still apparent and there's an interesting interpretation of horniness if you look closely. There's a mild bondage ingredient in this picture. It's more symbollic than anything but those ribbon-like ties do look good twined around muscular biceps and I dare say they have magical, restraining qualities that belie their frivolous, gift wrap appearance. 

I generally pass over fantastical characters but I admit to liking Drake's spiky hair and sticky-out ears.  I'm not a fan of animal hybrids either but the bovine headgear used here neatly gets round my objections* and it does add an 'essence of animal' to this muscular giant which is appropriate to his bulk and rather delicious. His anguish in defeat is depicted very well, arguably the highlight of the image. Looks cute. Needs a cuddle!

I believe this is a collaboration with Hotcha, it may have been cropped at the bottom

(*The horny crown also circumvents a recent UK law banning possession of animal intercourse images. You'd think they'd got something better to do with their time in Parliament.)


Luxuris - Tracer and Zarya

'Cute and dominated' might also sum up this image although it's a relatively mild form of domination. Bulbous bottoms are one of the glories of Luxuris' art and this is a particularly nice example accentuated by cleverly placed strapping. It's contents are duly unveiled in associated variant images of course but you don't need much imagination to visualise those possibilities here. His friend's pouch is equally impressive but seems to have a solidity and form that suggests enforced chastity to me.

These characters (I believe) are regendered versions of their namesakes who are perpetual opponents in the game 'Overwatch'. That combative background seems to have evolved into affectionate rivalry here. 

Luxuris - Nipple Ring Play

 This is essentially an affectionate image too. It revisits the Angel theme of exploring sexuality with a mentoring flavour that is inter-generational but beyond reproach. Although the younger man stands with his hands passively behind his back, they are not tied and you can decide for yourself whether there's any pain involved for him. It's much simpler than most of this artist's images and has a distinct sense of Style which is very satisfying.


Luxuris - Aquaman in Tentacles

Tentacles are frequently depicted as disembodied appendages that seem to just float around in space. Luxuris gets round that by referencing Octopus limbs, which supplies some understandable biology, even if we can't see it. Aquaman's passive, receptive pose (something of a tentacles cliche) seems to contradict the protest on his face. There's little sign of resistance, all those muscles going to waste! Do tentacles employ muscle relaxants or paralysis chemicals to immobilise their victims in this position? 

Having said that, I applaud the artist's restraint in limiting the number of tendrils enveloping him and the technique in evidence in the surround is impressive. The looping red arm at the top is looks particularly authentic.

Luxuris - Guile from Street Fighter

The art of Luxuris is not all softness and sex. Impalements are his trademark but this medeival torment is a bit extreme!  Guile is a popular character from the 'Street Fighter' game series who seeks to avenge a fallen comrade but in this image he seems to have bitten off more than he can chew.

Luxuris may not be a fetish artist, but you can see from the list of labels below that he still presses a number of 'mitchmen' buttons!

Continues in Part 2


Luxuris on Deviant Art

Luxuris - Rule 34

Luxuris @ Tumbex 

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Slave Market

Dean Cornwell - The Slave Market

 This is how conventional artists visualise a slave market. Although the stereotypical Arab slaver is much in evidence in this picture, it's actually Roman citizens who are salivating over the meat on offer. Not without reason, he's a bit of a hunk if you get rid of his Alice band. If I were that way inclined I might think the the woman descending the steps is even sexier, she's certainly being marketed better. The man sports what can only be described as a baggy loin cloth, but he is puffing his chest out as if he wants to be purchased by someone who appreciates manly characteristics.

Dean Cornwell was a prominent illustrator in the first half of the 20th Century treading similar ground to Leyendecker but without the subversive eroticism. This image is from his series, 'The Robe' and thus robes itself in Biblical authenticity but it's really just another turn of the century, Middle East fantasy. Quite why he's put a man on the podium instead of the usual female I can't think, but we should all be grateful. 

More Dean Cornwell pictures

Saturday 23 January 2021

All time Most Popular Posts at mitchmen (MPP3, 2020)

A scene from 'Close Encounter' by Priapus, in which a gym user finds his physical exertions attract close attention from an unexpected quarter. Or perhaps it's one of those erotic daydreams that the repetitive pumping sometimes brings on (now don't deny it!)


According to my Blogger 'hit stats', out of all the mitchmen articles published to date, 
those registering the most hits since publication are as shown below.

Table 1 mitchmen Articles With Most Hits Since Publication to end 2020

(last yr)
Title of Post
(& link)
Year of
2019 Hits
1 (1)
2 (2)
3 (3)
4 (6)
5 (7)
6 (4)
7 (-)
8 (5)
9 (19)
10 (8)
11 (9)
12 (10)
13 (-)
14 (13)
15 (11)
16 (16)
17 (12)
18 (15)
19 (14)
20 (17)

This year Priapus of Milet – 1 retained the No 1 position it gained last year, extending it's lead from 4K to 7K hits. It may have been helped by the mitchmen feature on 'Shooting The Past' in mid year but there's no arguing with the popularity of this conservatively fetish artist who continues to produce stunning new work over at Telemachus12 and Patreon.
Second and third place stayed the same but A-Z of Fetish Artists – Mike Carcel which lost the No 1 position last year has nearly been caught by A-Z of Fetish Artists – Cavelo. Visits to both these posts significantly declined this year, both of them seem to have stopped publishing new work and they are now at threat from behind (if you'll pardon the expression).

The two gate-crashers from last year -  The Milking Factory and IFNB – A Fantasy World of Bodybuilder Morphs consolidated their challenge to the old order in 2020. Although they only rose 2 places (to 4th & 5th) respectively, they made significant inroads into the gap above them. If they make the same progress in 2021 they will leap-frog into 2nd & 3rd places, but it will take them at least another year to catch up with Priapus-1 in the top spot.
Milking Factories – 3 also caused a surprise last year sneaking into 19th place from nowhere. It rose a further 10 places in 2020 and for my money the image in this article (by Cupcakes666) is exceptionally good. No 4 in the Milking Factories series is not far behind in 28th spot and if the phenomenal popularity of these posts continues there may be more surprises next year.

Undoubtedly though, the biggest surprise this year was the arrival of the Etienne - index of articles at mitchmen at No 7, again almost literally from nowhere. It was accompanied by another 'Index' type article, Homoeros Gallery debuting at 13. I discussed the baffling appeal of these articles in the previous article MPP2. I think I 'get it' but I suspect 'Etienne' will struggle in 2021 and emulate My Initiation which had a similar spell of euphoric support but now clocks up more mundane levels and has gradually drifted down to 19th position and likely to be ousted from the top 20 next year. By the way, it is the only photogaph-based article in the chart unless you count the photo manips of IFNB.
These two new arrivals edged downwards a number of the other old established, A-Z of Fetish Art articles which all dropped 2 or 3 places with the notable exception of A-Z of Fetish Artists - Julius which hung on to 16th position possibly helped by my reworkings of a couple of his images early in the year. 
Also hanging on, much to my delight, was A Christmas Criminal by Mitchell (1-5). It dropped just one place, but did better than the ebbing fortunes of other mid-table articles and is now just shy of 10,000 recorded visits. 
This year we lost A-Z of Fetish Artists – Klaus von Brandenburg and A Tribute to Bound Gods from the top 20. Up and coming articles pushing for a place next year are 'The Art of Homoeros - 6 (crucifixion)' at 22, 'A New Life For Our Air Force Boys' at 25 and 'Milking Factory-4' at 28.
I'm progressively revising and extending my oldest A-Z entries but this year I only managed to do  Bastille now at 182 (-) (latest and previous position). There were also extensions by way of exhibitions to the entries on Leo 18 (15) and Zamok 105 (142). Last year's featured exhibitor, Facchini , rose to 55 (79) making it 5 rises in a row in this annual chart. 
The entry level to the top 20 is now 8359 hits, about a thousand up on last year. It's sobering to reflect that this represents over 2 years worth of BrosFate-3's winning 'New Post' total in 2020.
That article enters this 'all years' chart at No 98.

For comparison, my 'Index of Artists' page reached 52757 hits at the end of 2020 (over 20% up from 40807 last time). This would have earned top spot in this ranking if I counted it as a post. It shows the tremendous interest in artists who work in our field.

Years not presently represented in the survey

Average hit rates

The total cumulative hits method of assessing popularity is obviously biased towards older articles so it's interesting to compare average hits per year since publication - see table below. In this list I have left out 2020 posts which don't even have a full year yet and are covered by a separate table (MPP1). If I had included them they would have bagged many of the top 10 spots!

Table 2 Articles with the Highest Average Hits per year Since Publication
Hits per year
(& last year)
'Total Hits' position
1 (1)
2 (2)
3 (-)
Homoeros Gallery
4 (-)
Etienne - Index of articles at mitchmen
5 (-)
6 (3)
7 (-)
8 (4)
IFNB is most popular new post of 2018
9 (-)
10 (5)
11 (6)
12 (-)
 13 (7)
 14 (-)
15 (-)
16 (8)
17 (10)
18 (12)
19 (9)
20 (11)

This method tends to benefit popular, newer articles in the short term and this year the newcomers have pretty much swept away 'the usual suspects' which have dominated these charts in the past. That swing has been amplified by the general uplift in visitor numbers in the last 3 or 4 years which penalises older articles. Among the new entries I haven't already mentioned are a number of Homoeros and Milking Factory articles and yet another of those baffling items IFNB is most popular new post of 2018 which didn't register at all in it's first year. Like those other puzzlers referenced above, I can only presume that it's the images that make these articles so attractive and also the introduction of the 'Popular Posts' gadget in the sidebar of the blog which includes teasing thumbnails for each entry and tends to extend their periods  of popularity.

Historically, younger articles can disappear from this chart just as quickly as they appeared if they do not keep up their high initial hit rates (remember Woodunart?) but the scores of older articles that 'hang on' gradually becomes 'less dilutable' by the passing years. Even so, the ability of our big 3 (Priapus, MCarcel and Cavelo) to sustain a presence in this table is remarkable and those 'middle aged' articles like A Christmas Criminal at 16 and Chirenon's A New Life For Our Air Force Boys at 13 seem to be building a base for a long stay.

The articles I post to this blog are very much based on my own interests and fancies but the results of this survey do help me plan future offerings. My readers preferences doesn't always match my own (where are Les, JoeT and Link?). Nevertheless it's gratifying to see such interest in the great artists who often have a fairly low visibility on the web.

Remember, this comparison is only made for entertainment, since I don't really know how accurate Google's stats are, they don't seem to add up to the overall hits at the blog and I suspect they don't count the activity of people who just browse through the blog roll.

Thanks to all of you for your continuing interest and support.
This annual set of articles is made up of 3 charts
MPP1 - Most Popular New Post of the Year 
MPP2 - Most Popular Post of the Year (Old and New)
MPP3 - Most Popular Post of All Time (i.e cumulative performance)
that's this article!

Thursday 21 January 2021

Cute Slave Anyone?

 I don't know who drew this image but it has some very attractive ingredients and an enslavement theme that fits in well with recent postings. I haven't come across this style of handcuffs before but it has a nice chunky look that leaves no doubt that it's intended to restrain and not be forgotten about. Sustainable materials too. Yum!

I've seen this image on Soup Goblin's Stash  from way back although I didn't get it from there

Monday 18 January 2021

Beautifully Bound - JR Matthews

I'm a fan of tight and simple bondage and these studies of JR Matthews neatly parcelled up are terrific examples.  This model has a deliciously muscular physique and strangely sexy face.
Admittedly, the simplicity lies in the composition of the imagery rather than the detailed ropework, but the uniformity conferred by using a single type of rope in a symmetrical pattern also contributes to a neat sense of balance and completeness.
There's a sense of serious purpose in the care lavished on this captive.
The densely woven bindings completely immobilise him.
He is put on display and casually manhandled like the meat in an auction.
This upward looking view seems to resemble religious veneration,
like that accorded the victim of an ancient fertility rite.

 With his feet on the ground the effect is slightly comical and humiliating.

But once he's flown in the air the awkardness is replaced by something more elegant and awesome.

JR's chunky buttocks framed and parted by rope provide an unexpected burst of pure eroticism.
 Edging in suspension must be a very strange experience.
In this vast empty space it has an eerie, dangerous feel.
See more of JR Matthews at Men on Edge (Kink 32255)

For more Beautifully Bound men, click on the label below

Friday 15 January 2021

Most Popular mitchmen article of 2020 is a big surprise! (MPP2)

Etienne - 'Truckstop'
According to my Blogger 'hit stats', the most visited mitchmen articles in 2020 were as shown below. This table only counts hits registered during 2020. The titles link to the original posts. Please tell me if you have difficulty with any links.

Table 1 – mitchmen Articles with Most Hits in 2020

(& last year)
Hits in
Hits in 2019
1 (-)
2 (1)
3 (2)
4 (5)
5 (16)
6 (29)
7 (3)
8 (10)
9 (4)
10 (-)
11 (13)
12 (6)
13 (-)
14 (14)
15 (12)
16 (-)
17 (7)
18 (-)
19 (11)
20 (15)
  Stats collected 31/12/20

The big surprise this year is the sudden appearance at No 1 of the 'Index of Etienne Articles at mitchmen'. It scored 9 times as many hits this year as it had in the previous three put together, most of it in the few weeks between early November and 15th Dec after which visits abruptly plummeted. I've not been able to trace the source of these visitors, it's probably another blogger temporarily displaying a link. The interest seems to be in the medical, headline image not the contents of the index as it doesn't seem to have resulted in a great uplift in visits to any of the articles listed there. I've chosen an image from the Etienne series 'Truckstop' to headline this post.

Below that (and a considerable way behind on hit count) it was business as usual with IFNB and Milking Factories shuffling positions at 2, 3 and 4. There are three other Milking Factories in the top 20 making 5 in all, one more than last year (which I prematurely dubbed as 'The Year of the Milking Factory' !). The phenomenal popularity of this series is not hard to understand, the mixture of sexual excitement, bondage and control is the essence of S&M fetish.

At 5 & 6 come two other articles whose popularity has often baffled me:- 'Homoeros Gallery' (a guide to accessing that artist's work ) and secondly the equivalent of this MPP article from 2018, when IFNB topped the table. Unlike the puzzling Etienne post at No 1, traffic to these two articles has been consistent throughout the year, but all these posts have memorable, headline images

In a way, Homoeros can claim to be the top individual artist overall this year since he had two other articles in the top 20, one featuring crucifixion, the other being the first article in the series reviewing his work, which is the default starting point for new readers. This is one less article than last year but he has captured equally good positions in the table (5, 12 and 15 compared with 2019 when he secured 6, 12, 16 and 20th places).  

To look at other charts for earlier years click on the MPP label at the foot of this post.

The entries this year are evenly spread between Traditional drawing styles, photo-manipulators and Computer aided artists (including renderers). There are no pure photography articles although I continue to post these as part of my 'magazine' format and simply to share sexy images!

Etienne's success seems to indicate that the 'old school' of traditional art drawings are far from losing their appeal but a few more of the 'greats' covered in the 'A-Z of Fetish Artists' series dropped out of the top 20 this year. The ever-popular Cavelo is still hanging on at 9th position, however, with Jotto at 17 and Mike Carcel at 19. My own 'Christmas Criminal' story which is also traditionally drawn, just clung on at 20. This article effectively carried the flag for spanking again this year and I was delighted when Mark featured one of it's illustrations in his series of classic spanking art re-creations at Jockspank.

The photo-manipulators this year are boosted by the arrival of a pioneer in the genre with 'The Art of Baron' (published in 2014) appearing in this chart for the first time. Another long established artist, Amalaric, also makes his debut at 16. They join Priapus, IFNB and Chirenon.

Computer-aided artists are well represented by Homoeros and by artists in the Milking Factory series but the 'new wave' CG artists that I have been featuring more and more at the blog are championed by BrosFate's impressive arrival, I hope to see more of them making their mark on this table next year.

Overall, visits to the mitchmen blog fell slightly this year with a pronounced dip between February and September. Presumably that was due to the virus draining erotic impulses although I had imagined that boredom would have produced the opposite effect! The drop was partly offset by a surge in the last 3 months of the year which saw the monthly totals in November and December reach new record highs, led by the 'Etienne effect' and great interest in the Amalaric series. Overall, hit scores in the top 20 rose slightly but the entry cut-off at 1722 was a tad less than last year's 1741.

Somewhat surprisingly, most years since the blog started in 2008 are represented in the table with BrosFate bringing in 2020 with his sparkling entrance at 10. His score of 3407 hits was a record for a mitchmen new article but it's still just a fraction of those at the top of the chart. Notice there is also a sizeable gap between 5th and 6th places. Even if the No 1 entry is discounted as an anomaly, it's clear that some of the older articles consistently record high levels of visitors, year after year. That's something that I take great pride in.

This effect is partly attributable to the mitchmen 'Index of Artists' feature which recorded 11,948 hits in 2020. This was slightly down from 13,951 hits in 2019, but it still registered enough hits to have taken second place if I included it in the general top 20 table. I'm glad visitors are finding the index useful and hope it will lead many more newcomers to a fantastic heritage of gay art they didn't know about.

Given the dominance of the Milking Factory and Homoeros, multi-part series, with 9 articles between them in the top 20, I'm also showing this year, the next 10 articles in the table which might otherwise have made the higher positions.

Table 2 - Articles Just Outside The Top 20 

(& last year)
Hits in
Hits in 2019
21 (-)
22 (8)
23 (-)
24 (-)
25 (-)
26 (-)
27 (9)
28 (-)
29 (-)
30 (-)
  Stats collected 31/12/20

There are a couple of ejectees from the 2019 top 20 in this list but most are new entrants, the majority being from 2020 and already discussed in my previous article 'Amalaric and BrosFate battle to be top new post of 2020'. However there are a couple of other interesting quirks in the list with the A-Z article on Facchini popping up at 25, no doubt driven by the transfer of the Exhibition of his work from the now defunct Yahoo! Group to this blog. Last but not least is one of the mitchmen 'War Comics' articles at 30. The hidden and not-so-hidden erotic potential of this imagery has much occupied me in recent years, so I'm glad someone else likes it!

The casualty list from the top 30 also makes interesting reading. 

Table 3 - Casualities nudged out of mitchmen Top 30

(& last year)
31 (18)
35 (30)
36 (21)
37 (20)
40 (22)
50 (23)
53 (25)
57 (19)
68 (27=)
66 (27=)
87 (26)
137 (24)
138 (17)

The first few here have simply been edged out by popular new arrivals but the last three have suffered dramatic falls. Two of them are photography-based articles, two have spanking themes and one wrestling. These are all areas which I have neglected this year which may explain their falls as collateral damage. In between there's a clutch of 6 aging articles from the A-Z series which, again, I have not added to or promoted this year. 

Total mitchmen blog visits for all years are now 4.26 million (up 19% compared with 2019 at 3.57 million)

Next time I will reveal the all time table of cumulative hits did Priapus keep his spot at the top?

Thanks to all of you for your continuing interest and support.


Tuesday 12 January 2021

Assorted Fetish Art by Gabo

Gabo - Barbarian Slave Sale

It's a bit niche, but I suppose Barbarians would be a particularly adventurous purchase.

Gabo - Heroes in Peril - Padrak

Chunky restraints pay homage to a man of great strength here.
They seem to be controlled by some sort of 'force field' (Redtooth?).
Behind him what looks like a light sabre (perhaps it's his own). 
A visual trick makes it seem like a ray directed at his back - imagine it lowered!
There's a slight tension in the pose, suggesting he is bracing himself for something.

Gabo - Tentacles

A cute man gets his vest and cut-offs ripped apart by tentacles, showing a shaved body.
I love the way they are exploiting the rips in his cut-offs to explore inside.
The dog tags and gloves give him some manly oomph. 
The pose and bed platform give the impression that he was already restrained before the tentacles came along (if that's what tentacles do). That 'sacrifice' scenario appeals to my fetish tastes and my sense of logic. Tentacles don't seem agile enough or decisive enough to capture a grown man on their own.
Gabo - Venom (alias Eddie Brock)

Venom's ability to destroy his own suits and create evil looking tendrils out of it puts a whole new slant on the science of tentacles. Gabo's imagining nicely captures Eddie (the human host)'s own confusion at his wayward identity. There's evidence that he's enjoying it's consquences nevertheless. The black colouring of the shredded suit allows some erotic glimpses of his bum cheeks and thighs. Gabo's enthusiasm for transplanting faces of real people is fun but you can see here how it constrains the art.

Gabo - Chris Redfield

I'm a fan of Chris Redfield's tight tee-shirt, not least when it's being ripped apart. 
The destruction of his underwear is also nicely choreographed here to highlight certain features.
His tendency to go into muscle poses in the middle of a fight shows supreme confidence.
Perhaps that's why most of his assailants are keeping at arms length!
(see also Tentakun

Gabo - Wrestling

Gabo homes in on an unsporting aspect of wrestling, sensibly concluding that a simple ball-crushing can be a lot more painful (and entertaining) than the knee balancing that usually takes the place of the old-style back-breaker these days.
The gulf in strength and ages between these two characters is a classic wrestling scenario, the old hand (!) instructing the young whelp in the cruel ways of the world. His rather thoughtful facial expression seems more matter of fact than malicious. Nice body hair too.
Gabo - Superman vs Bane

There's a similar scenario behind this image, a mismatch in physical size leading to a wrestling style backbreaking humiliation. This time it's the original Superhero as improbable victim rather than an naive sporting novice, but the comeuppance is equally enjoyable for different reasons. Gabo shows the clinginess of Superman's suit to good effect even if it is outweighed by Bane's monstrosity forcing it's way out of confinement. Supes dangling hand is in danger of encouraging it!

Gabo - Nathan Drake

There's a touch of the tentacles about this pose but his explorers garb (lightly shredded) and the sandy setting connect with the Middle East kidnap scenario of the previous post. The improvised leg-spreader produces an erotic pose and indicates that some unconventional interrogation is in prospect. This is one of multi-part series experimenting with various combinations of undress.

Gabo - Suspended

The simplest captivity of all, naked and suspended by the wrists, he is displayed and defenceless, seemingly in a deep, dark pit, a scenario reminiscent of Kalabro's fantasies.

Gabo - Man in Bondage

Its' not hard to see where the idea for this image came from, but the handsome, regular guy face and genuinely worried look distances it from normal, Kink porn, as does the intact but still erotic underwear. Gabo's rendering of the upper body ropework is particularly effective creating a deliciously upholstered look. I'm not a great fan of gags but this simple tape job conveys the job it's doing nicely without spoiling the view too much. The twin support pillars here offer great scope for highlighting precariousness, vulnerability and discomfort but Gabo has spared his victim the more lurid torments and teasing attachments- so far!
For links to Gabo see previous post