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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Art by Otoko Bara

OtokoBara -  Raka Bondage Trouble 01

Captive cops remain a popular, homoerotic subject in Asian art although they seem to have slipped out of favour elsewhere. This sexy overlay of shibari bondage and partly undone clothing is also a very oriental concept. This image is the start of an incremental, undressing series of 8 images. The 'shirt only' and 'trousers only' ones are both sexy but unusually for me I have chosen the 'naked climax' as a companion example for this image, below.

OtokoBara -  Raka Bondage Trouble 06

The intruding telescopic pointer(?) here makes the cops ordeal seem like part of a presentation to a watching audience. The pointer has been doubling up as a punishment implement, judging by the weals on his body (which is why I have selected this image). It seems to have coaxed him into an impressive display for the benefit of the onlookers.

Links at the foot of the page should enable you to find the rest of the series.


I haven't always championed tentacle art here at mitchmen but the grown-up qualities of the muscular man in this example and the sheer sensuality of the image gets it in. As a pencil-bound artist I am envious of the ability of computer aided contemporaries to create semi-transparent, silky and wet textures which are used to the full here to convey the sense of the victims' vulnerability and involuntary excitement, he feels his sexy shorts being invaded and his sensitive areas explored by the marauding arms. 

There's a nice sense of him being lifted into the air, heading towards a sexily arched body rather like a wrestler going into a flying surfboard, however the tight cropping of the image gets away from the sense of detached, dreamlike floating which is so common in this genre. That allows a more down-to-earth  situation to be imagined, like a bed invasion. His wink suggests a typically male wincing in response to the slobbering assault.

OtokoBara -  Obey-Confront

I'm not sure I quite understand the mind control ingredient in this picture but it's a great portrayal of a shibari bondage position. It's a great way to display a captive with the tightly folded legs and bulging pecs indicative of severe restraint. This position is a good deal more unpleasant to experience than it looks. Balanced with his whole weight resting on his knees, the captive soon experiences great joint discomfort and ultimately, if not released, serious injury, so be careful about trying this at home!

OtokoBara -  Waiter 1

Much of this artists work explores the fantasy of mentally undressing fit men who we come across in connection with their work. This waiter is a fun example.  I like his cropped top.

OtokoBara -  Waiter 1

I like this teaser. His facial expression suggests he knows we're looking!
Or at any rate feels uncomfortable.

There's probably a nude variant of this picture with all the trimmings at Patreon.

OtokoBara -  Cyclist 1

The lycra-clad cyclist is a modern homoerotic icon. 
His pec-reveal here is very sexy and I like the trickling sweat on his arms and legs. 
It seems to be soaking into the lycra around the groin area, a nicely captured detail.

The 'almond eyes' this artist uses work well here, 
again there's that sense that he feels he's being watched!

The artist goes on to give that 'undressing with the eyes' idea a modern twist.

OtokoBara -  Cyclist 2

Who wouldn't want a phone that could do this?
I've seen sun-glasses used for this fantasy in TV ads before,
but this is more a believable variation.

OtokoBara -  Cyclist 3

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds cycle helmets a turn off.
Apologies to those who get a kick out of them.

OtokoBara -  Knives

This artist is quite good at inventing sexy clothing, but this gingham top is a bit left-field.
I'm not arguing with those knives though, the scars are warning enough!

OtokoBara -  Wet T-shirt

Yes please!


 Lots more at OktokoBara  at X-Twitter and a link there to Patreon

Saturday 25 November 2023

Cowboy fun with cartoonizer and hot irons

 I recently discovered an 'AI-cartoonizer' and was amazed and delighted with the results it generated when fed with my recently published 'Cowboy Branding' image, an early picture which I've never been totally happy with. This app unexpectedly revealed the essence of it's drama in a most sensual way. 

M159 Talk or be Branded (cartoonized variant 1)

This result arbitrarily put modern, fashionably-coiffured heads on the two characters, but that was an improvement on my original (reproduced below) where the two faces don't really match stylistically. The software also decided to clothe the victim below the waist but I actually find those plunging, low-rise pants rather sexy! The colourisation of his skin has also brought out the captive's sexy neck-tie which looks old fashioned and showy now but bowled me over when I first saw one on Ty Hardin.

The AI hadn't a clue, though, what to do with the glimpse of thigh seen through the hole in the stall wall, nor the discontinuity in the brander's left arm and in fact the whole branding paraphernalia has gone out of the window leaving a background that resembles the clutter of a bathroom plus an amusing manifestation of a hand emerging from behind the stall wall holding I don't know what!

 The overall simplification has not resulted in any loss of the sense of menace.

M159 Talk or be Branded (Original drawing, Darkened version)

This software offers the choice of male and female 'interpretations 'but I must say I wasn't expecting the emasculation operation which it performed on my lovely men in the second variant below. It also stripped them both naked, which might account for the brander's expression, as though it's dawning on him that we can see their little secret! You might conclude that this choice - male = clothed, female = nude suggests good old fashioned, politically incorrect, stereotyping is built into this particular Artificial Intelligence! Shame there's not a car bonnet (US = hood) handy for draping purposes.

M159 Talk or be Branded (cartoonized variant 2)

The same stereotyping might account for the mysterious hand from behind the stall transforming from a balls cupping shape to an rather evil claw here and also the re-interpretation of the branding iron as a more feminine, paint brush. Shades of Ken Dodd with his tickling stick! This AI is decidedly kinky and if the Doddy connection is anything to go by, it's going to be a very long night for the captive ending with a numb bottom .

This variant made a better fist of that glimpse of thigh, but unaccountably fails (like No 1) to spot that the captive's left arm does not stop at the elbow.

M159 Talk or be Branded (cartoonized variant 3)

This variant is closest to the original in some ways. The branding iron is there and it's even tinted orange although the software surely doesn't know that it's meant to be hot. The captive's grimace is more pronounced suggesting he's either felt it's kiss already or else has a vivid imagination. Either way he still seems to be gamely sticking out his butt to the torturer.

 The AI can't quite make up it's mind here whether the men are clothed or not and has settled for cut-off jeans on the brander and a sort of translucent, posing pouch on the captive that suggests that any sexual excitement he may have had, has (understandably) evaporated after experiencing the reality. 

This choice of clothes is uncannily contemporary with the drawing itself.

The half-coloured arm is now complete but that weird groping hand now looks like barbecued cock as if the programme has learnt to join the game. Spooky!

M159 Talk or be Branded (cartoonized variant 4)

In this version, the whole image is tinted in a warm glow suggesting the heat in the barn as coals do their evil work. The victim is now clothed in tights which will produce interesting results when the iron makes contact. In fact it looks as if they are already smoking - unless that's the captive steaming. 

M159 Talk or be Branded (cartoonized variant 5)

This last variant is very similar except that the brander is no longer thrusting with his branding iron but holding a cigarette instead, while he takes time out from his hot work. It's possibly a joint judging by his facial expression, a dangerous combination in these circumstances. The captive has that 'Uh Ah' look that says 'this isn't looking good' having spotted, quite correctly, that the cigarette, while less of a blunt instrument, is equally capable of causing distress - over a wider area and over a much longer period. 


I think I'll be experimenting more with this technique!

Thursday 23 November 2023

Monday 20 November 2023

More new work by Brick

Sapeur:Brick - Chained and Numbered

The list of new pictures by Brick at MetalbondNYC continues to grow. 

He now calls himself Sapeur:Brick (sapeur = military engineer, like sapper in English)

The captive here is being subjected to a particularly blunt form of chastity restraint, with an adjustable cap that not only limits growth but might be used by unscrupulous captors to crush it.

I have compiled an updated index below of all the recent releases.


If you like Brick's style be sure to also read the mitchmen review of Brick's art 

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Friday 17 November 2023

Beautifully Bound - Drew Stevens

Captive on his knees tied hands behind back is kissed
Blake Harper reassures Drew Stevens in 'Anal Bondage' (Tom Ropes McGurk)

 I have long had a mental note to feature the work of Tom 'Ropes' McGurk here at mitchmen and this image is one of my favourites by him, it must be the old romantic in me! 
Blake Harper is a real hunk and his lust for the helpless Drew leaks out of the picture. 

It's plain to see how effective this immobilisation is and Drew's pulled-back arms produce a display of defenceless torso that is highly erotic and plainly a turn-on for Blake. His passionate stolen kiss is a marvellous expression of benign domination - and passive seduction by Drew, let it be said! 

I've done some AI tweaking of the image and it has caused the normally flat and vague background mural used by McGurk to leap forward, framing the the two men like a protective tent.

Drew's bondage is remarkably simple, just arm restraint using a stretcher pole tied to his upper arms, just above the elbow. His wrists are tied together and separately attached to the middle of the pole and pulled up tight. You can see the arrangement more clearly in the snapshot below. 

The metal eyes at each end of the pole are normally attached to a captive's ankles to compel him to spread his legs, Drew's feet are shackled with chains in this scene.

Drew's restraint in 'Anal Bondage'

This scene is part of the closing rites of the video.
.Previously, Drew has been shaved baby smooth down below by Blake...

Drew ass-shaved by Blake Harper in 'Anal Bondage'

The results are gratifying.

Drew's shaved undercarriage, courtesy of Blake Harper in 'Anal Bondage'

Drew, understandably doesn't seem so sure.
He must feel terrible exposed like this.

His anal treats continue with an enema.

Drew given an enema by Blake Harper in 'Anal Bondage'

Blake takes the precaution of removing his jeans for this bit. 

As you might expect, these fun activities are punctuated
 by a peppering of disciplinary CP...

Drew paddled by Blake Harper in 'Anal Bondage'

Blake shows off his backhand flick.
Drew misses that protective fuzz of hair on his cheeks,

As a postscript to the anal extravaganza,
 Blake inserts a large plug between Drew's butt cheeks

Drew plugged by Blake Harper in 'Anal Bondage'

It's a big one and Drew shies away, 
he clearly finds it intrusive and uncomfortable.

Drew climaxes with the plug in 'Anal Bondage'

Nevertheless Blake uses it to tease him to a splashy finish.
Which isn't long in coming.


See 'Anal Bondage' at  Tom

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Wednesday 15 November 2023

Mitchell's 'Cowboy Art' Folio - 4

 In this post, two previously unpublished images from the early days of Mitchell's 'Cowboy Folio.

Mitchell - Talk or be Branded!

A cowboy is stripped and tied to the posts of a horse stall in a barn. He is being
threatened with exceptionally painful persuasion if he continues to remain silent about what he knows.
But, even with the heat close behind his cheeks, he remains defiant.
His tormentor seems to be nursing an inappropriate response to the situation.

I used this horse-stall, restraint arrangement again in the whipping image, presented in the previous Cowboy Folio post No 3. The captive's private parts here are discreetly obscured by the dilapidated stall structure. If I redrew this today I'd probably show more, but I still find this sort of teasing concealment erotic.

The situation speaks for itself here but I've always been dissatisfied with the 'arms length' pose and the captor's lack of emotion in his face or body (if you don't count what's happening with his jeans). 
The captive too seems unreasonably calm considering his predicament.
I was experimenting with more varied faces here to indicate who is the goody and baddy.

Mitchell - Cowboy Branded at the Big 'H'

The 'Big H' is also the location for this image, but it's rebranded itself (pardon the pun) from being a horse-breeding establishment to a house of ill-repute for frustrated cowboys who can't get what they want from the gals who ply their trade at the local town Saloon. 

The decline of traditional ranching has thrown a lot of mature cowboys out of their jobs and many have been forced to turn to less glamourous ways of earning a crust. Those that turn up at the 'Big H' are attracted by the highly professional, business approach of the management which means they always get paid and don't get beaten up (unless they sign up for that). It's also one of the few establishments that offers mature men. It's a niche market, but a well-rewarded one. 

The flip side is a system of control that ensures only the selected few can carry the 'Big H' brand which is the customer's visible guarantee of quality when he get's down to brass tacks. It's a proper brand! The loyalty of the service providers is also secured by that mark of ownership that effectively prevents any moonlighting or defection to other establishments. Prevents them from changing their minds too.

This is a later drawing and shows more energetic and personal grappling which is closer to the reality of cattle branding. I originally drew the recipient pants-less and with his legs tied together like a steer, but reworked it for this publication to make the 'persuasion' more subtle. Once again his naughty bits are hidden, but from his reaction I imagine there's not much to see presently! 

Both these images date from the 80's as you might perceive from the moustache. The humorous slant is necessitated by the subject matter to some extent but also owes something to that era, when all gay magazines had cartoons, even the ultra-macho 'Drummer.' That characteristic was illustrated here at mitchmen recently in the mini series 'The Smithy' by Bud which also features a branding.


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Sunday 12 November 2023

Classic Homoerotic Images 9 - Fred with Tires

 Herb Ritts photograph of 'Fred with Tires' must have been been one of the best known images of 1984 with posters of it adorning countless bedroom walls. For a gay man it's universal popularity was a public validation of their attraction to the naked, male form. The oil-smudged mechanic was unashamedly erotic with undone overalls barely covering his private parts and the plunging lines of his abdomen drawing the eye downwards towards them. At the same time his coy, awkwardness was immensely cute.

This image glamourised the lean, 'cut' physique style that broke away from the traditional, body-building stereotype of plush bulk, represented for years in popular culture by the middle-aged Charles Atlas. Ritts connections with the fashion industry and media played a part in making a muscular physique seem a 'must have' for a young man, widely desirable and attractive. 

40 years on, the butch eroticism seems less powerful. The inoffensive tameness was probably instrumental in it's success but there are 8 more photographs in the series, many of them much more sexy. 

Herb Ritts - Fred with tires No 4

You can see the rest at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Their collection also has other images of Fred by Ritts, including the extraordinary, booted naked shower with 'Dan'.

The original image has come to define manliness and has inspired countless artist and photographers to copy the idea, those of Priapus of Milet (in Shooting the Past) and ASN, are both represented here at mitchmen blog. When these tributes appear they bring a fond, nostalgic smile to the lips of old-timers who were around at the time.


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Thursday 9 November 2023

Tentacle Art by ErosisSFM

This marvellous image shows hero agent, Chris Redfield surprised by a mutant plant.
Somehow in the assault his uniform has been stripped from his body.
His weapons too have disappeared, all consumed by the plant.
Only his leather boots which lie on the ground before him have been rejected.
Perhaps because they are the only thing that has a tough, organic structure.

The grip of the powerful tentacle on his arms and thighs is strangely exciting
Many strange creatures stalk this forest and if one were to find him like this, helpless....
But already he is being drawn backwards into the maw of the plant. 
He can only hope that his organic make-up will cause the plant to spare him too.

 But then he feels the maw pressing at his back, drawing him in.
He feels it's presence seeping into him, spreading inside.
The plant has saved this delicacy of living, untainted flesh for last.
The despair and the darkness of the forest close in on him.


This artist specialises in fantasies of men and monsters doing horrible things to each other (to use his words). Be warned, sex rears it's ugly head. More ErosisSFM

Monday 6 November 2023

Mitchell's 'Cowboy Art' Folio 3

Read this series from Part 1

The first two pictures in this post were part of my first posting on the internet back in 2007.
They predate 'The Cactus Kid' but might well have been incorporated into a sequel.
The first one in particular fits the brutal feud between Cactus and Grainger who stole his land.

Mitchell - Ranch hand stripped and whipped

In the privacy of a barn, a young cowboy is punished by a mature foreman.
He has taken the first stroke with a determined, defiant, yet questioning look. 
The sweat on his face reveals an inner story of pain and fear.
The foreman's scolding face signals that he's not finished yet.
The young man's offence, deserving of a bare assed whipping, is not obvious. 
His brand new, swanky, double gun-belts, worn over skin tight jeans, accentuating his ass and distracting the other cowboys from their work might have been provocation enough to the old hand. 
The leather vest worn without a shirt and revealing youthful muscles was perhaps too much.

He disarmed the boy with a flick of his whip and told him to drop his gun belts in the dust.
Another stinging flick on his bare forearm was needed to persuade him to obey. 
Then his hands were tied and he was led to the barn and tethered to a stall
The gathering cowboys who tried to follow were turned away and dismissed.

The boy was pretty sure that a whipping was coming his way 
before the old hand stepped up close behind him and whispered as much in his ear.
He could feel his bristles and smell stale cigarettes and sweat as he scolded him.
Then he felt him reach round, and one by one, begin to undo the buttons of his jeans.

The foreman took his time, easing down the young man's tight jeans
knowing he wore nothing underneath and enjoying his embarrassment.
He knelt to tug them right down to his boots, creating a make-shift hobble.
The boy felt his hairiness brushing against his bare buttock skin. 

To add to his humiliation, the foreman mockingly returned the empty gun belts
Buckling them round his waist, low down, sagging across his hips, 
 artfully arranged to criss-cross, curving over the young man's rounded butt cheeks.
Rough hands groped between his thighs, securing the holster ties, brushing under his crotch.

The foreman surveyed his work and was pleased. The belts made his target area smaller,
and the barn, though private, would restrict the swing of his whip.
It would be a challenge to his skill, but a most enjoyable one to address.
He gripped the chunky stock of the whip tightly, feeling rising excitement.

Mitchell - Cowboy Tied To A Gate

 A cowboy has been tied, spread-eagled to a wooden frame.
He hollers in protest and his unprotected buttocks quiver with fear, 
as well they might on an all-male ranch, full of lonely cowboys,
where the nearest entertainment and relief is an hours ride away.

This image reveals more of my obsession with unprotected bare bottoms. The 'furniture' is more a punishment frame than a gate. The middle rail is the key element of the device, securing the wrangler's thighs and preventing evasive movement in the adjacent areas of interest. The rail is removable so it can be placed in front of the captive's thighs as well as behind. Similarly, he can be tied facing the gate so his frontal equipment becomes the focus of attention. The tied shirt is a practical way of keeping the area clear, but was a surfer fashion back when I drew this.

The whip and dicks of the local cowboys are the obvious beneficiaries of this arrangement but it has another use in the ranching scenario which I will explore next time.


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Friday 3 November 2023

Mitchell's 'Cowboy Art' Folio 2

Not long ago I published a cowboy, bunkhouse bondage image inspired by the revolutionary, erotic images published by Colt Studio in the late 70's.  Cowboy images were a big part of my early efforts at erotic drawing and the one below was one of the first I ever published on the internet, in 2007.

Mitchell - Cactus Kid and the Posse

The Cactus Kid takes revenge on the Posse who have been pursuing him. He's ambushed two of the more attractive members and forced them to strip naked, apart from their Stetsons and boots. Then he's tied them back to back, standing over a low-growing cactus with particularly long spines. We can't see them, but their booted feet are also tied together, heel to heel, on either side of the base of the cactus. This means that they are forced to stand, uncomfortably open-legged, astride the prickly plant. 

The Kid isn't going to kill them, he knows that these are not proper lawmen, but ordinary guys, local ranch hands and townsmen roped into the Posse by the Sheriff. That makes their embarrassing plight all more poignant of course. Cactus bears them no ill-will, but will want to have some more fun with them before he makes his escape. Maybe he'll treat them to a few playful punches or the sting of his whip. Something that will cause them to flinch and retreat onto the waiting spines - or to lunge forward angrily which will pull their innocent buddy onto them instead. 

He'll probably try groping them at some point to see if they shy away or react violently. Of course they may respond positively, although the presence of a comrade and the cactus will inhibit that and it won't spare them from the prickles anyway. The Kid can also wait for time to take it's toll of their badly stressed legs. Those thigh muscles will soon be racked by pain, eventually resulting in a slow descent onto the needle seat. The first to weaken will pull down his comrade with him.

Once the Kid's gone they can try to escape from the ropes, but knowing the Kid, it won't be easy. If they are lucky the Posse will find them eventually, but then again, being found naked, compromised and defenceless by a gang of frustrated, angry cowboys isn't necessarily a recipe for gushing sympathy.


This image was the prototype for the 'Cactus Kid' story which you can read in full at the mitchmen club at AdonisMale. This scene wasn't part of that story but I pencilled it in for a sequel - which has yet to materialise! I don't remember where I got the idea for tormenting captives this way. It might have sprung from a TV series or film where the hero's sidekick suffered an amusing, embarrassing accident (not naked of course, probably wearing a union suit) or maybe one of the humorous cartoons that featured in the gay magazines of the 70's. It's also quite likely that I piggy-backed on the picture below by Etienne, The unfortunate and noticeably muscular cowboy forced to cuddle a cactus by his Indian captors in 'Hot Spurs' gave me quite an erotic hit when I first saw it! More than anything else in that book.

Etienne - Hot Spurs p8 detail

The mind boggles imagining the scene as the captive was manoeuvred into this predicament
and whether he was conscious as the ropes were tightened and his legs lifted.

Etienne - Hot Spurs p8 full 

In the full picture, the second captive is also seen. He seems to have got off relatively lightly but notice that he has been 'scalped' in a most unusual place, the missing piece is hanging as a trophy from one of the struts of the restraint frame.


I plan to publish more of my own cowboy images here and build up a new folio of them all at the mitchmen club at Adonis Male. 

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