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Sunday 29 December 2019

Manflesh Exhibition transfers to mitchmen blog

Manflesh - Lt Steele whipped
 The Exhibition of Art by 'Manflesh' which has been showing at the mitchmen Yahoo Group
for some years, has now been transferred to this blog as an extension to the Manflesh A-Z article.

Visit my A-Z article on Manflesh to get the link to the exhibition

Friday 27 December 2019

Pirate Booty

AbsolutBleu - Summer Booty
The Pirate is one of the B-list homoerotic icons, a swashbuckling rogue with a taste for seduction and an inclination to uncover his upper body in the heat of battle (usually with a supporting cast of similarly half-naked reprobates). AbsolutBleu captures those qualities delightfully in this image with some luscious, plump muscles and an intoxicating cock that's battling to escape from (what looks like) a very cute pair of speedos. (Note the similarity with Muscle Matt's 'balls bra').
The leather boots and belt make authentic-looking fetishistic accessories.

Pairing him with the mythical merman, seems an entirely appropriate choice for a seafarer of yesteryear. It looks like he's made his catch by fishing with a giant dildo* that apparently fulfils the role of bait and hook, attracting suitable prey to suck on it but going into the mouth easier than it comes out. The merman's bound hands are a very acceptable fetish icing on what is already a delicious cake.
Great picture!

(*I confess that the anachronism of a plastic dildo in the age of sail jars a bit with me. 
A belaying pin would be an interesting and equally versatile alternative, a minor geeky quibble).

Mermen don't get the same press as their female counterparts so we can only presume that they have a similar character, i.e. that of an attractive, alluring, but normally, unavailable tempter. I have a small collection of mermen posts at the mitchmen 'Gateway' site plus one by Yomero here which demonstrate there's a fascination for this creature amongst many gay artists. AbsolutBleu's spectacular, spiky tail and ear designs are unusual and suggest this is a rare and exotic specimen indeed, possibly one with a sting! The erotic conundrum is about what happens below the waist of course, where does the fishiness begin? AbsolutBlue seems clear that the mer-anatomy has all the desirable manly traits, including balls if you look closely, and this catch is not going to evade the Pirate's lusty interest. 

Topless Pirates were amongst my earliest drawings as a teenager (but now lost). I featured a Pirate by Julius in  a post last year and there's also one in bareass blogs (No11). They make a memorable appearance in my article on Valentine's art (image 5). Also one handsome devil in my recent Christmas day post  (penultimate image)

Surprisingly, I've only featured AbsoluteBleu here once before, see Winter Snowman

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Funny Things Happen at Christmas

This post is especially dedicated to anyone who is alone
 or feels alone this Christmas

photo: Snooty Fox

Jamie always likes a 'lie in' on Christmas day, keeping out of the way of the kids.
But his Mum got him out of bed this year, to take one of her puddings round to Aunt 'Lil.
Jamie decided to go in his car, deliver it, come straight back and jump into bed again,
That meant he didn't need to get properly dressed, just put on an overcoat.
Unfortunately he balanced the pud on his lap to keep it safe, while hurrying there.
and taking a speed hump too fast, resulted in a sudden close encounter with holly and cream.
It spoiled his puddings (and his new overcoat).


When Aunt 'Lil saw what a state he was in, she said it was a godsend 
that she'd bought him a nice pair of colourful pyjamas as his present. 
He could put them on to go back in and impress the neighbours.

(Aunt 'Lil' is colour-blind  and Jamie doesn't actually wear pyjamas
but his Mum will make sure he writes a proper 'Thank You' note).

Jamie wasn't exactly thrilled either, with his girlfriend's present of lacy underwear.
 She'd probably want him to wear them and nothing else when he thanked her for the gift.
But it's what might follow afterwards that really worried him.

They weren't as skimpy as the ones his last girlfriend gave him,
 they were completely open at the back.
Jamie still gets cold shivers remembering the chase round the garden
and the roasting she gave him when she caught him.
That involved holly and cream too.


Jamie's family always sit down together after dinner to listen to the Queen's speech 
After that Uncle Fred usually makes them all play party games, like charades and
 that one where you have a sticker put on your forehead and guess what it says.

Most of Jamie's family don't know their Napoleons from their Julius Caesars
and Mum got terribly embarrassed one year when she was supposed to be Madonna,
Dad started giving her rather naughty clues about cones and things.
So now they always base the game on family traits, like 'Mum's always knitting'.
It's just as embarrassing, but great fun - when it's not you with the sticker on your head.

As usual Jamie was baffled by his 'trait' and after about 100 incorrect guesses
Uncle Fred decided he ought to give him an easy clue.
He meant to say "it's what your Mum always makes you do" 
What he actually said "it's what your girlfriend always makes you do".

Well, all of a sudden it all went very quiet. 
But Jamie was thinking and suddenly thought about having to wear those lacy knickers,
so he tentatively put his hand inside his jeans and looked at GF for confirmation
She just went bright red, got up and stormed out in a huff.

Jamie was philosophical afterwards, "I wouldn't have got it anyway" he said ambiguously

and at least he wouldn't have to put on those lacy underpants that night.

After all the upset Jamie decided he'd sneak off to the annex, get rid of those lacy undies
 and have a bit of a nap to sleep off his giant Christmas Dinner with wine and pudding

photo: Luis Rafael

Needless to say, the kids soon missed their Uncle Jamie and sought him out to play.
Unable to rouse him from his alcoholic slumber they soon thought of other mischief.

The youngest girl got a face painting kit this year, the boys tried to get her to use it on Jamie.
But she took fright at his nakedness and ran off crying, leaving the boys to try it out themselves
The result was a charmingly expressed, perfectly genuine tribute to Jamie and his muscles.

photo Simon Barnes

Jamie woke up blurry-eyed two hours later and stumbled groggily into the living room.

Mum immediately laughed and told him to make himself look decent
Dad told him to get out of the way of the TV where 007 was causing mayhem.
Granny remarked that he looked just like Kevin Clifton from 'Strictly'

The boys smugly pointed out that Superman wore his pants over the top of tights

Then they kept on afterwards giggling at private jokes about telephone boxes
But Jamie didn't get it at all - not until his shower the following morning.

When the red ink started running down his chest he thought he'd cut himself.
When he realised what it was, called out to the boys
to let them know how funny he thought it was.


It's one of Jamie's Christmas jobs to take the kids out for a walk on Boxing Day.
Of course the boys kept ribbing him about being 'Super Jamie'
and he kept complaining about how the paint wouldn't come off.

When they got to the Park, they stopped to watch the models on the boating lake
Jamie was still grumbling about having to wash again, so the boys pushed him in.

photo: Luis aRfael

Jamie thought it was a hilarious joke, although the water was a bit cold.
and it was a long walk home in a biting wind too,
but Jamie didn't mind, he was a good sport And he didn't want to spoil
 the kid's traditional outing to the Pantomime that evening.

photo Simon Barnes

It's the family tradition to dress up for the panto, Mum usually gets the costumes.
But Jamie's sister did it this year, she found a cute Captain Hook outfit for him
and made him pose in it for Instagram, insisting Pirates don't wear underpants.

Jamie is used to being teased by his sister, but the messages he got back were scary.
Several people with names like Shark1958 said they wanted to eat him.
He's just hoping his girlfriend doesn't see the pictures,
she'd make him wear the tights for a role play - and probably tear them.

Instagram from Bondi Beach

One Christmas Jamie tried to get away from it all, by visiting his cousin, down under.
Of course he never thought about packing a sun hat and got burned.
Jeffrey lent him one but Jamie felt a bit foolish wearing it
'cos all the Aussies on the beach could go bare-headed.
But several guys came up to him and told him he looked really cute.
He lost count of how many asked to undo the ribbon on his Christmas package.
Jeffrey said he'd get it out and give it to him when they got home.

 NB 'Bondi' photo is Jase Dean and James Cohen, but I haven't ID'd the photographer

for more Xmas nonsense click on the label at the foot of the post


This principal model for this article's illustrations is the hunky Jase Dean.
Obviously my text is entirely fictional
It's not intended to suggest anything about his character or his family
and any resemblance to him or them is completely unintentional
but I'm hoping he is a good sport!

Jase is the subject of my latest 'Hunk Hunt' (continues in Part 2)

(click on 'hunk' label below for earlier ones)

Monday 23 December 2019

Beautifully Bound - Evan Mercy

Evan Mercy @MenOnEdge
This spectacular image is a marvellous demonstration of Shibari artistry. 
The body-shaping imposed on the captive man creates the impression of
a beautiful young god, snared and frozen in mid-flight ,
right down to his sexy, flexing feet. 
Compare with this image of Mercury and you'll see what I mean.

Evan Mercy usually has a cute boyish face (see below)
but in this shot a trick of the camera transforms him into what looks like
a tough, college jock, raging with testosterone and dismayed by his predicament.

This restraint is a progression from the 'Stork' shaping we saw used on Colby Keller .
Combined with a 3 point suspension it totally secures and beautifies this captive,
Leaving him defenceless while he anxiously awaits his moment of trial.

This image is equally striking with a similar sense of flight at first sight.
Taken earlier in the shoot there's less restraint in play here. 
Grounded only by his toes (another nice shot for feet men!) but anchored by the hand job
there's a delicious tension which is both artistic and erotic.

This image demonstrates the erotic possibilities of the 'Stork' leg restraint,
opening the underside and disabling the defence of closing the thighs

See the trailer Evan Mercy@MenOnEdge

click on the label below for more' Beautifully Bound' men

Saturday 21 December 2019

Facchini Exhibition transfers to mitchmen blog

 The Exhibition of Art by Facchini which has been showing at the mitchmen Yahoo Group
for some years has now been transferred to this blog as an extension to the A-Z article on that artist.

Friday 20 December 2019

Mitchell's Fetish Art for December - Horsewhipped

Mitchell - Jogger Horsewhipped For Trespass
For the landowner it wasn't simply a matter of trespass. When joggers decided to run across his moorland they disturbed the breeding of his game birds. The signs were quite clear - 'Private Property -  Keep Out' but some of these runners still seemed to think they had a right to roam there whenever the fancy took them. The fact that they deliberately ignored his warning signs was, if anything, even more of an annoyance than the damage they caused.

So when he spotted one of the devils cutting across the lower field while he was taking an early morning ride he decided to do something about it. He rode the blighter down, chasing him through the heather until he was breathless and forced to stop and turn to face him. Then he saw who it was, Steven Black. He'd been warned before, now here he was back again and proudly looking back at him, staring him in the eye as though challenging him to do his worst........


I have posted incomplete versions of this picture here before, now I have finished it, incorporating a theme that has been on my plans for a while featuring riding pants and boots. The full story will be published at my Yahoo! Group soon. Meanwhile this image joins an album of spanking-related images (at my Adonis Male, mitchmen Club) that don't belong to full-length stories and so have been pretty much  invisible since they were first published, some of them in groups that no longer exist.

For other Art by Mitchell at mitchmen blog click on the 'mitchpix' label below
or visit my Gallery Hub (tab at top of page)

Tuesday 17 December 2019

The Art of Muscle Matt 3

Body-Builder Flexing His Arm
This picture by Matt is academic in style, but it's not a dry figure study. The man's muscles are generously rounded, an effect that's both emphasised and sensualised by his oiled skin. Although he is nude, with striking leg shaping, there's no explicit display. However, the visible sole of the far foot indicates a subtly suggestive, open stance. 
Muscle Matt - Muscle Pumpin' Buds
 Even in serious 'fan art' mode Matt doesn't quite shed his erotic interest in his subjects.
This more realistic depiction of Tim and Billy's muscularity projects them quite differently to the cartoons, giving them more solidity and weight - in the faces as well as the body. But Matt can't bring himself to extend that realism to their pouches, which would suffer diminution if he did.
Tim's smattering of pec hair* would be frowned on in the weight-lifting world, but reflects his fictional, non-conforming and sexual character in the stories. If you look at the barbel area there's even a hint of him holding his bulky pouch.

* one of my earliest, unrequited infatuations was with a young workman on a building site who had pec hair like this, along the bottom contour of his pecs but none higher up.

Tim in the Bath
There are two slightly different versions of this picture in circulation and they represent perhaps the best of Matt's attempts to share his own love affair with muscularity and youth. It's a rather memorable blend of beefcake and erotica. Showers often feature in this type of image but Matt makes out a good case for the allure of a man sitting in a bath (even if you ignore the beached whale between his legs!). He has a sort of vulnerability and receptive openness which is the opposite of the self-absorbed shower. In a drawing it's possible to flex the narrow confines of real baths, which severely limit photographic options. 

The prominence of 'Tim' in these more considered pictures seems to confirm his position as Matt's favourite and you wonder if there was a real Tim somewhere in Matt's life.

Muscle Matt - Morning Exercise
The case for an autobiographical element in Matt's work is strengthened by this sketch, which is a marvellous observation of the reality of male adolescence, joyous but so obsessing and distracting!
You'll notice that the character in this picture is called Matt just like the artist.

Muscle Matt - That Summer

The nostalgic flavour to this image has an equally personal feel which is endearing.

By setting his multitude of body-building characters in the context of youthful, hyper-virility, Matt demonstrates how the more serious 'sport' can be seen a natural extension of the magical process of adolescence, the transformation into manhood, which is not just a sexual change, but a bodily one.

Most of us fall in love with our newly discovered sexuality, but it's understandable if other men, like Billy and his friends, also become fixated on the changes in their own physique and, in a sense, use body-building as a way to prolong that process of bodily change and it's wonderful sexual feelings.

Muscle Matt - Bedroom Orgy with Tim
There's a small group of pictures featuring a character called Matt, mostly identified by the disembodied voice (his mother?) calling his name through the door while he cavorts on his bed. Unlike the first example given above, in these pictures Matt is dark haired and very much like 'Tim'.

In most of these pictures Matt depicts an exclusively heterosexual scene (sorry chaps!) and the faces of the women are shown (balancing out the observation I made in Part 2). But in just one case, reproduced above, Tim is also present, pornfully assisting Matt's endeavours (beer can in hand!). At least his upper body is present but there's no sign of him being involved lower down. You'll notice the pin-ups on the wall are predominantly women but in the other images in this group there's an equal mix of men and women.

Tim's intimately involved role here goes beyond conventional, alternating, gang-bangery. This seems to suggest the possibility Tim might be Matt's alter ego, a surrogate for gay-bi feelings, unrequited (straight) love or perhaps a recollection of a youthful confusion over sexual identity that has become a treasured memory. 

In this context of confused feelings, Matt's creation of a world of innocent 'muscle lovers' can be seen as quite poignant. It reminds me of the saga of Harry Bush's luscious, young jock tempters. Who knows?

Matt - Summoned by the Coach
If you think my making of a connection with Harry Bush and his demons of tempting youth is fanciful, this image may change your mind. Not just the subject of a young man casually exhibiting his sexual desirablity, but barely grasping its effect, but also the construction of this image is pure Bush, with the older admirer just out of sight, off the edge of the picture and spluttering over his uncontrollable desire.

MuscleMatt - Team Bud - Ryan
With that thought in mind, this image, ostensibly of one of Billy's Team Buddies, Ryan, taking off his shirt to show off his muscles to Billy, can also be read as the image of a sexual tempter, look at his eyes!

Muscle Matt - Coach's Office
 This image needs no further explanation. 
It's interesting that this 'Coach' image and it's companion above survive only as sketches. 

Muscle Matt - Brad gives a sperm sample
 One of the sub-plots of Matt's epic is the story of 'Brad' who joins a 'Top Secret Army Experiment'. Naturally it leads to startling gains in musculature and, it seems, of semen production. This is a very mitchmen type of story line, I love the sense of institutional manipulation of musclehood in it.

There's an intense sexuality in much of Matt's imagery and it's expressed very directly in this picture. The nagging presence of straight porn is intellectually consistent with the Marine Corps setting but whether Matt put it in for that reason I'm not so sure!

Muscle Matt - Billy Centaur
The Centaur is a more traditional, artistic expression of male sexuality and the concept of animal strength is a natural match for Matt's 'muscle-sex' subject matter. He captures a delicious, erotic under-curve at the point of transition between the species. The integration of the two physiques has the result of separating the man from his sexuality, locating it firmly in the animal half. I must admit this is an intellectual aspect of the Centaur concept that hadn't occurred to me before. Centaurs by other artists are usually based on mature, hirsute and experienced-looking men rather than a blond, aspiring young colt like Billy (I'm guessing this is Billy rather than his brother Sean, but you'd think this role would be a shoe-in for 'Tim'!)

Muscle Matt - Billy Vacation Swim
To finish, two lighter images that contrast the personalities of Matt's two primary characters and continue that theme of their overflowing sexuality. Literally in Billy's case above. This sweet image brings out Billy's innocence, revelling in the sensuality of water on his naked body.
Muscle Matt - Tim Vacation Swim
By contrast, for Tim, the sea is just another place to show off and cruise.
He doesn't even bother taking off his cap.
The cock jutting out of the water is a hilarious, come-on signal.

Read this series from Part 1
In the forum link given below Matt's work is rightly described as up amongst the best homo-erotic art. His ingredients of youth and muscle don't have a universal appeal but his melding of them into a complex and joyful celebration of sex spanning hundreds of related images has got to be rated as a great achievement even if you don't share his fetishes. Although his images look light and superficial, a closer look reveals all sorts of interesting detail and thoughtfulness. The fact is that individually and especially in combination, they work.

 There isn't a specific site for Matt but there's an impressive collection at Muscle Matt Images
Some of the comments there from bemused, muscle fans are priceless.

According to a 2005 message in that forum, Matt's real name was Richard Kerbs and he had already passed away before this date (I seem to recall the name Krebs in another connection but can't place it). But according to Badwolf this is another different Matt again (!) Some commentators call him 'hsmuscle' but I'm sceptical of this, some images do bear this prefix but he always signed them as Matt, I think it's just an abbreviation of 'high school muscle' by someone designating the series identity.

Saturday 14 December 2019

The Art of Muscle Matt 2

Muscle Matt - Tim & Billy Contesting
 Billy encounters a new rival, Tim, when they compete in the same body-building contest.
Tim is dark and very hairy, but more importantly to Billy, he is very big.

Matt has used two standard body-builder poses here, but put them together in such a way
 that it really does look as if Tim has just sprung onto the stage and is pushing Billy aside.

I mentioned tight T-shirts in Part 1 but no body-builder is complete without his skimpy posing briefs which in real life they wear to accentuate their bulk rather than to tease the judges (officially anyway). As a cartoonist Matt can make the most of briefs erotically stretching round buttocks without having to worry overmuch about realism. His imagining of Tim's front pouch groaning under the weight of giant genitalia is also sexy if unreal. Matt's bra for balls again. Note that we can see both front and back views of Tim - artistic licence! Billy's bag of tackle, by comparison, reminds me of why 60's, G-string imagery fell out of favour,

Muscle Matt - Tim & Billy, Like a Doll
  Later at the gym, Tim advertises his superior physicality rather more forcefully than Billy did when he was Top Dog. He oozes sexuality with substantial bushes of hair in the key crevices, not to mention an erection that strains towards Billy lustfully. Billy learns what it is to be overwhelmed and it's love at first sight. Although he responds sexually in his pants, it isn't clear from his innocent-looking face (and his past history) whether this love is driven by sexual attraction to men or simply by his infatuation with sheer muscle bulk.

Muscle Matt - Tim & Billy, You Need To Be Fucked
There's not much doubt which side of that fence Tim is on. Matt depicts him with an enviable swagger that even includes a confidently threshing (heat-seeking?) cock. It's a sexy fantasy and you sense Billy is up for it and lapping up the domineering banter as a compliment. Nestled against Tim's giant chest it seems like he's climbing Everest, but not doing so just because it's there.

There's a great similarity in Matt's work to the fantasies explored at IFNB - i.e. the over developed muscularity, sexually tinged domination and liberal ejaculation of fluids. However Billy and Co's brand of peer-domination seems less serious in intent, more playful and consensual, it's an acceptance and enjoyment of the natural order - and passionately sexual.

Muscle Matt - Tim Sex
Tim's sexuality is not singular and we see him cavorting with women equally enthusiastically. This is also happens in of Billy's story but I only wanted to include one example in this post (for obvious reasons) and I preferred this scene, a superb imagining of Tim's sexual drive, energy and sheer masculinity which you wouldn't necessarily expect from man of such bulk.
Testosterone seems to pour (pore?) out of him.

Usually the faces of female conquests are not seen, which jars with modern attitudes about respecting women. There is one notable exception to this rule which I will come to in Part 3. To be fair, Matt's work is around 15 years old and, apart from this one detail, Billy and Tim's sexual campaigning treats men and women in exactly the same way. It's clear from Matt's captions that both sexes are irresistibly attracted to their muscularity, eager to partake of it and none of them depart disappointed.

Muscle Matt - Tim On-Line
 This image embellishes Tim's insatiable lust. Like much of Matt's work this scene is very well-observed and accurate, although most of us would not feel the need to top up on what Tim's getting. The beer can and neglected work books contribute to an image of Tim that is a lot naughtier and a lot raunchier than Billy's. The message written on the wall from Matt himself, endorsing this non-conforming character is quite revealing.

Tim is relatively hairless in this example, but his quiff and blue cap are consistent identifiers.
 (Of course he may have shaved his body in preparation for a competition!)
Muscle Matt - Tim meets Sean
When Tim meets Sean, he impresses him in the same way. We saw Sean dwarfing Billy previously. Now he falls to his knees, overawed and captivated in his turn. There's a degree of ambiguity about which part of Tim's anatomy is responsible for Sean's wonderment, more so than with Billy who gazed star-struck directly into Tim's eyes.

Lifting Dad's car is a trick Matt also uses elsewhere for conveying improbable strength,
Muscle Matt - Tim & Sean Tongues
Billy and Tim consummated in a public place, but with Sean matters progress to the bedroom
 and the intimacy is of a higher sexual order than with Billy

This image is significant, it's not about muscled bodies at all, but emotional connection.
Notice though, that the 'love hearts' are strictly-one sided - and are in all of the preceding pictures too,
It's clear that passion isn't one-sided, however, Tim is not exactly standing back in that department.
It's interesting that the character Matt seems to identify with, in 'Tim On-Line' above, has this noticeable degree of detachment and Matt seems to emphasise it.

Muscle Matt - Sean and Tim 'You Want It'
Later, it's Sean who does the macho posturing, playing a would-be Top
 while Tim sprawls alluringly on his bed like a Hollywood vamp.
He's surrounded by heterosexual porn which you can interpret as discouragement or a challenge.
Despite Sean's bravado, you get the impression that Tim is still in control here,
and playing the Power Bottom, no wonder Sean's 'love hearts' have disappeared!

Muscle Matt - Tim and Billy 'Like Your Brother'
 Billy's still in love with Tim though as you can see in another of their locker room encounters.
Tim's had his hair tightly cropped and he taunts Billy about his exploits with Sean
(in the preceding frame he's just told Billy "you need to be fucked").

It's behaviour adds a touch of cruelty to that sense of hardness in the character.
But, the evidence we can see of his sexual activities doesn't quite tally with his words.
Muscle Matt - Sean and Tim on Sean's settee
This seems to be the corresponding,preceding scene with Sean, it's the only picture I can find of them together with Tom's hair cropped like this.
The leather straps Tim is wearing also appear in the sequence with Billy just above.

The power balance seems to have significantly shifted in this image with Sean reclining and doing the teasing while Tim is the one filled with helpless desire. The green settee symbolises that change, it's Sean's usual place for recieving his many admirers, often simultaneously.

Muscle Matt - Giants

 Eventually the boys all get together as a threesome and look who's in the middle!
This scene takes place after a body building competition, which was won by Sean.
Seeing each other flex for the judges has got them all steamed up and it's sexual carnage.
The real boys inside are finally 'outed'
A fitting outcome (if you'll pardon the pun).

I don't know if the type-written caption here is Matt's work, I suspect not.

I've dwelt in some length on this story-line, partly because it's the major part of Matt's available output and partly because I like it. Matt uses the freedom of the cartoon format to create a sexual stew that is alluring and quite inspiring.

In the concluding post of this series I look at some of Matt's other work

Read this series from Part 1

Wednesday 11 December 2019

The Art of 'Muscle' Matt 1

 This artist is Matt but I tag him as 'Muscle' Matt to differentiate him from
the Matt (of Sado Island fame) and the Spanking Matt who posts at Jock Spank

Muscle Matt - Billy, Flex
Matt really only draws one subject which is summed up by this first example. He depicts young body-builders and their efforts to develop muscular bodies and impress their peers.
As you can see there is a sexual dimension to that attraction too.

Muscle Matt - Billy, stud

There are 100's of images in Matt's output, most of which are part of a running story, which starts with Billy's self improvement as a muscle-head and leads to the revelation of the power it gives him over other men, some of whom fall at his feet, overwhelmed by his muscularity - and by his endowment, which has benefited equally from his training regime.

Muscle Matt - Billy, owned
Others get carried away, uplifted by the size of his organ which has acquired a muscularity all of it's own. Billy revels in his transformation and accepts all this adulation as though born to it. He dominates but doesn't have to bully his peers since they readily acknowledge his newly acquired god-like superiority and are eager to have a piece of him. The acolyte in this picture speaks of being owned, which is simply a 'youth-speak' admission of Billy's unchallengeable superiority. He's now leader of the pack and able to take his pick of them whenever he feels like it.

Muscle Matt - Billy, wrestle 3
In Billy's world, rivals may challenge him in traditional sporting ways. They are doomed to defeat and it's sexual consequences, but such is Billy's sexual aura that they willingly pay the forfeit, it only makes them love him more. Billy's organs have now become so big that it seems that his balls need the bra-like support of his wrestling leotard.

Muscle Matt - Billy, Cum
Billy is in love with himself as much as his admirers, but it's a benign vanity that is born of a childlike wonderment. He can't quite believe how astonishingly his body has transformed and morphed into something that exceeds even his own ideals of masculinity - so much so that it turns himself on. I love the way Matt uses T-shirts to showcase the musculature of these characters.

Muscle Matt - Sean
But Billy has a rival, Sean, who is also discovering his masculine potential.

Muscle Matt - Sean's Day 6
Matt's fascination with the actual process of muscle building is more obvious in Sean's story. His development is charted at some length, although we never see any of these characters starting out as weedy wimps! There seem to be few images of Billy using weights but they appear more often in Sean's story,usually as accessories to illustrate strength rather than training tools, it seems. 
Muscle Matt - Sean's Day 12

Sean is more successful than Billy in developing his physique but he has similar character traits, revelling in the attention it brings him. Matt's idealisation of a bodybuilder is extreme but aligned with the norms of that sport - broad shoulders, massive chest, slender waist, bubble butt and chunky thighs. The giant penis is optional in the real world.

The ease with which Sean and Billy develop these amazing physiques is not entirely fanciful. If you've ever tried body-building and found it just doesn't happen for you the way it does for more genetically-gifted men, you'll understand where the adulation comes from.

Muscle Matt - Sean Worship 9
Sean soon has a fan club of his own, drawn to him on the strength of his appearance and (presumably) the pride and confidence it gives him. They flock to lavish their hero with their admiration (and stuff) and apparently feel no jealousy of their fellow worshippers. Indeed worship seems an entirely appropriate word for the god-like status these mega-studs enjoy.

You'll notice that these devout parishioners are not entirely without fleshy attractions themselves. I'm sure you'll be aware that those who cultivate musclehood do gravitate to each other's company (much to the frustration of lesser mortals who are usually ignored or excluded). Matt's accurate observation of the Body Building scene is commented on, but I don't know how calculating he is being here.

Muscle Matt - Billy's Posing Briefs
Billy can't really miss seeing how Sean's body is developing, given his tendency to strut around the family kitchen, nearly naked. When Sean proudly 'outs' himself there's a nice moment where he admits to borrowing Billy's posing briefs. It's a typical, younger sibling practice, a mark of his respect for his elder and aspiration to emulate him. It has an erotic power too in this situation, which Matt exploits to the full with the size comparison.
Muscle Matt - Billy's Bro'
Billy views Sean's transformation with much the same awe as everybody else. 
The absence of envy from these images is refreshing and quite remarkable. 
Sean spills from this garment too, his cap confers a sense of being part of a serious team.

Muscle Matt - Sean and Billy Rag Doll
When Billy is finally confronted with the superiority of Sean's physique and has to acknowledge the fact, it only serves to enhance their relationship. The idea of sibling rivalry creates a nice, gentle undercurrent in this story but Matt blurs the boundary most of the time treating them mainly as best friends, free to admire and enjoy each others assets and strengths - which they do........

 If you're a regular follower of 'mitchmen' you'll understand how this simple image grabs me, there's a subtle skill at work here. Many of Matt's frames stand up on their own, but the full power of these images, as in any comic, resides in their interrelationships and sequencing. There doesn't seem to be any fully structured collection on the web and unfortunately these central characters, Sean and Billy, are quite similar in appearance which leads to identification difficulties in such a large collection of works, although Sean helpfully sports a goatee beard in some (see locker room image above). Fortunately Matt's captions are a great help. Just putting 'big bro' in a speech bubble tells much and if you're a geeky collector type like me you'll have fun sorting them out!

But I digress and another character is waiting in the wings for Billy in Muscle Matt, Part 2

Link details to follow in Part 3