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Thursday 27 January 2011


Aquadude - Sun Torture
(from The Pony Express Rider)
Aquadude is one of the unsung heroes of fetish art. He takes the classic 'hero in trouble' theme of films, comic books and pulp fiction and draws out the underlying homo-sado-eroticism. Aquadude's images, created by photo assembly and manipulation, insert muscular porn studs into scenes from classic film genres like westerns and historical dramas.

In his stories, the improbably handsome hero is captured and subjected to a succession of violent and humiliating tortures all graphically depicted in long sequences of dozens of images.

His inventiveness in devising new tortures, tingling with eroticism, puts coventional dungeon porn to shame. He also explores the lust which the torturer has for his victim, the power that the captive exerts, unwittingly and unwillingly, over his captor.

This picture is plate 36 from Aquadude's latest story "The Pony Express Rider" and is a typical striking image. It's not perfect technically (Aquadude's best work is astonishingly 'seamless') but it does demonstrate the montage technique which he uses and it's power to conjure up exciting sexy scenarios.

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Monday 24 January 2011

Naive Models Series - Tarzan-gram

Mitchell 628 - Tarzangram

In the opening tale of my new series 'Naive Models', a student trying to earn extra money as a Tarzan stripper-gram falls into the hands of visiting game hunters from Africa and unaccountably disappears.
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Saturday 15 January 2011

GIU11 Military Intimidation

Two vintage military pictures from the now defunct 'Guys in Uniform' studio.

GIU managed to seek out models with exceptional thighs and cram them into skimpy shorts and the result is more erotic than nudity is. Their combination of ordinary clothing with more sexual dress created a sense of bizarre, unpredictable events going on. This 'through the legs' shot expresses both threat and domination which was central to their work. The dangling strap here is a tingling bonus in the threat department. This pose also appeared regularly in Royale Studio's work, hence my confusion and error in GIU10 but this is definitely by Guys in Uniform, run by the same people of course.
The athlete's cross-legged pose is quite boyish and submissive but shows off his nicely adult pecs. He averts his eyes, a mixture of resignation and secret defiance. Touches like the real uniform and the hair on the soldiers legs give a sexy sense of naturalism absent from most modern studio work.

The second picture is slightly posed, but provides another great view of those powerful thighs. The strap is revealed to be an awesome instument of pain, so no wonder the athlete looks sulky and resentful. The pugnacious face of the soldier is unmistakeably adult - no boy on boy action here. The athlete's hairstyle isn't really military standard which allows the imagination to conjure fantasies of scantily clad soldiers running amok amongst the general population. In reality it's probably just the way he turned up on the day of the shoot!

For more pictures from 'Guys in Uniform' and Royale Studios use the GIU/Royale 'label' below.

Sunday 9 January 2011

Connor at Bound Guys - 4 (last)

This last image shows Connor, bound and on display at International Man of Leather convention as part of the Bound Guys stall. Connor for sale? What a thought!

The prospective buyers are checking out every detail while the captive seems to be evaluating his potential futures. Again no nudity to speak of, but so sexy.

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Thursday 6 January 2011

Connor at Bound Guys - 3

Not everyone can carry off military uniform
but Connor makes a decent stab at it in 'Active Service'.
 Love the vest.

The hint of sweat on his cheek adds an element of drama
and the plunging bondage is quite interesting too.
 But Connor is just so cute!

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Monday 3 January 2011

Connor at Bound Guys -2

Two pictures of Connor from a series called 'Property of...'
I get a bit twitchy about real life voluntary slavery but forced ownership as a fantasy is very erotic. Connor has a suitably concerned expression but the head resting on the bed cover spells out 'I submit'. The vest and line of the pinned-back arms is very sexy.

Readers will know I find clothing erotic and this struggling, 'vest-only' pose is excellent.

From a series called 'Puppy Training'.
Puppy or not, Connor's resigned, hang-dog(!) body language is terrific.
Again the Tee-shirt emphasises the nudity of the lower body even though not much is visible.
It also frames his head nicely at this angle. Clever photography.

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