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Sunday 13 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 21 Garments of Restraint

I have described Y-Fronts as a garment for modest men. Being seen in them a cause for embarassment. How nice then to prolong that embarassment, that vulnerability, by tying up the wearer so he is unable to cover up and regain his composure.

Sleeping in underwear must be the ultimate statement of a modest man. But this picture shows that even loose fit underwear can hint at what's within. If robbery was the motive when this muscular man was caught asleep and tied to the bed his exposed buttock and writhing struggle to escape might well suggest another entertainment to his attacker when he comes to take his leave.

This man looks at though he was surprised while enjoying an early morning tea and smoke. The rumpled sheets suggest a struggle to restrain him, perhaps not suprising as the erotic bondage makes it clear that the the motive is not just robbery. The underwear detail is not clear in this picture but does produce a nice ball bag. The kneeling, head bowed pose is very sexy

In the last picture Randy of Captured Guys is taken on the living room floor. In this case the well-worn-in underwear, combined with the domestic surroundings and Randy's 'average guy' looks create a degree of realism in his plight. The attacker is still clothed but you can see which way his thoughts are going.

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Saturday 12 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 20. Hitting The Button

I freely admit that I love the sight of a man's bottom clad in white underwear so today I'm revisiting spanking (see also post no 8). This group of pictures come from the Man's Hand video 'Beating The System' in which a builder takes revenge on a man who done him wrong. As he forcibly undresses him a fantastic backside in white underwear is revealed.
The studded belt suggests that the victim is no wimp and shadowing between the buttocks is great!

The hand up the back in picture 2 is almost an intimate embrace. It lifts his T-shirt to reveal a substantial shapely rear. Who wouldn't want to spank this man?
In picture 3 there's an attempt to keep his modesty as the builders fingers dive inside the waistband of his underwear.
But he ends up over his tormentors knee blushing with embarassment.

Personally I think the last picture is the least erotic of the four but I love this sequence.
There are more underwear spanking pictures at the Man's Hand Films site

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Friday 11 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 19 That's Torn it!

In real life torn clothing is usually a sign of age and neglect.....

For mitchmen, however, torn underwear conjures up images of forceful encounters between men in which the victim's modesty is a casualty of another man's desire for access.

Adriano's '2Xist' briefs have clearly been severly abused by someone and here he is forced to pose in them for all the world to see. No wonder he has to hang his head in embarrassment. Image from BangBangBoys.

Our third victim appears to have escaped from the ripper and is trying to hide - is it the sun making him feel a little faint? His attacker appears to have a splendid grasp of the art of erotic brief ripping, random tears just won't do! He must be livid that such a cute prize has slipped through his fingers.

No such escape for our final guy, Jon of DreamBoyCD. Bound and gagged he awaits his fate, cringing fearfully. The ability of some models to convincingly convey fear in bondage is disturbingly erotic but sadly not very common.The subtlety of the rips at the side is nice, conveying the danger of his captivity while allowing our imaginations to speculate what will happen next.

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Thursday 10 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 18b More Wetness!

Todays posting has swimming pool connections

Tony of BukBuddies rising from the pool. Anyone who has experimented with underwear in water will know the special sensations it produces as water swirls inside, it's quite different to wearing swimming trunks. This picture is a decent stab (!) at evoking that situation.

A swimmer coyly emerges from the pool – a classic 'embarassed male in underwear' pose. Those of us less well endowed might find the boyish modesty irritating rather than charming. I'm not sure of the brand here but it's clinging well (obviously!). There is always a severe risk of baggy droop in this situation!

Van Darkholme closely inspects the wet Calvins of a rather embarrassed looking hunky man. T-shirts are not as good a match for briefs as the sleeveless vest (see post no 16) and in this case the material is a bit too thick to give the best 'wet' results. Good fantasy material though.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 18 Wet

If you need any more explanation for Mitchell's preference for white underwear, just wet them and all will be revealed. The shower is a favourite place to start.

The water makes the seams and double thickness fabric stand out. I like the shiny highlights on the material as the water cascades down between the model's legs. Nice face too

An older man showing more than he ought to. At least you can see there is room to breathe. The sheepish look gives the twist of embarassment or reluctance. Perhaps he's wondering what he can wear to go home in. These pics are all Calvins and you can see the modern low waistline clearly here.

My favourite in this group, there's a nice vertical composition here with the tilted head and hitched up briefs forming an arrow-like shape which is echoed by the bent arms on either side and even the thumb and finger at his throat. The shiny highlight snaking down his abs and the shower stream coming in from the left contribute to the same downward focus.

Of course a man having a shower with his underwear on is by no means unusual in communal dressing rooms, it's the mark of an extremely modest man - don't we love 'em!

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Tuesday 8 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts 17 - Colours

In the old days, underwear for men was white, end of story.
Attempts by the Y-Front company to introduce light and dark blue versions with white seams met with grave suspicions of feminisation and brought ridicule from the straight-oriented male world of that time. Some of my earliest pictures picked up on this mood to create humiliation scenarios for the man caught wearing them. I'm think the critics were probably right – but for the wrong reasons.The highly functional design looks distinctly odd when jazzed up in this way.

The white vs colours divide still exists today but coloured underwear is commonplace. Designers have made clever use of colour to enhance the sexiness of the garment, but in making it self-consciously 'posey' have moved away from traditional Y-front 'values' and as a result, largely eliminated the sense of being undressed, exposed and vulnerable.

On the Aussiebum reds, the low cut waist is largely responsible for the considerable erotic appeal which on the slender model recreates the effect of swimming trunks. The dark colour exaggerates the size of his hips and emphasises the line of the white seams. The waistband sweeps around his body in a very attractive way whilst the leg and pocket seams curve together and dive out of sight between his legs.

The Diesels worn by Pedro Andreas of Stag Homme Studios look more like real underwear and the colour is very masculine. This image dismisses any notion that colours do not suit mature men but then this guy would make any garment look great, I suppose. It's a shame he ends up looking like an advertising hoarding, this underwear positively shouts at you, which is not terribly sexy.

The brown garment shows more restraint. It's another interesting male colour and the white seams are designed to give the model full credit for his bulges! These are more like shorts than briefs but I like the broad white leg hems which make his thighs look great.

Finally we have to have a Ginch Gonch boy.

This underlying design of this underwear is actually very traditional. Different patterns are patched together in a way that emphasises the seams and structure. The patterns themselves cleverly enhance the erotic areas, in this case with a net-like trellis design which increases the '3-D' effect just where the impression of size is wanted.

These garments are outrageously frivolous but in a peverse way they reinstate underwear as a garment which is best kept hidden and which clearly states 'I am undressed' when seen.
See more at

The rebellious Ginch Gonch style prompted me to create a mitchmen picture in which the two Ginch Gonch boys are punished for showing their outrageous underwear in public.

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Sunday 6 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 16 Vests and Pants

I introduced this series by reminiscing about catalogue models with vests tucked inside their underwear and these pictures show a modern take on this theme. I find this combination sexier than, say, briefs alone. Maybe there's a connection with the superhero dress code!

The moody model in picture 1 shows the attraction quite well, I think. The garments are not overtly sexy but fit neatly and the image smoulders with sex. Perhaps it's the unexpected combination of hunky man and conventional apparel. He looks like he's about to undertake a task of some kind rather than being in the middle of getting dressed. His facial expression also suggests a degree of doubt with the situation. This is another picture where the garments look as though they have been worn before and belong to the model.

In picture 2 the clingy garments create a sexy outline and the pocket at the front looks great. The pose suggests flight and combined with the state of partial undress conjures up overtones of danger, embarrassment, exposure

In picture 3 another hunk is casually posed 'a la catalogue' but the lighting and state of his clothes suggest sleazy sex rather than wholesome advertising. The garments are loose, dishevelled even. They cling to nipples and other erotic points suggesting wetness or a well used garment.

In the final picture the oversize vest is outside the pants and very new looking. This isn't sexy but I love the way the seams of his underpants billow out from below.

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Wednesday 2 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 15. Hi-Line Models

Before moving on to more exotic uses for the Y-Front, just 3 last pictures which celebrate the high waist, this time from the front view. This design is still around for bigger men to luxuriate in and although these pictures are posed you still get the little jolt of scandal from seeing the seams.

Clay Maverick cuts a suitably craggy figure which is completely appropriate for the masculine image of Y's. I'm not sure why he's pulling then out at the front, smoothing creases perhaps? Or an uncomfortable wet patch. The sheepish look on his face is very mitchmen – put in his place!


The businessman with his neat, skin tight Y's is like a more grown up version of the lad in post No 11. With meticulous dressing like this, such a man in real life would hate to show us his intimate garments! Look at his face!

In the final picture the model poses as though amazed that all his other clothes have disappeared. He is stood on raised platforms as though forced to display his embarrassing state of undress for an watching audience.

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In Praise of Y-Fronts - 14 More Sexy Bottoms

The original Y-fronts became a mitchmen favourite for their associations with unintended exposure and sleaze. These modern pictures celebrate the same erotic imagery.

This unusual downward view creates an impression of illicit peeking inside the model's trousers. Even though it is partially hidden, the white underwear is doing a terrific job of drawing attention to the shape of his buttocks and the valley in-between them. The submissive pose of the model – on his knees with hands behind his head - tells us that we are not simply witnessing a unplanned 'flash'. Has the undressing been interrupted by an opportunist or ordered by a captor? The downward angle gives us the captor's viewpoint, the severe cropping focussing in on the erotic area..
In the second picture the sexual message is equally obvious, but the Y-fronts are doing their job of conveying modesty. In this position the underwear shapes Bekim's package better than his bottom and the visible seam doesn't contribute much – except to the sense that we were not meant to see this. This pose is a bit of a trademark at Buk Buddies and almost suggests the model is too shy or too straight to 'show all' (at least not yet). The fully clad top contrasted with his bare legs contributes to the same idea of modesty.

I'm not an out-and-out foot man but I do find the shape of bare feet very attractive in angles like this. Afficionado's of darker fetishes like me will see in the pose a man crying out to be suspended - in which event the Y-Front coverage will soon be dispensed with - perhaps forcibly – but I run ahead of myself!
The final picture by Joe Oppedisano epitomises sleaze, suggesting the morning after a wild night out and we are treated to a cracking rear view. Just look at the sweeps of the seams! He's actually doing his washing (look at the hand) which is a less exciting scenario and his lack of enthusiasm is very Y-Front and manly. The dirty trainers suggest the model is as dirty as his surroundings but he isn't. The underwear actually looks quite clean but well worn (maybe wet) so we can see both buttocks outlined.

Joe's pictures are also available in hardback books, 'Testosterone' and 'Uncensored'

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Tuesday 1 September 2009

In Praise of Y-Fronts - 13 The Bottom Line

If we're exploring other underwear brands we might as well have a look at bottoms.

Jason Adonis
The high waist line is more than man enough for the most impressive of rears and, unlike contemporary hip hugging designs, it completely covers the entire area emphasising it's curving shapeliness rather than showing the groove between the buttocks disappearing beneath the waistband.

The effect is equally magical on this young man. His buttocks are less bulky, pert as they say, but the garment makes the most of them adding height and pulling the eye into the contrasting size of his slender waist. The leg seam rides high on his thighs creating a pleasing, plunging line.

In the final picture the model has a similar pose and physique but the effect (created by Calvin's this time) is quite different. The squarer leg line makes his thighs look more chunky. The close fit and shape of the garment also flattens the globes of his bottom but creates a 'Lift and Separate' effect which is very erotic.

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