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Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Royale Series 16 - Sailor Soaking

Royale Studios - Soaking a Sailor I did a survey of the Royale Studios output last year, but I have never seen this set before. A sailor is abducted by his comrades and subjected to various punishments. This rarity has been uncovered by Sailor Al at SailorUniforms Blog and you can see much of the set posted there. Have a look! Apparently Royale often wetted the model's trousers to get a clingy fit. The T-shirts showcase some muscular arms too. This set features lots of bondage but the real interest is the Sailors themselves. I have now fully implemented the GIU/Royale label linking to all my articles about Royale and Guys in Uniform Studios.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Warrior overpowered - 4

Jay Diers - Spartans

Continuing with the warriors theme, this picture is part of a group by Jay Diers, also reviewed at Beautiful Mag (Link = Spartans). Despite the grimace, there's not a lot of tension in the pose but it's nice to see the 'male overpowering male' scenario acted out with an erotic flavour. The odd looking helmet is quite sinister but the Spartan association ain't what it used to be since Hollywood took an interest.