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Saturday, 29 October 2022

Classic Homoerotic Images

famous gay pride sci-fi  image, muscles, bulging pouch, domination, riding a beast

 If you were an 'out' gay man in the 1980's you could not have failed to know this image, 
It seemed to occupy the back cover of every single gay magazine.

The homoerotic element is obvious - a man with muscles, ripped clothes and a prominent pouch. But the portrayal of him straddling and controlling a wild beast was no less potent. The ad was obviously suggesting wonderful men and wild times were to be had at the baths, but even to non-bathers the association of this sort of power and assertiveness with being gay seemed immensely new and empowering. 

The faceless, grey men trying to stop the rider seemed to epitomise the idea of gays breaking free from the secrecy, negativity and contempt which most of them had endured for their whole lives. 
Gay men, it said, are different, we are strong and beautiful, and we will free ourselves.

No one was to know that within months a different sort of beast, HIV, was to rampage through these same baths, cruelly curtailing that joyous freedom. It would briefly reinvigorate the homophobes but ultimately brought gays together more than ever to claim our rights and place in society. 

The ad uses the Boris Vallejo picture 'Mysterious Rider' (1978), without alteration as far as I know. 
The clone-y moustache was a perfect fit for the era.

Read more about New St Marks Baths 
Opened in 1979, it was closed down for 'health reasons' in 1985

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Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Royale Studio Models - Peter George 1, in PT Shorts

A few posts back we saw Peter George playing a down-trodden gymnast, repeatedly spanked in Royale Studio's 'Airman's Gym Training'. His first solo shoot had a similar athletic theme.

tight white shorts with bulging crotch
Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) Catalogue Image

His debut set at Royale Studio (ca May 1959) was labelled (somewhat confusingly) as 3-PUN.
It featured poses in very revealing, tight, white gym shorts with a military belt. 

I don't have full thumbnail sheets for any of Peter's solo sets for Royale, only the representative thumbnails in the Royale master catalogue sheets, and the descriptions provided (like that below). The key differentiator seems to be the clothing worn, so I have assigned the photos I have to sets based on that. In the case of 3-PUN it's those sticky shorts. 

The catalogue description for 3-PUN provides a fair amount of seemingly real, personal detail implying that Peter was serving in the armed forces at the time of the shoot. Royale's catalogue did not specify which branch of the services he was in, but an article in Trim Magazine No 15 (1960) and others described him as an RAF Corporal (reference pages in archive folder). The image below appeared in Man Alive No 5 (June 1959)

Tight shorts bulge airman
Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) 01 RAF PT Instructor Kit

At the claimed age of 21 he would have been past the age of compulsory National Service and serving as a professional airman, Peter George was probably not his real name but these images and the other information that was supplied about him would have sufficed to identify him and in all probability end his military career, so I'm inclined to think he was really an ex-serviceman when he posed for Royale. As it happens this particular set didn't seem to appear in the beefcake magazines until a few years later.

Peter's PT Instructor persona and fitness was also showcased in the notable, spanking-rich, Royale set, 'Airman's Gym Training' (Royale Studio 05 in the mitchmen archive). 

Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) 02

This nice introductory picture highlights the model's upper body musculature and thighs as well as his smile and erotic credentials in a relaxed, natural pose.

(Picture taken from a 'Hussar' retrospective, published in Grecian Guild Studio Quarterly No 22, in late1967. Hussar was a studio name also used by Royale, almost interchangeably it seems, I've not yet discovered how they were differentiated, if at all). 

Interestingly the 'PUN' label for this set does not seem to follow the usual practice of naming sets by using the model's initials. Perhaps it relates to another name that was later replaced by Peter George. 

Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) 03

This squatting pose was (and is still) widely used for sportsmen, notably for team photos and it is automatically seen as 'manly'. Footballers tend to place one hand on the ground to steady themselves in this pose, concealing their assets. Peter's ability to balance on his toes here without bending forwards is evidence of his fitness and hands us a much clearer view of his crotch bulge than is normally the case. The cap-sleeved tee-shirt and plain shorts are highly plausible, real world, PTI kit (not usually worn this tight of course). 

JC Leyendecker - Harvard Rower

 Peter George had boyish looks and a tall, lean, physique that was muscular but perfectly balanced. With his wavy hair and penetrating eyes, he might have just stepped out of the world of Leyendecker.
He was an enormously popular model for a period in the 60's.

Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) 04

This standard, gym, stretching exercise (with Peter not quite touching his toes!) 
produces an erotic display which would have horrified conservative viewers.
The tight T-shirt also shows up nicely here.

Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) 05

This party trick, further evidence of Peter's flexibility, would have been even more distasteful. 
I have seen young women performing this 'crab' exercise and even walking in this fashion, 
but I'm not sure it was ever OK for men to do it, even in looser clothes than Peter is wearing. 
The erotic intent is all too clear from the viewing angle.

bending over in tight white gym shorts vest and belt as if for spanking or anal
Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) 06

This leg stretching exercise produces a less explicit display,
but it has multiple homoerotic undertones all its own. 
I imagine there's a variant of the pose in this set taken from behind, but I don't have it. 
You can see one however in the 'Airman's Gym Training' set, image 12

gymnast, tight white shorts + belt exercising
Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) 07

This fragment from a magazine spread shows the upright position of a similar stretching exercise.
And it's not just limbs that are being stretched in this picture.
Imagine the temptation if you were the class supervisor.

tight shorts showing ass crack
Peter George (in Royale Studio set 3-PUN) 08

In this picture Peter isn't wearing the military belt but he has the same shoes as the other 3-PUN pictures, so I have included it in this group. His shorts show a remarkably tight fit between the buttocks, showing astonishing shaping.

This image was on the back cover of Man Alive No 4 (April 1959), there's a 'clean' version (without text) in the mitchmen archive folder for this set (link in final part of this series).


Part 2 of this article will cover Peter's other 'PUN' sets for Royale Studio,
his storyettes and other imagery will follow in later instalments

Sunday, 23 October 2022

More Art by Penguin Frontier

In this mitchmen post a further selection of images by PenguinFrontier illustrating hunky heroes with muscular torsos making love and pursuing sexual desire.

Hero seduces his colleague
PenguinFrontier - Biohazard 8 - Chris Redfield + Ethan Winters

This image, inspired by the Biohazard/Resident Evil computer games, shows the redoubtable Chris Redfield seemingly expressing his feelings of desire for Ethan Winters with whom he has what can only be described as a 'complex relationship' in the storyline of the Biohazard series. 

The artist has produced serial variations of this image in various stages of undress, but this is the best of the bunch for me, tantalisingly erotic with a beautifully hunky Chris seemingly frothing with desire for a man who seems to be resigned to it, disinclined to resist but not overly enthusiastic. The naked versions can be found at the links below, but being the same image in essence, they reveal little more by way of explicitness. 

Apron clad nude cook chef nuzzled seduced by a hunk
PenguinFrontier - Overwatch - Gabriel Reyes v Jack Morrison 1

This image shows a similar encounter between two of the central characters of 'Overwatch' (you can also see them flirting in the mitchmen post entitled Strip Poker by Krabat). Jack is open about being gay in the series, one of the first games heroes to have this positive distinction. The apron he's wearing, with nothing underneath apparently, is a classic seduction device so it's hard to understand why he looks so surprised, to be nudged from behind by Gabriel, his commander. 

Gabriel isn't declared to be gay by the game authors and I suppose he might be expected to show more appropriate behaviour being a senior officer. His Latin ancestry, which was also seen as ground-breaking for a major character at the time, adds spice to this tete a tete (although perhaps that's hardly the right expression).

Again, for me, this semi-clothed conjunction is much sexier than the naked iterations of the image (one of which is reproduced below). Gabriel's hand shown sliding under the apron is very erotic.

penetrated cock erection
PenguinFrontier - Overwatch - Gabriel Reyes v Jack Morrison 2

Apart from equipping Jack with a splendid cock, the naked variant tells us little more. 
Sex is only truly erotic when it shows a human interaction, not just the mechanics.

Collared man sniffing underwear
PenguinFrontier - Pleasure of Domination

This image is notable for its depiction of the dominant hunk's body and sagging underwear. I haven't been able to identify a background story for this image, but I can't say that fairy-like pointy ears, even as a mutation, do a lot for me. He lookss a little too boyish and for my money bondage collars, like jockstraps, look best on men - preferably big men like the military type shown teasing him. 

That said, there's a decent sense of forced submission here with the military clothing underlining the idea of conquest. The somewhat tacky underwear brand also gives the soldier a touch of swagger. The depiction of his admirer indulging in savouring the essences of man, marks him as a true aficionado.

Leon Kennedy helps rescue half-naked Chris who shows his affection gratitutude
PenguinFrontier - Resident Evil, Leon + Chris Redfield

 Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield belong to different organisations in the Resident Evil story but this shows them in a highly suggestive combination. It looks as if Leon has just rescued a very sweaty Chris from a terrible fate, and Chis is showing his gratitude in a very affectionate way.
Leon just looks embarrassed. What's wrong with these people? 

PenguinFrontier - A Twisted Affection 

This startling image pits an Anglo-Saxon hunk against one of those lean, sharp-featured characters of ambiguous gender so beloved of Asian artists who dabble with the fantastic. There's also an artful scattering of supplementary imagery redolent of femininity, time and space. It seems to suggest an encounter, an attraction that transcends normal boundaries. 

The background looks like a (somewhat organic) surge of water suggestive of powerful emotional and sexual release. 

I haven't been able to unravel the artist's references at pixiv (tagged Maithiso Loki So), but it seems to add up a siren of sorts luring the hero to his death. 


PenguinFactory is easy to find via search engines, but I've listed two galleries below

PenguinFrontier on pixiv

Small selection on Penguin Frontier on Deviant Art 

Saturday, 22 October 2022

PenguinFrontier - Slum Sex Savage

PenguinFrontier - Slum Sex Savage 

 Another frame from Penguin Frontier's Post-Apocalyptic 'Capsule' story, called 'Slum Dog Savage'. It's a rather tasteful exploration of bondage sex and a startlingly effective use of the simplest of restraints. 

In the story this is a brothel scene intended illustrating how the poor earn a crust in the Capsule, so you can theorise about how consensual this is, in real life many would give their eye teeth to sample being at the centre of this circle of rich boys.

Friday, 21 October 2022

Milk Outlets by Penguin Frontier


PenguinFrontier - Slum Sex Savage 07 Business

An earlier picture in the mitchmen Milking Factory series - Milk Outlets by Catrache - envisaged a street kiosk where a captive hunk could be induced to dispense his milk by thirsty customers who passed by. This picture by PenguinFrontier  depicts a more organised solution that also cuts out the factory middleman - a bar where customers can choose which man they want from a menu and drink his produce straight from the tap. 

This frame is taken from a post-apocalypse story where the survivors have been evacuated to 'The Capsule' an artificial satellite which orbits the unhabitable earth. There the largely male inhabitants create a new society with different mores to the old world.

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Bareass Blogs No 63


Bareass Bunkmate

I always think jockstraps look best on big men
but the snug T-shirt this man is wearing looks even better
Oozing with Man-ness
plus a nice neck to nuzzle

(uncaptioned version of image is below)

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Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Bareass Blogs No 62


Bareass Bulls-Eye Options

For those who like innocent fun indoors.

Buns and sharp pointy objects go together like peaches and cream
(Peachy asses and cum cream that is)

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Monday, 17 October 2022

Bareass Blogs No 61


Bareassed Bushwhacking

Some people think bushwhacking is an adventure sport

We know better, don't we boys? The clue's in the name.

Photo of Chad by Bound Guys

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Friday, 14 October 2022

Milking Parlour by Jakarta

I've dubbed this amazing animation 'The Milking Parlour', because the spacious layout and comfortable seating arrangements for the participants don't quite convey the sense of industrial scale milking that characterises the other Milking Factory posts.

This animation has the same element of enforced participation with the donating men strapped down and gagged, their plight underlined by the plaintive looks they give to the stranger who accidentally stumbles on them at the facility which seems to be in a secret corner of a large office building. He looks as if he would make a highly suitable addition to the team himself but is understandably spooked.


!! Many thanks to the readers who identified this clip for me (see comments below) !!

I haven't found a link to more animations by 'Jakarta'.
(reader info welcome)


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Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Come And Get It! (UPDATED 12th October 2022)

bondage, tight clothes, ass, implied spanking, Corporal punishment
Royale Studio - Solo Sailor Tied in the Rigging 1

My on-going revision of the 2010 series of mitchmen articles about the images of the vintage, British 'Royale Studio' continues with the addition of 'Airman's Gym Training' to the mitchmen Royale Studio Open Archive. I'm adding more images and commentary to the original articles and some completely new sets that were left out first time round. I'm also adding my entire Royale Studio collection of images to an Open Archive on Google Drive (more details below)


Five fully updated articles are now available to read at mitchmen as follows:


    Royal Studio 01 - Sailors In The Rigging 

    1st published Jul 2010, 

    revised version July 2021 in 4 parts, 

    Part 01d added Oct 2021 


        Royale Studio 02 - Navy Romeo and 'DTS'

       1st published July 2010, 

      revised version in 4 parts, Aug-Oct 2021


          Royale Studio 03 - Navy Gash

         1st published Aug 2010, 

        revised version in 3 parts - Jan 21st 2022


             Royale Studio 04 - Bullies

             First published Aug 2nd 2008, 

            revised version - May 27th 2022 


              Royale Studio 05 - Airman's Gym Training

             First Published August 2010,

            Revised Version in 2 parts Sept 20th 2022

Next Storyette: Teddy Boy (TEDS)

PLUS A NEW series covering ROYALE MODELS

      First Published May 27th 2022, version 2 June 29th 2022


Next Model to be reviewed: Peter George

All the Royale Studio articles (both old and new) can be retrieved for individual reading
by clicking on the 'GIU/Royale' label at the foot of this post



You can access the complete mitchmen photo collection for the following series at

The Royale Studio Open Archive at mitchmen blog

Royale Studio 01 - Sailors in the Rigging (v3, Updated Oct 7th 2021) 

Royale Studio 02 - Navy Romeo (v1, Oct 11th 2021)

Royale Studio 03 - Navy Gash, (v1 Jan 22nd 2022)

Royale Studio 04 - Bullies (v1 May 27th 2022)

Royale Studio 05 - Airman's Gym Training (v1 Oct 12th 2022)

Royale Studio 99 - Misc Fragments of Storyettes
featuring: The Test and Why-Y? (v1 May 27th 2022)

plus a new series on Royale Models

David Reid (v1 May 27th 2022, v2 June 29th 2022)

I would encourage you to access the archive and let me know if you have any comments or difficulty with the download option. If you have images of your own to add or link in I would be glad to hear from you too. You can contact me via comments most easily but only an e-mail via my profile page address will enable me to message you back. 


You can also read posts about 'Guys in Uniform' Studio, a direct descendent of Royale, here at mitchmen.
(none of them have been revised or archived yet)

I've deliberately included this nice torso image with the 'Guys In Uniform' logo in the corner. Many of their images circulate with the tag 'MIU' (men in uniform) presumably because someone didn't know 'Guys' was the real ID and thought 'Men' sounded better. Sadly both options are virtually useless for internet search purposes, being too commonplace as expressions, so maybe it's just as well that GIU is often confused with Royale Studio, even though they were 10 years apart.

The mitchmen GIU series starts at

Guys In Uniform 1 - Cane Stripes (none revised yet)

All these articles (old and new) can be retrieved for individual selection by clicking the 'GIU/Royale' label below

Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Captured Warrior in the Snow


A wonderful image of a defeated warrior.

Humiliatingly stripped naked and tied up,
he is forced to kneel in the cold snow
while his captor decides his fate.
I found this on Twitter @Tigger.kks but it seems to have disappeared since
Update:See comment below for link to them

Saturday, 8 October 2022

Jack's Strip Poker Humiliation

A mitchmen blog caption special continuing the Strip Poker theme of last December.



















This fantasy was adapted by mitchmen from cfnm's story 'Jack Cheshire and the Pizza Delivery Boy' 
Lots of pix at Scally Guy (NB these galleries may move to a later page in the future)

Other posts in the mitchmen 'Strip Poker' series can be found via the label below
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