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Tuesday 30 October 2018

Mitchell's Fetish Art for October - Swimmers Preserved

Mitchell - The Preserve Factory
A group of hunky swimmers, are loaded into tall glass tanks full of 'preserving' liquid.
It's a useful storage and display technique for the avid collector of speci-men.
Coincidentally, an interesting way to infuse olive oil with intriguing flavours.

When I first drew this picture (around the time of the 2008 Financial Crisis), I was imagining a group of Financial Advisers who had all been invited to a drinks party by a rich investor, not suspecting that he was most unhappy about losing large sums of his money with them. When they see his opulent mansion and gather round the luxurious Swimming Pool, their envy and greed is ignited and they imagine generous commissions coming their way. After a few drinks they loose all their inhibitions. He provides them all with identical swimming trunks so they can splash around in the pool and lay out to enjoy the warm sun. The investor observes their nakedness with great pleasure, a small compensation for his loss. 

The greedy ones are soon fast asleep. Those who are more circumspect or reserved are given spiked drinks to help them on their way. The trusty gardener arrives with a supply of plastic plant ties, which put the Banker's fates beyond doubt. Those still clothed are stripped and put into swimming trunks. Any that regain consciousness are too intoxicated to escape, easily overpowered and immobilised. They and their unconscious cohorts are loaded into a van and taken to the investor's pickle factory to be preserved for a later date. Their clothes and belongings are burned in the garden incinerator. 

But some escape, those young men whose behaviour at the party has persuaded the investor to spare them and those whose unclothed bodies proved even less attractive than their personalities. These few awake with hangovers to find their colleagues already gone. They are revived and sent on their way completely unaware of what has happened. As the last one departs, the investor locks up the house behind them and the gardener retrieves the 'For Rent' sign from the bushes and puts it up again. They drive away in the unmarked van eager to begin cataloguing their new acquisitions. The investor is now happy with the return on his original investment.


I'm always intrigued by Sci-Fi stories in which the hero is 'imprisoned' in a glass cylinder for observation and experimentation purposes (e.g. Nath66 - Sperm Lab). Like most cage situations however, the glass barrier inhibits erotic connection. Horror stories depicting rows of jars with preserved organs conjure up the possible gruesome extremes of this scenario.

My image probably owes more to the Bound Gods, water tank tortures with the delicious Rusty Stevens and Dante for example. The liquid in the tank makes an eerie substitute for the captor's touch. It swirls round their bodies, invading their clothing and crevices, and of course, providing an element of danger to the captive who, being tied up, has limited capacity to save himself.

The imagery of underwater bondage goes back even further for me, with these famous pictures from the late sixties, showing US Navy Seals undergoing survival training. They group are all put into a swimming pool with their hands and feet bound together. I didn't consciously copy this but the connection is obvious, the 'buddy' situation as well as the immersion motif. 

These images were originally published in ordinary, Newspaper Weekend Supplements
 and included some nice  'tying up' images of the the soldiers being prepared for their ordeal.  
Colleagues already 'processed' look on with a mixture of anxiety and bravado.

This man's expression is priceless
and with a body like that, he has every right to be worried!

see also Navy Seal Website or seach Navy Seals

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Friday 26 October 2018

First Catch Your Rogue 12 - Teardrops

These days it seems like any Rogue can invade your property with impunity, 
help themselves to your valuables and leave the place in a mess.
 That's what Gary intended to do when he invaded the house of a wealthy investor.

He had observed the man departing with a suitcase for one of his regular absences.
 and to his delight, he found the fool had left the back door unlocked.
But once he was inside he was surprised to run into another man
 standing in a hallway, a man dressed only in swimming trunks.

There was a brief struggle in which Gary soon realised that he was out-classed 
That was followed by another brief struggle which left him wearing only his briefs.

Gary didn't know that the investor had a Protégé that he was sponsoring,
a young man who was training to be a professional wrestler.
He was delighted to acquire an impromptu training partner.
Gary wasn't much of an opponent, easily overpowered,
but his slender supple body was ideal for a new hold the wrestler was learning, 
'The Teardrop'.  


Round and round they went and Gary howled and pleaded
His anguish was ignored and no-one outside heard or came to save him. 
Gary didn't know what the hold was called 
but his face was suitably streaked with tears anyway
as his captor carried him up the stairs to bed
for a bout of grappling of another sort.

Gary had arrived thinking "I'll just slip in and lift what I want".
Instead, it was him that got lifted - and his target who slipped in
able to have whatever he wanted.

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Sunday 21 October 2018

Gotta get a hoss! - 2 The Greenhorns

The Horseless Ride punishment don't work too well on Greenhorns.

They might kit themselves out in fancy boots
but they usually ain't got much real idea about riding a hoss (see comment below!),
or the same amount of pride about their masculinity as the big fellas do.
Nice to look at but too easy as punishment targets to deliver the same pleasure.

Tommy Defendi in Stud Ranch
Them youngsters do like to show off though and once they've seen horny studs naked in the saddle
they often want to feel the well ridden leather between their own bare thighs
Many's the time a lad is caught having snuk out for an early morning 'woody' ride
Cheeky I call it.

When whippersnappers overstep the mark, the saddle doubles up as a naughty chair.
The old hands love to see how it transforms youthful cockiness into sullen resentment.
All them impregnated man-juices whiff a bit after few hours bum-warming in a hot barn! 


Some exponents of the 'naughty saddle' punishment like to banish the offender
 to a far corner of a remote field. A spell of nekkid loneliness is pretty sobering
for a young fella and after a day in the sun it gets a mite chilly too when night begins to fall.
 That's when anxiety sets in. They try to attract the attention and sympathy of passing riders.
It usually works. Heh, heh. 'Cos the hands draw lots to see who gets to rescue the cub!

Pretty soon the tenderfoots start to learn how the Ranch works.
How hands returning to the stables after a day in the saddle are always a mite horny
and if they butter up and wait for them, looking humble and chastened,
they'll probably escape kitchen duties that evening!


When you're being strict with young men, there's always a chance of rebellion,
The one who won't accept the punishment.

Them colts have to be tethered and tamed,
jest like an unbroken horse. Yes Sir!

Once them ropes slowly impregnate with the man's own sweat
 they tighten so much, there just ain't no escapin'!

I'm a-telling you, after a day out in the sun,
 them rebels become a lot more agreeable!

and by that time, there's only one way to slacken off the stranglehold of the rope!
These last 4 images are from the Colt Studios Video 'Stud Ranch - Hung N' Strung' (2010)
It's an imaginative storyline and Zach Alexander and Dayton O'Connor's youthful hunkiness makes up for their lack of true cowboy grit. Sadly the generally available stills, mostly taken from a distance in the open air, don't compare with the best studio quality. Inevitably too, the bondage sequence is all too brief. Despite this, it's one of my favourite S&M scenes in a genre (cowboy bondage) 
that's rarely covered in modern erotica. 

click to enlarge

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