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Thursday 29 December 2022

Nate Karlton Beautifully Bound

Hairy chest strapped harness cock
Nate Karlton Tied Up at Bound Jocks

 There's something about a big man with his arms tightly restrained

arm straps tight harness ankle to cock restraint
Nate Karlton Tied Up at Bound Jocks

This image with Nate face-down on the canvas shows just how big he is.
The convergence of the straps to a single point at the centre of his back
seems like a symbolic reversal of explosive power 
The anchored ankles are a deliciously simple immobilisation.

The bondage here uses very similar constructs to the previous post in this mitchmen series
but the effect is quite different.
big hairy man tied up cock-tied helpless hog beard lying on bacl
Nate Karlton Tied Up at Bound Jocks

The big man is helpless and must await his captor's pleasure
Keenly anticipating, I'd say.

Early 'Bound Jocks' scenes have a delightful simplicity

The Nat Karlton video features sexy writhing

click on the 'beautifully' bound label below for other pictures in this mitchmen series

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Royale Models - Peter George 5 - Fishing for Bulges

muscular arms hand on hip sailor tight trousers bulge navy fishing net bdsm rope nautical
Peter George in tight-fitting Sailor Pants (Hussar Studio)

Peter George seems to be hanging up his fishing net here at the end of long day of work. 
It's a nice image giving a pleasing, mildly suggestive view of his cute, tight ass. 
It's a civilian scenario but he's wearing a military belt, it is discarded for other shots in the set.

The underlying, arm raised, pose here is inspired by the victory salute in classical statues, so draping it with a black net seems like a deliberate comment on the artistic restrictions caused by the social attitudes of the 50's. The rope coiled round his wrist is even more obviously symbolic of restraint. 

This group of photos appeared in 1961/62 under Royale's, then-emerging, Hussar brand. Peter's tight white trousers with the bottoms of the legs turned up copy what sailors used to do when washing decks but the practice also suggests a dash of stylish individuality which has not been completely overwhelmed by the uniform. 

The rope and the net augment the nautical theme but also supply a hint of bdsm.

tight trousers bulge cock mop deck washing humiliation
 Matt Carrol, Fed Up Sailor by John Palatinus

Calf length trousers were also used for sailor imagery by other contemporaries, such as Palatinus and Barrington. This picture addresses the drudgery and humiliation of having to wash decks directly but the lump in his pants suggests he doesn't mind being bossed. They look more like riding breeches than naval ducks to me but I'm not complaining!

muscular arms hand on hip sailor tight trousers bulge navy fishing net bdsm nautical
Peter George in tight-fitting Sailor Pants (Hussar Studio)

 This is the time of year for nicely wrapped packages, so this grainy image of Peter George is not entirely out of place. The bulge in his pants is teasingly believable here (if not quite as riveting as Matt Carrol's hosepipe just above).

Peter has discarded his belt here and is also disentangled from the rope and net, but his slightly seductive pose does not entirely dispel the simmering possibility of restraint and bdsm. We saw the fishing net previously, you may recall, in the fetishistic, wader images of Peter George Part 4. It's possible these pictures come from the same shoot. 

US sailors did wear straw boaters something like this at one time, but I'm not sure that Brits ever did, certainly not with shredded brims. Basil Clavering was an ex-sailor and a stickler for authenticity by some accounts, but the pictures in this series put me more in mind of a farm boy than a sailor. 

muscular arms folded sailor tight trousers bulge navy rope bdsm nautical
Peter George in tight-fitting Sailor Pants (Hussar Studio)

 This proud, defiant pose with net and rope completely discarded seems to pick up that idea of throwing off restraint. It also  gives Peter a chance to show off some impressive pec and arm musculature projecting a sense of inner power that counterbalances the sudden appearance of  'nakedness' produced by discarding the belt and all those accessories.

I dare say that the bulge lower down has also caught your eye. It' looks a more improbable manifestation here but still teases the eye with intriguing detail and I suppose it contributes a sexual dimension to the story of the inner man breaking free. It irresistibly reminds me of the homoerotic trickery of British contemporary photographer, Scott of London*.

I don't think the tight fit of the pants around Peter's thighs is faked, however, it's a very sexy look.

*Normally Basil Clavering and his colleague John Parkhurst are credited with producing the photographs of Royale Studio but I do wonder whether Scott (aka Tom Nicholl) was involved when I see 'bulge' pictures like this. He certainly photographed some of the models used by Royale for his own output and I recently stumbled across a reference which suggests a more direct connection which I will reveal in a future post.

muscular torso hands behind head farm boy sailor tight trousers sexy ass big butt navy fishing net bdsm rope nautical
Peter George snoozing in tight-fitting Sailor Pants (Hussar Studio)

No Peter George series of photographs is complete without some shots of his amazing backside. 
Even cloaked in trousers in an image of indifferent quality, his allure shines through.
These clandestine peeks always seem sexy.
His face seems to reflect his growing maturity from this viewpoint.

cute sexy ass butt sailor farm boy tight trousers bulge navy bdsm rope nautical
Peter George sleeping in tight-fitting Sailor Pants (Hussar Studio)

Freed from his constraints the freed man relaxes into dreams while he waits for the right man to come alone (Matt Carrol?). I don't think he'll have to wait too long.

Peter's backside is once again the focus here in an image that is unquestionably framed with an eye to sexual allure. There's absolutely no pretence of showcasing an athlete's dedication to health and weight-training in the gym - although I've no doubt that pursuit contributed to his shapeliness in this department. 

This daring image appeared in the British Magazine, Scan No 10 in 1961. 
Whether they got away with it I don't know.


More about Royale and Peter George in a Future Post (pending)

Sunday 25 December 2022

Planet Gay's bdsm Christmas

Planet Gay - Waiting For Christmas

I already expressed my admiration for the artwork produced by Planet Gay and the delicious hunks he's populated them with in several articles this year, but I couldn't resist making this image the centrepiece of my Christmas Day offering, which as usual is dedicated to anyone who is alone or who feels alone at this time of year when everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves.

I suppose this image of togetherness with a gay couple gazing out of a window at the winter wonderland might seem an odd choice in that context but gays don't have to be in a relationship to share such pleasures and you don't have to be in a relationship to appreciate the joy sharing brings. Besides, looking out for Santa's sleigh is a cute allusion to happy childhood memories. 

For me, this is also a normalising image that gives gay men a legitimate place of their own in a festival that is resolutely 'family' oriented in our society (for 'family' read 'heterosexual'). Hence I've tagged this post with my 'Pride' label at the bottom.

If, on the other hand, you think this picture is far too slushy 
and hardly in keeping with this blog's fetish credentials, well, read on.....

Planet Gay - Who's Not Been A Good Boy

It turns out the two young men are waiting for Santa to arrive and the light in the first picture signals the approach of his gift-laden sleigh. (It looks like Rudolph's nose has been upgraded up this year or else he's been replaced by a lighting system borrowed from a  Pop Festival). The fact that the pair seemed to have stripped off in readiness for Santa's arrival suggests they haven't put a train set or an Action Man at the top of their Christmas list. 

We all know that boys who haven't been good during the year don't get a present from Santa. Unfortunately gay men have a talent for being naughty even if they do have skills with dressing and décor (witness the authentic Victorian chaise). I'm not sure whether getting spanked by Santa counts as a present or a punishment, but I'm glad to see the pink-cheeked recipient looks genuinely discomforted. 

I suppose he'll be getting a consolation gift from Santa's sack afterwards - I'm talking about the one sitting on the floor of course, filled with nutritious fruits, nuts and gingerbread men. Yum!

Planet Gay - We Heard You Weren't a Good Boy

In this picture his partner already has his gingerbread man, so he may have been spanked already.
The roaring fire in the background could be a clue to the fiery heat that he's feeling.
Unfortunately the way Santa is weighing up his backside doesn't suggest he's finished with it yet.
Hence the telling look of dread on his face.

Perhaps the biscuit is a bribe to comfort him in readiness for 
the blunt end of the chunky candy cane being brandished by the elvish assistant.

It's not clear whether the gym horse that the young man has been set astride is a piece of equipment the couple keep in their living room for daily exercises or has been brought along by Santa on the luggage rack of his sleigh for this express purpose.

Planet Gay - Vaxxi-Claus

It turns out the Santa gang is really a hit squad from the local vaccination centre.
I'd hazard a guess that this injection it's not for flu or covid.
Perhaps it's a precaution against the possible fall-out from his undisclosed naughtiness. 
But it's also quite possible that Santa is sticking a needle in this man's bottom
because he likes sticking needles in the bottoms of cute men.
Who can blame him?


More Planet Gay on New Year's Day (pending)

There's a big gallery to explore for Planet Gay at Deviant Art
Read the mitchmen series on Planet Gay from Part 1 

Friday 23 December 2022

The Abandoned Slave

Carter will not be alone in his predicament this Christmas.
 Sadly it's become increasingly common of late for irresponsible, private masters to abandon their slaves when they tire of them or can no longer afford to keep them, 
just as they might do a dog or other pet they no longer want. 

Carter knows that when he leaves the sauna he will have nowhere to go, cast into limbo.
The authorities won't look after him because slaves don't exist in their eyes. 
Our law-makers never imagined that valuable livestock might simply be thrown away.

Hundreds of abandoned slaves like Carter face Christmas this year sleeping on the streets and dependent on charitable hand-outs of clothing and food. 

Some will be picked up escapers by bounty hunters.
They will be sent back to the auction rooms if their legal owners don't want them back. 

Carter was trained to be a private slave under the Slave Labour Optimisation Program (SLOP).
He knows no other life and he doesn't have a licence to perform field labour. 
Carter knows that only bad masters will buy a recycled, private slave.

'mitchmen at Christmas' provides secure, inescapable accommodation for men like Carter
We have hundreds of volunteers willing to offer abandoned slaves like Carter a safe, warm bed for the night. If Carter is lucky he may find a kind, new master this way and be allowed to stay longer.
At the very least, he'll be given his breakfast and bus fare back to the 'mitchmen at Christmas' Recycling Centre. 

Will you help Carter this Chistmas?  

For just 69pence a day you can sponsor an abandoned slave like him 
and ensure he is given a little bit of love and treated in the way he deserves each night. 

If you subscribe, you will receive a Cuddly Toy Carter and a photo of the man you are sponsoring plus regular video updates about what he has been up to.

Call now on 0800-696969 and make Carter's Christmas dreams come true.


 With apologies to Rhod Gilbert for stealing his tag line for my caption
and to James Seely (pictured above by Kris of Chicago) 
for being disrespectful to his gorgeousness

Wednesday 21 December 2022

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Cas


vintage gay art rent boy leather tight pants bare top muscles
Cas - Hustler

The 1960's artist Cas was an omission from my original A-Z series on fetish artists which seems unwarranted in retrospect. This image, one of his better known, probably explains why I left him out. The hustler clad in skin-tight leather pants has a splendid muscular body but Cas has depicted him as a coquettish vamp right down to the way he is holding his symbolically smouldering match in a pose worthy of Marlene Dietrich. 

It's not a look that grabs me erotically but I suppose I should have appreciated that Cas is emulating Marlene's deliberate, bold assertion of female sexuality and strength that completely debunked the 'little woman' conventions and restraints of her era. Cas's hustler is mocking the stereotyping by owning and flaunting it. He oozes (almost literally it seems) self assurance and confidence. If you cover his face, the depiction of his muscularity is probably the most erotic in all of Cas's work.

vintage gay art biker sexy sprawled drinking smoking cigarette dandy
Cas - Aperitif

In this brilliant picture, Cas flips the coin, poking fun at gays who adopt a façade of rough, butch-ness but cannot hide their self-consciously cultivated, inner-selves. This biker is a visual treat for leather lovers. He is beautifully drawn, casually sprawling across an antique chair, in torn, dishevelled clothes with unkempt hair and stubbled cheeks projecting an image that promises rough and dirty sex. There's a cleverly disguised outline of something big in his pants. However, his delicate cigarette holder and tiny glass of aperitif, reveal him to be highly refined. The shoulder-ribbons suggest he's something of a dandy too. 

You can also take this to be an Eliza Doolittle scenario where a tough is being taught manners by a man of a 'higher station' in life. That was not an uncommon experience for gay men back then. By necessity, they met anonymously in public places - toilets, discreet gay bars or clubs - where they were equally likely to meet a plumber or a professor, a rich man or a poor man, a young man or a pensioner, a soldier or a ballet dancer.

bondage actor chained loin cloth threatened bdsm, Saint Sebastian, arrows, boiling oil, fear
Cas - Director's Cut?

Humour runs through much of this artist's work but it's not without it's harder edges. It was commonplace in this era for actors to strip off and be chained up in 'sword and sandals' films. In this jokey take on that, the hapless, aspiring actor suddenly imagines that his role is about to be played out for real. That wouldn't really be funny at all - but it is sexy predicament.

The label to the left of the captive's foot says 'Intolerance Scene 1724', as though part of a long list of additions to DW Griffith's epic 1916 film, on the subject. 

It's ironic that the sadism of Christian story-telling and imagery has for centuries provided a cloak of legitimacy for homoerotic art that explores the darkest forms of  desire.

biker nude washing clothes cap boots sexy bare ass smoking cigarette
Cas - Laundromat

The 'mitchmen' blog has visited the laundromat scenario a few times recently (see Art of Oztangles 5 , 'Laundry Day' image for links) but you might be surprised to learn that Cas beat Nick Kamen to it by about 20 years. It's another wry dig at the 'butch biker' image of course but he's done it by taking a common, semi-clad, beefcake magazine pose and dropping it into a real world setting where the erotic implications of the residual cap and boots are enhanced and can ferment in the pants of imaginative viewers. 

The oppressive restrictions of the day deterred him from suggestively showing another man in the image, although a cartoon woman or women registering some sort of comic response, like that in a 'saucy' seaside postcard by McGill would have probably have been perfectly OK.

Smoking cigarettes features in many of his pictures. In those days it was a near-universal practice, often characterised as masculine and expected of you if you wanted to fit in.

vintage gay art, undressed underwear overpowered outnumbered turned upside down stripped
Cas - Roughhouse

This image shows the sort of scenario that might have been triggered by that innocent, laundry image. Ostensibly a dramatic wrestling scene it's pretty obvious on further inspection that this man is being enthusiastically helped out of his jeans by the other two. They are both essentially naked as far as we can see, leaving the strong suspicion that his underpants will ultimately go the same way but it's left to us to imagine why. The wooden boarding at the back and the cap and boots worn by one of the combatants look rather like sea-faring imagery and since posting I have stumbled across a copy of this drawing labelled equally clearly as being by Holzmann, part of a series called 'Merchant Navy'. I am still looking into whether they are aliases for the same person.

vintage art hidden erotic sex tight jeans ripped torn bulges lifted man
Cas - Bar Fight

Fight scenes were a legitimate way of showing men interacting in a highly physical manner with their inadvertently ripped clothes exposing sexy flesh. Cas here seems to rely more on the ambiguity caused by relatively featureless, skin-tight clothing. A scattering of playing cards provides a simple excuse for the argument if not the extensive semi-nudity (strip poker doesn't usually get this heated)!  

The scenario is a blank canvas for placing men in close proximity to one another in all sorts of undignified states which is exactly what Cas has done. The careful juxtaposition of bulging crotches, rounded backsides and phallic bottles do the rest. 

This image contains an (Heavenly) host of hidden eroticism. At this time of year I'm tempted to ask readers how many they can spot! The most notable for me is the champagne glass held aloft, as if to an optic in a bar, poised to catch the produce of the bulge directly above. The man holding it is distracted by a curvaceous ass emblazoned with the Cas logo in a way that accentuates it's shape, like a tattoo.

Cas could not have imagined that magazine staples would make an eyewatering S&M addition when the image was published. Or am I underestimating the cunning of  the artist - or the magazine editor? It is a very curiously precise, vertical alignment after all. 

sailors fighting ripped torn uniforms clothes domination overpower bare ass groped
Etienne - Bar Brawl

Etienne also did a bar-room brawl around this time, with sailors. It's a simpler, more fragmented composition but offers a more direct sensuality with the use of colour accentuating the revelatory effect of ripped clothing. There is one notable 'hidden' erotic reference, however, in the pair of sailors far left who could be construed as enjoying a hand job. Etienne's men are remarkably handsome and adult (I love that dishy blond on the floor!) but they are arguably less real and less varied than those of Cas in the preceding picture.

young man looking down tight jeans bulge bare top naked torso leather jacket
Cas - Balancing Above

Cas loved to depict tight jeans which was the most legitimate way for a man to dress sexily in those days. The biker jacket slung across naked shoulders was a classy embellishment - 1960's cool if you like. Around this time there was also a fashion for low waisted trousers with tiny zips and this picture seems to reflect that trend. Cas, like Oztangles, was abreast of what was fashionable. The upwards looking viewpoint accentuates the effect of the tight jeans and suggests a dominant personality.

This is an exceptionally well-drawn image, breezing through a tricky perspective. 
*Compare with Etienne's skewed bar room perspectives  

Hun man patterned tights, pirate circus bulge ripped torn open shirt bare pecs chest
Cas - Tights

Although I'm not fond of the way Cas drew eyes, this picture seems very sexy to me with a pugnacious, insolent face (which might have been a prototype for The Hun's trademark blond convict) set atop a muscular torso (glimpsed through an open shirt) and patterned tights that accentuate thick thighs. 

This isn't so much a portrait as a vehicle for erotic characteristics. The patterned tights seem to be those of a circus performer but the sword and distant seagulls point to him being a pirate. These two professions were blurred together of course in the swashbuckling movies of the day starring ex-circus performers like Burt Lancaster - in tights.

bulge leather young man surly hairy thighs arms rolled up shorts open ripped shirt
Cas - Gardener in Ledehosen Shorts

The half-dressed gardener is the mitchmen brand image and has been the suggestive, saucy background  decoration of numerous adverts and film scenes, most of which post-date this image. 

The clothing of this young man accentuates his physique in a similar way to that in the tights picture above. Here too the open shirt looks as if it is being pulled tight by something hidden inside his shorts. The tattered sleeves are augmented in this image by a tear on one shoulder but are completely missing on the other revealing hairy arms (another brawler?).

He has deliberately turned up his leather shorts, far more than seems necessary for doing his job, but accentuating his hairy thighs and flaunting his masculinity. The prominent pouch does the same job even more directly. He stands, hand on hip with a serious, pouty face, looking like a rebellious teenager whose just been told he's got to do an extra hours. 

You might prefer to see him as confronting someone out of the picture, warning him not to try and interfere with that tempting flap. 


Cas was a regular contributor to beefcake magazines in the 1960's but he hasn't acquired the same lasting fame as his contemporary, Etienne, although he was arguably a better draftsman. Etienne had a canny eye for the commercial and played safe with his characterisations, he was also bolder with his subject matter. For all his sharp satire Cas stays within the tradition of innuendo and hidden artifice. 

No direct link for Cas I'm afraid, but there's lots of his images to be unearthed at Tim in Vermont

Sunday 18 December 2022

Oztangles Retrospective 5

The gay art of Oztangles
Read this mitchmen series from Part 1


Oztangles - The Temple 02

Oztangles produced a series of images in 2020 called 'The Temple' and in this one he creates the atmosphere of a sacrificial chamber with a captive lying spread-eagled across Oz's favourite altar stone. Before him stands a monk-like guard armed with a very sharp-looking machete.  

Two more men are suspended from nearby pillars looking on as they await their own fate. Meanwhile they are being utilised as light sources having been fitted with somewhat incongruous, leather fetish gags which are apparently come supplied with an ingenious, candle sconce accessory that you won't get from Ikea. Judging by the skeletons dangling just behind the altar, this is a long term commitment. 

Oz's rendering of anatomy and clothing reaches impressive levels here, but the background architecture is a bit flat. He dips into perilous waters with his retro, Afro-cum-Oceanic characterisation of the High Priest.

Oztangles - The Temple 06

The denouement turns out to be more prosaic as the intimidating guard melts away leaving the principals to get down to some dirty work.

A nicely balanced composition with good suspension imagery. 

Oztangles - Zane in Trouble

Suspension is the main focus of this image with a captive about to be dipped into water. The men are clad in traditional leather fetish gear but the setting has the feel of a modern workshop. It's a background Oz has used to good effect in other images. Here it all looks surprisingly clean and clinical.  

An ingenious transparent container is used for the dunking water. It gives a stronger sense that Zane is being lowered into it, not just suspended above it. It looks a tightish fit too, with not much scope for Zane to struggle, let alone lifting his head out of the water once he is dipped in it. 
These two are not playing games.

The character at the controls on the left has an other worldly quality about him that is quite sinister with dark, unreal skin toning and a fierce face that resembles the vengeful characters seen in medieval paintings and statues. Zane's pointing finger suggests he is attempting to negotiate a reprieve.

Oztangles  - Big Mistake

The man in this image seems to have made a surprising choice for the location of what seems to be his first tattoo. I can't say I'm qualified to comment on just how painful this is and, since tattoos feature in Oz's images infrequently, I suspect he is commenting from the side-lines too. Judging by his erectile state the recipient is finding some compensation in the caring hands of the tattooist, if not the needle itself - or maybe it's the combination of the two that is so stimulating. 

I'm no expert but the way the needle is being applied here doesn't look conventional. One might wish the tattoist would be showing more concentration on the task in hand and surely he doesn't need to spread his legs quite that wide!

The tattooing scenario disguises the sexual implications of this scenario only thinly, but there's a second, less obvious layer to the eroticism. It's the customer's right hand, tightly gripping the armrest of the chair. It also appears to be resting in the tattooist's crotch, indeed it's easy to mistake his wrist with a suggestive body part belonging to the other man. In its way, this element is a mini-masterpiece of  hidden eroticism that the old masters of gay art would have greatly appreciated. 

Oz has managed to find some interesting and authentic-looking background detail for this picture which greatly enhances it. For once there isn't a dildo in sight.

Oztangles - Zdeno's Workout 1

I rather like this straightforward piece showing a boxer beefing up in a gym. It's a place which we've visited several times before in this retrospective (see Part 4, covering 2015-19). If you've seen those images there are no prizes for guessing what happens to the mirror in the companion piece to this picture - Zdeno's Workout 2 (Clue #1:- he's naked in it, Clue #2 see below).


Oztangles - Quarantine Wank

Lest we forget, 2020-21 gave the word 'isolation' a whole new meaning. For gay men obsessed with cruising the deprivation must have been at least the equal of the more well-publicised traumas.
The very term 'lock down' must have seemed a cruel irony 

This image celebrates the consolation prize God left with men, for use when they weren't required for procreation. You probably remember that we have seen other versions of this memorable, sexy pose  at mitchmen blog. 

Oz's cum-spattered mirror seems to have become something of an obsession, extending back a long way (e.g. 2015), well before the virus struck, but the 'virtual' partner seen in the reflection acquired a new vividness in those months of isolation. The 'Angel' character goes back even further to 2009  and has made other sporadic appearances since then (notably in 2019). His imaginary wings that which might have allowed him to fly away to freedom became a poignant symbol in a period that was a time of introspection and nostalgia for the old days.

And who believed the politicians who said Covid would become the new normal? 
They actually got it right for once, dammit!

Oztangles - Ed's Nightmare 05

The centrepiece of 2021's offerings has to be 'Ed's Nightmare' in which he is abducted from his bed by a military gang and handed over in shackles to the leather clad thug we see in this picture. In a typically Oz, high-tech torture chamber he is mounted in a metal spreader frame in front of a TV camera which is dispassionately recording every moment of his nightmare. 

 The X-frame and spread-eagle pose is standard bdsm imagery, but combining it with suspension is less common and very disorienting for the recipient. Oz manages to infuse Ed's limbs with a degree of tension that make it look genuinely stretched. His body shaping and skin tones are softly succulent and the dramatic, ethnic tattoo on his backside accentuates his vulnerability and nudity. 

Those grey demonic skin tones seen in 'Zane in Trouble' (above) surface again in this villain (if you view him as one). He sits back contemplating his prey and  allowing Ed plenty of time to assess him in return, wondering what he is planning to do with him. Meanwhile the camera catches every minute.

Oztangles - Ed's Nightmare 11

Ed is subjected to a series of torments without ever leaving the frame. Many of them utilise electricity and this, the last scene, is arguably the most dramatic. Notice the time that has elapsed during this demanding examination. His feet have been lowered closer to the ground, perhaps to achieve electrical grounding, but he can still only reach it with his toes. The curious balancing on curled toes here seems to reference ballet technique, a painful way to support body weight for the untrained - and it looks it here, although it's not clear whether the frame is obliging him to do that in this set-up.

Oztangles - Tony's Adventure 06

'Tony's Adventure', by contrast is far less traumatic. He is tempted into a strip club by a 'Men Only' promise. After enjoying the show he goes exploring and finds the delectable stripper expecting visitors in his dressing room. Tony is portrayed as a chunky, ordinary man who is probably delighted by the stripper's eagerness to serve him. Its a dream come true that was never expected. 
All of us can relate to that. 

There's a hint of mild S&M in the toys which Tony can see draped over the chairback and on the dressing table beyond (seen by us in the mirror). The shiny thing in his groin is proves to be a chunky cock-ring later, but who fitted it is not revealed.

Oztangles - Tony's Adventure 09

Tony gets to sample one of the dildos in the finale but he's had the pleasure of the stripper's ass in the mean-time. This is the nearest the stripper gets to returning the favour. Clearly Tony isn't disappointed and there's a nice sense of  playfulness here which shows the hunky stripper to be a thoroughly nice bloke, happy to give this somewhat unprepossessing stranger an experience to remember and cherish.

Oztangles - Tony's Adventure 07

This is an intermediate scene. Normally I would pass over an image like this since it's frequently replicated in every porn film you've ever seen and most homoerotic art. But I think Oz has made an exceptionally good job of it here. Tony's pose is perfection and his chunky physique is transformed into an idealised form that any man would appreciate. Paradoxically, the slender stripper unexpectedly exhibits gloriously chunky thighs, an exaggeration that I appreciate. His sitting position has no hint of submissiveness, he's comfortable giving service. Nice.

Oztangles - Laundry Day 01

This is a more everyday fantasy, which was memorably invoked in 1985 (but not fulfilled) in the Nick Kamen launderette ad for Levi jeans and also in one of my own ramblings My Beautiful Launderette. Like the 'Tony' series this story features a man whose outward appearance might be considered unattractive by some, in this case because he is wearing spectacles. 

By contrast his opposite number is a classic, desirable hunk with a trendy, undercut hairstyle, an enviable physique and skimpy cut-off shorts intended to make sure everyone notices him. But in an unusual twist on the 'Unattainable Bar Man' syndrome, it's he who falls for the Laundromat attendant - or his ass at any rate - as he watches him tending the machines.

Oztangles - Laundry Day 05

Inevitably the spectacles have to be discarded as soon as the attendant gets down on his knees to show his appreciation . A routine sex episode follows but it climaxes (as it were) is this unusual, wheelbarrow position which suggests to me that this dumb hunk is something of a sexual athlete. Or perhaps the bespectacled attendant is a very good teacher.

Oztangles - Pier Street Sunday Morning

This image is also based on an unusual pose, but it is really a commonplace sight on city streets and at surfer beaches. Oz transforms the imagery by making the city skateboarder a grown up man and stripping away his clothing to reveal an emphatically adult and well-honed physique. The resulting figure study seems surprisingly original and his twisted body and balancing pose is comparable in beauty to the male statues of antiquity - just imagine the skateboard replaced by a discus or a javelin in his hand. However, this modern, over-grown kid is much sexier. 

This is one of those render pictures where it's hard to tell where the software leaves off and the artistry begins, but for me it's the result that counts and this is a great result. It's one of several images in 2021 where Oz explores athletic, unconventional body poses (like the wheelbarrow and quarantine images above) and it's much to the benefit of his art.

Oztangles - Naughty Corner 02

The title of this piece prepares you for another S&M romp but in fact this is more chuck-flick than bdsm. It shows the moment when Mario, the sub is freed from his chastity cage and tether after 3 weeks in isolation for dilly-dallying with the plumber. Oz does not indicate whether the formidable electrical installation nearby has figured in this punishment.

 The sub-title to this scene is 'Keep still, dammit, the key's stuck!'  So it's actually a comic moment with the master kneeling, apologetically almost, before his hyper -frustrated slave. 
Another cum-splattered mirror seems in prospect.

Oztangles - A Busy Day (detail)

I won't leave 2021 without mentioning this series, entitled 'Execution'. It's a frank and disturbing telling of a grisly tale with a twist of cynical exploitation thrown in. Coming from this artist, it's unexpected. I have covered noose art here at mitchmen before (see 'noose' label at foot of the post for other posts on the subject) but this detail is all I intend to show of Oz's challenging contribution to the genre. 
You can view the whole sequence at the link given at the end of this post. 


Oztangles - Punishment Cell 01

Oztangle's 2022 work is dominated by the Punishment Cell series. It picks up the theme of isolation as punishment which featured also in Naughty Corner (just above). However, in this case it's a Military Punishment for answering back. The nudity of the prisoner here doesn't quite fit with that background and the chastity device on a chain which is only just long enough to allow him use the bucket seems to take us into Guantanamo country. It seems that he is in the midst of relieving his (understandable) anxieties when the disciplinarian Sergeant Vane arrives wearing his 'wet work' outfit and bringing rope and blood-curdling promises.

Oztangles - Punishment Cell 03

Jack, the hapless offender is released from his chain, but only to be trussed for punishment on a bloodstained table. Hopefully, the assorted implements on the bottom shelf mean the torments planned for him will be bloodless. 

The tight leg restraint shown here is a tie that has long excited me, going way back to the 'My Initiation' image. It's ultimately a demanding stress position and often features (without ropes) in wrestling contests. Tied like this, I doubt that Jack could achieve the back-lift shown, unaided.

Oztangles - Punishment Cell 05

Sgt Vane's ropework ultimately results in this neat shibari packaging coupled with suspension (again). The Sgt proceeds to torment imaginatively Jack's unprotected, vulnerable areas. 

This is a further example of Oztangle's interest in unusual, stressed positions for the male body which seemed to begin in 2021. Technically it's a significant advance from the simple X-Spreading deployed in Ed's Nightmare (see above) and several other Oz images.  For the observer this tight, self-contained restraint causes the erotic focus to shift from the body of the prisoner to the restraint mechanism. 

This tight relative of the hog-tie position is very hard to capture, even in photographs, so Oz has done well here. The eternal rendering problem of achieving a snug-looking fit with clothing and (here) rope doesn't prevent him from producing a great, stimulating image.

Oztangles - Punishment Cell 08

Sgt Vane is not without a sense of humour. He expounds the theory of chaotic movement as he swings Jack on the suspension chain with weights attached to his nipples and balls and going in different directions. Oz manages to capture a real sense of swinging movement in this picture and his contrasting characterisations of the two men work well too. The more subtle bdsm of this image lies in the tweaking of Jack's arms as he swings, heavily weighted on the chain.

Oztangles - Punishment Cell 10

Lesson learned,  Jack formally makes amends in the time-honoured, homoerotic way. 

Offering service while tied up is not uncommon in fetish imagery but I can't recall it being portrayed in quite this way before. Oz emphasises Jack's restraint and submissiveness, rather than the sexual exchange. This position, formally kneeling with head-bowed, departs from the usual 'oral' formula whereby the sucker is expected to look up at his master as though entranced with him and anxious to know that he's doing the job correctly.  
By contrast Jack's pose looks detached and rather dignified and it is intensely appealing.  

Oztangles - Five More Minutes

This image relies on a similar use of weights to torment, but with the focus on simple endurance rather than rough tugging. Once again, Oz does well to create a real impression of stretching with the captive forced to stand on tip-toes. It's a virtually inescapable form of restraint and immobilisation and it's pure simplicity heaps frustration on top for the captive. His agonised expression gives a real sense of that his thresholds are already being tested to the limit and the announcement (in the title) of an extension to his designated time is adding anger to his difficulties.

The tormentor's slightly unkempt and grizzled appearance contrasts with the college boy neatness of his test subject and predictably he's completely indifferent to the poor man's mute appeal. Characteristically abreast of the latest trends, Oz shows him taking a photo of his discomfort and helpless captivity. It adds a little twist of sadistic humiliation with the further threat of a public airing of his plight for the amusement of strangers - and possibly those who know him.

These two make an improbable couple, but Oz des not enlighten us on what has brought them together in this way.

Oztangles - The Night Before

This image may offer a clue to that puzzle. It seems to show the same older man, but dressed in an unexpectedly professional manner. He's approaching a younger street hustler who's neatly dressed and clean looking, but provocatively appealing. More fantasy than reality alas. He has a similar appearance to the prisoner in the preceding picture.

Oztangles - The Morning After

The companion image shows a very different outcome with both parties having ended up in a seedy hotel(?) room, naked and apparently unfulfilled. It harks back to the 2019 Night Clerk image which seemed to embody a similar sense of disillusion and disappointment. In another Oz reversal of the usual, depressing rules of life, it seems to be the prodigiously equipped young hunk who has not come up to the mark.

Oztangles - Imperial Guard

This is Oz's latest posting at Renderotica as I write. 
Here's to 2023!

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Oztangle's work is not always perfectly crafted but there a plenty of impressive highlights. He explores interesting bdsm themes but also more commonplace feelings which ordinary mortals can relate to.

There's an extensive collection of Oztangles at Renderotica which is free to join. The filters applied to some works don't always stop you viewing them, but they're not always as exciting as you might hope!