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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Leather Art by Myles Antony

Myles Antony - Hog Sling

This scene of leather domination seems to connect with my recent 'kidnap' sequence. The captive's heavy stubble and dishevelled hair suggests he might be a 'rough', working man. An electrician who came to install some new lifting equipment perhaps. Now he's getting a lesson in S&M for his pains, from a stylishly-dressed Leather Master. 

We can only imagine what persuaded him to undress and allow himself to be put in leather restraints but if he thought this was going to be just a bit of innocent fun, a sharp jerk on the collar tells him he's mistaken. Barely noticeable chains connect his collar and ankle-ties to the ceiling, suggesting (to me) that he's going to be the guinea pig, testing the newly installed lifting tackle. The Master's open zip suggests he's equally interested in inspecting the electrician's own tackle. That will require that he be lifted off the table and once his full weight is supported by those chains it's going to be very uncomfortable and a blowjob may not be much compensation.


In the 1980's Myles Anthony was a prolific producer of wispy watercolours flirting with 'chocolate box', pin-up, erotica (sometimes explicit) but generally featuring youthful subjects (see below). This excursion into adult, leather territory is therefore rather unusual. The faces of the participants are notably well captured and there's an extra frisson of excitement from the contrast between the two characters which seems to cross the divides not only of social status, but age and race too. The subtle invocation of serious S&M in an innocent looking image is not untypical of his work.


Myles Antony - On The Saddle

It seems as though this handsome man is looking back at us as he departs from the scene of a passionate, shorts-destroying and butt-ravaging experience. Antony's images take in a host of classic, homo-erotic fantasies. I particularly like this one, a very cute ass and in another subtle touch, the saddle pushes hard (!) at the boundaries of 'respectable' eroticism. I do find the trademark, penetrating eyes a bit off-putting, though! This fantasy has a fellowship with the raunchy comics of Oliver Frey who was his contemporary.

Myles Antony - Pray For It

 Not much subtlety here you might think, the phallic candle spells out the man's submissive longings but it's devilish red, so he's playing with fire. His boots and socks have a sporty, white colour of innocence but it's the same styling as a workman's garb and he's covered with hints of earthy, body hair. The candles in the background suggest ritual which could equally refer to leather practices or those of the church. Coupled with the title there's more than a hint of fallen angel about this picture. It bears comparison with the well-known submissive and boot-worshipping images of Tom of Finland.

Myles Antony - Boots (my title)

The artist flashes some extreme fetish credentials here, most obviously signalled by the Wellington Boots. You can interpret it as simple mudlarking if you like, which leaves room to appreciate some nice figure drawing. It's actually more explicit than it appears at first sight if you know what to look for but I'm not going to point it out if you don't! Not my cup of tea (maybe that's an unfortunate phrase!).

Myles Antony - Every Play

The intriguing title confirms an unmistakeable interest in unbridled fetish debauchery of the messiest kind. It's hard to believe this is the same man as the artist who painted the naked cyclist. Again you can see the influence of Tom of Finland in the pose of the background figure. Of all of the images here this is the most full of interesting detail. You can see what I meant about workman's boots (this is the era of Timberland tans).

Myles Antony - At Your Pleasure

 This image seems to bridge between the worlds of chocolate box youths and fetish practice with a hint of violence that's quite disturbing. The pink vest is a telling detail of calculated, romantic seduction that jars with the brutal reality we see. The austere concrete wall behind seems highly appropriate.

Myles Antony - Number 4

Perhaps those young men are not so innocent or naive after all!

It's in the eyes


There's an exhibition of Antony at Adonis Art presently,
but just search on Myles Antony and you'll find lots more

Sunday 25 April 2021

Classic Speedo Bondage


Marcus stars in this classic 'Speedo Swimmer Bondage' shoot from

His white swimsuit is actually by Arena and not a true Speedo, but it has a stylish design and a brief 'competition cut', showing off the model's thighs particularly well in this charming shot.



Here it seems like we've interrupted something! 

The captor returns perhaps to carry on where he left off?

The white swimsuit (with matching gag) shows off the model's skin colouring very well and suggests cleanliness and purity. 


The bold back seam seems a natural complement to bondage ropes.

This attempt by Marcus to extricate his wrists produces a great submissive pose.

His bindings are as neat and compact as his trunks, the product of a thoughtful rope master who likes his slave to look good.

Swimming is obviously good for glutes!

The brevity of his swimsuit shows why the hog-tie is such a great form of restraint.

Searching for the lightbulb moment?

The lines disappearing into his trunks are so sexy!

It's a nice moment for fans of feet too.

The model's lean physique produces a marvellous, sinuous, body line here

and there's a beautiful curve of the trunks around his buttock .

You glimpse the desperation of the captive in this pose as he forgets the camera and strains to see how he can set himself free. The sinews in his neck stand out and his torso thrusts towards us showing delightful, subtle definition. The lump in his trunks is indistinct but softly bulky.

Marcus shows a more tantalising outline in this arching pose as though he's summoning his testosterone to help him burst out of this constraint.

That tight-fitting sports garment suddenly seems very skimpy indeed
and it's easy to imagine it just dissolving away. 


 Classic Speedo Bondage starring Marcus at

Lots more to see at that site 


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Thursday 22 April 2021

Mitchell's Fetish Art - Another Day, Another Kidnap

Mitchell - Sorry About The Noise Officer

This image uses the same idea as 'False Hopes' in the previous post. A Cop comes calling to investigate reports of unusual noises and unwittingly interrupts an enslavement scenario- but only temporarily. This one though imagines a less sinister context -  a Milkman (say no more!) getting an unusual 'treat' instead of his customary Christmas tip (or his Christmas Box as it used to be called).

It's not clear how the Milkman was persuaded to submit to being stripped naked and tied up. Perhaps he'd already had a celebratory sherry too many with other customers on his delivery round. Perhaps he was lured (Czech Hunter fashion) by the promise of an even bigger tip than usual. Whatever the case, he appears to be embarrassed and hiding from the Cop rather than struggling to to alert him to his predicament. Oh, the shame of being seduced into deviant practices! 

This hairy prisoner is one of my more mature subjects and there's a distinctly adult, inter-generational flavour to the encounter that echoes recent postings of PapaCon pictures here at mitchmen. A single, slowly burning candle gives the scene a spooky, ritualistic atmosphere.


Mitchell - Careful With The Candles

In the sequel, the Cop has been satisfied and sent away with a convincing explanation and perhaps, a tip of his own. The Milkman's unexpected introduction to Festive Fetish Fun has continued and has evidently included a total body shave over the knees of his mentor at this point, which tells us that it must be some time later. Now comes the candle dripping hot, stinging wax onto freshly razor-burned skin. It may sound painful and he may be protesting, but it's evident that he's aroused by it all. An unorthodox, but interesting way of obtaining extra double cream to serve with on the Christmas Pudding.


Of course, this doesn't have to be a Milkman. He might equally be any tradesman who visits your home to do his work - a plumber, electrician, decorator or the ever-alluring, bare-top gardener beloved of soft drink advertisers! The only qualification needed is a curious, adventurous mind and willingness to be persuaded.

These images are both part of a series by Mitchell published in 2011 and entitled "This Christmas ....Will Be Different". It's a collection of mitchmen-style twists on traditional, UK, Yuletide customs. You can view the entire "This Christmas..." series in the permanent mitchmen archive at Adonis Male (free membership). Other Mitchell pictures at mitchmen blog are tagged with the 'mitchpix' label, click on the one at the foot of this post to see them all.

Monday 19 April 2021

Mitchell's Fetish Art - Kidnapped

Mitchell - False Hopes

 "Sorry to trouble you Sir, but we had a report of unusual noises from this flat.
The caller thought there was a robbery in progress".

"No, there's nothing like that going on Officer, I can assure you", Taggart laughed. 
I have been sorting out something I'm want to sell, tying up some loose ends. 
It was a bit of a struggle and the neighbours probably heard that.
Don't worry, everything's under control now, there's no problem here"

The Cop looked Taggart over, noticing he was flushed and his flies were undone.
Whatever was going on, it didn't look like a robbery.

"Very well Sir, if you're sure".

"Quite sure, Officer"

The Policeman peered past him as though he'd heard something, then he smiled and saluted.

"Sorry to have bothered you, Sir. Enjoy your evening."

"That's quite all right Officer. I will. Goodbye".

Taggart closed the door and whistled softly. Then he turned and rejoined his accomplice who was still restraining Matthews in the Living Room.

"That was close" he said. "For a moment I thought we might have to take down the Cop too. He was certainly cute enough, so I was very tempted, but I think we've got our hands full with this little terrier".

He fingered Matthews tied tackle appreciatively, making the captive squirm in disgust.

"Yes, Mister Matthews" he continued, "you're a real feisty number aren't you? You'll fetch a tidy sum when we put you up for sale. But for now I think we'll take you somewhere safe where we can continue your assessment without any nosy neighbours interfering".

His accomplice snorted with laughter. Together they finished stripping Matthews and packed a selection of his clothes to take with them - shorts, underwear, tee-shirts, jeans...... anything that might be suitable for publicity photos or as mechandise to sell in it's own right. Then they man-handled Matthews out of his flat, unconcerned about anyone seeing them abducting a naked man. They'd be long gone before another Cop could get here. 

As they left Taggart paused to give the empty flat one last look, smiled and switched off the lights. 


For other pictures by Mitchell at mitchmen blog click the 'mitchpix' label below.

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Thursday 15 April 2021

PapaCon - The Last Word

PapaCon - The Woodsman's Revenge

 This late addendum to the recent PapaCon series here at mitchmen had got lost in my filing system, but is hard to beat as a last word (for now) on this artist. It's impact as a spanking piece is immediate, intense and almost shocking, particularly in the context of an inter-generational element that reverses the usual custom of younger men being the ones who get dominated. 

This particular 'younger man' seems exceedingly handsome and well muscled, his physique honed by his healthy outdoors profession of 'Woodsman' no doubt. His carefully coiffeured hair and neatly-trimmed beard are complemented by delicious, 'grow-back' body hair. This neatness is unexpected in a man who labours outdoors, but his concern with looking neat hasn't deterred him from indulging in this energetic exercise. 

His victim is equally bulked-up but far less mindful of 'style' it would appear. Unfortunately his unkempt hair is proving very useful to his attacker as an anchorage point. We can only guess what misdemeanour has brought this fiercely administered and humiliating 'revenge' down on his backside - or what might follow from the distinctly perky-looking Woodsman.

The technical style contributes a great deal to the memorable nature of this picture with striking but carefully co-ordinated colours and a 'soft focus' shading technique that imparts something of a dream-like quality as well as sensuality. The comic-style 'impact' star adds immediacy and drama but is used with restraint and not allowed to obscure vital details. By bracketing the buttock it actually gives an impression (possibly unintentional) of flattening resulting from the impact.

See my original Papa-Con articles for linkage information.

Monday 12 April 2021

Bondage art by 'Chop'


This sketch continues the suspension theme of my last post but the frontal harness arrangement here is quite different and seems very original. It forces the captive's body to arch forward sexily. That stance is accentuated by the dipping waistline of his briefs which have a pleasing bulge. 

The shaded arm in these images is suggestive of the 'Winter Soldier' character much in vogue right now. I can't say I care for his long hair in the movies (in contradiction to the follies of my own youth!). However this distinctly Asian, spiky styling passes muster and together with the neatly trimmed beard gives the captive a gritty substance worthy of the torments he faces.

By contrast this ass-up suspension is much less dignified and probably very uncomfortable. The blindfold prevents him from seeing, leaving him to imagine a precipitous drop to the floor. He's lost his loin covering here but the pose preserves his modesty (for what that's worth in this sort of situation!)  The strapping used to restrain him is much more complicated and doesn't quite match the pleasing simplicity of the first image or the one below.

 I'm torn on this image which seems to be part of the same series. The bondage element is deliciously understated and the figure knelt behind him (who has presumably just removed his blindfold) ratchets up an air of hovering undefined menace. Regulars will know I'm not averse to 'fem dom' situations at mitchmen blog, however the femininity of this captor and her close proximity to him is a big turn-off for me. He doesn't look too pleased about it either! In the end though, I thought that element was outweighed by the bondage appeal and his characterful (apprehensive) face, now finally revealed.


I have these pictures attributed to 'Chop' but I've no idea who that is but the drawing style is quite accomplished and vaguely familiar, so I feel I ought to!  I'd welcome illumination from anyone more knowledgeable than me (via the comments facility).

Apr 13th - We have a character ID now - thanks to imperiusims! See comments below. But who is the artist?

Friday 9 April 2021

Bizarre Punishments 7

 I expect he'll think of something!


Following the suspension torture of 'Hung Out To Dry', this excerpt features an evil villain with a taste for retro-torture in the medieval style. The hero and his torturer are both stripped to the waist in accordance with ancient norms although the swirling smoke/steam suggests this dungeon is quite warm anyway. Converting the traditional rack into a vertical, unsupported position is a fiendish adaptation which provides extra scope for access for all kinds of purposes. However, intimate interrogation as the evening wears on might require a step ladder. The giant spiked wheel which brings about the demise of the villain is not entirely original, but it's presence adds to the sense of macabre brutality. The investment in this dungeon must be quite considerable! 

View the mitchmen, Naked Sequel

These pictures are taken from Battle Comic 345 (1981).  They are pretty much unchanged apart from the dialogue in the last frame where I have added a suggestive twist to the original words. I have also removed obvious indicators of nationality which are not relevant to our interest in these posts. This could take place anywhere in the world during wartime. The original page is shown below (click to enlarge). You'll see that the prisoner stops to dress himself before he makes his escape with his rescuer, dimming hopes of a raunchy celebration afterwards.

This is No 22 of the 'mitchmen at war' series,
to see the rest click on the 'War Comics' label below.

'Bizarre Punishments' is a subset of that series,
there's an index of the previous ones in 'Hung Out To Dry
N.B. I have now posted better quality images for No 11 of this series

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Zamius - Lifeguard

If Lifeguards aren't an official fetish, they ought to be!
This humorous series by Zamius is light on butch-ness but big on bulges.
I'm not sure if this chap has just arrived on duty or is rushing off to rescue someone.
Either way his red trunks provide a treat for nearby sun-bathers (remember that pastime?)

In this image our hero has seen something that's got him excited.
Oddly enough it seems to be inland rather that out in the sea.
I love the reining-in function of his whistle here

 The plot thickens! The lifeguard can't believe his eyes.
You may feel the same way. 

Further images in this series progress to a messy conclusion but without further tangible movement elsewhere, we never do find out what or who he spotted to produce this auto-erotic response.
(it's a bit intense, a bit 'social media'-ish at the time of writing)
There's a Patreon link on the pictures

Saturday 3 April 2021

The Look of Increasing Anxiety

 This is 'The Look' No 22, for others click on 'The Look' label below

For other 'medical' fantasies click on the label below