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Monday 28 September 2020

Amalaric - 'A Barque Full Of Briefs' (with narrative by Mitchell)

Amalaric - A Barque Full Of Briefs

The men of Lickchester Rugby Club were disappointed with their Caribbean Cruise. Admittedly it had been very cheap and it was certainly an atmospheric 'experience'. The dress code had come as a bit of a shock, but they'd got used to it after a few days and it did seem a sensible solution to the sweltering, tropical heat and the crowded accommodation. However, the food was terrible and the crew wouldn't tolerate any larking about or misbehaviour. They'd been unexpectedly harsh with the prop forward who'd helped himself to an extra ration of bread from the storeroom while no-one was looking. 

Fortunately, the Team were used to strict discipline from their Coaches and were still looking forward to a few weeks of complete relaxation in the sun at their ultimate destination - The Old Demerara Plantation Resort. Situated on a remote island that didn't appear on any maps, privacy from the prying eyes of the press was guaranteed. Apparently the management always laid on lots of strenuous activities for their guests, but most of the guys were planning to just crash out by the pool,

......after all nobody was going to be cracking the whip, were they?

Narrative by Mitchell (mitchmen)

Holiday Tip: Look before you book! 


This image was especially created by Amalaric to commemorate the currently on-going review of his work here at mitchmen. It reflects our shared enthusiasm for men clad only in traditional white underwear and inspired me to create this Rugby Team storyline to accompany it. It's a fantasy which owes something to the story of the Raytown Softball Team (published at  Telemachus12). 

You can substitute a team from your own preferred sport.

The Art of Amalaric resumes with Part 6 shortly 

Friday 25 September 2020

The Look of Naive Disbelief


Topher Dimaggio breaks the bad news gently to a naive novice.

This is 'The Look' No 21, for others click on 'The Look' label below

Tuesday 22 September 2020

The Humiliation of Cam

Cam is smugly boasting about his expensive, new, leather jacket.
Guido's trunks suggest he might have earthier topics on his mind.

all photos courtesy of Wrestler4Hire (link at foot of post)

Cam continues to show off, much to Guido's irritation.
But the posing exposes one of the best features of his new outfit
a tantalising glimpse of nicely rounded, red pouch.

Guido makes straight for it with a crushing claw-like grip.

As the grip tightens, Cam stops boasting and gasps instead

Propelled by his balls into the (mercifully padded) wall
Cam must be thinking 'Jez! Waddaya do that for?'
His neatly swept hair is now drooping in dismay

Having drawn Cam's attention to the vulnerability of his balls,
Guido strips him of his jacket and uses it as an improvised 'wedgie'

Unconventional, but it would truly be a shame to spoil the attractive,
rounded shapes and curves of Cam's trunks by grabbing hold of them to lift him.

Cam's crack gets the warming-up treatment now,
but I suspect he's howling mainly about the abuse of his precious jacket here

 While Cam kneels protecting his battered, griping groin,
Guido moves in with close-up demo of his muscular forearms.

It's a move that readily converts into a reverse, neck lock with a distracted opponent.
It forces Cam to push his torso forward and open his thighs,
in order to ease the pressure on his neck and back.

 I like to call this move, 'the armpit smother'.
Cam's face is engulfed by Guido's sweaty, hairy armpit
and Guido clearly relishes his discomfort

In addition he (and we) get a great view of Cam's packet,
still looking unexpectedly fulsome, considering the abuse it's had.

It's got to still be tingling.

Guido switches to Cam's legs, folding them into a figure 4.
By lifting them in the air he applies pressure to his back.
Cam's buns peek out of his clingy trunks looking nicely plumped 

Guido moves round, levering Cam's legs against the crook of his arm
and applying more pressure on his back to produce an anguished look
and a super curve running down the front of his thigh and abdomen.
He can now feast his eyes on the sight of Cam's cute buns.

A change of hold brings Guido's tackle within touching distance of Cam's buns

As though inspired by this sight, Guido forces Cam into a basic surfboard position where he can get a ringside view (so to speak) and continue working on Cam's back. We get a peek at Cam's crack through the gap produced by his tensed buns

Cam's hair flies as he frantically struggles to relieve the pressure

You sense he's weakening here.

Guido gives him another tweak.
With electrifying results.

Cam surrenders.

The winner's privelege is to extract a forfeit.
Cam's strung up by the wrists, the stretch will help his tortured back
But he's unable to prevent Guido from revisiting those other sensitive areas

Finally it's off to conclude proceedings in the privacy of the locker room.
 We get a nice view of Cam's rangy body departing.
Cam's cute, red trunks have also proved unlucky before for other men at Wrestler4Hire.
and also Alex against 'The Mountain'and against Damien
Other Wrestling Humiliations:- Chace, Kasee, Chet Chastain ,
Please Note: I've adapted these pictures to my own storyline which is not the same as the original video and does not purport to represent the actions or feelings of the real participants although I have kept their wrestling names.  
See the original:-
My thanks to them.

Friday 18 September 2020

The Art Of Amalaric, Part 5 - The Thrill Of The Chase

501 Canyon Ranch

You expect Cowboys to feature in a collection of gay fantasies at some point, but this is not the old Wild West, but modern ranch farming. Two fit young men are being forced to run on bare feet, towed on a chain by a ranch hand who is riding a horse. The captive's limbs are completely unrestrained but they have no choice but to follow him.

I have posted two other, similar scenarios to this recently in A New life of Air Force Boys and A New Life for Sam, but they depicted fully-restrained men, there's a more subtle control at work here. It makes for a lively image in which domination seems a normal state of affairs.

The two captives wear matching shorts which seem something like a uniform, perhaps indicating a former military link or it may simply be the dress-code for the Ranch they are joining. It's not clear how these men were recruited for Canyon Ranch nor what their role is to be when they get there. There's less call for labour in cattle spreads but these two seem to be regarded as being more like livestock.

Illustration for 'Canyon Ranch'
(story not by Amalaric and not presently available as far as I know)

502 Hairy Buck

The same status applies to this man (another magnificent specimen of manhood from Amalaric). The barn seems an entirely fitting setting in which to experience his animal aura. The chains show respect for his physical strength which will be put to good use and developed further by working on the farm. Well satisfied with his latest acquisition from the Stock Auction, the farmer discusses arrangements for using him with his Foreman. He talks about putting him before the plough*, his obvious suitability for breeding and availability for occasional, private entertainments, behaving as though the subject himself is not present, not able to hear and understand what they are saying.

*(see also Part 4, 10th Stage)

In a sense this scene mirrors own Amalaric's own occupation of finding suitable 'stock' and putting them to work in the settings of his stories and images. I imagine he feels a similar pride in significant new acquisitions. You may recognise the character on the far right from the last image of Part 4, where he was deliberating on the future of Pete Deveraux (lately a PE Coach). The reappearance of anonymous characters in different stories gradually develops mysterious but dimly-recognisable identities for them. Identities that add depth to the images and help create an underlying sense of unity across Amalaric's work.

Image from 'Hairy Buck' at Telemachus


503. Another Spring Round-Up

'Rodeo Round-Up' whimsically expands on this notion of humans being substitutes for animals in the context of the annual Auction and Rodeo of a rural community. This image depicts cowboys rounding up 'Free Range' livestock for the event. It's not explained just how free, Free Range men are. Whether, for example, this chap was 'previously-owned' but put out to pasture or completely 'wild' but just happened to be passing by at a bad time.

Humans, unlike animals, know that Farmers have certain expectations of their livestock involving procedures such as milking, shearing and others less pleasant to contemplate, like branding and gelding. The term 'husbandry' acquires rich new meanings in this context with the ever-present threat of more drastic solutions for beasts that don't deliver. I suspect this frightened colt is aware of some of those possibilities, the restraint arrangement here suggests something's in the offing and it might be whatever is spooking him just off-camera. He's blissfully unaware of a more mundane interest just behind.

You may recognise the Ranch hand here, it's quite a well-known image, pure beefcake . In the original, the downcast eyes suggest modesty or a manly indifference to the prying camera. He's a man whose acquaintance you might be glad to make in other circumstances. It's amazing how thrusting another man into his eyeline transforms him from that regular cowboy into a lustful cow-poke. Or perhaps he's just wondering where to apply the branding iron.

504 Examining The Merchandise

The Stock Auction is the opening event of the Rodeo and is preceded by the opportunity to examine the creatures on offer. The artist shows the viewing taking place in a vast, historic, timber building which seems to infuse the proceedings with a sense of great tradition and cultural importance. The variety of men on offer ranges from stallions and bulls to sheep and lambs and all of them will be wondering 'who will buy me and what for?' Work? Breeding? Or merely as pets or playthings?

That teasing penis inspection on the left might be the casual interest of a farmer hoping to impress his neighbours, perhaps of a professional breeder or a provider of intimate personal services, or is he just a groper and gawker willing to pay the admission fee for the thrill of a brief touch? In fact, the narrative informs us that the well-dressed man on the left is an undercover MOSLA operative who is preparing to pay a hefty premium to secure such a fine bull. His overseas clients will pay him a fortune for the chance to harness this beast's sexual potency to their exotic tastes.

The big bull submitted to the stroking and fondling, completely unaware of his probable fate”.

Some owners are better than others and their scrutiny may give a clue to that, but ultimately these men have no say in the matter. They'll all find out soon enough when they reach their new home. That reality seems to have suddenly hit the man in the distant background as the Auction Assistant summons him to stand on the block. This is a domain where ownership is a commonplace, casual affair and must be accepted by those who are subjected to it.

The erection and direct intimate contact shown here is quite a rarity in Amalaric's imagery. He's usually content to simply imply sexual contact, even in his writings. Of course, this particular situation does have the contextual veneer of professional respectability. Later in the narrative we learn that both the 'Bucking Broncos' and 'Bareback Bull Riding' events end in sexual intimacies (for the successful cowboys anyway).

You should recognise a familiar figure in the centre, starting to seem distinctly sinister now.

505 Shearing A Lamb

Amalaric's description of the Rodeo encompasses a wide range of competitions and demonstrations. Shearing the lambs is one of the most imaginative and difficult to perform, since the lambs must be caught and stripped of their clothing before their modest amounts of hair can be shaved off. Although their hands are tied behind their back from the start, they are encouraged to resist and the sight of the shears ensures that they do. It's all against the clock and the weight of the 'fleece' counts too, so a comprehensive clearance, even between the legs and under arms is essential - and hugely entertaining for the crowd. The nice sense of struggle in this image is heightened by the crazy angles.

506 Lassooing and Roping

Having had time to imagine what their rounding-up may lead to, it's probably a relief for this group of men to discover that they are only needed as demonstration material on this occasion, providing a vehicle for the cowboys to show off their rope skills. Like the lambs, it's expected that they will try to evade capture and resist. The captives assembled here show signs of continuing anxiety, perhaps worrying whether that dog is a trained, herding animal or an uncontrolled scavenger.

The stunning background landscape lends the scene an atmosphere of wholesome outdoor sport.

Images from Rodeo Round-Up at Gay Bondage Fiction
(subscription site with some free chapters)


507 Stud Hunting

Amalaric expands on the Round-Up theme in 'Stud Hunt Safari' at Telemachus. The title pretty much describes the plot with 20 desirable young captives being given a chance to earn their freedom by evading a hunting party on a remote island for the duration of 'The Hunt' – i.e. 5 days.

A recent movie 'The Hunt' was based on a similar idea except that those hunters aimed to kill their quarry. Amalaric's original is much less blood-thirsty (and all-male of course!). Knock-out darts are the only ammunition in his yarn and any stud who gets caught simply becomes the hunter's property, an equally dystopian outcome I suppose, but rather more interesting erotically.

In the image above, the youthful beauty of the hunted is contrasted with their unappealing, grizzled pursuers. The man making a run for it (whose twin we saw before at the top of this post) is almost certain to be brought down and will probably come round to find himself securely roped and bound for a new life with a new owner.

508 The Trophy

This hunter drops his catch off at the packing shed to arrange shipment home, but he lingers long enough to test how the man deals with a bit of training and to set his expectations off on the right foot. Offering men as competition prizes instead of using a conventional sales process adds the thrill of the chase to the buying experience. Of course it will tend to cut out the weaker members of the herd first, unless the hunters are very discriminating. The best of the bunch may get away altogether. Perhaps there's an option of tossing a catch back into the pool if the hunter's dissatisfied, but I can't imagine this hunk getting that lucky.

The hunt for and forcible acquisition of desirable manflesh is a major strand in Amalaric's work and these whimsical pieces fantasise a world where hunks are forced to accept that fate, they are fair game for abduction and ownership by those who have money and power. There's some sort of quasi-legal underpinning for it all which means they can't file a complaint if they are set free, they must just thank their lucky stars and enjoy their good fortune.

'Stud Hunting Safari' is at Telemachus

509 John Shows His Physique

'Hunting Jarheads' is also a story about cutting out members of 'the herd', but these are members of the general population and have no idea they are being hunted. It's the story of a single rogue hunter, a loner who illegally stalks individual prize specimens for his personal gratification.

The hunter, Ric is the narrator of the story. He is much attracted to Marines or jarheads as they are known. Their fitness, attitude and ability to defend themselves adds up to an enticing hunting challenge, requiring great guile and cunning. His patient stalking process is best set out in the story of 'John', one of four innocents who succumb to him. Ric first spots John with some friends on a beach and cultivates his friendship over a period of weeks by preying on his jarhead weaknesses – his vanity, cocky self-confidence and his youthful inexperience and loneliness.

This is an early story but you wouldn't have guessed that from the skilful description of Ric winning the unsuspecting stud's confidence and gradually luring him into his web. He eventually makes his decisive move after an evening's drinking has further softened John's defensive reflexes. A little flattery of his physique persuades John to half undress, he even allows Ric undo his jeans for him, eloquently demonstrating his trust in their friendship, but also his vanity and inebriation. This image shows the resulting Tee-Lift (Undress Stage 3 in Part 4 in combination with the Fly Spread, Stage 7).

510 Get Down On Your Knees

A pair of handcuffs have been casually left on the table to give John food for thought and now prompt Ric to tease him about his ability to endure punishment, knowing it's a matter of honour for a Marine. He tricks John into spilling beer on the settee and challenges him to a role-play punishment so he can make amends and prove how tough he really is. John's pride is piqued and he agrees and is gradually manoeuvred into the handcuffs. Ric repeatedly makes sure he is willing to go on and manages to make him kneel and admit (in role-play) that he deserves the punishment that is coming. After that John freely offers himself up, mounting a bench dressed only in his briefs to initiate a stunning punishment scene that boils with testosterone.

"His long body glistened with nervous sweat, muscle strained in high relief as he balanced on hands and knees. His long, smooth back arched suggestively, high ass thrust outward fit to burst the stretched cotton of his briefs, thick hairy legs slightly splayed and head bowed between massive shoulder blades…waiting for his just deserts”. (Hunting Jarheads Chap 7)

Ric's punishment of John is as neatly structured as his ensnarement and a concise narrative conveys it's intensity and John's manly endurance of it, straining against the bondage but intent on demonstrating that he's a Marine and he can take it. He even reaffirms his consent halfway through and in the end, after 40 minutes, Ric actually has to force him to utter the safe word so he can stop. 

Only then does John ruefully acknowledge:-

Damn, you lay the leather on like an expert, man…” and tried to smile. (Chap 8)


511 Staked Out

After this, John naturally expects to be released so they can go back to their beers. His honour and toughness have been proven and (apparently) he holds no grudges, validating Ric's choice of him. That's not Ric's plan of course, he refuses to release him and within hours he's smuggled him over the border into Mexico where he undergoes much more restraint and 'training' including a day spread-eagled and teased under the desert sun.

In these images Ric is nicely characterised as an attractive fit man, but he's always fully-dressed, standing back, watching. The punishments are largely delivered from a distance with whips, prods etc but nevertheless his intensely physical attraction to John is very evident. There are moments of intimacy but he repeatedly postpones all but the most teasing of sexual contacts. Both men go unsatisfied during several days of intimate manoeuvrers. 


512 Tommy Chained Up 

John's torments are interrupted by his Marine buddy, Tommy, who arrives just as John's been wired up for his first taste of electro-stimulation. Tommy is only making enquiries about where John might have disappeared to and doesn't suspect Ric of being involved. Consequently he is easily taken down at gunpoint, to be imprisoned in an outbuilding and given a 'light' introduction to the cat. This image featuring heavy sweat and moist underwear seems to elegantly capture this sudden and astonishing reversal of his fortunes.

In this tale, John and Tommy's story is interwoven with that of an earlier target of Ric's, Timmy. He was a body-builder, who was spooked at the crucial 'undress' stage by Ric's clumsy mishandling of him. He fought back and in the end could only secured at the point of a gun. This messy outcome caused Ric to refine his technique and John becomes a primary beneficiary of that. All three men's storylines break off abruptly after the initial punishments, leaving them tied up (and in John's case wired up) anticipating more unpleasantness to come. You sense the author is reluctant to let any of them go, but can't resist returning to the thrill of the chase, for another 'hit'. 

But Ric's 4th acquisition turns out rather differently. 



513 Rob Corlis

Rob Corlis is another Jarhead whom Ric befriends and eventually lures to a (different), remote, desert hideaway on the simple pretence of them spending a long, relaxing, boys weekend together watching football etc. On the journey Ric drops hints that the facilities are basic, but when Rob discovers he's expected to sleep in a barn, he changes his mind and wants to go back.

Ric then confronts him with photos of his indiscretions with the Commanding Officer's wife. He tells him that the CO has offered him a private, punishment arrangement to avoid the embarrassment of a full military tribunal and dismissal from the service. Rob has little choice but to agree. You may recall Ryan and Todd were persuaded by similar arguments (in Part 4).

Ric tells Rob he has to perform a military-style 'work detail' as his penance and makes him strip down to under-briefs to perform it. This humiliation has just the right amount of logic in it to allow Rob to accept it. As his reluctant undress into captivity begins, he provides us with a rather nice, vertical variation on the Stage 3, Tee Raise, i.e. The Open Shirt (plus a simultaneous, Stage 7, Fly Spread). 


514 Rob's First Taste of the Whip

Rob spends the rest of the day working in the hot sun, demolishing walls and shifting blocks under the encouragement of Ric's riding crop. After that, he reckons he's paid his dues but instead he gets his first taste of shackles and, after a period of reflection on his errors, an introduction to the whip (witness the pink-tinged skin in this picture). You will observe it is delivered in the traditional X-spread position. He sleeps naked in the barn that night and wakes to another cycle of work and punishment.


515 Rob's Hard Labour

After the first day Ric is so pleased with Rob that he decides he's going to 'keep' him and attempt to domesticate him, indeed there's even a slight suggestion that his interest is returned. He offers to uncuff Rob so he can piss properly and Rob replies:

Yeah.... and then…...maybe we can do some stuff......but I gotta get back to the base”

or is this just the gameplay of a man desperate to escape?

Amalaric describes Rob's captivity in much more detail than any of the other men, it mostly comprises of more 'creative', exhausting, but fairly pointless, work tasks that nevertheless attract penalties if not carried out correctly. The punishments vary from standing shackled to a post for hours on end to the more immediately painful options we are familiar with. The uncertainty attached to when they might be incurred just adds to Rob's torment of course.

This punishment by hard labour resembles what happens to Dave in 24 hours. It creates a more realistic story than an endless regime of corporal punishment (although Dave soon ends up in that position). In fact Ric tells us later that he doesn't need to whip Rob every day(!)


516 Rob's Bath Time

Such is Ric's enthusiasm for Rob, that his narrative delves into their shared, domestic routine, including hygeine, R&R and supervised sexual relief. The illustration above shows Rob's continuing humiliation in the most private of tasks and Ric's unflagging interest in looking at him and enjoying his body (and why not?).

With Rob and John, Ric seems to cultivate a genuine, intimate relationship as though hoping that their Marine's ability to endure punishment will become a willingness to accept it on a regular basis. But he doesn't want submission of course - spunky resistance and escape attempts are part of the game (and to be punished of course) but in the end he rejects Rob after he almost succeeds in getting away. Their bromance ends with a cursory disposal, which has the appearance of petulance.

From 'Hunting Jarheads' at Gay Bondage Fiction
(subscription site with some free chapters)
Full publication of this story is on-going.


The common theme of 'The Hunt' in these stories produces some unexpectedly compassionate attitudes to the targeted studs. In both 'Rodeo Round-Up' and 'Stud Hunting Safari', the men are compelled to participate in contests of man vs beast, but these are more athletic than painful in the main and there's an element of 'fair-play' in their treatment with evasion and resistance encouraged in the interests of entertainment. Some of them even have a chance to earn their freedom if they come through their trials with honour and they seem to accept their situation with equanimity.

'Hunting Jarheads' is different. The targets are free men with no idea they are being hunted, but in this case too the hunter goes out of his way to be 'fair' to them, as though it's a game. He deliberately selects Marines, who are trained to endure pain better than ordinary men and indeed he has to force John to say the 'safe word' when he judges he's had enough, having already given him several chances to back out of their agreement. He 'goes easy' on Timmy and Tommy for their introductory punishments and chooses not to whip Rob every day during his captivity. He also shows awareness about the danger of condemning Rob and John to roast under the desert sun, coating them with protective oil (which does no harm to the view of course). In contrast he seems to quickly lose interest in Timmy and Tommy, as though the need to take them down at gunpoint had spoiled the game with them (although that may change, their stories are unfinished at this point in time and I've had a hint that Tommy's due for a fair crack of the whip!)

This common element of rough games and fair-play gives these stories a light-hearted feel despite the grim underlying captivity.

517 Day is Done

This vision of suffering and abandonment in the desert is a far cry from all that.

The sun sets after a blazing hot day leaving the wasteland shimmering and a muscular prisoner sweating astride a sloping bench. His sunburned body is being subjected to a grizzled cowboy's cruel whip and he raises his eyes imploringly to heaven as though seeking solace and escape. In the distance another cowboy arrives, semi-clad and exuding sexuality. He's casually strolling as though not wishing to rush this man's punishment, willing to wait to play his own part in the proceedings.

This image has an immediate visual beauty and there's an abundance of erotic sensuality in that hunky, oily body, but it also feels like a more significant statement. The desolate setting is thought-provoking in itself and the line of perspective that connects the three figures recedes into hazy nothingness in the far distance as though there's nothing left in the world for this man save pain and relentless punishment.


We continue with that theme in Part 6 of this Series “CruelJustice

  Read this series from Part 1

Monday 14 September 2020

Bareass Blogs No 49


Bareass Butt-ticklin' in the Barley
(Photo:-  Agustin Bruno by Charly V. Real )


Go to No 50

Sunday 13 September 2020

Bareass Blogs No 48

  Bareass Breakwater By-Pass

 Part of my on-going Asian festival (click on label below for more)

Go to No 49 (link and post pending)

Saturday 12 September 2020

Bareass Blogs No 47


 Bareass Barn Blistering

(feat Axel from Spanking Central

I love the idea that this seems to have come as a puzzling event for him!

Wednesday 9 September 2020

The Art of Amalaric, Part 4b - The Ritual Of Stripping, Stages 8 - 18

View stages 1-7

8th Stage

Initiate Jeans Slippage


415 Jeff Porter, Car Thief, Repeat offender

Once the flies are spread, the next Stage is an inevitable consequence of gravity (except for young men who favour skinnies). It's not the prettiest view, but for aficionados it's a richly erotic one since the buck is uncomfortably aware of the gradual descent of his jeans and his instinct screams at him to correct it. The sensation of them slipping down, bit by bit, feels exposing enough in itself for him but he dreads the sudden drop that will not just reveal his the state of his underwear but will also leave him looking quite foolish. It's strange that men can worry about looking silly when facing terrifying captivity and punishment.

That's only part of the story for Jeff here. He's been brought into an Institutional Correction Facility under a programme for persistent young offenders and is facing a 3 hour corrective session which will include corporal punishment with the lash. The Guards who prepared him at the post removed his belt and opened his flies, partly to ease access to the rear quarters, should the Disciplinarian require it and partly for the hell of it. Jeff's anxious twisting as he endures the prescribed period of 'reflection' has done the rest.

Image from 1st of '1001 Nights' at Aquadude


416 Steve Delgado, Drifter, Handyman

Steve Delgado's jeans seem to be even more precarious and this is a appropriate reflection of his more complex story (of which more in a future episode). Like Jeff, he's restrained (as many men are by the time they reach this point), so his ability to control descent is limited to thigh bracing and even that is subject to the whims of the attendants, who need only trigger a slight hip movement (with intimidation or direct violence, say) to initiate a further drop. Alternatively they can simply tug the jeans down themselves (although this is something of a nuclear option, likely to by-pass most of the entertaining 'edged' descent)

Image from “Steve Delgado and the Sheriff's Daughter”

(story link not presently available, more in Part ?....... future link pending)

9th Stage

Reveal The Pouch


417 Unknown Prisoner, for sale or rent

At some point the gradual descent of the open jeans starts to reveal the shape of the man's underwear pouch inside and allows it to project forward through the V-shaped opening of his flies. It's another embarrassing milestone for the wearer, whose continuing suspense about losing his jeans is supplanted by the realisation that they no longer afford him very much screening anyway.

That role has passed to the much thinner and shape-revealing, body-moist cotton of his underpants. He probably doesn't realise that the fan-shaped gap is actually accentuating and drawing attention to whatever shape he has at the moment. Big or small, everyone that passes by in this busy corridor can see it. Both possibilities have the power to humiliate him, both tempt on-lookers to touch.

Image from 'Party Animals' at Gay Bondage Fiction (subscription site)

10th Stage

Show His Thigh Tops

418 Rod Lancaster, Landscape Designer

By the time thigh flesh first appears the subject is in no doubt that he is no longer really wearing his trousers in any meaningful sense and his underwear is fully visible for all to see in all it's embarrassing complex, grubby functionality. Few men would feel comfortable to have an audience of strangers scrutinising this area but that first glimpse of flesh will draw their interest.

In this image, Rod Lancaster shrugs his trousers down after arriving at the Government Processing Centre for new slaves. Having lost his well-paid job during a recession his number came up in the annual lottery which selects men to go into the National Enslavement Programme rather than allowing them to swell the unemployment figures. Ordered to strip naked, he seems to pause at this symbolic moment, reflecting perhaps on the day he bought these trousers, his best pair, but about to be lost forever, along with all his other clothes. He's led a comfortable, happy life until now, but all that lies ahead is hard labour. His wife will take possession of all their belongings and console herself with the meagre Government bounty – but she will be able to get herself a new man once the paperworks done.

Image from 123rd of '1001 Nights' at Aquadude

(You should be getting a sense of the variety of '1001' Nights by now. This image is accompanied by a pithy storyline which neatly outlines the nature of  this fantasy enslavement scenario with an outcome you will appreciate, a recommended read)

419 Unknown American Backpacker who strayed

A few inches later clear space appears between jeans and underwear at the crotch, giving the captive a true sense of separation from his garment. Restitution is no longer simply a matter of buttoning up and those beloved, comfy jeans are beginning to transform into a useless hindrance, encircling his legs like a pair of restraining arms. His thigh thickness and leg hairiness are now tantalisingly revealed, little personal details that he never gave a thought to, but which will be important for his future it ways he cannot imagine.

This story tells of an American back-packer who strayed over a contested border in The Middle East straight into the arms of a local man, who was happy to take this unexpected gift and bring some pleasure into his life of subsistence.

Image from 126th of '1001 Nights' at Aquadude


PLUS The ever-co-operative Ryan provides another mid-thigh pose in Part 3

11th Stage

Lower His Jeans To Knee Level


420 Pete Devereaux, PE Coach

At this Stage the full glory of the subject's mid-body and underwear is finally revealed, Pete Devereaux providing a striking example. You can see his shame and resentment at being forced to display himself like this.

He feels foolish enough having to wear his pants at half mast, uncomfortably aware they are almost out of his reach (although retrieval isn't an option anyway). But he's also being subjected to close scrutiny of his body, accompanied by lustful, comments from the male audience. He's used to getting praise for his physique of course, but never for the shapely, sexy way he fills his briefs.

Image from 'Academy Thugs' at Gay Bondage Fiction(subscription site)

This Stage also encompasses jeans dropped to ankle level, but Amalaric doesn't usually show much below the knee while men still have their underwear on. 



421 Jeff, Cyber Captive

The traditional style of male underwear has other glories which are only visible from the rear and it has to be said that rears are quite rare in Amalaric's universe and (as in real life) you must grab them at every opportunity. I think I'd at least put my coffee down for this moment, but this image illustrates that strange fact than even the most modest of men are often unconcerned about their ass being viewed when clad in this way, perhaps imagining that conventional undergarments offer no cracks or contours likely to attract unwelcome interest.

I won't explain the caption, I'm covering this story too in a later episode

Image from 'The Cube' at Aquadude

12th Stage

Nothing But Underwear 


422 Damon, Prisoner

It's not the norm for men to appear in public wearing nothing but their underwear, particularly underwear that proclaims it's purpose with seams and a fly opening, so by this Stage the subject inevitably feels very under-dressed. If he's restrained and on display for a formal occasion it's doubly demeaning and you can sense the pathos in this image, capturing Damon's humiliation as he awaits some attitude adjustment. Compare with Dave McGuinness's humiliation in Part 3

Image from 41st of '1001 Nights' at Aquadude

Amalaric's oeuvre is replete with depictions of this situation and I will be reviewing the variety of his underwear (in his images that is!) in a later post.


13th Stage

Show His Pubes and Root


423 Dave McGuinness, Construction worker

In this position, the underwear waist is pushed down until the pubes and root just become visible. It's probably easier for the subject to do this himself if it's practical, but it will be a bitter pill for them to swallow. Even if he's hands-free he's quite likely to still be reluctant to expose these private areas. Firm encouragement may be required if this Stage is to show any fruits.

If the stud's hands are bound behind him, performing this task is difficult and frustrating, but it is a good test of compliance and a more aesthetically pleasing technique for some operators, who consider his extra effort well worth while.

There are also Supervisors who prefer to make this adjustment to the captive themselves, transforming him from an ordinary modest guy into a seductive sex object. It's particularly rewarding if he is still showing resentment at his handling. Like Todd in Part 3

Image from '24 Hours' (see Part 3)

14th Stage

Lower His Underwear to Thigh Height


424 Jim Dawkins, College Student

Fully uncovered at last, the acquirer can see what other trinkets the prisoner has been hiding. (See also Todd's Humiliation in Part 3). This position can be merged with Stages X or XI (as shown in this example), it depends on circumstances and the whim of the supervisor.

Captives not yet fully resigned to nudity may try and open their legs to prevent further descent of their clothing perhaps not realising that they are potentially offering openings of another sort which are far more enticing than bare legs. At best this manoeuvre merely provides entertainment for bystanders while delaying the inevitable.

Jim Dawkins (above) thought he could absent himself from his College Course work as and when he wished. Unfortunately the Institution's Policies (fully explained at a Seminar - which he missed) demanded strict attendance with disciplinary consequences for truants. There was a chance to opt out using credits gained but he missed that too and is about to discover that the Consequences will be administered using a crop (under medical supervision, naturally).

Image from 96th of '1001 Nights' at Aquadude

15th Stage

Drop His Underwear & Jeans To The Ankles

425 Tom Lauder, Construction Worker

In this position, the man's clothes cease to perform any function for him, they become makeshift hobbles, loose enough to leave only the tiniest window of escape if he is still unrestrained. They also source of merriment, not only making him feel foolish in front of this fully dressed man but becoming damning evidence of his submission to instructions - and it's not like being at the Doctor's!

But Tom is standing undressed like this because he has no choice.

(full story in a later Part of this series)

Image from City Ordinance 693B (not currently available)

16th Stage

Establish Full Nudity


426 Pete Devereaux, PE Coach

Finally, the subject has nothing but his own integrity and even that has already been eroded by the forced undress he has just undergone, not least if he faced the embarrassing difficulty of removing boots with already-lowered jeans as Tom did in the previous image. Pete was lucky, his ordeal side-stepped that humiliation, but there are more difficult moments ahead as he slips into the total embrace of captivity.

Nudity is not always visually erotic in itself, it needs clever lighting to show manly shapes and create atmosphere – or else it needs context. This image has both. In the narrative of 'Academy Thugs' it comes at the end of a long, gradual forced undressing (see Stages 3,6,11) in front of the team Pete normally coaches and occasionally disciplines if need be. Unsurprisingly they are gloating at his downfall, simultaneously relishing his unexpected attractiveness in the naked state (like those chunky sportsman's thighs!). Following that richly erotic lead-up the final fulfilment of his nudity delivers a mild shock even for seasoned cock-watchers and that's before you consider the implications of the objects of punishment poised close at hand, ready to make a closer acquaintance with him.

Amalaric teasingly poses him just in front of an escape route.

Image from 'Academy Thugs' at Gay Bondage Fiction (subscription site)

17th Stage

Apply Manacles and Collar

427 Unknown Prisoner

Perversely, the process of stripping a captive down to his essential maleness is not truly complete until he assumes the elemental trappings of captivity. Worn at neck, wrist and ankles – they are the symbols of his total subjugation. When they're worn, even if not in use, they testify that he is now owned by another man.

In 'Party Animals' attractive men are abducted 'en masse' and placed in communal cells, colloquially known as 'Lobster Tanks'. Here they are viewed and can be chosen for rental or purchase by the unseen customers who are gathered in an exclusive, unusual Night Club just adjacent. On the other side of the glass, as it were. The naming of the tank hints at dark outcomes but even if the intentions of the purchasers/renters are benign, they are unlikely to get what they want from their acquisition very easily, given the circumstances which bring them together. In addition, the illicit nature of the activity and it's grandiose premises produce lofty prices and a strong incentive to get value for money. This arrangement attracts men with fat wallets and tastes that are hard to fulfil through conventional channels. The inmates of the Lobster Tank all get the chance to be the subject of individual, flattering presentations, but it's a bleak future beckoning them beyond. 

Image from 'Party Animals' at Gay Bondage Fiction (subscription site)

The illustration for the 9th Stage also comes from this story 


18th Stage

Place Him in Full Restraint

428 Tim Sutherland, construction worker (formerly)

Time to catch up with Tim who so prettily graced the start of this dissertation. His jeans have gone, his Tee Shirt and underwear have been shredded and thrown away and now he is suspended just above the floor of the cellar with limbs spread, displayed in all his nudity. Only now, when he tastes restraint, can Tim truly begin to understand the meaning of what is happening to him. 

(Compare Todd Sander's fate in Part 3)

Even at this stage Tim might reasonably hope to be released when they grow tired of playing with him, after all, he has no idea who they are or where he is, so he can hardly set the Police on their heels. But Tim's fate was already decided before he walked off the building site for the last time those few weeks ago.

When the guests arrive to admire and marvel at the new man, he learns that even his body is no longer his to command, they can do as they wish to him and there is nothing he can do about it. You might imagine these men have come to weigh him up for purchase in an auction or private sale arrangement. Not so. Tim has been abducted to order and is awaiting handover to his 'sponsor'. The men feasting on him now are simply friends of the abductor, invited to admire his latest stock item, pending delivery. But at least Tim should be spared any immediate unpleasantness at their hands. The sort of stuff that leaves marks anyway.

Image from 203rd of 1001 Nights (Reprise) @ Aquadude Bunker

(Features a full strip sequence)

429 Pete Devereaux, PE Coach

The honour of 'bottoming' this article falls to Pete Devereaux, whose gradual reduction has provided several earlier stopping-off points on our journey (Stages 3, 6, 11, 16). And what better way for him to say goodbye than in Amalaric's traditional X-restraint?

Like Todd in Part 3, Pete, in the course of his story, undergoes the double humiliation of being ordered to strip and suffer punishment before his tormentors on two separate occasions. Unlike Todd he also experiences the humiliation at the hands of his own team, a reversal of authority brought about almost entirely by his own strict discipline, inflexibility and pride. At first he doesn't sees himself as a captive, but merely as paying a forfeit for contravening his own rules. The first phase of his ordeal consists entirely of the type of punishments he routinely dishes out to his team, though in a rather more imaginative form. By submitting to it he provides them with the ammunition to force a repeat performance.

Devreaux realises he is in a terrible trap and his mental state starts to deteriorate, resorting to a drastic solution which fails and pitches him into a second, much more intense punishment session. After this it becomes obvious to all that his captors cannot release him for fear of retribution.

In the picture, men gather to hears his pleas and decide his fate.

image from 'Academy Thugs' at Gay Bondage Fiction(subscription site)


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