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Sunday 28 July 2019

The Art of Chuckie79

Chuckie79 - Ripped
 Chuckie79 is a relatively new arrival on the gay erotic stage but you can see he already has a polished rendering technique. I admit to being unfamiliar with the capabilities of the latest software, but clothing is often problematic for artists in this area. The ripped vest of this captive looks pretty good to me and it makes for a great image

Chuckie79 - Just getting started
 It was this picture that first attracted me to this artist. The subject matter that grabs the attention of course, the traditional, jail-bullying theme given a nightmarish edge with an exceptionally mean-looking guard wielding a ferocious jagged-edged knife. The line of his incision seems disturbingly similar to the most of notorious acts of murder. No wonder the prisoner looks terrified! He scarcely looks like your average ruffian either, the pure white of his vest and spotless trainers seem to indicate innocence and clean living.

In some ways this is a simple, unrefined image but there's a tension in the figures that projects their drama and needs no embellishment. The bland, misty background actually plays into the dark dreamscape, perhaps unintentionally.

This picture, like the previous one, features a ripped vest. The artist's skill has created a sexy tight fit to the body without making it look as if it's sprayed on. The pile of clothes on the floor - almost a prerequisite of any erotic imagery worth it's salt - is often a challenge to conventional artists. Chuckie demonstrates the enviable ability of render technique to incorporate photo imagery, almost seamlessly, into his picture. Credit to him for getting the perspective right. The gag looks a little incongruous to me but I'm sure many will love it.

Chuckie79 - Trespassion
 Thuggery of a different sort is featured here but the the assault is no less scary and just as personal, with close contact in intimate regions.The rendering of the villain here is uncannily realistic and far from repellent. The artist has subtly exaggerated his pecs and ass giving him a sexual identity despite the unhelpful clothing. The victim appears to be a jogger in his shorts and vest and it's like he's being attacked in his own home, the wet suits behind him pointing to wider sporting interests. The reason for the attack and mouth-probing are unclear, but as in the previous picture, there's no doubting the intensity of this struggle and power play. 

Chuckie79 - Bubbles
 This romantic image of two young men sharing a bubble bath shows a completely different side to Chuckie79's talents. Interestingly, one of the pair seems to be playing hard-to-get, despite agreeing to share the bath. He lounges back complacently and even has one foot out of the bath, which luckily enables us to spot a more telling measure of his real interest though a convenient gap in the bubbles.
The subtle shadow under his left foot suggests he's more actively engaged with his friend than appears at first sight. Their contrasting skin colours help the viewer to unravel the limbs here, but also add a further social dimension to the narrative. This is a clever and very pretty picture with an excellent execution of a tricky viewpoint, even allowing for the assistance of his software.

Chuckie79 - Express Train
That powerful ability of rendering to manipulate viewpoints for dramatic effect is even more obvious in this image with the marvellous foreshortened central figure somehow seeming to reflect the urgency of the speeding train. His partner's furtive air adds spice to their daring exhibitionism and the easily missed detail of his foot up on the seat tells you exactly how rude it is.

Normally an empty carriage would provide a believable context for this frenzy of youthful daring. However, the solitary, doll-like, female passenger sitting very close-by, but apparently undisturbed by their coupling, seems a slightly odd and improbable ingredient. It's like the confusing symbolism of a dream and equally hard to read. 

Chuckie79 - Behind The Scenes
This is a variation on the same idea. For Chuckie79, it seems the impromptu public sex act is more about animal passion (convincingly so!) than publicly asserting sexuality. An artist of an earlier era would have had at least one spectator noticing their action with eyes popping and forehead sweating. Chuckie makes it invisible and the title also seems to suggest that is the case, but it doesn't really describe what we see. So there's a sense in both these pictures of a desire to express sexuality freely without having to confront the reality of being 'out'. That said, I find the characterisation of the naughty baristas absolutely spot-on and they are very appealing. Their energetic coupling contrasts with the lifeless dummies at the tables. Perhaps that is the artist's point.

Chuckie79 - Porn Stars
 There's an interesting reversal of the situation here. These two men are paid to have sex in public and indeed even the professional camera man is enjoying the show, as well as attending to his job and directing them. The artist has clearly given thought to the pairing of the models giving them contrasting physiques and, you sense, different personalities too. You can well believe that these two men are complete strangers and are here to earn money, not to have fun. There are hints of embarrassment, boredom, disinterest and impatience. But fortunately male libido's will usually have their way (even under external direction) and the result is curiously erotic.

Chuckie79 - Rebel
I just like this one! Like most renderers Chuckie79 has produced numerous figure studies and this one with his very modern face and half-holstered mega-sized equipment took my fancy. I wish!

Chuckie79 - Previewing The Goods
In the imagination, the undressing of another person is one of the most erotic of acts. It's not just about revealing nudity, but also parting the other man from his props and possessions. In real life it's much harder to do and clumsier than you expect and judging by it's usual absence from porn scenes, it's equally hard to film in an erotic way. Scenes like this depicting the moment of final separation indulge that fantasy but they are a rare as hen's teeth. Interestingly the expressions of the two on-lookers here seem to show that they are not finding the ritual of undressing half as interesting as the man doing the job and are keen to get on with engaging with the young man at closer quarters. 

Once again the characterisations of the participants are expressive and powerful - diverse, lifelike and truly interesting. The title seems to suggest that this is a paid-for pleasure but the passivity of the man being undressed and his dulled, matter of fact expression does not entirely rule out coercion. His appearance is very different from the other men who look unconventional, streetwise and not obviously gay. This imparts a slight edge, an uncertainty to the scene, which you might detect in the young man's eyes. The densely structured composition and mild cropping create an intimate, crowded, cinematic scene and adds to the disturbing atmosphere. Contrast this with the jail attack picture where we feel more removed and uninvolved. The artist shows a technical confidence here, an awareness of how pictures work and a genuine involvement with his subject matter.

Chuckie 79 is a welcome addition to the mitchmen gallery of gay fetish artists
See more of his work at Chuckie79 at deviant art and Renderotica

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Beautifully Bound - Benjamin Bradley 2

Disoriented Bradley - Where am I?

This Bound Jocks video is split into two parts, with the kneeling poses in Part 1 leading into this second scenario in which Benjamin Bradley is tied down on the metal table, top and tail as shown above. Bradley gives us some half-decent acting, so that the various images catch different moods and emotions as suggested by my captions.

Curious Bradley - What's with these ropes?

 Part 2 starts with him having regained his pale blue underpants. This seems to indicate that they were not destroyed or ripped in Part 1, but removed in the usual way after untying his feet. The fulsome bulge in them suggests he's not totally dismayed by the handling of him so far.
He looks cute in this picture.

Puzzled Bradley - What do you want of me?

Those who like a storyline can imagine that the kneeling session in Part 1
was in the nature of a 'pre-med', with testing and preparatory work for Part 2 being carried out.
Now he's wondering what else is in store.
Frustrated Bradley - Let me go!

I usually prefer 'freestyle' bondage scenarios to 'attachments', where men are tied to things.
However, this table-tied session preserves the essential simplicity of Part 1
 with single point, top and tail attachment giving the model some freedom of movement
to rage against his restraint.

Resigned Bradley - The ropes are too strong
It also leaves Bradley's torso exposed, at the mercy of his captor's intentions,
which might be a pseudo-Clinical Procedure, judging by the metal table and curtains.
Whatever the case Bradley seems to be giving himself up to his fate here.

Intrigued Bradley- Well whadda you know?
The unseen clinician strikes again, departing with Bradley's underpants
 and leaving his cock out, up and tied into the ankle restraints.
We can only guess whether Bradley's erection was a natural response to this interference
 or deliberately encouraged to provide a suitable hitching peg.

Self-Impressed Bradley
Bradley does not disappoint in the Peg Department!
It may be that he has been brought here to provide samples for his captors.
Here, it's as if he's allowing himself a certain pride in his own capabilities.

Playful Bradley
"While the cat's away, the mouse will play".
Bradley experiments with the tension in his 'guy rope'
This more distant image gives a sense that the captive is under surveillance from hidden eyes.
Perhaps it's simply his behaviour and response to bondage that is being assessed.
But a man is more than just a cock.

Yearning Bradley

Bradley turns on his side and seems to re-examine his bindings more closely.
His twisted, stretched out torso here suddenly reminds us of the effectiveness of his restraint
 A subtle change in camera angle compared with the opening shots brings out the totality of his nakedness.

Exhausted Bradley

Still unable to free himself, Bradley seems to fall asleep,
his torso is no longer tensed but relaxed and invitingly open for on-lookers.

Startled Bradley

 The switch to an aerial viewpoint, brings back the idea of surveillance
and Bradley seems to have suddenly realised he is being watched.
Aware of his vulnerability, he looks at the camera challengingly.

Fearful Bradley
That sense of vulnerability and helplessness becomes even stronger here.
 His body tenses again as though he hears something out of shot and is straining to discover what it is.

Irritated Bradley
This image of Bradley biting on a ball-gag appears on the Bound Jocks page for this set, but as far as I know it doesn't feature in the actual video. I've attached it here as a reminder of the subtle, slightly sinister air that seems to run though the imagery. This rubber and leather device does not quite fit in with the sustained, clinical atmosphere of the piece, but it would make an interesting introduction explaining how he was induced to volunteer for the table, or else as a post-script suggesting he has more mysterious manipulations to face. 
Happy Bradley
Likewise, this nicely, sexy image is a supplementary one suggesting, perhaps, that in the end, everything works out fine, it's not real. Or you might take it as an image of the naive, clinical volunteer, who has yet to learn the details of his date with the guy ropes. Either way Bradley's boyish face, muscular arms and slightly opened legs make an interesting and appealing combination

see Benjamin Bradley struggle in bondage (inc video) at Bound Jocks
Nice nude clip at Mansurfer

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Sunday 21 July 2019

Beautifuly Bound - Benjamin Bradley 1

Benjamin Bradley - Beautifully Bound

This photo set and video helped launch the 'Bound Jocks' brand back in 2011 and for my money it's artistic and erotic qualities have rarely been surpassed by them in the years since then.

At that time I think Benjamin Bradley must have figured on many men's list of
 'Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up'.

His visual image of carefree, youthful exuberance and surprising muscularity
 was coupled with a degree of celebrity, conferred by colourful blurb in the gay media.

Just Been Delivered

So it will have given many men a considerable amount of pleasure when he wound up on 'Bound Jocks', tied up in his underpants and kneeling on a metal table, enclosed by white curtains. Bradley's rarely seen 'serious' look and more mature appearance here contributes it's own story of unpreparedness and confusion. His pale blue is underwear a classic blend of sexiness and conservatism.

Exploring the Bindings

The crisp, clean simplicity of the scenario is maintained throughout this piece and it's this integrity which to my mind justifies the 'artistic' label, notwithstanding Bradley's own brand of manly beauty. Wide screen shots like this create a sense of the isolation and exposure of the captive. You will find cropped versions homing in on Bradley's lusciousness but I've stuck to the originals for this selection.

Testing his Restraints 

The austere setting naturally focuses our attention on Bradley and his plight,
but it also creates a distinctive, dramatic atmosphere.
Here he is bathed in a harsh white light as he strains at his bindings,
suggesting he is exposed and vulnerable to some external 'presence' of considerable power.
The simplicity of his bondage seems to accentuate his relative puniness.

Oh! I'm Exposed!
Suddenly, there's a change, someone has removed Bradley's underwear
and now the bondage arrangements extend to lassoing his cock.
Unfortunately we don't see any of this,
you might think from Bradley's surprised look that he must have missed it as well!

Renewed Struggle

At this point, the curtained enclosure becomes more apparent.
It seems to suggest there's a sort of clinical purpose for his detention,
a procedure which needs to be conducted out of sight, in secret even.
This lends a sinister air to Bradley's entrapment, a more urgent need to escape.

Now we see more clearly the bare (and quite small) metal table on which he is displayed.
It's a precarious perch if your hands are tied, but more importantly the hygienic steel surface
conjures up sinister associations with professions involving sharp instruments.

You sense that he knows he's not going to escape.
Any volunteers for a rescue mission out there?
Continued in Part 2

see Benjamin Bradley struggle in bondage (inc video) at Bound Jocks

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Thursday 18 July 2019

The Art of German Twister

German Twister - Busy

This stunning image of a man in stylised bondage is by the artist German Twister. 
It's impact stems from a simplicity of style and an eye for a good-looking man.
The captive here appears to be holding a card payment machine but I'm not sure what the joke is!

German Twister - Paratrooper

This artist's work is not without an edge and he captures the determination of this captive beautifully. He uses over-size ropes to good effect in accentuating the severity of the restraint.
Although the subject is clothed,  there's a simmering sense of erotic tension

German Twister - Captive Paratrooper

This image shows a more rounded view of the artist's skills
 in the technical execution of a tricky perspective and the sheer pathos of the content.
(which includes a rare treat for foot fetishists with an inclination to S&M)

This artist is obviously very experienced, but the only collection I know of for this artist on the Internet is German Twister at Telemachus 12

The prisoner's attire in the last picture may remind you of the 'Russian Captured Boys' site, in fact German Twister also has an Instagram site which links through to  a site where he sells clips from RCB and describes himself as the originator of that material.

Telemachus 12 is also a great source for other modern gay artists

Monday 15 July 2019

A New Life for Sam


This image mines a similar vein to the popular picture by Chirenon,
 'A New Life For Our Airforce Boys' posted here in 2017.

Snatched from a busy, gay night club on a Saturday night,
 Sam finds himself under-dressed for a trek across the Prarie.

 I've no idea who photoshopped the original picture but I'd be glad to credit him if anyone tells me.
(view unaltered original)

I did some more, much cruder manipulation to experiment with alternative positioning (below).
Apologies to the original creator!

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Friday 12 July 2019

Vintage Bondage - Ryder Knight aka Bo Richards

Ryder Knight aka Bo Richards

Ryder Knight strikes a classic 'casual glamour' pose which is more reminiscent of the 1950's 
than the early '80's when this picture was taken for a 'Honcho' magazine spread. 
The tattered clothing and leather accessories seem a tad incongruous too.
Aficionados will instantly recognise the hand of Zeus Studio at work.


Bo's restraint commences with a rope tied just underneath his pecs 
it enhances their bulk quite nicely as you see below.

Ryder ends up with hands neatly tied behind his back
 and jockstrap shredded to the point of destruction.

This crouching image is possibly the highlight of the set 
It reveals an impressive, earthy bulk in the model.
The upper body restraint is comprehensive 
The 'in yer face' viewpoint (in the style of Colt Studio)
has a brash vulgarity about it.

The contrast with this pose could not be greater. 
The token ropes and 'little boy lost' pose with head thrown back in despair
hark back to the arty, liberation imagery of the sixties 
but even this modest glimpse of cock would have been banned then.

Ryder's longish hair is of it's time. 
It gives him something of a 'wild man' look here
The incomplete restraint seems to strive for artiness too

Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
The flamboyant hair works better here, bringing out a youthful sexiness
and you can imagine this guy as a sportsman.

That juxtaposition of pretty boy looks 
with intimations of rough handling and restraint
create a heady erotic brew for the imagination.


Ryder's erotic power comes across even more in this picture 
it's from 'The Cruiser' (made under the name of Bo Richards).

The models pec's seem even bulkier here, I'm quite partial to those fleshy folds underneath.
I'm not usually turned on by skiing apparel but the braces and deep zip here 
frame the torso much like dungarees and wrestling singlets do. Nice.

From the same film and it's Bo's youthfulness that suddenly becomes apparent here 
thanks to shorter, neck-revealing hair and that cheeky ski hat, 
(similar to the Commando Cockleshell hat whose sexy attributes I highlighted
 in one of my war comic articles.)

There's not much material about this model on the web.
Unfortunately much of it it is fuzzy magazine scans.
You will also find films if you search imaginatively.

More vintage bondage featured here

There's also some retro stuff in my Muscles and Rope series

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Mitchell's Fetish Art for July - Army Lovers

Mitchell - Defiant Lovers in Breach of Regulations
An experienced, professional soldier (left) has been successfully training squaddies in specialist skills for many years. Then, one day a new group arrives and suddenly, out of the blue, he finds himself becoming obsessed with one of the men in the class. Unable to understand his feelings, he singles the man out for extra training and punishments. This only serves to bring them together all the more and strengthens his interest in him. He slowly realises he's fallen in love. 

He is torn between his feelings and his duty. It's improper to for an NCO to fraternise with his men and although this recruit is legally an adult, Army regulations outlaw any sort of romantic relationships between the men.

Inevitably the day comes when the two are alone together in his quarters and he discovers that his feelings are reciprocated. Years of suppressed passion are unleashed, but they are interrupted by the Sergeant Major who has been tipped off by another member of the squad. 

Facing disgrace and dismissal from the Service the two Soldiers defiantly declare their love.


This picture harks back to a time (not so very long ago) when gays were not allowed to be in the Armed Forces and being caught like this would result in a lengthy detention in the Guardhouse, followed by a discharge in disgrace. That meant you could say goodbye to any Service Pension you had earned. That very specific situation also graphically summed up the bleakness of the gay experience outside of the forces at that time.

It's a little different now, if you don't count Russia, Brunei, Uganda and a host of other countries.
If you don't count religions who are never content to keep their judgemental beliefs to themselves.
If you don't count all those social groups and individuals who still refuse to recognise the validity of gay love and use any opportunity that comes their way to say so.
 I rarely make posts here under the 'Pride' label but it is perhaps timely now.
I suspect Freedom is a fight that will never end for us.

For other pictures by me, Mitchell, click on the 'mitchpix' label below 
or visit my Gallery Hub which is one of the tabs at the top of the page

Saturday 6 July 2019

Bareass Blogs No 36


Bareass Beach-Blasted Back
 Model: Will for Aronik


Friday 5 July 2019