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Thursday 30 January 2020

The Art of Stefan 2 - 'Joey'

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 Stefan's special creation is 'Joey', a musclehead who lives for love of his body
 and especially his pecs, which are massively developed.
Joey is a natural extension of Stefan's muscle-morph experiments

Like Matt's Muscleboys , Joey revels in his own muscularity
 and the uncontainable sexiness that emanates from it.

But like many obsessive men he's never quite satisfied, 
the massive proportions of his pecs are still not enough.

The doll-like simplicity of Joey's anatomy in these pictures is deceiving.
His hair is remarkably realistic and sexy and there's more clever detailing in the basin-top

Joey visits a Doctor for advice on how to develop his physique further.
Impressed by what he sees, the Doctor offers him some special electro-therapy
Joey is gradually overwhelmed by the effects of the formidable electronic gadgetry.
Entangled in cables and tubes, a generous sperm sample is extracted from him.

When Joey comes to, he finds his pecs have been given massive, enhancing implants
Notice that the certificates and images on the walls have also changed!
The spilled waste bin testifies to the industrial scale of his modifications
and to the excitement of the Doctor who still has his pump under his arm.

Further stimulating treatments ensue, creating miraculous growth (and excitement).

The Doctor's appearance is much more lifelike than Joey's,
emphasising his manipulative power and Joey's 'dumb jock' role.

One thing leads to another. In due course with the Doctor's continued intervention,
Joey transforms into a veritable 'Super Joey' complete with a skin-tight green outfit.

It looks here to me as if additional material is being sucked into his humongous pecs
 from an injection point in the neck. Very weird!

Like any other superhero Joey is summoned for his missions by a secret signal
pulling him from his leisure pursuits and subtly telling him it's time to change outfits.

This 'off-duty' image,embellishes Joeys healthy sporting character and sexiness.
There appears to be a penis amongst the sea bed debris, is that what he's diving for?.

Joey dons his green skin-suit and embarks on his assignment.
But he is captured by the villain, a character with aquatic overtones and connections,
 judging by the column behind Joey.

Notice the groin-level detail just visible.

It turns out that the villain's accomplice is the same Doctor who created Super Joey.
They tie him up and  gloat over his luscious, captive body.
Joey is mesmerised by the villains glowing ring.

Superheros usually have their suits ripped to shreds when captured, these guys peel off Joey's outfit, revealing his shoulders and chest. This deviously subverts his muscularity by making it emblematic of sexual attractiveness instead of strength. There's an whiff of feminisation too, which is not yet the stuff of super-heroes.

 Super Joey's super-pecs are now subjected to punishing trials of strength.

There's an ordeal by candle flame, but the immediate discomfort for Joey
is probably overshadowed by the possibility of his prized, silicone implants melting away!

Eventually it's back to the Doctor's lab for an electro boost.
Those metal electrode pads and sparks look pretty scary
but Joey remains erect throughout all this experimentation,
No doubt thrilled by the attention his pecs are getting (and surviving).

 Now that he's helpless, the Doctor can take advantage of him.
He discovers that the sun does indeed shine out of Joey's ass.
This is a nice picture!

 Super Joey is reduced to subservience and service.

He does eventually escape to fight another day.
With nipples still red from his mistreatment glowing like beacons.

I don't know if this promising sequel ever materialised

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Monday 27 January 2020

Mitchell's Fetish Art for January - A Jogger Detained

Mitchell - Jogger Detained
I have published this picture before at the mitchmen Yahoo! Group
but its one of my favourites so I make no apology for bringing it here!

In general joggers making their way along deserted streets attract little attention.
In my locale, they are usually clad for comfort and convenience not style.
Their physical attributes by and large are pretty average, as you would expect.

But every so often there's a cracker who turns out in his best gear.
Men who like men crowd to their windows when he's due to pass by.
Cars make U-turns and follow him, occupants wistfully speculating.
The possibilities are endless!

This picture has an inter-generational flavour 
but the young man shown is comfortably 'over age' 


In it's previous incarnation this picture formed the opening scene of my Olympic Sketchbook for the London Olympics in 2012 when I titled it as "The Olympic Torch Makes a Detour". The accompanying story describes how a runner carrying the Torch as part of the country-wide relay gets diverted from the planned route and detained by a local resident who fancies him.

I have just re-issued the Olympic Sketchbook series of 13 pictures with narratives as a PDF.
You can view and download it free at the Mitchmen Club (at Adonis Male)
All my series and published images can be found there now.

for more pictures by Mitchell at this blog click on the 'mitchpix' label below
or visit the Gallery Hub Tab

Friday 24 January 2020

The Russians are Coming - 4

Read this series from Part 1
 If you subscribe to the view that all men are bad boys, 
then you will approve of the outcomes at Russian Captured Guys.
Which involve demonstrations of capitulation and submissiveness

Bodybuilder Danilo bows his head to the floor 
giving a nice shot of the wrist restraint he is fitted with.

The 'New Employee's' nightmarish induction day, breaks for lunch.
The canteen is considerately fitted with knee-friendly carpeting,
But his learning curve now involves the acquiring of new eating skills
and woe betide the man who spills his food or leaves any in the bowl!

Andrei discovers that the meals come in generous portions
but it's best not to complain to the waiter about quality.

Roman gets detention, but what trainer could be remain unsatisfied
if he's given a demonstration of submissive muscle like this?

 This model will miss lunch too, his restraint arrangements
demand a long period of unbroken concentration


It's hard to show submissiveness in this position but he gives it a good shot,
or perhaps he's just regretting not finding out what 'Shibari Shoot' meant.
(to be fair, it doesn't usually mean this type of restraint)


Vasily's training is also over-running, some trainers are sticklers for the finer points.
His dodgy underwear seems to have been symptomatic of a wider malaise.

But there's no finer reward for a trainer than when his man finally 'gets it'. 
This total submission means Vasily can now be rewarded with a pat on the back
 and some canteen left-overs, if he's quick.

Vitaly, on the other hand is the perfect trainee.
He has a marvellous physique with good shoulders-back posture,
but he does like his food and he can smell it cooking.

 Some masters can be very hard to please,
but obedience with bring this boy through in the end.


But it looks like naughty Maxim is still being persuaded
and discovering the finer points of posture training.
But there's still time, Maxim, there's time.
Which means no lunch at all for you today

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The Russian Captured Boys site provides a limited free archive of their most recent offerings.
There's a good retrospective collection of Russian Captured Boys highlights at Metalbondnyc

Tuesday 21 January 2020

The Russians Are Coming - 3

Read this series from Part 1
Models selected for duty at Russian Captured Guys
face formidable challenges once the preliminaries
of undressing and restraint are completed

Ilya is semi-suspended, forced to stand on his toes, his legs spread wide by the ankle bar, 
In this position he cannot easily support his own weight and his face tells it's own story. 
But the chunky shaping of his legs, thighs and calves comes to the fore.

The model's muscular torso is beautifully accentuated by this stretched position.
His figure-clinging, off-white briefs, have a curiously rubberised appearance,
the generous cut flatters his butt-bulk but the high cut sides reveal hefty thighs,
(also seen in Ilya's first appearance in Part 1)


This image shows vividly how 'hands above head' restraint flatters back musculature.
In fact the whole torso is opened up, highlighted in the sagging pose here.
It's simple but virtually inescapable, the freedom of movement it allows is illusory.

Russian Guys give some of their participants convict-like, hessian trousers to wear
as though they are destined for long term captivity and privation 

For this man, the trousers have been cut down to make into improvised shorts
These ragged hems might be seen as a fashionable detail in his real life,
but here symbolise deprivation and the vulnerability of his suspended state.
The snug fit is a reminder of the alluring 'tight white' gym shorts of the vintage era.

Petr on the bamboo ladder
 The bamboo 'ladder' restraint (also seen in Part 1) opens the prisoner's body in a different way,
it's a formalised spreading, which goes beyond mere restraint into intentional display.
The arms, separately restrained to the side accentuate his immobilisation,
but the overall lack of rigidity in the frame give him insecurity more than freedom.

Nudity is not commonplace on this site, Petr's minimal body hair exaggerates the effect
For a man of his age and physique a hairless crotch is akin to Sampson losing his strength

Petr is Intimidated
 The trappings of thuggery are skillfully exploited to suggest danger and brutal power
The pulled back arms accentuate the prisoner's defencelessness.

Boris Waxed
For Boris the ladder is transformed into an improvised, uncomfortable sling or hammock, 
The wax treatment looks scary, but if you've tried it you know the effects are fleeting.
Solidified wax doesn't hurt, it's merely an irritating crust, but picking it off can be fun.

Boris has boyish features that are nicely complemented by his totally shaved groin.
It creates a different effect compared with the older-looking Petr just above.
I like this spread position with partially closed legs, the valley accentuates that shaved area.
I've never seen a shaving scene at Russian Guys but this comes close to suggesting one.

This is a different model, described as the 'new employee' and seen being stripped in Part 2
He has similar characteristics to Boris above, notably a totally shaved torso and crotch.
It gives us an uncluttered view, but he has to strain to see what's been attached to him.
Traditional Leather-culture devices like the parachute ball-stretcher are unusual at this site.

Zhenya - electro-pec'd
These chunky chest appendages with screw-sucking action create a dramatic, visual impact.
But the agonised response of the captive is attributable to the electrode attachments  
it's a refinement which I confess I haven't come across before.

The hooded interrogator doesn't seem fully at ease with the delicate, little control device.
You sense he'd prefer something more substantial with which to perform his duties.

He might think this 'back-to-basics' torment more his style.
You'll have seen the use of chest roping to showcase hunky pecs before, at sites like Bound Gods.
The devious minds at Russian guys transform this decorative restraint into a trial of it's own.
One with positively medieval connotations.

The chest rope is secured around a post and a baton or pipe inserted at the rear
Turning the pipe transforms the loop of rope into a garrote-like, chest compressor. 
Visually it's very subtle but once perceived, fearful in its malign simplicity.

The prisoner's intense facial expression conveys his struggle to resist and endure.
It contrasts with the thug's casual stance 

 'Mr Orange Shorts' is another RCB model with an expressive face
manfully gritting his teeth here as his abs are given an impact workout.
The medic wearing both mask and shades is a quite bizarre concoction
 but I like the leather collar detail.
The models homely underwear belongs to an altogether different world .

 This 'Guy Next Door' arrived expecting a medical examination 
but I don't suppose he expected reflex tests to be conducted on his nipples.
He produces another memorable, near-tears face, as the weighted clips are detached
see him also in Part 1 and Part 2

For Vitaly the regular 'hands above head' restraint is augmented by a noose.
Clad only in his underwear, it brings a nightmarish dimension to his ordeal.

RCB sometimes flirts with extremes of restraint which produce challenging, chilling imagery.
be prepared if you visit the site!

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The Russian Captured Boys site provides a limited free archive of their most recent offerings.
There's a good retrospective collection of Russian Captured Boys highlights at Metalbondnyc

Saturday 18 January 2020

Jotto's Mystery of the Red Barn

The Murder in the Red Barn was a notorious case in 1827 in England .
The victim disappeared and the body was only discovered a year later,
 buried in the 'Red Barn', after her mother dreamt about it.  

Jotto's Red Barn series is quite different,
ambiguous but equally mysterious and spooky

Jotto - Scarecrow in the Heat
 There's always a place for a scarecrow in a horror scenario.
 Usually lurking in the distance, emanating mysterious darkness
as though seeing all, but revealing nothing.
Jotto - Best Scarecrow Ever
It all begins with a Nature Lover 
venturing out naked, alone
aiming to get closer to nature.

Jotto - MacDonald Had A Farm
A Farmer with an interest in innovation  - and young men.

Prime Beef or Prime Milker?
There's only one way to find out.

One might wonder about those young men who disappeared.
Surely not hidden in plain view, in sight of the homestead?
The crows and the insects could tell a story.

Jotto - Scarecrow in the Storm
The summer storm drenches the soil and the corn grows higher,
Gradually submerging the scarecrow in a sea of green.
Soon it will be Harvest and the land cleared for Winter.

Jotto - Hi
When Spring returns a young man thoughts
turn to adventure and thrill-seeking.......
Who knows what awaits him?

Read my A-Z article which surveys Jotto's art

Wednesday 15 January 2020

The Russians Are Coming - 2

Read this series from Part 1
Danila Undresses
 Another hunky bodybuilder arrives at the Russian Guys studio aiming to impress with his physique. 
I'm impressed already with this unconventional back view, showing his attractive body shaping.
He's an aspiring model completely unaware of what is planned for him.

The background used in this picture and the next one give the appearance of a credible photo studio with plain, modern 'industrial' walling and accessories beloved of edgy photographers.
No dungeons or hotel bedrooms here!

Danila Overpowered
No sooner has Danila shed his T-shirt than he's pounced on by a hooded thug who KO's him.
We get a nice preview of the physique that's just been requisitioned for examination.
The bad guys here always wear hoods or sun shades that make them look gangsterish

Danila Hogtied
Unconscious, the bodybuilder is stripped to underwear and tied up with rope.
The hog-tie is an unusual concession to tradition at Russian Guys,
it's a position that makes the most of his muscles.

The floor he's lying on looks dry and clean.
It creates a disturbing sense of clinical purpose.


Other new arrivals at the 'studio' loose their clothes more crudely.
Stas is described as a football hooligan, a skinny thug.
That means its quite OK to destroy his vest/singlet before getting started.

Zhenya Undressed
This soldier's clothes get more respect and consideration during removal.
 Zhenya's fine military physique is well worthy of a gradual unveiling,
It really would be a waste to simply rip his gear off.
This approach is only feasible if he's unconscious of course.

Konstantin Debagged

Konstantin is also out for the count unaware as his jeans are undone and tugged off his legs.
He thought he was in for a medical, but the comfort of this couch will be fleeting

Vitaly tamed

By contrast, Vitalys 'Bully Guy' persona earns him an overpowering by force,
attacked by two hooded thugs he remains conscious, able to wonder why
as his T-shirt and jeans are ripped and pulled off his body

 Vitaly's attackers dangle him by his wrists, with ankles tied together, toes just touching the ground.
The yawning door of that container must look an ominous sight to him in this predicament.
 The cheery yellow of his trunks makes an incongruous contrast to the bleak surroundings

When the preliminaries of restraint are done and all is secure, 
there's time for the model to reflect on what might be to come.
I featured this man in Part 1 and previously in a review of Torture Central a few years ago.
I love his orange shorts, not cool but they suggest an individualistic, cheerful personality
Possibly a man who will find the demands of his captors difficult and shocking.

We already saw the bewilderment of the 'swimmer' in Part 1, when he realised where he was.
But 'he doth protest too much' and his reward is a mouthful of the ubiquitous bamboo pole
It's not overly effective as a silencer, but it will render his protestations unintelligible 
and deliver an aching jaw that he will remember before he speaks in future.

'The Stallion' is another bewildered man, he volunteered for something completely different to this.
He's described as a stripper and his artfully edgy hair style indicates someone who likes to be noticed.
Probably in a more flattering pose than this, I imagine.
  But then what sort of man describes himself as a stallion, for heavens sake? 
Admittedly his body warrants attention and puts on a fine display in this position.

I'm not always a fan of ball gags, they tend to distort the face but they've chosen a sensible colour for him and he wears it well. It seems to fit in nicely in with the suggestion of an arrogant man brought down to earth with a bump, his situation exemplified by his being taped to a concrete block. 
Humiliating but also flattering his strength in a weird way!

Occasionally at Russian Guys, captives are delivered into total nudity.
This model is designated simply as the 'New Employee', what an induction!

It's perhaps the harshest way to lose your clothing as a captive, to have the garments cut off you.
It's a more drastic loss than simple undressing, which at least offers the hope of their eventual return.
Cutting is more clinical and calculating than the shock tactic of ripping them away, 
Having to watch them slowly being destroyed on your body, seeing them mutilated and made useless
is a heart-breaking loss and comes with the added scare of blades manoeuvring close to the skin.

For Zhenya, having been stripped totally naked by his captors there is the further humiliation
 of being posed on a precarious, display pedestal in a curtained off, private room, 
there to be inspected by a succession of evil-looking men,

Close by, hang a selection of intimidating instruments of punishment
which he can peruse as he is waiting....... and imagine what they might feel like.

Vasily on his knees

It's even more confusing when they dress you in black latex and oil you up.
Allocating to you a role that is darkly mysterious and sexual even.
Perhaps the time to really start worrying though
 is when they chain you to a concrete block.

 Vasily looks suitably hot under the collar and wondering what's coming next.

There's another image of Vasily in his original, dodgy underwear in my review of Torture Central

more in Part 3
Read this series from Part 1

The Russian Captured Boys site provides a limited free archive of their most recent offerings.
There's a good retrospective collection of Russian Captured Boys highlights at Metalbondnyc