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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

The Art of 'Muscle' Matt 1

 This artist is Matt but I tag him as 'Muscle' Matt to differentiate him from
the Matt (of Sado Island fame) and the Spanking Matt who posts at Jock Spank

Muscle Matt - Billy, Flex
Matt really only draws one subject which is summed up by this first example. He depicts young body-builders and their efforts to develop muscular bodies and impress their peers.
As you can see there is a sexual dimension to that attraction too.

Muscle Matt - Billy, stud

There are 100's of images in Matt's output, most of which are part of a running story, which starts with Billy's self improvement as a muscle-head and leads to the revelation of the power it gives him over other men, some of whom fall at his feet, overwhelmed by his muscularity - and by his endowment, which has benefited equally from his training regime.

Muscle Matt - Billy, owned
Others get carried away, uplifted by the size of his organ which has acquired a muscularity all of it's own. Billy revels in his transformation and accepts all this adulation as though born to it. He dominates but doesn't have to bully his peers since they readily acknowledge his newly acquired god-like superiority and are eager to have a piece of him. The acolyte in this picture speaks of being owned, which is simply a 'youth-speak' admission of Billy's unchallengeable superiority. He's now leader of the pack and able to take his pick of them whenever he feels like it.

Muscle Matt - Billy, wrestle 3
In Billy's world, rivals may challenge him in traditional sporting ways. They are doomed to defeat and it's sexual consequences, but such is Billy's sexual aura that they willingly pay the forfeit, it only makes them love him more. Billy's organs have now become so big that it seems that his balls need the bra-like support of his wrestling leotard.

Muscle Matt - Billy, Cum
Billy is in love with himself as much as his admirers, but it's a benign vanity that is born of a childlike wonderment. He can't quite believe how astonishingly his body has transformed and morphed into something that exceeds even his own ideals of masculinity - so much so that it turns himself on. I love the way Matt uses T-shirts to showcase the musculature of these characters.

Muscle Matt - Sean
But Billy has a rival, Sean, who is also discovering his masculine potential.

Muscle Matt - Sean's Day 6
Matt's fascination with the actual process of muscle building is more obvious in Sean's story. His development is charted at some length, although we never see any of these characters starting out as weedy wimps! There seem to be few images of Billy using weights but they appear more often in Sean's story,usually as accessories to illustrate strength rather than training tools, it seems. 
Muscle Matt - Sean's Day 12

Sean is more successful than Billy in developing his physique but he has similar character traits, revelling in the attention it brings him. Matt's idealisation of a bodybuilder is extreme but aligned with the norms of that sport - broad shoulders, massive chest, slender waist, bubble butt and chunky thighs. The giant penis is optional in the real world.

The ease with which Sean and Billy develop these amazing physiques is not entirely fanciful. If you've ever tried body-building and found it just doesn't happen for you the way it does for more genetically-gifted men, you'll understand where the adulation comes from.

Muscle Matt - Sean Worship 9
Sean soon has a fan club of his own, drawn to him on the strength of his appearance and (presumably) the pride and confidence it gives him. They flock to lavish their hero with their admiration (and stuff) and apparently feel no jealousy of their fellow worshippers. Indeed worship seems an entirely appropriate word for the god-like status these mega-studs enjoy.

You'll notice that these devout parishioners are not entirely without fleshy attractions themselves. I'm sure you'll be aware that those who cultivate musclehood do gravitate to each other's company (much to the frustration of lesser mortals who are usually ignored or excluded). Matt's accurate observation of the Body Building scene is commented on, but I don't know how calculating he is being here.

Muscle Matt - Billy's Posing Briefs
Billy can't really miss seeing how Sean's body is developing, given his tendency to strut around the family kitchen, nearly naked. When Sean proudly 'outs' himself there's a nice moment where he admits to borrowing Billy's posing briefs. It's a typical, younger sibling practice, a mark of his respect for his elder and aspiration to emulate him. It has an erotic power too in this situation, which Matt exploits to the full with the size comparison.
Muscle Matt - Billy's Bro'
Billy views Sean's transformation with much the same awe as everybody else. 
The absence of envy from these images is refreshing and quite remarkable. 
Sean spills from this garment too, his cap confers a sense of being part of a serious team.

Muscle Matt - Sean and Billy Rag Doll
When Billy is finally confronted with the superiority of Sean's physique and has to acknowledge the fact, it only serves to enhance their relationship. The idea of sibling rivalry creates a nice, gentle undercurrent in this story but Matt blurs the boundary most of the time treating them mainly as best friends, free to admire and enjoy each others assets and strengths - which they do........

 If you're a regular follower of 'mitchmen' you'll understand how this simple image grabs me, there's a subtle skill at work here. Many of Matt's frames stand up on their own, but the full power of these images, as in any comic, resides in their interrelationships and sequencing. There doesn't seem to be any fully structured collection on the web and unfortunately these central characters, Sean and Billy, are quite similar in appearance which leads to identification difficulties in such a large collection of works, although Sean helpfully sports a goatee beard in some (see locker room image above). Fortunately Matt's captions are a great help. Just putting 'big bro' in a speech bubble tells much and if you're a geeky collector type like me you'll have fun sorting them out!

But I digress and another character is waiting in the wings for Billy in Muscle Matt, Part 2

Link details to follow in Part 3

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