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Saturday 31 December 2011

A-Z of Fetish Artists - P

My A-Z of fetish artists resumes next week with the letter 'P' which will include such stars as Palanca and Player. Just to remind you that I only cover artists with a genuine fetish element in their drawings - leather jackets alone won't qualify! Those who produce computer generated art are not included either, partly to keep a manageable-sized list but also because I don't feel well qualified to comment on that genre. Nevertheless I hope to address it in some way in the future.

My criteria for assessing artists are:- fetish content, technical merit and sensuality.

Paul Patterson - Rugby Scrumdown

As a taster here's a picture by Paul Patterson who I wouldn't have expected to be including in the list, but he will get a proper mention later. Meanwhile any rugby picture is liable to get a mention from me. I particularly like the tight shirts in this image from surprisingly long ago.

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Friday 30 December 2011

Bound Gods Celebration - 9

9 The Cylindrical Water Tank

Another water tank scenario but quite different from the Rusty Stevens 'Lab Rat' classic which I covered earlier in Part 1. Dante is the man here, a regular-looking kind of guy, 
he is kidnapped by C.J Madison.

After being first stripped and then thrashed hard, Dante is dropped into the water tank with just his hands tied together and his cock and balls roped up, forcing them out away from his abdomen. He has to suck Madison through a hole in the lid while kneeling waist deep in water. 
Kinky but not really scary.

However when Madison takes his cock away he pushes a water hose through the lid instead. 
Water gushes into the tank and it rapidly begins to fill. Dante realises that although he can move around, he cannot get out. He bangs against the lid but it won't shift.

As tank continues to fill, Madison walks away leaving Dante to face the horror of drowning. 
Soon he is entirely submerged and terrified.

Next we see Dante down on his knees in the tank but now his body is immobilised, tightly wrapped in a lattice of ropes. His captor has removed him from the tank, tied him more securely then dropped him back in again. The change is chilling for now Dante is unable to rise to his feet, because his ankles are tied to the back of his thighs, leaving him completely dependant on a length of tube to breathe through. A tube that can escape from his mouth if he struggles too much or which his captor can remove any time he chooses.

The curved walls of the tank magnify and distort Dante's body shape making him appear like a preserved biological sample in a bottle. In order to keep the tube in his mouth he has to arch his body backward pushing his exposed and roped up genitals forwards. Seen through the glass this looks very sexy we can see he is sporting an erection as though the danger is exciting him.

Madison patrols outside gloating at his victim as he struggles to control his panic.
It's a stunning 'danger' sequence in an otherwise straight forward movie and full credit to Dante for the stunt work. Not everyone could put themselves in danger like that, even knowing that there were plenty of safety precautions - assuming there were......
Ref: Bound Gods 5974 - The Crazy Perv and His Prey

Thursday 29 December 2011

Men Sharing Clothes 9 - Rubber Vests

Rubber vests are like the most memorable of lovers - it's a challenge to get into them, but once you have, they cling to you and squeeze your body tight. They make you look and feel absolutely great when you go out together. They draw bodily fluid out of you in unimaginable, messy quantities. But then you start to realise they need quite a lot of looking after and somehow after a while everything goes a bit slack.

Cody unbuckles

My first model, Cody demonstrates the 'cling' rather well with creases swirling erotically round his body. Fellow wearers will recognise where that look of satisfaction comes from.

But the tell tale signs of previous wear are there, just below the armhole, salty deposits left by a man's sweat. Is Fabricio (below) the guilty party?

Fabricio Smoulders

Mmmm! Trickling sweat! Looks like he might be!

I have to say I wouldn't complain about sharing this man's vest, just look at the way his broad pecs stretch open the neckline. This design is rather good, the restrained shade of blue and carefully placed star work with the low neckline to make the most of a man's chest. But if you are fortunate enough to have massive pecs and a sharply tapered waist, even rubber can't overcome the limitations of an untailored, one-size-fits-all design. Beware of your prized body sleeve screwing up into a tangle further down!

Fabricio Straightened Out

Ah, that's better …...and I am rather partial to sticky-out ears, very sexy!

But I'll let Cody have the last word

Cody straightens up discreetly

Pictures for both models courtesy of Randy Blue (I'm not saying anything!)

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Wednesday 28 December 2011

Bound Gods Celebration - 8

The Pain Competition
In today's selection, Chad Rock and Jason Miller are subjected to trials to decide who is the best 'sub'. In some ways it's standard 'dungeon' fodder which I would not normally linger over, voluntary submission doesn't head up my fantasies though, of course, it is different in the real world. 
But there are ingredients in this movie which make the imagery a bit special for me.

Firstly there is Chad Rock himself (right, above), his slightly 'weathered' appearance, chunky frame and shaved head make him an unlikely looking sub. That being so, shaving his pubes off and kitting him out with a chastity device makes a very nice subjugation statement. 
I like the way the two men have been fitted with similar gags and restraints in these pictures and stand up to take their punishment in a very manly way. There is a 'buddy' theme of sorts going on, in as much as the two men are to undergo similar degradation and punishment. However, they are so far apart in terms of outward appearance that the idea of them being matched against each other in a pain endurance competition doesn't really work for me. In serious films it's stimulating for contestants to be unequal and produce unlikely outcomes but in porn I think I prefer stereotypes to prevail. I find it easier to imagine a 'real' relationship between these men (romantic or workplace for example) being put to the test.

Things get more serious now as Van Darkholme and Christian Wilde (in the mask) lay into the two boys. I love the anguished looks here, the waders draw attention to their ungainly stances as they flinch away from the lashes. Waders accentuate a man's thighs in a delicious way and Jason Miller's physique looks a good deal more substantial here

In this scene, the improvised tape bondage has been replaced by neat rope-work pinning back the captives arms and framing their pecs, a trick that works particularly well with Chad. The chastity cages make way for electro devices inserted into the men's cock-tips and the harness gags have also been removed allowing us to see their facial expressions properly. We are rewarded with serious, manly anxiety moment from Chad as Van Darkholme turns up the juice. Beautiful.

Pegs and hosed water next and another marvellous, very masculine expression from Chad (can this man really be a 'sub'?). Shaved bodies always look good when they are wet or oily and here the shiny highlights also showcase the nipping of Chad's fleshy skin rather well. His natural physique adds a nice touch of realism. Jason too looks good, offering us a classic submissive/endurance image

Finally the two men are laid out next to each other with necks resting in the shaped recesses of a rack, chillingly reminiscent of the arrangement used for guillotines. The symmetry and uncluttered nudity of their bodies is very erotic, just a gag symbolising their shared plight. The absence of visible restraint suggests total submission. Christian looms menacingly over them. It's a great 'buddy capture' image.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Silly Hats - 4 - A Word From Our Sponsors

HRH's Beatrice and Eugenie
Dear Mr Mitchman,
We are absolutely thrilled to be asked to be patrons of your series showcasing silly hats. We feel terribly strongly that it's quite wrong that ordinary girls (like us) should be discriminated against just for being themselves in public. A dead octopus? It's awful and so rude!
Now, with the support of gay men (who we adore and who it is well known know everything there is to know about taste) we are entirely confident that the day will come when silly hats will accepted and appreciated by all. Meanwhile we offer you our utmost support in your inspiring efforts to educate and inform the public on this terribly important issue
We wish all your readers a peaceful festive season and a prosperous 2011

Beatrice and Eugenie

Monday 26 December 2011

Bound Gods Celebration - 7

A Cute Young Man Gets Spanked

Spanking isn't exactly what Bound Gods is famed for, although every film they produce must feature it at some point. I've picked out this sequence because I find it really attractive to look at and because it's a scenario believably rooted in everyday life (although not for long).

Nick Moretti (who I have a bit of a thing for) plays a father who accidentally discovers his son, Colton Steele, in possession of gay, bondage, porn material. Colton has a look which is a curious combination of cuteness and hairy masculinity and it is very sexy. His shirt gives him a youthful innocent air in contrast to Nick's formal suit.

Nick decides to punish his son by spanking him bare assed. Colton's a pretty grown up looking son and he argues with Nick to avoid this childish punishment, but as you can see it's in vain. He's allowed to keep his clothes on and his underpants are lowered only as far as necessary to expose his buttocks, but the rolled down pants succinctly sum up his humiliation and add visual emphasis to his bare backside. It's also a welcome touch of realism to me but you'd have thought Nick would remove his expensive looking jacket for this task.

Colton looks so sweet sprawled over his dad's lap in this outfit, I love the youthful red sneakers, but his hairy backside, now starting to turn pink, shows his real maturity. Nick's choice of chair with it's restricting arms suggests he hasn't had to do this before, making Colton's comeuppance all the more unexpected to him, but possibly less painful than it might have been if dad had been able to get a good swing at his ass.

I love this view, the cavity formed between Colton's cheeks and the rolled down pants is very erotic, irresistible. The olive colour of his pants is sexy too, for me. Nick's putting on a good show of anger here and you can imagine the turning point approaching where defiant protests turn to urgent pleading.

In the full movie Nick goes on to subject his son to an intense bondage scene and sex, supposedly to put him off pursuing this interest. It's all a bit too fanciful for me but good fetish stuff if you disregard the plot. This picture shows a classic, realistic-looking Bound Gods thrashing and Colton looks just as cute dressed in rope as he did in the check shirt.

This Christmas....

This Christmas*......will be different

A new collection of images by Mitchell,
loosely themed to Christmas traditions - but with a mitchmen twist!

Complete set available at the Image Archive - see Gallery Hub

Saturday 24 December 2011

Ministry of Silly Hats - 3 Crowns

This is a cheap shot, I know. 
Justin Munroe intended the silliness in an artistic way, 
but just I had to include these images.

This model (I haven't been able to identify him yet) looks an absolute beast, 
but it's hard to tell if that is because of the silly crown or despite it. 
It's the epitome of a sleaze, if you like, that is both repulsive and alluring at the same time.

This image does the same job in a different way, replacing in-your-face sex 
with a sort of innocence suggested by the model's baby-like pose and soft looking, hairless body. 
It is revealed as false innocence by the gaudy over-sized bangles and jewelled sceptre,
 reminiscent of a baby's rattle but used here for a more adult purpose. 
Repulsive and alluring.

Silly or not these are marvellous images.

Thanks to Beautiful for showing these pictures from the 'Renaissance' series
and to Justin Monroe for creating them

Thursday 22 December 2011

Turquine's Spanking Art

A selection of pictures from Turquine's blog . Turquine has been producing spanking pictures for quite a while using CG techniques - which means he won't be eligible for my A-Z of fetish artists when it gets to 'T' sometime next year - so I'm giving him a mention now.

Turquine - Swift & Sure

I love the willowy figure of the the cop in this picture - and the victims face, which is handsome and seems too masculine to be the face of a person who could end up in this situation. His anxiety and humiliation are clear.

Recently Turquine has been experimenting with soft textures in his pictures, a development which I am following with interest. It means his characters don't end up look liking like plastic dummies but have an essence of realism in a painterly sort of way..

Turquine - College Student Spanked

In this picture the severity of the punishment is neatly expressed by the drawn back arm about to descend and the victim fighting back his tears. The rugged face of the spanker has an evil leer which suggests he has waited a long time for this moment of satisfaction. I also featured some of Turquine's faces a while ago at

Turquine - Belt Licks (click to enlarge)

There's a simple directness in Turquine's art that captures the violence and pain of spanking very impressively. The addition of 'speech and sound effects' may upset purists but it certainly adds to the impact (!) of the image. This picture is from a lengthy series depicting the punishment and humiliation of Jason, a student, by his father.

You can follow the story at Turquine's blog here

If you like this artist's work, see my 2-Part Turquine Update  (2019)

Monday 19 December 2011

Bound Gods Favourites - 6

Little + Large

Bound Gods productions often depict super-muscular heavyweights knocking seven bells out of weedy looking (relatively!) subs. It's not a scenario that hits my buttons, by and large, I prefer a more equal contest less suggestive of men hitting boys. However the imagery from this encounter between Spencer Reed and Zack Alexander (probably better known for more conventional porn) is full of little gems despite Zach's exceptionally boyish face playing up to the stereotype.

The storyline is set in a bar where Zach strikes up a conversation with Reed, a plausible looking barman, and persuades him to give a bondage demonstration - rather less plausible.

Anyway Spencer soon has Zach stripped off and is burrowing in his pants, I love to see underwear in these films and this image is a good example but inevitably it's appearance is all too brief(!) Zach's slender body looks great here.There's a sense of the size mismatch between the two characters but it doesn't prepare you for the next picture.

This image is just wonderful as beefy Spencer towers (teeters almost!) over the kneeling Zach, like an ogre in a fairytale taunting his normal-sized captive. The fact that the camera angle flatters the size of the man in the foreground makes it all the more impressive. Zach looks suitably intimidated - as well he might. He's held in nice economical bondage here. Spencer's state of partial undress (hooray for clothes!) tells you what is about to happen next, fortunately for Zach some body parts are less amenable to bulking up than pecs and biceps!

As the bondage lesson gets going there's another super 'little and large' moment, Spencer appears to grow even bigger with his clothing removed, Zach has a decent body but is hopelessly dwarfed.

The one-legged bondage position shown here is a Bound Gods favourite. In Japanese rope bondage it's a torture in it's own right forcing the victim to balance his entire body weight on one leg for so long that it becomes excruciatingly painful, meanwhile the other leg is bent right back (tighter into the back of the thigh than here) in an position so unnatural that it also becomes unbearable as time passes (and is ultimately crippling). 

In this faster moving scenario, clearly neither fate is going to befall Zach, with his slight build it would be much less effective and doesn't produce interesting bunched up thigh muscles either so I'm not sure that it works that well here. However, this cheek squeezing moment is a beautifully simple expression of condescending dominance with the victim helplessly immobilised.

Eventually Zach ends up stretched across the bar top with legs 
held open so that Spencer can insert a ball hook. 
Zach acts his socks off (!) wincing with the unpleasantness of the forced entry, 
his bare feet waving in the air are a visual treat.

Zach squirms on the bar top as Spencer forces the steel implement deep inside him, 
rewarding us with a beautiful view of his abs,
 all tensed up as testimony to the physical struggle taking place. 
Not massive in size, maybe, but beautifully defined. 
His clenching feet convey the discomfort of the penetration he feels. 
A fitting finale.

Ref: Bound Gods 9485 Bar Bondage Hookup

Saturday 17 December 2011

Last Word on the 'Beanie'

Lee John by Gilles Crofta

I actually like this look but I'm not sure if it is because of the hat or despite it!

Maybe it's the chains!

Lee John would make any clothing look good - but then again......

Maybe not!

Fab Abs though.

Pictures courtesy of Gilles Crofta

Thursday 15 December 2011

Ministry of Silly Hats - 2 Continued!

Having said my piece on the beanie and Chaz (2 posts back), here it comes again this time sitting on the head of Trent Davies - I'm starting to feel outnumbered here!

Like Chaz, Trent's combo today also includes fetish gear and he looks pretty awkward (not to say camp!) about being asked to wear it.

It's like a student lost in the woods has stumbled across the three bears playhouse and decides to try their things on.

This picture from the same set reveals that Trent sports a neat college boy haircut. Still somewhat at odds with the fetish theme but altogether more attractive. In my book, the knowing, catwalk-style posing devalues these pictures as erotica. But I acknowledge the ironic humour, it's a free country.

Pictures from Freshmen magazine which has now ceased publication I'm afraid.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Bound Gods Favourites - 5

This post features another recent release in which two buddies are watching TV in their flat when an intruder bursts in and takes them captive. Bound Gods is great when it gets away from the dungeon.

The two actors Brian Bond and DJ (nearest) look just like two ordinary, straight guys doing ordinary things - no muscle gods here. The bond between close friends is very special and very powerful of course (whatever the sexual orientation) and that's what makes this story special. It can be a source of envy, but this rarely leads to it being tested in a physical way.

The intruder takes the boys captive after cutting the electricity and proceeds to remove both men's clothes. Brian is tied to a chair while DJ is forced nuzzle his underwear, then to suck him off. Equally humiliating for both of them of course. This image with Brian sitting, legs spread wide and grimacing helplessly as his nipple is being tweaked is very striking, the highlight of the set. The buddies are both the instrument and witness of each others humiliation. Brian's impressive erection is mandatory of course but suggests another layer of embarrassment for him.

Brian is temporarily consigned to the bathroom while the intruder works on his buddy. For the friends, separation and isolation is just as bad as joint humiliation. It's a nice twist. This picture, where he is dragged back to the living room (having been primed for action you will note) is another great picture. Once again the simplicity of the bondage enhances the captive's body - and emphasises his complete nudity.

In the final excerpt the straight boy's humiliation is rammed home by a collar and chain, which he can see in the mirror. It's symbolic rather than a real restraint (and mundane in a way), but doubly telling in this straight domestic environment. Great story.

Ref: Bound Gods 14589 There's Someone Out There

Friday 9 December 2011

Ministry of Silly Hats - 2 The Beany

Chaz by Randy Blue
Don't get me wrong, I think the 'beanie' hat can look very sexy, perched on the back of the head.
But I'm not sure it really 'goes' with leather apparel.

I'm afraid the 'pulled down' look is probably best left to pensioners
out doing their shopping on a cold day.

Without the hat Chaz looks much more masculine.
There's no need to distract attention from his basic assets.
He's good looking in an understated, guy next door sort of way which is very desirable.
He also has a marvellous fleshy, chunky body and an endowment to match.
I'm planning a more flattering post for Chaz soon.

Pictures by Randy Blue

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Bound Gods Favourites - 4

4 Bandaged Legs
This post showcases Dominic Pacifico whose supple body has featured in some fantastic Bound Gods images. I could have chosen a number of moments from his films, but this fairly recent one is most memorable for the leg bondage employed.

I love to see the models wearing clothes because they enhance the body. 
Dominic's jeans really show off his thighs - which are soon to become a focus of attention.

The 'doubled-back leg' form of bondage in which each ankle is secured to the back of the thigh is very photogenic. The position naturally causes the thigh (and calf muscles) to bulk up and the ties draw attention to this, so it looks nice. It also disables the prisoner in a very obvious way. 

This original variation, in which dark bandages are wound round the entire doubled-back limb, including the foot, magnifies both these effects. Dominic's legs are rigidly fixed in an un-natural position, a recipe for intense pain if the restraint is prolonged. The dark bindings somehow conjure up all sorts of associations - the middle east, female dress, medicine even, a heady brew!

I like the idea of the captor spending time over preparing his victim, so that he looks attractive and erotic for his punishment. It shows a sort of appreciation of him as well as demonstrating absolute control.

 Job done, Tyler Saint can savour his prisoner's manly qualities.

From the front the 'disabling' effect is even more striking and slightly shocking, flirting as does it with amputation imagery. The dark bandages perform the same visual function as waders (and stockings!) do, drawing attention to Dominic's thighs and unprotected, dangling cock. Forcing him to balance on his knees like this reminds him of the limits of respect for prisoners, it's another Bound Gods trademark.

Dominic's wrists are loosely restrained and this makes his balancing position doubly precarious. It produces the exciting sight of the victim trying to keep from toppling under the onslaught of lashes. I love the tension in Dominic's arching body and the spreadeagled legs. Of course his efforts only serve to keep him in the firing line and present a more exposed and inviting target, which Tyler attacks with gusto. As always the models contrive to make it look painfully real.

Monday 5 December 2011

Bound Gods Favourites - 3

3 Cop Caught Out
In this choice from my favourite Bound Gods moments, it's not the props that make the impact but the simplest of bondage and punishment combined with good casting and a nice twisted story line. The 'Creepy Janitor' who stalks and abducts college jocks has been a recurring theme at Bound Gods right from the start. Brenn Wyson currently plays the creepy part and he can certainly look scary.

In this film, his secret is discovered by a young cop, played by an actor known only as 'Ned', whose blond hair and clean cut looks create an impression of youthful professional integrity and enthusiasm which, naturally enough, the evil janitor mocks. However, this cop turns out be more steely than he looks and in his search for the truth, strings Wyson up for interrogation.

This image with Wyson stripped naked and balancing on a block is unspectacular but I love it. In the context of the story, vulnerability is the wrong word to use, although there's a hint of the noose about this construct. Wyson's nudity and exposure is brought out strongly by the precarious position, the tight upper body restraint and the fact that Officer Ned is still in full uniform. This lashing is a prelude to an improbable sequence of complicated tortures and sex, but there's a great twist as Wyson eventually escapes and turns the tables.

Now it's the young Cop's turn to be stripped and he is stretched out in a hanging position that produces a beautiful arching of his body, a classic back-stress position which will become increasingly painful with the passage of time and showcases his pert buttocks.
Wyson ruffles his hair mockingly.

Ned's dangling equipment is soon taken in hand, to be tweaked and abused. 
The directness and intimacy of this torture is very powerful and the result written all over Ned's face. Wyson's vindictive pleasure at his captive's helpless agony is hammy but right in character
 - and don't his muscular arms look great!

Officer Ned goes on to get the lashing he deserves. 
Bound Gods have a knack for making it look real and Wyson certainly puts his back into the job. Great sequence.