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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Ministry of Silly Hats - 3 Crowns

This is a cheap shot, I know. 
Justin Munroe intended the silliness in an artistic way, 
but just I had to include these images.

This model (I haven't been able to identify him yet) looks an absolute beast, 
but it's hard to tell if that is because of the silly crown or despite it. 
It's the epitome of a sleaze, if you like, that is both repulsive and alluring at the same time.

This image does the same job in a different way, replacing in-your-face sex 
with a sort of innocence suggested by the model's baby-like pose and soft looking, hairless body. 
It is revealed as false innocence by the gaudy over-sized bangles and jewelled sceptre,
 reminiscent of a baby's rattle but used here for a more adult purpose. 
Repulsive and alluring.

Silly or not these are marvellous images.

Thanks to Beautiful for showing these pictures from the 'Renaissance' series
and to Justin Monroe for creating them

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