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Thursday 30 April 2015

A Matter of Size

I have a friend who never misses an opportunity to point out how short Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise and other film stars are 'in real life' - as opposed to the way they seem to be on the silver screen. It's not something that troubles my choice in men, but it's a strange fact that photographs can create an impression of bulk or height in favourite and familiar models that is quite misleading. 

 Landon Conrad and Jessie Jackman

Landon Conrad always seemed to me to be a big man. I suppose his 'Desperate Dan' jutting, square jaw may have played a part in creating this impression but he looks tiny here next to Jessie Jackman. This dramatic contast in size contributes in no small measure to the erotic impact of his submissive pose. 
Bigger cock though.

Aha you say, it's only because he's kneeling down, well, maybe not..........

 Landon Conrad and Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde has long been familiar to us as part of the Bound Gods stable of resident 'Masters'. I've never been quite convinced of him in that role on account of his slender physique and rather studious looking face. However, this picture of him  next to Landon Conrad (again) casts him in an entirely different light. I find it quite difficult to resolve it with my preconceptions of the two men. 
Landon is transformed from fearsome predator into cuddly bear. 
Christian from slender student into an awkward looking giant.

Left to Right:- Trevor Knight, Andrew Stark, Donny Wright

Andrew Stark and the lovely Donny Wright appear much as you would have expected in this photograph. I must say it shows Andrew Stark with a much better physique than I credited him with  from memory, yum!
But it's Trevor Knight that provides the size surprise. It's quite unexpected and not at all what you would guess from his roles as a top in erotic videos. We're in brooch territory here! Which, I hasten to add, is not intended as a derogatory remark, Trevor's physique from waist downwards is perfectly proportioned and very attractive.
Another case of a pugnacious face creating an impression of size which is an illusion.

Juan Lopez and Paddy O'Brian

Paddy created quite a wave of interest when he arrived on the scene as a rampaging top and his recent excursions into bottoming have, if anything, added to his butch persona. However, here he transforms into cute, little boy in the octopus arms of Juan Lopez - rest assured it doesn't stay that way!
Check out the relative sizes of these guy's pecs.

 Connor Maguire and Samuel O'Toole

This picture was a double surprise for me. Previously, Connor Maguire's boyish face and slim body had created the impression for me of a typical young man, probably of average height. It comes as quite a shock to see him towering over the muscular, ultra-butch Samuel O'Toole. 

It's quite wrong to equate height or any other physical characteristic with 'topping' (as the previous example proves) but it is confusing to stereotypical expectations. It doesn't help that Connor's early career was heavily laced with bottoming scenes (this one is no exception) and his soulful face is well suited to that role for those of us who like erotica with an edge.

If you compare the size of Connor's head with his body you'll see he's inherited exceptionally generous proportions from the neck downwards - the source I suspect of my confusion.

  Austin Wilde and Tanner Bishop

They say everyone's the same size lying down, but this photo disproves that adage too. Austin Wilde never struck me as a particularly big guy (body-wise!) before I saw this. I guess his chunky build is similar to Sam O'Toole's (who I did think was big) but somehow Austin's slightly boyish, fleshy face to me suggested cuddly, stockiness rather than the sheer, mouth-watering bulk that is apparent here. His diminutive partner enhances the comparison of course but I'll never quite see Austin in the same way again. 

As a not totally unrelated aside, I'm no more obsessed with dick size than I am with body size, but this is a truly memorable penetration image - well done Tanner!.

There's a reason why Hollywood disguises the height of shorter actors of course and we can't expect the porn industry to be very different. Most of us in real life make no distinction between short and tall, it's not important. In some perverse way, though, our stereotypical prejudices do affect the way we view and enjoy sexual encounters and interactions on video. The same subconscious forces formed this article but I intend no disrespect, mockery or ill-will in drawing attention to these particular contrasts. Only for fun.

Saturday 25 April 2015

The Art of Eddie Chin

Joyride by Eddie Chin
This image makes a neat postscript to the previous article. I like the clean, simple style of Eddie Chin's work. He frequently depicts media celebrities and the glittery highlights, which are a trademark of his style, are perhaps a wry comment on the adulation bestowed on them. However, I confess I don't recognise this man or understand the title (a movie perhaps?).

Eddie Chin - Golden Balls

This one's easy even without the title, it's a good likeness of David Beckham. Unlike the first picture there's no sense of modesty here and the depiction of the underwear is understated but intensely erotic. In a way that captures the ambiguous personality of the subject rather neatly. The clinical, plain white background sanitises the sensuality to a considerable degree.

Eddie Chin - Smooth Body Provocateur

G-strings, posing pouches and the like are not everyone's cup of tea but the artist's asian background (although he's located in the UK) allows him a different perspective on the garment. As beefcake goes I think this is a terrific picture, sexy and provocative as the title says. The mounded pecs and fabric disappearing between the legs are very nice details and I'm sure that foot doesn't go unnoticed by specialists either.

Eddie Chin - The Unfaithful Husband

Eddie seems to be returning to the 50's here with the posing pouch obviously a cover for the nudity implied by the scenario. For me the result is not unpleasing. The handsome guest's perilously splayed open legs seem all the more exposed by the scantiness of his garment down under. Sadly the artist leaves all that to the imagination with barely a cheek visible this time. The picture is clearly influencd by the art of  'Banksy' but the social satire is rather less complex.

Eddie Chin - Save Him If You Can (Slavery)

After seeing the careful negotiation of taboos in the previous examples of Chin's work, this picture (if not the censorship) comes as something of a shock despite the humour. That vicious, bamboo-like spike is straight out of Tagame's world and the nooselike neck restraint is hardly frivolous either. The traditional oil lamp (more middle eastern than far east I would say) has sinister connotations all it's own. The youth of the victim is a turn-off for me (I suspect this is another 'celebrity' that has passed me by).

 Eddie Chin - Captive

Something more calming. The routing of the chain connecting the ankle cuffs is a clever erotic touch and there's some nice highlighting of the leather pouch in this beefcake-y image. The broken spectacles give it a little more edge.

I enjoy Eddie's work, it leaves you wanting more and if you produce your own images it fires the imagination too. See more of Eddie Chin at Deviant Art

If you can identify any of these men please comment!

Tuesday 21 April 2015

In Emergency Pull Down


Jimmy:  "Oh mum! I didn't hear you coming!"

Mum:  "Jimmy! Those are your brother's football socks!
I only just washed them and now you've getting them dirty again!"

"This is sooooo embarassing!"

Frankie:  "Sorry Officer, I was actually expecting someone else."

Policeman at the door:  "Is that so? Well you can cut out the' little boy' act sunshine!
We've had complaints!"

 "Wait a minute, do I know you?"

 "Whaddya mean Dad? - Of course I've got something underneath!"
("just keep still dick and he won't see anything.")

"Sorry Ranger, it was only for a quick pee, I'll cover up now."
(Why is the Ranger looking at my ass like that? 
.....oh shit, the friction.......I'm gonna cum....!)

"Well, now that you've caught me out, 
what are you going to do about it?
(it twitches)
.... Sir."

Photo credits (2) Beautiful, ES  (3) Male Model US (6) DNA

Friday 17 April 2015

I'm on the train!

Budget cuts at the Ministry of Justice meant that convicted prisoners could no longer be transported to jail in private security vans. 

Giving up their seats on the train was seen as a useful first step in their rehabilitation.

I can't credit the man responsible for this splendid GIF unfortunately.

Link - Train Ride To Crotchdorf
The artist 'Link' was rather more generous in his arrangements for transporting prisoners.

See also my A-Z article on 'Link' for another transport scenario

Mitchell - Mugger on a Train

This is an unfinished sketch I did many years ago in the days when railway carriages were not open with through gangways, as is universal now, but split into individual 12 seat compartments  which were completely isolated (and completely private) between stops, affording opportunities for all sorts of nefarious deeds. 

This was an illustration from a story in which an over-confident mugger
 had the tables turned on him between stations. 
(Some of my readers may be able deduce the geographic area 
from those distinctive carriage details)

It is readily re-envisaged as a prisoner transport scenario like those above with an unscrupulous escort introducing the newly convicted youth to the predatory nature of the prison life that awaits him.

Blade - Pulling A Train

I don't think Blade intended this terrific drawing as a prisoner transport scene either, but it readily allows that interpretation. In this case the repentant felon puts in a bit of community service on his way to the clink while his guard/escort turns a blind eye. 

The guard's grip on his oddly-shaped baton is a fairly obvious 'hidden eroticism' subterfuge, simulating the gripping of a dick. You might wonder why Blade bothered in a picture that is already very explicit, (including a rarely depicted foreskin). My guess is it's down to the dangling wrist loop which suggests some sort of fluid emission - probably a step too far along the trail of allowable erotic imagery. 

If you discard my prisoner story overlay and view the picture afresh you can see that there's an equally interesting story here of a young man who likes the excitement of casual, rough sex (of a sort), being lured into something even rougher and much more dangerous, dark and forbidden. This is symbolised by the uniform (promising him discipline), the gloves (a barrier to intimate contact, coldness), the handcuffs and the wooden baton (suggesting the possibility of punishment too). 

The apparent indifference of this man to him (clearly faked, as we can see) is only increasing his appeal of course. The dribbling baton-end signifies that this is where the young man can find ultimate satisfaction. 

Paradoxically there's also an element of  'if only he would notice me' in the uniformed man's dreamy attitude, a frustrated desire quite at odds with his superficially powerful image. We've all been there, but in the more secretive era when Blade drew this, unrequited longing was an even more universal feeling. This perceptive realism tells you why Blade is so respected, you won't find this subtlety in Tom of Finland.

Surprisingly I've never done an article on Blade for this blog, despite his significant role in the emergence of modern gay erotic art. There is a interesting similarity between the depiction of the squatting boy here and the style of Sean later.


Sunday 12 April 2015

YoMero 2 - Transformations and Other Art

YoMero - Donald

YoMero transformation scenarios including most of those I featured in Part 1 of this article are not always self explanatory but it's pretty obvious something of the sort has happened here. If you don't recognise the strange nautical garb with pretty red bow you might suspect a gender transformation going on but don't reach for the smelling salts just yet! The clue is in the title, this fairy tale transformation is in fact - was in fact - Donald Duck. I can't say I find this idea erotic on any level but I do like the end result with a hyper-masculine guy finding himself half-dressed in skimpy attire with distinctly feminine and childish flavours.
 There's a Mickey Mouse study too on YoMero's Deviant Art site.
Look out for Wonder Warrior if you can stomach the Implications.

YoMero - Do It
I'm not sure there's any transformation involved here but it's a nice picture and what seems to be more humiliation as the devil-angel places some shocking ideas in the mind of his victim, who looks as if he's still a bit wet behind the ears. The artist uses a different name to sign these pictures but I haven't worked out what it is yet.

YoMero - Mermans (sic)

Pure romance here as two (transformed?) boys cavort in the sea. 
Enjoying the freedom perhaps?
The background waves have a touch of Japanese art about them 
but the curly locks of the 'flying fish' are pure 50's retro
 (see this article on Quaintance)

YoMero -  In The Gym 1

This is more conventional erotica but it's nicely done. The subject matter and the neat shading style is reminiscent of the work of Harry Bush, although his works of tormented desire and body worship usually showed (or suggested) older men on the receiving end. YoMero's take is more innocent and charming.
I wonder what was going to go in the speech bubble?

 Find more by this artist at Jesus on the Rocks at Deviant Art

Wednesday 8 April 2015

YoMero 1 - Transformation Art

 YoMero - Black-o-matic

This picture is by a Mexican Artist called YoMero, who also goes by the name of 'Jesus-on-the Rocks'. It shows a man who has just been transformed from white to black in the Negr-o-matic chair. This process (completed successfully, the screen says) is attended by a substantial increase in body bulk both above and below the waist - I love his bulging chest and split shirt sleeves. The uniform of the chair operator is similar to that of a policeman but it's not clear if any coercion was involved in getting the subject into the chair (unless those gold bangles have magical restraining properties!)

YoMero - White To Black

This picture shows the process of transformation. There is no obvious causation this time but the outcome is the same. The consternation of the subjects in these two pictures as their new form becomes apparent reflects their surprise and confusion at a truly life-changing event rather than any dubious racial attitudes. (In any case if this is a humiliation to him it is entirely self-inflicted. A like for like retribution which is entirely appropriate and conforms to the spirit of traditional morality tales).

YoMero - Dreams Come True
The sense of innocent bewilderment is more obvious in this rather nice, Kafka-esque image where a (stereotypical) white boy awakes one morning to find himself black and the possessor of a ferocious tool. The title tells you that there's no funny business going on here but it does make you think about how you might react to such a challenging development!

YoMero - I Wish......

YoMero's benign intentions are made plain in this pair of pictures. A muscle guy makes a wish and the (black) genie of the lamp duly obliges, making his little buddy big and black, to the wish-maker's obvious delight. Maybe his pal will come round to the idea too or perhaps (like me) he finds the stereotypical template of his new being a little over-cooked. The element of control here isn't quite sadism but provides an interesting twist.

 YoMero - Goodbye my old me

YoMero's vision of black malehood in this picture could hardly be more flattering. He tones down the stereotyping just enough to produce a handsome, physically impressive and confident sexual being. It's a dramatic contrast to the awestruck, anxious boyishness of his former self. 

This cartooning style, slightly sensuous and just realistic enough to genuinely erotic is almost traditional in heterosexual porn (Eric Stanton for example). It's much less common in gay stuff, possibly because the mandatory gauche male in the supporting cast (as here) is not how we like to see ourselves.

 YoMero - Black Magic 1

There are more unfortunate stereotypes here (at least according to today's rules of political correctness). However, although these black 'natives' do not wear clothes they do have superior powers to the white man (in contrast to Tom of Finland's foray into Tarzan Land). You can guess by now what the fate of the trouserless explorer is to be and I suspect the trigger for the process is dangling right in front of him. Unfortunately I haven't found the illustration for that moment yet but I like this image anyway for it's expression of calm domination and anxious submission. 

My next post will cover this artist's other work, 

Thursday 2 April 2015

Men Sharing Clothes 20 - Tight White Gym Vests

Phil Hancock
Big muscle and a cute face is a winning combination, Phil Hancock had both.
Serious body builders are sometimes wary of baring all, but have no qualms about puffing out their pecs for all and sundry to admire. Tucking them into a clinging vest shows off their shape and allows a glimpse of cute little nips. The dark edging and laurel leaf motif turns this garment into serious sports attire and it's sexy too. 

In this picture our model seems to be sensing a smell.
 Is it from the vest? Something oddly musky? An unfamiliar aftershave? 
Or perhaps a strangly familiar deodorant.
(can he remember who wears that particular one?)

Christian Engels

.... here's the culprit, I suspect, looking rather guilty. 

Christian seems to have fewer inhibitions about strutting his stuff.
He's taken the trouble to smooth out some of the less flattering wrinkles
- or is he just a bigger man? 

The pretentious palatial setting and those unusual jeans make you wonder about someone's taste.
Actually we've seen the jeans before  in No 14 of this series
They've taken quite a hammering from different muscular masculine thighs straining their seams,
but at least they do look freshly laundered here - unlike the vest
Christian Engels

Here's the measure of the man within,
contemplating another successful shoot.
Phil Hancock

While on the other side of town, a boy ponders that elusive smell......
Images by MuscleHunks
Narrative entirely fictional, all for fun (no disrespect intended)

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