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Thursday 31 December 2020

Milking Factories 10 - Madeira DeSouza

Madeira DeSouza - Milked Buddies

 This space age factory concept features a unique milking arrangement. It's impossible to tell what extraction technology or mechanism it uses, but by the look of the 'donors' faces it syphons with a vengeance! Being restrained astride this chunky piece of kit must add to the sense that this is an extraction, rather than a coaxed release. This position also facilitates anal stimulation which is a big feature of this design. 

This design is economical in it's space requirements, truly of a factory farming standard. Madeira only shows two milking stations but it's clearly scaleable to larger numbers. The closely positioned stalls allow the men in adjacent positions to be linked with ankle restraints. The flesh on flesh contact will add an extra dimension to their stimulatory experience. It's intimate enough for them to be fully aware of their neighbours orgasmic convulsions, an incentive to keep up perhaps. It should encourage them if they know each other or are attracted to each other but could be quite disturbing for them if they are neither of these things. I wonder if lovers holding hands produce better quality or more milk than straights forced into an unwanted contact. Is the taste different? That's one for the Development Lab to investigate.


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More Art of Madeira DeSouza to come shortly

Monday 28 December 2020

Art by Devils Three


 This strikingly-lit, bondage image is by the Chinese artist 'Devils Three' It shows a young man looking anxious but excited, perhaps anticipating his first experience of sexual bondage. His tight cropped hair suggests an element of streetwise toughness in his character, making his uncertainty in this situation deliciously revealing.  The bands of light falling across his body suggest the room has been darkened for privacy, while the sheet spread beneath him to kneel on indicates a messy encounter is planned. These domestic details give the scene a strange atmosphere of furtive experimentation with the unknown but exciting world of fetish.

This group of sketches is inspired by the character Takeshi Kovacs in TV's 'Altered Carbon' but it has the same sense of domesticity, enlivened of course by the undressing panel. Men in the process of undressing are a consistent thread in this artist's work. If you look closely, there's a rather edgy juxposition of underpants and cigarette which is quite startling when you spot it. D3's recreation of the character is closer to modern Manga stereotypes than the actor's true appearance but his technique shows great technical skill and confidence.

Erotic inspiration in everyday situations is also a driver of this image, which shows an office worker searching for the pen of his (somewhat authoritarian) boss, after it has fallen on the floor. It connects to a fantasy where the boss gives his young employee a good seeing-to before resuming work as if nothing had happened (see link below for the full series).
 It sometimes seems as though rank and seniority have a significance in Asian cultures that we cannot really understand in the West. The ruthless world of Financial Services perhaps offers a comparable culture but I suspect it's not the same.

This is not part of that series but shows a similar outcome. The collar here indicates an extreme of subservience beyond the normal world of commerce but it's clearly not a leather role play either, it's more domestic in nature, like the first image. The bold simplicity of technique in these pictures is impressive.

This study takes the statement of submissiveness further by showing a lead attached to the collar and the explicit sexual contact (which gives a rational reason for kneeling) taken away. This man also appears to have fetters on his limbs, as though he's in a state of permanent enslavement. It's not clear whether his downcast expression reflects discontent with this status or is due to feelings of abandonment, because his master has let go of his lead and is neglecting him.
(Shades of Sonic in the haircut!)

At first sight this man might be the slave's master, but once again he looks more like a regular guy rather a stereotypical porn top (no tattoos, notice!). He's not dressed in leather garb either but ordinary white underpants. I say ordinary but snug fitters like these ought to be compulsory wear for all men! He looks at us with a calculated allure, radiating confidence in his own sexuality. His collar is a thought-provoking ambiguity, this man is too complex for simple labels.


Office situations are dear to D3's heart and he calls this 'The Kidnapping of a Civil Servant'. It was this image that first alerted me to this artist's talents - the simple bondage, partial undress and snug fitting underwear have much appeal for me, particularly when it's portrayed via clean lines and sensual skin tones. The nipple just visible through his shirt is an example of the joys of computer-aided artistry. This picture belongs to one of those series where the same figure is progressively altered to show a (generally predictable) sequence of erotic events......

Ideally I'd like to see the remains of this chap's shirt somewhere, but the gag and outbreak of sweating are pleasing. You might at notice at this point that there's also an enticing element of moistness in his underwear. The shadowing of the torso is interesting, transforming the ordinary 'guy next door' seen in the previous picture into a muscular hunk! Series like this often show fantasy creatures, this one has the great virtue of being about a real man.

Nudity, invasive explorations and more sweatiness follow with a messy finale. 
The disembodied hand here is an interesting touch (!), suggesting to me that this artist is visualising a personal involvement in the proceedings rather than leaving it to A N Other. The indentation of flesh by hands and fingers is a detail often overlooked but it adds greatly to the sense of real physical contact, which is after all a pretty crucial ingredient in erotica, particularly in static imagery. Asian artists often strive to capture such intimate contacts, for example it's quite common to see the unseen, inner workings of penetration depicted. 
Again, visit the link below to see the rest of this group of pictures.

Back to the domestic for a more commonplace undressing situation with a touch of humour as over-eagerness leads to entanglement and delay. His partner meanwhile is more patient, content to enjoy the sensuality of their closeness, still clad in his underpants. This is a very sweet picture, a very positive portrayal of gay love.

This untitled image continues the theme of undressing and underwear. This bikini-like underwear has very revealing qualities and is not often seen cladding male bottoms. The young wearer in this picture reveals a charming embarrassment at his own boldness in posing in it.

The technique used in this image, like an unfocussed photograph, is quite different to the cartoon line drawings above and shows this artist has a fascinating range of skills.

Here the artist experiments with a different sort of embarrassing sexy bottom display. The hands-tied captive in this picture is the character 'Killer T' from 'Cells at Work'. As the image and name suggest, he's hard and ruthless. His open shirt revealing well-developed pecs reflects an element of sexual bravado in his personality, but it seems that split pants that reveal bare ass goodies within are not part of the script, hence the consternation written all over his face. Nice. 

There's a hint of rip in the waistband of this man's underpants, the result of an over excited grab perhaps. However there's certainly no embarrassment for the wearer here, the open back window of the briefs shamelessly provides all the view and access anyone could want and what's more his pose is calculated to make the most of it. 

The body lines here are sketchy and minimal, but the man's face is lovingly detailed with sensuous tones. It really does convey what he is doing and the undivided attention he is giving it.


This is the only fantasy creature I have found in D3's output but mermen are one imaginary species that does catch my fancy.  I think it's due to the bondage-like entrapment of the lower body. There's actually a degree of gender ambiguity in his depiction but I'll overlook that. His look of sexual allure resembles the expression of the whip-wielding character above. The rock rubbing demonstration is also highly sensual and neatly avoids the awkward question of what these creatures look like below the waist.

This joyous final image needs no commentary,
save that it shows a capable hand and pleasing eye.

You can find more art by this artist at Devils Three on pixiv

btw, I don't know what his moniker signifies!

Saturday 26 December 2020

Be Careful What You Wish For - 3


The Day After Christmas

(See  'The Day Before Christmas' )

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Friday 25 December 2020

The Rope Art of BoyzBond

This post is especially dedicated to anyone who is alone - or who feels alone - this Christmas. Partly for that reason it's not about Christmas and should be meaty enough to entertain for a while.


Boyzbond has been around on the internet for many years sharing his love of men in tight clothes and tight bondage. This image from 2010 epitomises the former with a nostalgic nod to the vintage years of skin-tight jeans which were custom-shrunk to fit by sitting in the bath while wearing them!

BoyzBond images feature men of all types, but their faces and bodies are generally cloaked, allowing the underlying male characteristics to be showcased.  In recent years, skinny-legged jeans have re-accustomed our eyes to tight apparel and, together with the tight bindings seen here, reveal that even slender young men have the proverbial 'hour glass' figure normally attributed to voluptuous women.
(and I know which I prefer!)

BoyzBond is strongly focussed on rope. The captives crotch-enhancing 'harness', the single rope tethering him to a ceiling hook plus the straps dangling on the wall indicate that beautification is not the sole objective here!

The post tie position was once a Hollywood staple in Wild West and Pirate fantasies but BoyzBond is one of the few bondage enthusiasts featuring it today. It amplifies the immobilising capability of the 'ladder pattern' loops seen in the previous image, obliging the captive to stand in an erect and manly position with shoulders pulled back (like your mother told you). The doubling-up of the tape gag as a topping-off head restraint is a fiendish, extra, disciplinary tweak.

 These leggings show the captive's leg contours even more and give him a sporting identity.
Carefully positioned thigh ties accentuate the buttocks nicely.


 In this image you can see there's also a central 'bun divider' for added effect. The simple bondage arrangement of the previous image readily converts here to a hog-tie.

The all-in-one, 'Zen' bodysuit is a natural addition to the tight clothing range. It blurs the boundary between nudity and clothing, flimsy, clinging and revealing, such that the man wearing it feels naked even though he is not. In addition, this unconventional outfit becomes part of his bondage 'package', separating him from his everyday 'clothed' identity like a prison uniform does.

From there it's a short step to rubber, which brings it's own, more restricting clinginess to the wearer's attention. It's natural tone is dark and sombre, but this stylish variant uses colour to accentuate shoulders, pecs and the downstairs package (complete with tantalising zip!). All this is purely for the benefit of on-lookers, the blindfolded captive can only guess what on-lookers make of his display. 

The chair tie is another classic, movie bondage position, normally used in the detective and spy thriller genres, but Boyzbond shows that it's no sluggard in the sexiness stakes. Tight-tied thighs push up the pouch and the flexed body position creates a natural cradle for it with a star pattern of flattering creases radiating on either side.

The open legged variant produces a heightened vulnerability, opening up a wider area for inspection and more, should one wish. The captive's unruly hair is a characterful detail suggesting that this might be an out-of-character experience for him. The same might be said of the incongruous 'antique' chair! At least this dungeon does not skimp on comfort and style. Sticking with black for the rounded neckline on his suit showcases an attractive head and neck.


This open legged, upright pose in full leather regalia creates similar vulnerabilities but the captive here projects a proud and manly aura and an admirable physical stature. This style of restraint pays tribute to his strength in the traditional manner accorded to the likes of Hercules and Samson - and rightly so if those intimidating thighs are anything to go by. 

And those thighs are not the only intimidating detail!

This pose, facing a mirror in an otherwise empty room is a regular feature of Boyzbond imagery. It creates a sense of expectation for us and him. Perhaps dread too in some men, if they have glimpsed the array of implements on the table before being deprived of sight.

There is something intensely erotic about the act of tying another man up, gradually reducing him to a point where he cannot resist further incursions. This gagging moment, closing off the last avenue of appeal, graphically  illustrates the captive's helplessness and his captor's power to inflict on him whatever he wants.

Sensory deprivation has a multiple purpose, including the shrouding of the captive's identity. It also despatches him into a different world where only his sense of touch will function. He will only feel what his captor wishes him to feel and if the man's a wily operator he will give ample space for the captive's imaginings to stoke his anticipation of what is to come.

You sense this captive might be experiencing just such imaginings as he stands erect and waits, aware  only of the pressure of his suit and of the bindings, not least the loop between his legs which is clearly riding up uncomfortably. All men are equally vulnerable in this region.

For some, discomfort starts with the gagging. This man has been assigned an inflatable gag which augments his imposed, near-silence with considerable on-going discomfort. If he looks to his left he might discern others coming his way.

The BoyzBond style of restraint and the tight, body-shaping clothing attracts erotic attention and sadistic thoughts. Simultaneously it makes the wearer aware of his vulnerability in this respect. The clothing offers a layer of protection, but he knows that his captor can easily compensate for it.

This bench pose provides a more enticing target.
The gallows-like device positioned between the legs is intimidating in itself.

 It converts readily into a hog frame and in this sporting example the frontal arm provides anchorage for a head restraint, potentially a painful option if more severe tension is applied.

There are other torments more subtle than the slapping of cheeks. This restraint combines the humiliation of precarious display and open access with pressure on unaccustomed joints. One for those who seek the extremities of the bondage experience.

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Wednesday 23 December 2020

mitchmen at war No 20 - Hung Out To Dry (Bizarre Brutality 6)

This image shows the dramatic rescue of a soldier who has been tied up, hung up and tormented by his captors. The noose-like suspension rope and the wildly swung machete conjure up all sorts of unpleasant outcomes, but these men are on the same side despite my different colouring of their kit. The original image shows the suspension rope having already been severed but I restored it in this 'take', otherwise the swinging machete looks oddly out of sync. 
It's common in these comics to obscure any body details which might be construed as suggestive using speech bubbles or objects, but this image is uncensored and provides a nice glimpse of pec cleavage and crotch creasing. The lower half of the Sergeant's body has a bulkiness which looks not quite right, but is curiously attractive!

This picture shows the moment earlier, when the searching patrol first catch sight of their missing Sergeant (see in the distant middle background). This simple suspension arrangement is unexpectedly menacing. The mocking deprivation of water underlines the captive's helpless plight while the simmering threat of the other captors is conveyed by their casual, half-disinterested activity, as though waiting their turn. 
For gay detectives, the bantering friends at the far side of the group are interesting and I couldn't help noticing that the pouring water also seems to spring suggestively from a secondary source at the bespectacled tormentor's groin. The pair squatting by the fire are not without erotic interest either although the only backside view is screened by a branch (an element which is not just gratuitous blocking, but helps to link the the two groups together visually).
For a cheap comic the drawing of this image is remarkably careful and interesting and the miniature figure studies within it are realistic and characterful. The drawing style is not exactly simple but has a sketchy and strikingly angular feel (in the clothing creases, for example). The original images were published as roughly 4"x3" size (11x7.5 cm) and the line thicknesses here suggest they were actually drawn that size too, which makes the effectiveness of the face detailing all the more remarkable, notably the squatting man to the left of the fire whose features are rendered almost entirely by shadowing.


The patrol close in stealthily. Another 'nice' picture with the dangling captive still looking interesting even at this tiny scale - a ripe fruit waiting to be plucked - as are the campers round the fire in a different sense! I suspect a military man would haul this lot over those coals. No sentries posted and a roaring fire in 'bandit' country, not only advertising their presence but hindering their ability to sight attackers in the shadows. Silly boys!

From a gay point of view the highlight of this image is none of the above, but rather the two majestic bottoms in the foreground. I have slightly enhanced  the cheek shaping and clefts here, but not the poses which, like the first picture, relatively uninhibited for this genre. The machete resting on the right hand soldier's buttock, obscures his valley of lust, but in it's own way stirs thoughts of vulnerability, penetration and even spanking! 

More deviously, the Officer poised (suggestively) just behind his men and pointing his weapon in exactly the right direction seems like another example of ''the artist didn't have to draw it like that, did he?" Admittedly that alignment, like the branch in the previous picture contributes to the cohesion of the composition, which in this case has every person in the picture facing or looking at the fire. My colouring accentuates that (compare the original).

Having been freed by his colleague, the Sergeant scampers into the cover of the jungle, a bit like a school kid running off after being caught scrumping apples or some such mischief. The drawing itself has a more comic style to match. I have slightly smoothed and clarified the Sergeant's bottom contours here (compare original). No wonder they wanted him back! In that original comparison image, notice also how neatly the two frames fit together, conveying the flow of the action - freeing, turning and running. Clever stuff.

I haven't changed at all the deliciously woof-able forearm in the foreground of this picture which maintains a proper balance of serious manliness. This element of the picture also illustrates the fragmentation and incomplete contours which are a rather classy characteristic of this artist's style.  

We are not given any clues about the Sergeant's treatment whilst in captivity, he's not obviously injured, but there is circumstantial evidence further on when a comrade strips off his shirt to reveal the scars of his own period of captivity.  

The enigmatic dialogue here reflects a complex plot in which this man offers to sacrifice himself and save the patrol by impersonating an enemy officer. He feels he can't go back to base with them because he disgraced himself by revealing secrets under torture, which led to many deaths.

 This example of Bizarre Brutality is similar to BB No 5, but featuring a slightly different (more humane) form of suspension. In both examples evidence is produced of beating having occurred but it's not explicitly shown because of the nature of the audience. This form of punishment is documented elsewhere in the drawings of Okawa showing suspended captives being beaten with bamboo sticks like those used in the Martial Art of 'Kendo

Okawa - Captive Suspended and Beaten (in loin cloth)

Our captured Sergeant seems to have escaped a naked beating like this.

Okawa - Captive Suspended and Beaten (with CBT)

 See my A-Z article on Okawa for more images implying punishments of this sort. They suggest that treating captured soldiers in this way was an extension of an existing cultural practice.

Wading in the Jungle

The comic images in this post are based on selections from
Commando War Stories, No 987 "The Silent Enemy"  


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Sunday 20 December 2020

Tips for Your Holiday - No 5

At the beach you'll now need to use subtle, distanced ways to signal the other guys.
Make sure they can see you like to have fun
and would maybe hang out and root around, 
when the coast is clear.

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Wednesday 16 December 2020

The Art of Baron has a new home

Baron - The Mines

Those of you who enjoy the work of Baron will be pleased to hear that he has switched his Subterranean mailing list group from the ruins of Yahoo! to Google Groups (link below)

Here some recent works of his. The title of this first one made me think of mineral mining first, a natural slave scenario, but then I realised it was the type of mine scattered indiscriminately in modern combat zones. You might see this scene as political comment!

Baron - Games of Revenge

This image reflects his often-used theme of Romans and Barbarians.

The red lines protect his copyright of the images which he offers for sale at his group

Baron - Somewhere in the North

Looks like some mucky weather up North! Not ideal for camping.
or is that lightning a potent of supernatural significance?
Notice the white wolf observing proceedings

 Visit Baron's new group: Sub-terranean 2
Contributions by Borg are also promised. 

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Tuesday 15 December 2020

Field Slaves 3

 This part follows on from the end of Part 1
These images have significant female presence which I have attempted to minimise


Having been thoroughly washed down for lusting after passing girls
the boys are taken to the privacy of the barn

The boys have been girding themselves for a whipping.

This is something new.


 Forcible undressing is always a turn-on

and we get a buddy undress bonus too!


Bondage and the X-spread frame make an appearance.
Another parallel with Amalaric's work.


Andy's milk is extracted. Now it's John's Turn!

Andy's ass and a female hand both prove equally uninspiring


The Rooster Booster is recalled

I hope they are not expected to fill that container!



Looks like it's overtime for Andy!

My apologies to all concerned for the crudeness of my alterations, but I hope it brings out the homoerotic flavours of the piece. The schoolgirl costumes in the original are particularly unappealing to me, but I like the storyline. I could wish CMNM would remake this as a proper all-male movie but I fear they would introduce more physical coercion and a 'dick on a stick', which would lose the subtler male manipulation that makes the original so interesting.
To see the original images in context follow these links to CFNM 'Field Trip' at Scally Guy
Episode 2, The slaves strip for work
Episode 3  The slaves work in the Fields 
Episode 6   The slaves are washed 
Episode 8  The slaves are milked  
The other episodes there also have interesting imagery