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Thursday, 13 May 2021

Milking Factories 11

Derart - Milking Factory

 Two more milking factories, both with a flavour of the laboratory about them.

Derart's contribution seems very clinical indeed. He uses as similar body-arching restraint to  ObiCumKenobi (No 7) and the memorable image of CupCakes666 (No 3). There's a communal collection facility implying these men are regarded as a herd rather than individuals. There's not a great deal of detail though and the distant viewpoint inhibits the impact somewhat, you might miss the interesting expressions - see detail below. 


This machinery seems to use a variety of stimulation techniques, mechanical tweaking (far left), classic 'sleeve' friction and for the third figure (far right) what looks like an injection of a chemical substance. I like the characterful grown-up faces. One of the men has facial hair but is shaved down below, whereas his neighbour has the reverse arrangement - discuss!

KW - Collection Facility

Have you noticed how everything these days has a vague, bland name? We don't have cupboards or shelves any more we have 'units'. People are not old or disabled or ill any more, they are 'vulnerable'. Companies and organisations don't have customers, subcontractors or specialists, they have 'partners'. We're not even gay or lesbian or transexual either, we're all 'LBGTQ' (although by the time you read this there may be more letters added to a meaningless grouping of utterly different individuals).

Be that as it may, KW has designated this set-up as a 'facility' but there's a nice sense of the factory about it (or milking parlour to be even more old-fashioned) thanks to the neatly-arranged and lengthy row of 'contributors' (or partners if you prefer, although that word seems to imply a willingness to participate which I suspect is totally absent here). The milk collection jars are shared by two men which I suppose might give them a greater interest in the outcum. There's even a suggestion of rivalry between the two on the far wall, shared shame for an unimpressive yield perhaps - or is it love down on the farm? Partnership pending.

KW (aka damnd1) also headed the very first milking Milking Factory post in this mitchmen series


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The Mighty Foo said...

Oh, hey KW aka damnd1 has posted under several names. I knew him as Pyxiii and met him IRL a decade ago; we corresponded and he helped me tremendously when I was new to 3D modeling.