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Monday 30 April 2012

Muscle in Rugby Shorts - 3 (Boys Games)

In The Shower 

 "I'd better remember to get myself a new razor blade 
and not leave my wet shorts to go mouldy in my sports bag again."

The New Kit
 "It's no good, mate, we're Australians, yeller shorts are for poufs."

Scrum Practice

"I hate being Hooker, in the middle of the front row,
 it'll be wandering hands any minute now."
The New Boy
 "Oh, it's that ball Cap'n wanted me to grab 
- and there was me thinking he'd finally noticed me!

Pix from Footyboys

Sunday 29 April 2012

Muscle in Rugby Shorts 2

 What's a diuretic, Boss? Is it like an energy drink?

 Keep looking lads, the shirts must be somewhere round here.
It's kick-off in five minutes!

 Shane's been in with the boss for fifteen minutes now.
I got a bad feeling about this debrief, fellas. 

You're feeling bad? I'm bursting, mate!

He never notices me!

Thanks to Footyboys for the fab pictures

Saturday 28 April 2012

Muscle in Rugby Shorts 1

 Lipsmackin' Good

 Lost Again - Waiting For The Boss

" Follow me. We'll Sort This Out In The Dressing Room!"

"I Just Wish He'd Notice Me (sigh)"

More images from Footyboys next time

Friday 27 April 2012

Is Nick My New Gardener?

Mitchell - Dishonest Gardener in colour
 Having discharged my last dishonest gardener (above),
 I've decided to hold auditions sorry interviews for his replacement 
and I just happened to notice this picture in Nick Sterling's CV 
whilst preparing my last blog on men sharing swimming trunks. 

Nick Sterling in cut-offs

Cut-off denim jeans are not a prerequisite for my job but they certainly help!
These days it's a rare delicacy to see tatters of cotton tumbling over a man's thighs.

Nick seems to have the right qualifications for the job. Those dreadful shades will have to go of course, he won't need them in England anyway. I do sense a regrettable degree of self importance here, but I like a confident man working for me and any issues can be sorted out with him in the garden shed if need be. Frankly, I'd put up with a lot of backchat in the presence of those thighs! Nick's open flies suggest a willingness to please but I'll have to instruct him not to approach Mrs Chamberlain, my housekeeper, like that.

Nick's currently working as yacht crew.
 He's obviously not afraid of hard work
and familiarity with ropes and rigging is a bonus. 
I can just see him hosing down the patio......

Or weeding my herbaceous borders like this.......

A winning smile 
and even if he proves as unsatisfactory as the last one (God forbid!), 
then I can still see his nicely tapered torso binding up very well.
for his formal 'discharge' procedure.

Pictures courtesy of Randy Blue

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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Men Sharing Clothes - 12 Blue Swimming Trunks

Looking back over this series I'm amazed to find that I've not featured men swapping swimming trunks before. Men in Speedos are well up the sexy league table, the briefest of all sportswear to be seen on TV and often showing pert little projections through gleaming fabric. Men get wet wearing them too which gives them a particularly intimate nature.

The garment featured here on Adam Rexx is a sensible design and at first sight they look like an unlikely beefcake combination.

However, Adam and his trunks reveal their true erotic qualities in this shot. This glamour pose used to be the norm for women in soft porn photography and Adam's long shapely legs reveal just why it held such a fascination for men. The cut of the swimming trunks reveals an astonishing amount of very sexy buttock and if you think this pose conceals a man's primary asset look again at this picture (click to enlarge) and the next! Sometimes less is more!

In this shot Adam's gleaming torso suggests those trunks are getting well used, ready for the next model. As he eases them down it's amazing the difference an inch or two makes. The bright highlight running down the side of his body seems to pass underneath the trunks before continuing along the top of his thigh and this gives a tremendous sexy sense of the naked body under the garment.

The speedos now pass to an altogether different man, Nick Sterling is more fleshy and cuddly. The trunks seem to suit him well but sadly they are quickly discarded for other gear including some distinctly unsexy baggy plaid shorts. Perhaps Nick didn't like sharing with Adam?

I fancy the same pose in those blue trunks would look very sexy too! But I can't complain about this shot, who's next for the used jocks?
Pictures by Randy Blue

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Monday 23 April 2012

Bar Predators Revisited

Bar Predators by Tom
(completed by Mitchell)

This is my visualisation of how Tom might have finished the incomplete picture in the Bar Predator's series. I've followed his composition as exactly as I can and tried to emulate his shading style.
See my original article on Tom of Finland's Bar predators

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Sunday 22 April 2012

Priapus of Milet - 4 (last)

Centaur 08
It would be wrong to give the impression that Priapus always portrays men as mere playthings of other worldly creatures, the recipients of their desires. Centaurs, angels and robots alike are liable to take their turn to submit to being probed in a joyous celebration of unconventional lust and the triumph of the gay male spirit over the strongest of all comers. This is exemplified by this encounter where our muscular hero has cornered the Centaur on a rocky crag in it's own natural habitat (as imagined by an old master) and rather than slaying it, simply plunders it's mighty buttocks to demonstrate his superiority. However, this homo-erotic recasting of the ancient myth is something of a double edged sword, showing heroic endeavour coupled with ruthless, untrammelled lust. Erotic but disturbing.

Close Encounter 01
It's really all about men. In this picture there are aliens but they are a distant threat (or possibly observers). The stereotypical, muscular top, square-jawed and stubbled, oozes with sweat and earthy masculinity and blissfully wallows in the pleasure of penetration seemingly unaware of the aliens or his partner for that matter! The equally stereotypical bottom, more aesthetic-looking and slender-limbed, seems equally distracted, reclining artfully with a cool, serious look outwards towards us. Only his curling toes reveal an erotic response to his partner's substantial presence inside him. Is this proud defiance in the face of the enemy (alien or otherwise)?
This acrobatic pose is probably beyond most of us but successfully portrays the elegant curves of the male body and the inherent beauty of man on man sex, beyond mere animal excitement.
Flowing through Priapus's pictures is a love of men and a sense of sex as an important moment, adventurous, full of portent and sometimes slightly scary. He shows gay men as confident, sensual and sometimes bored but not fearful Our heroes, prime specimens of manhood, come face to face with creatures (fictional, mythical and extinct) whose great strength and size is matched by their fearsome appearance and sexual appetite, but they meet that challenge with bravery and inquisitive confidence
There's a lightness of touch, gentleness and humour that is quite uplifting. His dreamlike images blurring the boundary between reality and artistic representation not only idealise masculine love but make wider statements about the essence of sex and erotic feeling and as such seem to me to have a significance that goes beyond sexy attractiveness.

Adjustment Bureau 02

Sadly Priapus' blog (referenced on the images I have shown) has gone, but you can still see a substantial archive of his work at Telemachus12. In fact I understand that the collection is currently being extended with a number of new galleries. 
In sections of this site Priapus demonstrates how he assembles his actors from ingredients culled from real modern porn stars. Models acquire muscular bodies of perfect proportions and sexual organs which are always impressively large and erect without being ridiculous. He's like a latter day Baron Frankenstein, plundering the archives of porn to create his own beings, thereby achieving not only the feat of bringing a new life into existence but investing it with striking beauty too. The fact that the actors in these fanciful erotic dramas have recognisable faces adds a frisson extra spice for the viewer.
I am reminded of the work of Baron and Borg who also create imaginary scenes with assemblies of people, artifacts and settings. Their results are astonishingly life-like tableaux of men in captivity, suffering pain and torment. Priapus doesn't go down that path but his manipulation of characters to perform for erotic effect has inherent undertones of domination and series titles like 'Temple of Doom' hint at dramas that the images don't quite express. There is a niggling feeling of the artist groping towards something darker and deeper but we can only wonder what has been left unsaid.


This is the last of my articles on Priapus, for more of his work
I recommend a visit to Priapus' Gallery at Telemachus12

Friday 20 April 2012

Priapus of Milet - 3

Decamerone 10
Statues and classical and mythological interests all coincide in this image, which is based on the famous sculpture of Laocoon and his sons being consumed by sea serpents. Personally I think the exclusion of the sons (unconvincingly muscular in the original) is an improvement. The live victim imprisoned by stone recasts the equally mythological story of the 'statue coming to life' in a highly original way (see also my A-Z entry on Sean Platter). I think it's fair to say that Priapus' melding of photography and art is not always totally successful at a technical level but there's a creative spark about these images that more than makes up for it.

Force of Nature 01
The snake, sensuously entwined around the human body is a classical forerunner of the modern tentacle 'genre', but the famous Japanese print of a woman being ravished by an octopus, The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife (1814) is even more pertinent and often reckoned to be a milestone in erotic art. Priapus provides us with a homo-erotic version of this idea in Force of Nature 01, draping the model with the real thing. I find the idea of the warm male body being enveloped by the grey, cold, clammy octopus quite thrilling.
Priapus draws out the erotic essence of tentacles, which is not their supposed penis-like quality, but their ability to express the overwhelming ecstasy of being touched, embraced - and indeed 'captured' - by another. The tentacles gently exploring the submissive body offered up to them seem purposeful and believable. Priapus is equally true to the anatomy of the creature by not showing it's mouth, which is located underneath the body, so we can't see what it is up to, we can only infer it from Blake's expression. I imagine that a greater familiarity with octopus anatomy increases the initial erotic impact of this image no end, but it doesn't really matter, because what we lose in explicitness is made up for by an overpowering erotic sensuality.

Close Encounter 09
Close Encounter 09 has a more 'conventional' approach to erotic tentacles, assigning them to a technologically advanced, alien life form seemingly able to morph it's limbs into crusty-looking dildos or penis-eating long-cocks at will. But instead of employing the usual approach of bodice ripping and forcible restraint followed by ruthless forensic probing, this tentacle creature gently cradles and seduces his human subject, who shows no fear or anger but merely the normal degree of concern one would expect on encountering such a novel experience. There's no evidence of coercion, no shredded remains of clothes (or spacesuit) which lends an air of mutual exploration to this particular close encounter.

Close Encounter 10

Close Encounter 10 takes this idea to it's logical conclusion with a truly fearsome, dragon-like alien creature descending with fire and brimstone to arouse and take his lounging man who acquiesces to this assault with calmness and even affection. Would that all men were this obliging! These images show confident insights into the nature of sexual adventure and submissive sex.

Part 4

Thursday 19 April 2012

Priapus of Milet - 2

Heavenly Creatures 02

Continuing the heavenly theme in glorious style, I think Michaelangelo would have loved these naughty, young angels. Their sweeping, gold encrusted wings suggest that they normally have weightier duties than those they are attending to here. Religious allusions crop up elsewhere in Priapus work (for example in altar-like triptychs). I suppose it might be seen as subversive but it seems to me that he is simply commandeering it's traditional artistic language and mythology to express homosexual ideals but without any sense of mockery or satire and steering clear of core, spiritual motifs such as the crucifix.

Heavenly Creatures 15

In fact, he gives the same wry, mismatch treatment to the non-religious Eros/Cupid character, transforming the childlike youth of mythology into a beefy man who has outgrown his wings and is seemingly more intent on gratifying himself than spreading love. The arrow poised indecisively above Blake Riley's back (shall I? shan't I?) could be a rather spiky comment on the transitory nature of gay love and lust, echoing the sentiments expressed more emotionally by Harry Bush with his dangerous cupids. There's also a strange element of threat or punishment (perhaps domination?) here, a feature which is often present in Priapus' work.

Temple of Doom 01
There's a mythical element in Temple of Doom 01 too. The statue of the slaying of the minotaur depicts the brutal defeat of animal strength, and it's prescence here associates virility with the men below. Down there it seems the struggle is over, the muscular warrior has already established his ascendency and does not even have to leave his throne to taste the fruits of victory which are being offered to him on a plate as it were, in a highly submissive way. Once again there is that sense of power and domination. You will see statues in many other works by Priapus, seemingly observing the action or commenting on it.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Priapus of Milet - 1

This artist burst upon my erotic art world in 2011 like a shooting star, briefly displaying his brilliance before abruptly disappearing. Fortunately he left behind the fruits of many years work, a legacy of great interest and beauty.


Temple of Doom 04

Priapus uses photo-manipulation, typically creating stylishly-copulating, masculine couples and placing them in striking, often classical, settings. He seems to be directing the erotic unions of perfect males like actors in a great play.

We live in a world flooded with images of men having sex together and these rather base endeavours do produce exceptionally beautiful images from time to time, I featured a pair recently. A sceptic might think these are simply the fortuitous convergence of beautiful bodies and camera angles - a perverse manifestation of the 'monkeys writing Shakespeare' theory, but more likely they are the result of intentional, artistic direction. Either way, the photo manipulator faces a real challenge to create erotic constructs that are original and stylish enough to differentiate them as art, but Priapus makes out a good case.


Decamerone 01

There is a self-conscious 'arty-ness' about his work as he shamelessly plunders the world of the great masters and modern art for ideas on imagery and presentation, including Pierre et Gilles in this example, but to me at least the end result is original and interesting, experimentation rather than copying. There is a sense of of gay love being given the respect it deserves by association with this great artistic legacy.


Heavenly Creatures 12

Inevitably traditional sources lead Priapus to mythological and religious subject matter. The 'Heavenly Creatures' series features heavyweight angels, who are muscular not only in physique but with mighty wings as well in classic renaissance style. They are shown copulating on painted ceilings or descending to earth to take mortal men in their beds where their wings become a striking expression of masculine, protective power and purity - truly the man of your dreams!

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Heavy Bondage

The Heavy Bondage blog has a good selection of images, I thought the ones below were particularly interesting, all of them having the great virtue of simplicity.

This restraint device is uncomplicated but apparently highly engineered and solid, suggesting that escape is not an option. It's an embarassing and vulnerable position for the handsome prisoner. Closer inspection will reveal that he's begun to sample it's possibilities.

This rope harness is equally tricky, the upper arm restraint makes it harder to wriggle the wrists free. The jeans allow us to think that this is not simply part of a dungeon game but something more real.

The moments when full captivity closes in on the victim are particularly erotic.
His red trousers are already unzipped but we don't want too much noise.

I like to see clothes but nudity certainly works in this image.
The shackled prisoner cries out in despair, his body gleaming with the sweat of his torment.

Monday 16 April 2012

Shaving Fantasy

This set of images of Thomas from DreamBoyBondage neatly expresses the control fantasy surrounding shaving and described in my last post. Thomas is secured to the wall by brackets bolted round his wrists. It's 'pre-sentencing' - for crimes against underwear perhaps?

Left to contemplate his position, his struggles produce a fine, stressed torso pose

When his underpants are ripped off, Thomas struggles even more.

The application of cool shaving cream does not soothe him either.

The jailor settles to his task removing every last pube. 
Thomas can only watch as his body is defiled. 

The young men on this site often appear already shaved, 
you don't often get to see it happening!

I don't know if 'the spray' is just water or something more stinging.
Like alcohol, say.

Thomas is not simply humiliated by the symbolic attack on his manhood, 
he quickly discovers that his newly exposed sensitive skin is a target for painful torture.

Thanks to DreamBoysBondage for the pix

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Sunday 15 April 2012

Naked As The Day

I know that many of my readers will have a strong aversion to the totally shaved male body. If you want a man, you want hair! I'm not entirely against it. In the 'mitchmen' fantasy of 'putting men in their place', shaving off a captive's pubes symbolises taking control of him, his appearance, his masculinity, his adulthood even.

However, having said that, these images of Frank Antony are really quite disturbing. He has a super upper body but below the waist doesn't quite seem to belong. The shaving seems to have revealed an almost featureless abdomen and added emphasis to his already chunky, leggy legs and the result is a little odd.

There's another take on body hair at my other blog
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