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Wednesday 29 July 2020

First Catch Your Rogue - 23

1. First catch your rogue,

2. Next, give him a stern talking to...

3. Make sure he understands what he did wrong

4. Don't leave anything out

5. Explain carefully why his viewpoint is mistaken

6. Don't let him wriggle out of it.

7. Don't let your compassion spare him anything.

8. Maintain civilised standards of behaviour, gain his respect

9. Sum up the main points of you complaint in simple terms

10. A reformed man is a joy to behold

You'll know when to stop, but don't let compassion stop you from doin the right thing.

Once he knows where you're coming from,
He may attempt to persuade you to relent. be strong, but hear him out first by all means.

If you think the cops may be too busy to come, it's OK to put him up for the night.
Offer him a wake-up call, so he doesn't oversleep his appointment.
If he looks like he doesn't believe you, so much the better.
He is a rogue after all, let him do the worrying!

For other 'Rogues', click on the label in the list below

Images acted by Dane Stewart (the householder) and Alex Hawk (the rogue)
courtesy of Bound Gods

Sunday 26 July 2020

Tanner's Credentials For Service

Tanner from 'Active Duty' has a dreamy 'boy next door' face
full of sweet innocence - but but not incapable of mischief

But when he gets his kit off, his manhood explodes.

As a Marine, his military bearing is impeccable
Filling those unexciting shorts with man-appeal

As a service man, Tanner knows about dressing properly

But he has a talent for undressing too.

Striking a pose reminiscent of surrender.....

A face that wonders what will be asked of him next
It's enough to enchant the hardest heart.

I like a man who knows how to obey orders.

Fully naked, Tanner exudes animal strength
A quality that has caught the eye of artist Amalaric.

Always on the lookout for models for his enslavement scenarios
It's easy to see how Tanner might qualify for restraint and service.

His appearance on the auction block would provoke a storm of interest

Wrists that beg to be chained
an ass that begs to be.........
The bids soar to record levels.

Back home there's a chance for a better look at Lot 27
Don't be nervous son, you don't disappoint.

Go wash away the grime of the Market

Parade and inspection in 5 minutes

Say a last goodbye to your old life,
the men in the Marines, the porn film fumbles.....

On Parade.

Say hello an owner who really values you (he's got the receipt).

Say hello to a new sort of discipline - get that growback shaved off soldier!

Think we'll go shopping for a nice, scratchy loincloth tomorrow.

Hunter's imagery features in the
forthcoming series reviewing the work of Amalaric

photos courtesy of Active Duty

Thursday 23 July 2020

The Secret Speedo Voyeur

James catches an older man secretly taking pictures of him
while he's changing into his swimming trunks at the pool.

Rather than reporting the offender he decides to dish out instant justice,
not realising that this closeness to his Speedos is just what the offender dreams of.

Caught in a crushing cock grip
the humiliated man is led round the locker room.
Tantalised by the rear view of James's sexy Speedos.

James makes the man worship his body.
But it's really the bulging Speedos he lusts for.

Even the taste of locker room feet can be endured
for an unrestricted view of Speedo crotch

Frustrated, James gets out his belt to escalate the punishment

But it's not being able to view those studly swimming trunks that really stings.

James even forces the unfortunate voyeur to sit on a dildo
(which he keeps in his locker for just such an eventuality)
It's worth it for the intoxicating close-up view of his Speedos

James imagines that the voyeur only wants to look and can be shamed by rubbing his nose in it.
Little realising that he's allowing the wretch to indulge his Speedo fetish

The piss humiliation is a cruel joke,
it's Speedo juice he really wants.

Kissing the ass of his tormentor should be the ultimate humiliation
But he thinks he's died and gone to heaven.

James is even getting into it himself now
These two should be dating.

James is really indulging himself when he shucks off his trunks and sits on his face
The voyeur closes his eyes and thinks of England ......and those hot Speedos.
He wonders if James will let him keep them as a souvenir.
Brutal Tops and it's companion sites take domination and humiliation to the extreme and can be uncomfortable viewing, but they produce outstanding erotic images from time to time, often featuring sexy clothing (which usually vanishes in a flash at regular studios). This set also has the virtue of visual simplicity uncluttered by S&M gadgetry. There's a refreshing intergenerational flavour which is beyond reproach and features an older man who actually looks cuter than his young tormentor. New boy James has a long, lean body which makes him credible as a swimmer and shows off his low-cut Speedo trunks to good effect. He also has impressive dimensions inside his Speedos as the last picture shows and he goes on to use them later in the series (links below).

I have resequenced these images to suit my narrative but you can see them and
many more in the original order at Scally Guy (James is spread across 6 posts there)
Video at Brutal Tops  (pay site)

For more Speedo & Swimmers click the 'swimming' label at the foot of this post

There's more forceful domination from this studio group in Taken off the Streets
and another adventure in and out of Speedos in Scotty's Shredded Swimming Trunks

Monday 20 July 2020

Mitchell's Gay Art For July

Mitchell - The Punishment of Corporal Corelli

This picture is another from the 'Lost Patrol' Series.

The men of the Lost Patrol are subjected to brutal discipline by their captors.
Some luckless rebels are deprived of the last vestiges of their uniforms
and left to suffer, unprotected, in the humid heat of a hostile jungle.

For other pictures by Mitchell at this blog, click on the 'mitchpix' label below
Visit the Gallery Hub for the full mitchmen archive links

Friday 17 July 2020

The Art Of Richie San Lucas

Stop And Search - Oh Officer!

Much of Richie's work is fluffy fanart but this is nicely suggestive.
The cops hidden left hand is doing most of the talking
but there's also a nice juxtaposition of trouser creases, cuffed hands and juicy butt.

Release Your Passion

Vaguely fetishistic with chains and fiery torments,
but the symbolism seems a bit confused
would that the image itself had more passion.

Richie - Maor Luz

Tsunami Season in Paradise?
Deliciously cute.
Some interesting photos at Maoz Luz website

Richie - Model, Bibbi Deg

Soccer players have ravishing thighs which their kit usually hides
but knee length sports socks help.

Poses like this always make me thing of abduction scenarios,
"Soccer star stripped and kidnapped from the training field!"

The real Bibbi Deg is worth a spot of his own.
Dig those speedos!

Pepe Brandford

There's a sense of lurking menace in these images that doesn't quite break free of publishing conventions and fan worship. Compare Richie's style with Eddie Chin and Paul Richmond

Tuesday 14 July 2020

The Art Of Amalaric - coming soon

Amalaric - A Disciplined Argonaut

A major new series of articles reviewing the work of the artist Amalaric will start soon here at mitchmen.

This introductory image graced the old Chained Muscle website for many years and in many ways it typifies the work of Amalaric - A hunky man with military credentials who's been made a captive.
Scantily clad in just a loincloth, he's been deprived of the identity afforded by his uniform.

He watches his comrades departing on another adventure.
Most of them will have already forgotten about him.
He is left to face his punishment alone.