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Friday, 17 July 2020

The Art Of Richie San Lucas

Stop And Search - Oh Officer!

Much of Richie's work is fluffy fanart but this is nicely suggestive.
The cops hidden left hand is doing most of the talking
but there's also a nice juxtaposition of trouser creases, cuffed hands and juicy butt.

Release Your Passion

Vaguely fetishistic with chains and fiery torments,
but the symbolism seems a bit confused
would that the image itself had more passion.

Richie - Maor Luz

Tsunami Season in Paradise?
Deliciously cute.
Some interesting photos at Maoz Luz website

Richie - Model, Bibbi Deg

Soccer players have ravishing thighs which their kit usually hides
but knee length sports socks help.

Poses like this always make me thing of abduction scenarios,
"Soccer star stripped and kidnapped from the training field!"

The real Bibbi Deg is worth a spot of his own.
Dig those speedos!

Pepe Brandford

There's a sense of lurking menace in these images that doesn't quite break free of publishing conventions and fan worship. Compare Richie's style with Eddie Chin and Paul Richmond

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