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Tuesday 30 May 2023

Milking Factory No 13

MilkCow - White Rats

Storing men in liquid-filled containers is usually the prerogative of aliens, crazed collectors or cranky scientists* but MilkCow seems to have inadvertently found a promising new use for the technique while designing a depositary for prisoners of war pending their disposal at auction (see MilkCow-3 post).

His design seems an ideal solution to the problem of producing high quality man's milk in quantity.
The 'captivity capsule' keeps the men hygienically sealed in a container filled with fluid. Obviously this ensures there can be no cross-contamination when the herdsman isn't looking, a problem that more open systems are prone to. The output can also be kept as a single milk if desired, rather than being blended with other men's milk, enabling a premium price to be put on the products of the best milkers. But there's a more important quality benefit. Can you see how contented they look? That's thanks to the soothing qualities of the warm liquid they are immersed in and as we know, contented men make better milk - and more of it.

The basic milking design relies on a nipple stimulation technique that invokes the genetically inactive sensations of lactation in the men's bodies whilst mild electronic stimuli tickle their arousal centre in the brain. Together these gently encourage repeated production cycles in a natural, organic way. Of course there's scope for adding nutrients and production accelerators to the immersion fluid too, but only at the expense of the organic certification which is so prized in this industry. 

The real beauty of this design from a commercial point of view is that when the men start to flag (as is only natural from time to time), they can be taken off-line by simply disconnecting their capsule, lifting them out and moving them to a storage facility to recover. The capsules can be self supporting for limited periods of time and the men come to think of them as their own private space, their 'home'.  Some producers put their milkers out into the fields to rest, claiming that it results in much tastier milk and arguing that the installation of an array of capsule cups to stand them on is less damaging to the environment than a solar panel farm. Some are even looking at opening their rest facility to the public, but the jury is still out on how the milkers will react to a succession of strangers peering into their capsules.

Temporary removal for recovery frees up the milk collection point for another man who is ready to go. Thus, while the capsules themselves are a sizeable investment, a much smaller number of draining units are needed and they can be used more intensively and efficiently. Further reduction of idle times is possible if the incoming queue is cleverly managed and primed, for example by exposing the men as they wait to erotic imagery matched to their individual preferences 'in the wild'. 

In addition to all these benefits, the 'plug and go' design of the capsules means that production can be increased simply by adding more capsules to the existing infrastructure.

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Saturday 27 May 2023


 A method of restraint that immobilises simply and effectively
simultaneously making the captive vulnerable at the rear
forcing him into an undignified posture that gnaws at his pride.

The head-strap gag enclosing and restricting his jaw 
is another powerful affirmation of his captor's control.

It's odd, I suppose, to call this great art, but to me the simplicity of the subject and the uncomplicated setting in a picture that could otherwise be taken as to be photograph at first sight implies a great deal of  technical and design skill.

I don't know who the artist is.

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Wednesday 24 May 2023

Art by Drtkk (aka MilkCow) 2

MilkCow - Surfer Riding New Waves (my title)

I first posted Drtkk's (Milk Cow's) work at mitchmen back in 2017 (can it really be that long ago?). The image above is an example from that era with a heavily muscled young man being tormented in bondage by mysterious, fetish character. I see that he's specifically collecting pre-cum, which implies that he will try to edge his victim for as long as possible and deny him escape through orgasm  A divine torment indeed. 

The physiques of MilkCow's captives back then were intensely detailed and stylised in dark tones reminiscent of Cavelo, outlined with a sculptural precision that attracted the description of 'plasticity' from one reader.

See the First Post about this artist:- MilkCow 1

Now there's a whole new portfolio of work to view and his style has much evolved. In some respects it is less dramatic but remains firmly focussed on the subject of men falling into the hands of others who want to discover how they react under pressure.

MilkCow - Drunken Boys Trapped Club 1

This picture comes from a short series where drunken young men are abducted by an organised group  who are the exact opposite of pretty young boys but clearly don't see why they should be left out of all the fun. The captives are forced to demonstrate their sexual capabilities - typically shooting distance - while being pawed, groped and licked by their aging captors. There's a great sense of their combined weight and numbers prevailing over youthful strength and frantic vigour. One of them here is sitting on the poor lad's arm. There have complex tasks planned to their catch and are not in any rush. It promises to be a long night.

The young captive sports the familiar shock of spiky hair but you can see how MilkCow has abandoned the dark, shiny, skin textures for more subtle shading. However the muscle delineation is harder than ever creating a web-like effect with a scattering of striking, arty geometrics. There's a marvellous contrast between the young drunk and the modelling of the older men, who remain clothed. A wide range of types, all beautifully observed, albeit in cartoon fashion. The fan-shaped, art-deco moustache on the right is delightful.

MilkCow - Soldier's Auction 1

An abduction also seems to lie behind this image of a captive soldier being auctioned at a secret midnight sale. He's cute-looking and not too young with enviable muscularity (which perhaps has been worked on by the sellers to enhance his sale value). His nakedness contrasts with the heavy disguises worn by the illicit sellers.

He's presented to the audience in heavy shackles and chains wearing only a rubber G-string which has ring clasps to isolate and accentuate his cock and balls. An alluring band of crotch stubble just above completes the clever, sexual  marketing. The glint of light on his dog-tag in this picture seems to confer a sort of heroic status on him and suggests that he's still capable of handling all this. As Lot 49 he follows in the footsteps of many other captured servicemen and more are waiting in the background for their turn to mount the rostrum and be offered to the bidders. 

MilkCow - Soldier's Auction 2

The sale completed, the buyer (unusually) gets the chance to check out what he has bought before removing the goods from the premises. Naturally milking performance is of paramount importance and a sensible buyer verifies the claims of the saleroom, so the soldier is immediately unsheathed and plugged into an ejaculator ring, while the buyer helps him along with his electro-stimulation program of choice. I like that MilkCow keeps his performance measurements within believable bounds, although a man who produces anything under these circumstances deserves respect.

It seems there is a consortium of buyers, or perhaps it's the buyer's older family members. Understandably their interest lies in getting up close to the sensual qualities of the soldier's body rather than watching his bodily functions. He's too preoccupied to notice them, the pain showing in his face is neatly supplemented by his splayed toes. The artist's hard, muscle accentuation can be seen as depicting extreme tension throughout the captive's body.

It's a fun day out for all the family and those who lost out on this specimen in the saleroom can watch the proceedings through the glass door. A strangely attired guard with an electro-trident (two prongs = dident?) makes sure they get no further.

The soldier's  dog-tag gleams on as though, deep down, he's unfazed by it all.

I suppose the dripping shower head (as well as being phallic in itself) serves as the equivalent of the rake used in the long jump to remove all traces of prior jumps. It washes away the fallen cum in readiness for the next attempt. I dare say that many a captive gets an impromptu soaking with it too. 

MilkCow - Chair of Toughness

The third picture of this 'dog-tag' set shows another muscular, captured soldier strapped to a chair, especially designed for restraining men comprehensively. He's naked of course and being milked, but purely by the application of pain stimuli. 

The detailing here is amazing. His arms are pulled back and his legs spread wide and between his thighs a pierced, wooden upright plate traps his organs, holding them steady. An array of ropes, weights and rings prevents his erection from collapsing and a tube inserted into his cock-end directs his ejaculate against a transparent plate from which it drains down into a collection tray. We can see sweat is streaming off him under the stress but the more subtle detail of him straining forward against his neck chain as he shoots his load and the claw-like tension of his lateral muscles gives us more insight into what he is really feeling.

The characterisation of the tormentor is fascinating. He seems something of a crazy nerd with his frizzed hair and dark glasses, very different from stereotypical S&M masters but rather sexy. He reminds me of Boot Lust's wacky scientists. But he's not a soft alternative. He's already loaded the soldiers nipples and balls with weights and scourged his body with a serious flogging (the whip lies discarded in the foreground having served it's purpose). He's also attached an electrical cable to the penis tube to keep him focussed on his production task and asserts his total control by manually controlling it's shocks. Now he leans forward with wicked-looking pliers to freshen up the nipple pinch.

He seems to have forgotten all about his own task of interrogating the prisoner, 
his clip board notes lie neglected  on the desk. 

MilkCow - Triads Detention Class

I'm drawn to this image because it's restraint frame bears a passing resemblance to the half-round shape that Royale Studio used in many of their solo photoshoots. In a sense it spells out the wicked thoughts that run through our minds when we see a hunk like Peter George draped over such a piece, just like the unfortunate man above.

As far as I know this is not part of the Soldier's Auction series although this captive does have a dog-tag (it's not glinting in this image). The term Triad is usually applied to Asian organised crime groups and one of the participants here has a suitably evil-looking, piratical, eye patch. It looks like he's about to  give the ball stretcher another tweak (although I'm not sure he's actually pushing in the right direction at this point, overexcitement I guess!). 

Given this characterisation the gang are probably interrogating the soldier on suspicion of  disloyalty in some shape or form. His secret must be a big one as he's already suffered a head to toe lashing as well as the crude cbt. The interrogator kneeling at his side seems to have reverted to sinister coaxing in the fashion of sophisticated villains. His hair pulling stunt is a relatively minor escalation but makes it all more personal and intimate (like the nerd taking control of the electro shocker, just above). The ultimate threat here is similar, a heavyweight electrical device sits next to frame, on standby.

MilkCow has pulled off some tricky persepectives in this picture, but upside-down humans are quite difficult to take in visually and the muscle styling here doesn't really help (compare the impact of this drawing with the smoother, Peter George real version). Nevertheless, the 'new style' of characterising of his villains stands out, the leader here being disturbingly unvillainous in appearance.

MilkCow - Rich Man 1- Water Torture

The final two images in this post are about a rich man who can afford to buy a soldier to amuse himself with after dinner. Paired with a good vintage wine it makes for a pleasant evening with company lending a hand to 'wind up' the victim. This villain's little trick is to souse his captive with a pressure hose directed at the crotch. I presume it's spouting water and not expensive wine - that would be decadent! A bucket suspended from the man's organs collects some of the spray and run-off, but I imagine he won't really notice the accumulating weight until the battering, water stream is turned off.

This is just the starter, the main course is the whip, temporarily wrapped round the victim's neck to intimidate him (a very twisted elaboration).

MilkCow - Rich Man 2 - Magnetic Attraction

The Rich Man leaves the sweaty work of flogging the captive to his dinner guest while he plays with his latest gadget, a giant electro magnet which is strong enough to attract the full bucket of water, thereby increasing the  pull on the man's balls. Clever use of the on/off switch will cause the bucket to swing of course.

You might have a pang of guilt about enjoying MilkCow's relentless torture of these handsome devils who only sought to serve their country. All I can say is that every man jack of them responds with a formidable erection. It's almost as if they enjoy it too!

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Sunday 21 May 2023

101 Uses For a Belt - No 16 Pec Plumping

Muscle Isolation
 Plump Your Man's Pecs

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Saturday 20 May 2023

101 Uses For A Belt - No 15 Wishin' and Hopin'

 Wishin' and Hopin'?

Maybe he'll come for him tonight


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Friday 19 May 2023

101 Uses for a Belt - No 14 Lickin' into shape

 I was tempted to write 'lickin a chikkin' 
but this guy is more rooster than chicken.

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Tuesday 16 May 2023

More Art by Rent-A-Dude

 Read Part 1 of this mitchmen post on Rent-A-Dude's encasement art

Rent -A-Dude - Statue 25

Trapping men in a glass container is a well-trodden path in gay erotic art.
Often it's for brain-washing or milking purposes.
This variation seems to involve some kind of hi-tech gold plating process too
Luckily it doesn't involve immersion in a bath of chemicals. 
A small compensation though, for being turned into a statue.

Rent -A-Dude - Statue 90

Clear perspex or resin is a perfect encasement medium for display. 
The setting time here is clearly short enough to prevent escape
but slow enough to catch and preserve that last frantic lunge.

Rent -A-Dude - Bot 58

An unconscious male subject is laid out on a bare metal table
for examination by semi-organic, robotic arms prior to his bot 'transformation'.
You might think those feelers look as if they are burrowing inside him.
I couldn't possibly comment!

Rent -A-Dude - Bot 64

That sense of disturbing processes going on continues here
with more conventional technology and scalpel wielding arms this time.
What's more the subject is awake and aware.
A predicament that's not for the faint-hearted.

Rent -A-Dude - Bot 68

If you are not aware of Rent-A-Dude's male-transformation agenda, this looks like a clumsy alien assessment programme is in progress on an unfortunate astronaut or abductee from earth.
However creating a bot poses issues of accommodating and integrating the robotics 
This installation seems to involve a somewhat perverse brand of keyhole engineering

Rent -A-Dude - Bot 79

This scanner technology skirts round the practicalities in favour of unfathomable tech wizardry.
Seemingly it's capable of brain re-programming to adapt the human to his new purpose.
The contribution of the impressive circuitry in the arches and bed is less obvious.
This device would not have looked out of place in a 50's Marvel comic.

Rent -A-Dude - Bot 91

It looks as if an entire crew of a spaceship is being processed here.
It's only their bodies being processed, by a similar non-contact transformation technology.
Their individual containment is erotic in it's own right
They don't seem unhappy about it!

Rent -A-Dude - Doll 05

Rent-A-Dude revisits his encasement techniques in the 'Toy' series.
The medium looks like latex but it becomes rigid plastic as it suddenly 'cures'.
It looks like you can use it in your own home and it doesn't stick to upholstery.
Spray-on plastic would be ideal for restraining an unruly boyfriend, 
or detaining the cute workman who came to fix the leak.
But only if you get him to take his clothes off first!

Rent -A-Dude - Doll 37

This image visualises total encasement within a mannequin.
A perfectly fitting outer skin that includes a new head.
I suppose the last detail is to throw the Police off the scent 
if they come looking for that handsome jogger who disappeared nearby

Rent -A-Dude - Doll 42

It's nice to have, but what can you do with such a doll?
Put him it on display of course.

These images are ca 2010 and I have note in my records suggesting the artist may be 'Brian'
No links I'm afraid. The web site referenced in these pictures no longer exists and I can't find the name in search engines (which isn't unusual these days with old material, sadly)

Read Part 1 of this mitchmen post on Rent-A-Dude's encasement art

Saturday 13 May 2023

Art by Rent-A-Dude

Rent -A-Dude - Statue 138

A striking image of a man bursting forth from solid rock
Is another half-finished job from Michelangelo?
No it's Rent-A-Dude, preserving the best of mankind.

Rent -A-Dude - Statue 140

On one level its a symbolic representation of human flesh 
restrained by the immovable, unchanging elements of nature and life.

Rent-A- Dude - Statue 143

But once this was a real man 
he had a bad dream of being incarcerated in cement, 
then woke up and found it was real.

Rent-A-Dude - Statue 145

Now his life is suspended, immortalised.
The physical beauty of his body is preserved for all time.
But no-one can fully enjoy it, they can only look.

Rent-A-Dude - Statue 172

This man sees his own fate approaching in an aerosol spray can.

(There's a whole other story to be told of 
how he got himself into this predicament in the first place!).

Rent-A-Dude - Statue 174

We can only imagine him bartering for a reprieve

Rent-A-Dude - Statue 176

Soon, with rapid setting concrete, it's all over.

(Amazing what you can get out of one small can!)

Rent-A-Dude - Statue 63

This variation seems to be an elaborate, 
artistic alternative to good old concrete boots

Rent-A-Dude - Statue 64

The height of the cold, wet concrete is carefully calibrated.
At just below ball height, it's a titillation for us.
Possibly for him as well when the pouring began. 
He realised, too late, that it would set like stone, quickly!.

Rent-A-Dude - Toy 06

Now you know what has happened here!
An exciting, useful future awaits these 13 unfortunates.
Let's hope they are not dizzied by the spinning technique 
that is often used by over-excited players!

More bizarre incarcerations in Part 2 (link pending)

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Beautifully Bound - Guy

Man tied up securely bare top in jeans construction workman builder Captured Guys

A man with arms and wrists firmly bound sits on a stool.
His head is bowed as if in despair as he awaits his fate.
A day ago he was a free man, working on a building construction site.

The captive turns as someone approaches, 
his face is a mixture of anger and helpless anguish.

He strains at the rope that binds him.
His pecs bulge out through the strands constricting his chest.
Such spirit is greatly appreciated.

He probably does not appreciate his captor's flair for bondage
It is both artistic and satisfying - and materially enhances
 the monetary value of his unique selling points.

His whining complaints are silenced with  a stuffed rag.
While the bidders assess his finely muscled body.
There's no need to remove his jeans for the auction.
Someone will pay handsomely to have this man as he is.

Those pecs are irresistible.
A small chastisement is called for.
A demonstration for the bidders.

The results are gratifying.
Stoic endurance of pain is an admirable quality
But expressive responders usually fetch better prices.

pecs tortured with tit clip pegs and finger squeezing

The personal touch cannot be bettered in such matters.
And for this man there is more to come..... much more.


Pictures of Guy by the legendary Captured Guys site
(pay site, some free samples, about £13 pm)

There's also lots of samples at Captured Guys on Deviant

see also Captured Guy

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Sunday 7 May 2023

Art by Phyjikal

Phyjikal - Abducted

 This artist devotes himself to the masculinity and desirability of chubby men.
This image sums that up with a unsuspecting example of the breed being abducted.

N.B. All the image titles in this post are mine, not the artist's

Phyjikal - Chained and Tormented

He toys with such captives being chained up and tormented.
This is just the right vehicle for displaying their chunky hairiness.
And asserting their sexuality and toughness.

Phyjikal - Lifeguard To The Rescue

This marvellously simple image of a chunky lifeguard racing to the rescue
Presents those characteristics in a very different, surprising and highly positive way.
I say Help! Come and get me!

Phyjikal - Block Builder

This image is less surprising, simply displaying a workman's physical strength.
The transparent cube (ice?) and intense facial expression lend the study an artistic dignity .
The bulging briefs and open, braced legs are a less subtle hint of innate sex-appeal. 

Phyjikal - Rubber Gloves

The artist isn't afraid to turn the strength attribute on it's head
In this image physical size is supplemented by military connections
But it's still not enough to face the threat of medical inspection with equanimity.

Phyjikal - Locked In A Corner

Many of this artist's images portray sweaty, physical struggles between equals.
The fight scenario creates scenes of big men being overpowered and dominated.  

Phyjikal - Choke Hold

Erotic vulnerabilities and opportunities never seem to be too far away.
This character is repeatedly set up to be the hapless jobber, there to be used.

Phyjikal - Groping Gloves

He brings to that role a delicious air of masochistic resignation
And an ever-tempting, un-flagging arousal.

Phyjikal - Pumped Up

Which results in some spectacular finishes
as his opponents ruthlessly do their worst.

Phyjikal - Guess What

In a world of big men, some stereotypes are a temptation too hard to resist.
Mixing big and small with black and white here creates an element of balance.
But is this a respectful, seductive approach? Or a whispered ultimatum?

Phyjikal - In His Arms

This artist certainly isn't ruled by stereotypes.
There's gentleness, fondness and trust in this coupling.
It seems almost too private and intimate to be intruded upon.

Phyjikal - Give Me A Ring

Trust clearly exists here too between a naked and a fully clothed man,
I take this to be a photographer and his model setting up a shot.
Which will put a tray of doughnuts to a (predictably) unconventional use.
There is an underlying manipulation and control of the big guy that is very sexy.

Phyjikal - Cocktail Mix

The humour in this piece is equally well trodden,
But the pose involved is far from being a cliché.
It's sexy and surprisingly flexible for such a big man.

Phyjikal - Flexible Response

So too this arching ecstasy
It is sexy enough that the physiological realities go largely unnoticed.
The crossed arms and face-stroking of the recipient however are quite puzzling.

Phyjikal - Temptation

The last two images in my post are nice examples of a more usual interaction.
Promoting the sexual allure of chubbies in the simplest, most direct of ways.

Phyjikal - Lust

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