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Friday, 30 December 2011

Bound Gods Celebration - 9

9 The Cylindrical Water Tank

Another water tank scenario but quite different from the Rusty Stevens 'Lab Rat' classic which I covered earlier in Part 1. Dante is the man here, a regular-looking kind of guy, 
he is kidnapped by C.J Madison.

After being first stripped and then thrashed hard, Dante is dropped into the water tank with just his hands tied together and his cock and balls roped up, forcing them out away from his abdomen. He has to suck Madison through a hole in the lid while kneeling waist deep in water. 
Kinky but not really scary.

However when Madison takes his cock away he pushes a water hose through the lid instead. 
Water gushes into the tank and it rapidly begins to fill. Dante realises that although he can move around, he cannot get out. He bangs against the lid but it won't shift.

As tank continues to fill, Madison walks away leaving Dante to face the horror of drowning. 
Soon he is entirely submerged and terrified.

Next we see Dante down on his knees in the tank but now his body is immobilised, tightly wrapped in a lattice of ropes. His captor has removed him from the tank, tied him more securely then dropped him back in again. The change is chilling for now Dante is unable to rise to his feet, because his ankles are tied to the back of his thighs, leaving him completely dependant on a length of tube to breathe through. A tube that can escape from his mouth if he struggles too much or which his captor can remove any time he chooses.

The curved walls of the tank magnify and distort Dante's body shape making him appear like a preserved biological sample in a bottle. In order to keep the tube in his mouth he has to arch his body backward pushing his exposed and roped up genitals forwards. Seen through the glass this looks very sexy we can see he is sporting an erection as though the danger is exciting him.

Madison patrols outside gloating at his victim as he struggles to control his panic.
It's a stunning 'danger' sequence in an otherwise straight forward movie and full credit to Dante for the stunt work. Not everyone could put themselves in danger like that, even knowing that there were plenty of safety precautions - assuming there were......
Ref: Bound Gods 5974 - The Crazy Perv and His Prey

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