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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Men Sharing Clothes 9 - Rubber Vests

Rubber vests are like the most memorable of lovers - it's a challenge to get into them, but once you have, they cling to you and squeeze your body tight. They make you look and feel absolutely great when you go out together. They draw bodily fluid out of you in unimaginable, messy quantities. But then you start to realise they need quite a lot of looking after and somehow after a while everything goes a bit slack.

Cody unbuckles

My first model, Cody demonstrates the 'cling' rather well with creases swirling erotically round his body. Fellow wearers will recognise where that look of satisfaction comes from.

But the tell tale signs of previous wear are there, just below the armhole, salty deposits left by a man's sweat. Is Fabricio (below) the guilty party?

Fabricio Smoulders

Mmmm! Trickling sweat! Looks like he might be!

I have to say I wouldn't complain about sharing this man's vest, just look at the way his broad pecs stretch open the neckline. This design is rather good, the restrained shade of blue and carefully placed star work with the low neckline to make the most of a man's chest. But if you are fortunate enough to have massive pecs and a sharply tapered waist, even rubber can't overcome the limitations of an untailored, one-size-fits-all design. Beware of your prized body sleeve screwing up into a tangle further down!

Fabricio Straightened Out

Ah, that's better …...and I am rather partial to sticky-out ears, very sexy!

But I'll let Cody have the last word

Cody straightens up discreetly

Pictures for both models courtesy of Randy Blue (I'm not saying anything!)

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