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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bound Gods Celebration - 8

The Pain Competition
In today's selection, Chad Rock and Jason Miller are subjected to trials to decide who is the best 'sub'. In some ways it's standard 'dungeon' fodder which I would not normally linger over, voluntary submission doesn't head up my fantasies though, of course, it is different in the real world. 
But there are ingredients in this movie which make the imagery a bit special for me.

Firstly there is Chad Rock himself (right, above), his slightly 'weathered' appearance, chunky frame and shaved head make him an unlikely looking sub. That being so, shaving his pubes off and kitting him out with a chastity device makes a very nice subjugation statement. 
I like the way the two men have been fitted with similar gags and restraints in these pictures and stand up to take their punishment in a very manly way. There is a 'buddy' theme of sorts going on, in as much as the two men are to undergo similar degradation and punishment. However, they are so far apart in terms of outward appearance that the idea of them being matched against each other in a pain endurance competition doesn't really work for me. In serious films it's stimulating for contestants to be unequal and produce unlikely outcomes but in porn I think I prefer stereotypes to prevail. I find it easier to imagine a 'real' relationship between these men (romantic or workplace for example) being put to the test.

Things get more serious now as Van Darkholme and Christian Wilde (in the mask) lay into the two boys. I love the anguished looks here, the waders draw attention to their ungainly stances as they flinch away from the lashes. Waders accentuate a man's thighs in a delicious way and Jason Miller's physique looks a good deal more substantial here

In this scene, the improvised tape bondage has been replaced by neat rope-work pinning back the captives arms and framing their pecs, a trick that works particularly well with Chad. The chastity cages make way for electro devices inserted into the men's cock-tips and the harness gags have also been removed allowing us to see their facial expressions properly. We are rewarded with serious, manly anxiety moment from Chad as Van Darkholme turns up the juice. Beautiful.

Pegs and hosed water next and another marvellous, very masculine expression from Chad (can this man really be a 'sub'?). Shaved bodies always look good when they are wet or oily and here the shiny highlights also showcase the nipping of Chad's fleshy skin rather well. His natural physique adds a nice touch of realism. Jason too looks good, offering us a classic submissive/endurance image

Finally the two men are laid out next to each other with necks resting in the shaped recesses of a rack, chillingly reminiscent of the arrangement used for guillotines. The symmetry and uncluttered nudity of their bodies is very erotic, just a gag symbolising their shared plight. The absence of visible restraint suggests total submission. Christian looms menacingly over them. It's a great 'buddy capture' image.

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