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Saturday 30 April 2022

Art by DollceDrawsAfterDark

DollceDrawsAfterDark - Zoro In Shibari 1

 I'm always extolling the virtue of simplicity in bondage art and that principle seems even more appropriate when the bondage being depicted is itself extremely complex. That shown here seems to be geared here to a suspension arrangement which requires proper body support since a failure would discomfort binder and bound alike. The loose arm restraint here allows for a certain amount of self control and protection but would be an irritating tease of freedom to most men.

DollceDrawsAfterDark - Zoro In Shibari 2

This companion study has a similar 'hands up' arrangement but with much less freedom. Sweat drips from him as he strains against it. This character, Zoro, has demonic eyes and a long scar across his torso which gives him a dangerous, other-worldly air, even in restraint.

Sanji - Blow The Cook

Sanji is a softer character with unruly, blond hair, he likes to cook and sometimes cross-dress.

Sanji in oversized shirt

He has a daring, unconventional sense of style.
But it does not obscure his sexuality.

Sanji in Bondage

Given those qualities, being tied up, plugged and groped seems a particularly perverse misfortune for him. That seems to be reflected in the blush that has suffused his face. The wrist bondage here seems tokenistic but his hands are raised above his head too offering what appears to be an invitation to sample his body. Of course, it's possible there may be a restraining tether attached to the harness at the back that forces him to hold them this way. 

In another artist's hands this image would be filled with writhing tentacles, eager to take advantage of their mesmerised prey. As it is however, Sanji merely has to contend with a couple of groping hands.

These disembodied hands are a recent innovation in fetish art which I don't really 'get'. I suppose they might represent many things - the imaginings of himself or of someone who desires him from afar, a magical assault, an attempt to represent what he feels during a bondage scene or simply a practical way of preventing the assailant from obscuring our view. All good stuff but it simply doesn't work for me, it just seems too reminiscent of 'Thing' and quite unreal, particularly as his body isn't really reacting to them.

Sanji - The Hanged Man

According to the artist, Sanji's innermost being is that of the willing victim, 
characterised by this image by the Tarot card of 'The Hanged Man'. 
Notice his somewhat feminine collar.

I think those red loops are knots by the way, not scissors 
or perhaps it's a deliberate ambiguity.

Zoro tied and kissed

This is a more interesting angle on bondage for me. 
The stronger character tied up and worshipped by his adoring friend.
 It illustrates the fundamental ambiguity of bondage, that a bound man can be punished with pain or explored and loved and even sexually used by his captor and whether he likes it or not, he can do virtually nothing to prevent it.

Zoro and his vibrator.

This artist explores the nature of men in a wide-ranging way. 
Zoro is shown as a adventurous man in the non-sexual sense but also one able to explore his sexuality.
Here he is wearing frilly, skimpy knickers and enjoying the buzz of a vibrating dildo, in private.

Zoro dons a G-string

He can even be persuaded to wear a girlie, pink G-string in public, 
even though it plainly runs counter to his his natural instincts. 
He might be reassured if he could see how sexy it looks.
I find this simple image of growth and self-discovery very charming.

You can follow the adventures of Zoro and Sanji at the links below.
As you might have guessed, it's not predominately male and gender ambiguity abounds.

DollceDraws @Tumblr

Wednesday 27 April 2022

The Look that says 'Cross'

It's a Lifeguard's job to Serve and Save 
and they expect to be respected and admired for it.

We all think they also like to pose in their skimpy Speedo's
but that doesn't mean they welcome close inspection,
certainly not comparisons in that department. 

No matter what answer he gets, he'll always be wondering,
is it his 'uniform', the cross logo or what's inside that looks small?


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Sunday 24 April 2022

Vintage Milk Outlet by Casey

Casey - Milkbar

 This vintage drawing sits nicely alongside 'Milk On The Go' by Catrache as an example of a retail outlet for ManMilk to set alongside the mitchmen Milking Factory series. 

The unwilling 'donors' in this case are three Policemen who have been taken hostage and strung up from the ceiling with their dicks out, dangling like the milk udders of a cow. Patrons can help themselves to a creamy top on their beer (or an undiluted 'shot' of  copcum if they can reach that high with their mouths). The sign on the end of the bar seems to imply that this sort of arrangement is a regular practice there (all genuine straight men, note). A unique selling point.

The picture abounds with interesting detail, my favourite is the man in the foreground dressed in skimpy, belted shorts and pec-clinging vest/singlet. The man at the entrance, seemingly on his way home from work is also inexplicably fascinating, I suppose it's the touch of normality in a crazy scene. The raincoat draped over his arm is a delightful retro touch (remember when men used to do that?).

I've not seen any other picture by Casey and there's no chance of a link. I recently saw this picture attributed to DonJon, but I'm inclined to doubt that. It's far more detailed than his usual images (see below) and the cops here are American not British. It must date from around his time in the 60's and it has all the venomous hate for the Police and their homophobia that produced the Stonewall protest in that era, although I must say that the concept credits them with more spunk than you might expect. The cigar poised to burn would certainly fit with his work and stylistically there are similarities in the forming of the faces, but the lines are softer than his.

DonJon - Military Kilt Strapping

This image is classic DonJon and highly erotic. The muscular NCO administering the punishment topless looks great with the peak of his cap raked steeply over his eyes (exactly in the style of the Scots Guards) adding an extra touch of ruthless purpose. His exaggerated shoulders and pecs amplify the impression of strength. The use of a riding crop to lift the kilt clear of the unfortunate victim's ass is an classic touch of military delicacy and contempt for the Squaddie he has to punish. Of course he isn't wearing anything underneath.

Friday 22 April 2022

Bareass Blogs No 60

bare ass backside jeans dropped

Bareass blushing pink

A naughty boy caught in the act,
Beware of the lions when visiting stately homes!

Photo: Tomas Mach (aka Tim Mountain) by Unzipped


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Thursday 21 April 2022

Bareass Blogs No 59

hairy bare nude naked ass pool player bent over table

 Bareass Billiards

(Yes I know they are Pool balls but who's counting?)

It looks like this hairy-assed creature needs to be encouraged to tidy up his games room,
I wonder how we might persuade him........?

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Wednesday 20 April 2022

Bareass Blogs No 58


Bareass Bump Feeling

Head injuries may cause irrational behaviour
A sympathetic approach is essential when assessing patients

Photo: Josh Conners & Sean Maygers in Private Practice (Hot House)

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Sunday 17 April 2022

More Pictures By Irwin Olaf

Irwin Olaf - Male Nude No 3 (from Skin Deep)

I recently published one of Irwin Olaf's best known photographs, 'Joy' (feat. an exploding champagne bottle) but he's also produced other strikingly erotic images, not entirely without fetish interest. This spectacular example is one of the best.

Seen as an academic, art pose, it displays the male body by showing a man consciously displaying his body. It's an unnatural pose that stretches muscles and bunches flesh which is ideal for an academic study. Although he is nude there is no tawdry explicitness, even his bottom is largely hidden in shadow.

He faces a panelled and elaborately painted wall, which is suggestive of stately homes and antique artefacts. It's as if he is imagining himself as part of that world, as a piece of art. Even the colour tones of his skin are morphing to the shades of the Old Masters.

Seen as an erotic and fetish pose, we are struck by how attractive his lean, muscled body and ginger hair are. Also how passive and totally submissive his display is. It's as if he's offering himself up, but if there's a recipient for that offer we can't see them. 

The pose itself makes him highly vulnerable - and tempting. That's not just because his hands and feet are tucked behind him but because his whole weight is resting on them, making any defence or recovery to a normal position dependent on exceptional bodily strength (or on rolling sideways onto the floor in an undignified manner). We see too how close his hands are to each other and so are his toes. They seem to cry out for restraint, thereby sealing his ultimate surrender.

Erwin Olaf - Squares, Tulips, 1986

If you remember the exploding champagne image you probably remember this one too. It was popular as a greeting card design in that era for fairly obvious reasons - who wouldn't want a giant bouquet from a naked muscle hunk? It's not hard to see phallic connections in the shape of the tulips and they sprout from his groin in a way that is not totally dissimilar to the infamous champagne eruption. He clutches the area tightly as though trying to hold it in or shield it from us.

Irwin Olaf - After Rodin III (The Thinker)

This image might be seen as a parody of Rodin's The Thinker although that figure study, suggestive of momentous philosophising, pretty much parodies itself. Olaf gives the idea a tangible context relating to more mundane preoccupations. A young man pondering his life and it's issues. The glimpse of moccasins and poised toes suggest he might be a dancer. The colours of the rough, bare walls seem to hint at the settings of Dutch Masters once again, but the towel and simple, aging stool suggest a modern shower room, perhaps one used for dance classes. 

The subject's nudity and isolation in this austere place of contemplation seem to say something about the profundity of what he has just learned. It's also open to fetish interpretation as the portrayal of a prisoner, stripped of all his worldly goods and contemplating his future. Freshly showered, perhaps he's slated to take his place on the auction block shortly where strangers will bid to acquire him and make him their own. Is he thinking of the pleasurable life and the people he's being taken away from - or the unknown challenges and hard labour that lie ahead of him?

Irwin Olaf - Male Nude No 1 (from Skin Deep)

A naked man kissing a bare wall and pressing himself against it with arms symbolically held behind his back. This almost seems the stuff of religious fervour, as if divine forgiveness is to be found in inanimate buildings (as well as inanimate statues!). There's the same sense of vulnerability and submissiveness here as in the first, kneeling picture. The sense again of being one with the walls that enclose him. However this picture also has the sense of solitary isolation seen in the 'Thinker' image just above.

It's easy to imagine this as a punishment scene, the classic 'corner time' after a spanking, seeking the cooling consolation of a bare wall. Or another slave-to-be finding the familiar confining walls a comfort in his last moments before mounting the rostrum and facing those who want to have him and take him away. 

Unknown - Setting An Example

I recently found this image, purely by chance. It wasn't attributed to Olaf but it looks very similar in style to the preceding images and invokes the same theme of isolation using walls and a simple prop. The artwork on the wall and beamed ceiling likewise bring in the 'Dutch' theme. 

This picture inevitably invokes the same irreverent thoughts of childhood punishments upcycled for a grown man, not so much setting but making an example of him. It's a short path from there to the idea of an improvised auction rostrum, with the buyers about to enter the room to view the poor man or perhaps it's an on-line sale where he can't even see who wants him nor how much he is willing to bid to get him. It's hard to see this fine fellow being despatched to the fields to earn him keep.

Irwin Olaf - Title not known

I wouldn't normally include such a assertively heterosexual image in this blog but the beauty of this man's backside warrants making an exception. If I were being mischievous I might suggest he's putting straight life on the shelf here, on hold while he finds a man who will worship it (etc.) properly. 

There are more echoes of the dance world here of course and leg musculature to match, but that could be any weight he is lifting, another man say - or an inanimate object like a box or a rock, if I were to invoke the spectre of slave labour again.


Irwin Olaf - Fashion Victim, Gucci (2000)

The imagery here is less subtle, how those who slavishly follow fashion are trapped and blinded by the organisations and individuals who orchestrate it. Of course this is not really slavery, it's completely voluntary, a compulsion to conform to the views of 'leaders'. In the age of the internet it's interesting to see how easy it is for individuals to set themselves up as 'influencers' without having any obvious qualifications for the role. 

Olaf seems to suggest it's an arousing obsession with a sexual dimension. He also uses the word victim, but that's not right either, no-one has put that bag over his head. It's more akin to an ostrich putting it's head in the sand. I'm no expert on fashion (ah, you already guessed!) but this man's socks and sandals seem somewhat dubious to me.

There's also a Chanel variant in this imagery and there's an interesting comparison with a very similar theme depicted by RW Richards.


More Irwin Olaf:-

Thursday 14 April 2022

Art by Spacron - 2. Sexy Predicaments

 Read Part 1 of this Article -  Sexy Boys

Spacron - Don't Forget Your Prostate Exam

Spacron seems to delight in embarrassing men of a certain type - i.e. chunky, hairy and straight-acting. There are two examples in the opening pictures of Part 1 of this survey. However, every man, even butch construction workers and the like, should have their prostate checked as they get older so this medical scenario is a totally legitimate excuse - or at least it is as long as the Doctor behaves himself. 

The patient here seems to look askance at his dangling cock, probably wondering (if he's true to dumb-jock stereotyping) why that is needed for a rectal examination. You can hardly blame the Doctor, though, since his patient is already anticipating his first penetration with what looks like excitement rather than dread.

Interestingly, the eye chart on the wall is back to front. That might be because the artist decided to reverse the image for aesthetic reasons, however the text on the weighing machine and the device on the wall with an electronic time display are not reversed. Whether by accident or design it helps create a sense of a crazy, parallel universe where normal behaviour (like a Doctor respecting his patients and using only one finger for a prostate examination) is turned on it's head.

Spacron - Comrades

The sight of a naked man being carried off by a soldier might spark thoughts of enslavement, pillage etc for some, but the title tells us of a more honourable motivation - the rescue of a comrade-in-arms. Quite why he is totally naked isn't clear. The obvious explanation is that he had been captured and tortured (or abused at least). His rescuer's bare top and sagging trousers also speak of privation and extremity but give the image a remarkably sexy twist. 

The bleak wasteland behind them looks like it must be a very hot and desolate place. The glow on the horizon, partially hidden by smoke or clouds might be the sun rising on another arid day in the desert. But it could equally be a distant battle, still continuing as they make their escape to safety and - dare one suggest - mutual consolation? Before that though, this hero faces another day of trying to survive and keep his comrade alive with him.

This is another example of this artist's talent for choosing simple images which laud the qualities of men while infusing them with a touch of the homoerotic.

Spacron - DDT Inverted

A wrestling scenario readily provides opportunities for depicting the humiliation of big, butch men. This backwards leaning, reverse head-lock is more common in erotic wrestling than the Pro version and like most holds that stress the back, it's potentially dangerous. That threat makes it extremely effective as a way of detaining an opponent in a very erotic pose since a sensible victim knows he must exercise caution in trying to escape. 

The artist has chosen to imagine the fighters in the nude and made them very sweaty. He's given them a glittery finish that doesn't look quite real but creates the effect of a special type of fight in which bodily display is as important as fighting prowess. He's not only dispensed with the customary showy costumes but the other distracting paraphernalia of wrestling as well, reducing it to a basic ring (with intriguing twisted ropes). In other words he's deliberately extracted a simpler image to create a striking, erotically-flavoured tableau.

The DDT in the title of this piece puzzled me but it seems to simply refer to a Japanese Wrestling Circuit, called Dramatic Dream Team which deliberately parodies WWE (if such a thing is possible). That connection may have inspired the unusual skin finish.

Looking back at the previous image 'Comrades', you might spot another inspiration from wrestling.

Spacron - Speleologist meets the Beast

The two military comrades we saw above were probably not fleeing from this situation, although the unfortunate man being upended here also has an attractive military look about him. Speleologist means the study or exploration of caves by the way, in case you didn't know, I certainly didn't! So this picture might be subtitled as 'Cave man meets The Cave Man'. 

It looks like we're looking at an Indiana Jones type of scenario here. While exploring with his trusty hammer and pencil, he's stumbled across a strange, subterranean room of some grandeur. It's the find of a lifetime, but then he discovers to his horror that it's inhabited by an enormous, hairy beast (we've all been there). 

The creature is unexpectedly wearing a leather fetish head cage or muzzle (á la Hannibal Lector) suggesting he's being held a captive for the public good. Our hero hardly has time to register that odd detail before his clothes are ripped from his body and at this point seem to have disappeared altogether (yet surely the yeti can't have eaten them all!). Only his singlet vest remains, clinging alluringly to his sweaty torso (and very nicely modelled too by the artist). It might have been better if it hadn't since one senses that this torso-flattering garment has inflamed the desire of the sex-starved creature and the rest (as they say) is buggery.

This is a very idiosyncratic picture which defies rational explanation but is nevertheless a great domination scenario. This composition also seems to be based on a wrestling move, the standing ankle lock submission hold, but adapted it to a more devious purpose. Once again there's an essential simplicity and balance in the composition which is very satisfying.

Spacron - Tied Up in the Woods

Spacron has an eclectic taste in skin colourings and races and these two stand at the extremes of that range. The white guy here is so pale that his jet-black hair seems genetically impossible but I have seen men like this. His face is a remarkable blend of the manly and cute and despite his plight his expression shows surprise and curiosity rather than fear. Spacron's varied faces are another laudable feature of his work, showing an attention to personality that renderers often neglect in favour of the action. 

The dark skinned local resident wearing a skimpy loincloth is a tricky stereotype these days but there's no sense of patronisation here just the meeting of sexy men from two different worlds. It seems like they share a common strand of sexuality, since the captive seems completely undaunted by his predicament. 

This image has been sanitised in an unusual way which is easier with a render than conventional fixed art. The native's hand is shaped and held as though to grasp his erection aiming at the captive's ass, but the cock itself is missing. 

Spacron - Josh in the clutches of the 'Ndrangheta*

A classic 'hero in trouble' predicament with a naïve-looking 'Josh' tied up and naked in the hub of an organised crime gang and facing torture to persuade him to 'spill'. To the right, oodles of money and gold on open display provide an ominous indicator of what is at stake and surely lessen his chances of ever getting away to tell of it. To the left, a selection of instruments available to torment him if the weight on his tackle and the hammer poised above it don't do the trick. 

The files in the background suggest a 'business' of some complexity demanding serious record keeping. In the wrong hands it's also seriously incriminating evidence, in all probability. If Josh didn't know 'too much' before, he must do now.

Josh doesn't look the type to be a threat to this sinister pair by design, but they obviously believe he knows something. Whatever the case it looks like the die is irrevocably cast unless there's a rescuer to hand. Imagine Josh's gratitude then! Any offers?

*The 'Ndrangheta is a prominent Italian, Mafia-type organised crime syndicate based in Calabria

Spacron - Crimes of Passion

This extraordinary picture flirts with the taboo of death more explicitly. A scantily-clad man points a gun at a couple lying piled on top of each other on a bed. They appear to be either dead or unconscious. A book lies open on the bed as though hinting at a deep motivation. The industrial room styling also hints at darker interests. However the unnatural arrangement of the bodies suggests a third party involvement. 

It's not clear if the gunman has just arrived and discovered them or is responsible for their fate himself and the title does not shed much light on that. In any event he holds the gun in the manner of a professional, wary in case they might be able to get up and attack him. 

For me, the most erotic aspect of the image is the gunman's smoothly muscular physique and his white satin G-string which makes a strong case for the garment as legitimate attire (despite the legacy of less snazzy usage from the 1950's). It's sexy nature might point to a personal involvement in the narrative but it's equally possible he's just rushed in from his bed in an adjacent flat having heard some noise as these two met their fate. I wish he lived next to me!

Spacron - TJ Perfoms

The final image is part of a series in which a Police suspect, 'TJ', is arrested, stripped and induced to perform for his interrogators. TJ himself is another memorable character but the stock Police uniforms and skin tight shirts are less successful. That contrast however serves to focus us on TJ's admirable physical attributes and the poignancy of his position. The flying in-tray suggests he's applying himself to the unwanted task with great vigour. You can see Part 1 at the DeviantArt link below.

 Read Part 1 of this Article -  Sexy Boys

Spacron - Sunny Day in The Mountains


See more of Spacron at Deviant Art 

Monday 11 April 2022

Classic Homoerotic Images - 2

Joy, from 'Squares' series by Irwin Olaf

It's hard to imagine this picture causing controversy but it was apparently banned by Gay Times back in the eighties (yes, it's that old! See clarification below). Admittedly it's a not very subtle reference to ejaculation but that strikes us as being saucy these days, not pornographic. This image isn't even gay, intrinsically, but quickly achieved an iconic status in gay media when it first appeared.

The detail of the cascading foam is intriguing, it doesn't quite look as you would expect it too look and we can see it is still shooting from the bottle when a quite a lot is already running down the boy's thigh and dripping from the underside of the bottle. Was it done in one take or were whole crates of bubbly needed to get to this image?  However it's been created it's quite an impressive technical achievement. 

 Read the mitchmen 'Classic Homoerotic Images' series from No 1

Friday 8 April 2022

Art by Spacron - 1. Sexy Boys

Spacron - Only One Euro a Minute

The man in the foreground of this picture is one of the sexiest renders I've seen in a long time. The half-dropped cut-offs and exposed ass cheeks are a sight to behold with excellent, hairy detailing. He also has a great figure and his sweaty neck is almost as tempting as his ass. In dressing him, the artist has shown erotic insight into traditional masculinity and avoided the major pitfalls of the rendering technique. The ordinariness of the two other figures underlines how just exceptional this creation is.

The artist's concept of a 'relief arcade' is sexy too, probably not unique but it's a well-constructed realisation that might translate to a Milking Factory scenario. The price for this 'ride' seems to be a wry comment on the endurance of the average man, or perhaps it's a tribute to the coaxing powers of the milk machine. The public nudity and exposure which using it entails would also be a spur to many ordinary men. For us there's a corresponding voyeuristic aspect to the image, being able to observe these half-dressed men engrossed in important, intimate matters unaware of how interesting they look.

Spacron - Just Another Shower Scene

Hairiness (and ignorance of it's appeal) is also a feature of this image which isn't really a shower scene but hints more at straight seduction in the locker room. The cheeky boy making a play is not exactly being rejected by his target whose expression seems to be more puzzled than annoyed. He's dry, so the implication is that he's about to shower in his (conservative) underwear for the sake of modesty, just like the chap in the background. He probably doesn't realise that wet, clinging underwear can be more alluring to lurking predators than nudity itself. Perhaps that's what his friend is explaining. He doesn't look like a predator, but he does look determined to get those pants off! As their eyes meet there's a nice bit of sexual tension.

Spacron - Girlfriend's Panties

Here, Spacron has managed to infuse a straightforward, beefcake pose with some interesting fetish overtones. Even in this day and age, there is still something of a shock when a man is seen wearing lingerie, especially one who has broad, muscular shoulders and chunky, hairy legs which seem to indicate just how male he is. 

This man is sufficiently confident of his sexuality that he's prepared to wear female panties in a public, all-male place where sexual modesty seems to be the norm (witness the wearing of underpants in the shower, see also above). His lacy, girlie panties are nicely depicted but not overly feminised so they don't seem to compromise his masculinity, they don't suggest he's trying to be a woman. 

Rather, the title seems to imply that he's straight and not only likes to wear lingerie but gets off on wearing intimate garments that belong to his girlfriend (we don't know whether it's with or without her knowledge, nor the state of their cleanliness for that matter, but that's another story altogether). 

Spacron - Ron's Massage

Another understated image showing 3 hunky men undressing in preparation for a visit to 'Ron's Massage' upstairs. It's a great underwear image. Actually it isn't clear if the one on the right is taking off his slip - implying nudity is demanded - or climbing back into it having been 'done'. Perhaps even he's changing into a 'special', skimpy one Ron has provided - ostensibly so that their own clothes don't get oily. 

The two on the left seem like buddies wanting to taste this experience together, a sort of mini 'stag' do. We can only speculate about what sort of experience Ron provides, but it seems like word has got around. I quite like the idea that they have to leave their clothes (and money and phones!) downstairs when they venture up and put themselves in his hands. It creates an ideal scenario for abduction or enslavement fantasies. 

This picture has an unusual 'inside out' composition where the characters face away from each other. This means it's difficult to tell whether they are connected in the narrative here, or simply modest or just ships passing in the night. 

Spacron - Betting We Dare

There are similar ingredients in this image. Two good-looking men are undressing, seemingly because someone has dared them to. The difference is that this is a public space and the figures in the background seem to suggest that the scene takes place somewhere in the Middle East* which is not noted for it's tolerance of public nudity. So there seems a real possibility that these two will shortly be hauled off to a grimy cell to face the questions of the local Police.

This prank does imbue these lads with a certain laddish character and spirit, the sort we often associate with celebrating sports teams. Their foolishness is part of their charm. Unfortunately that won't cut much ice with the powers-that-be and if it's discovered that their actions have been fuelled by alcohol, well, severe punishment is a distinct possibility and since they appear to have lost their passports, negotiating their release may take quite some time!

* It's possible that the location is a European place that just happens to be popular with Arab tourists. The signage is all in English and German with no sign of Arabic script. The shopping arcade looks just like Covent Garden but that design could probably be found in any country in the world these days. I prefer to think that these boys are visiting further afield and have just made a big mistake! 

Spacron - Valentines Day (Who brought the dope?)

The spirit of laddish-ness pervades this picture too and the character with the red balloon is another little gem of observation. It captures wonderfully the comic boastfulness and exuberance of an intoxicated male. So too the self-absorbed, posturing dancer just behind him. These are both convincingly portrayed, sexy men.

Since this is an all-male, Valentine's day party with love tokens all around, we can probably assume these men are gay and not a rogue rugby team celebrating after their girlfriends have gone home. A ménage a trois is also an intriguing possibility but it's hard to image an erotic outcome to this scene. Whatever the case, they are taking advantage of an excuse (any excuse!) to party with their friends.  

The artist has used another outward-facing composition here. We can see they are partying together but this disconnected composition illustrates how they are in separate worlds of their own at his particular moment.

Spacron - Soccer Boys

This is a more conventional view of romance, one that is sadly rare for most gay men. The sporting setting and all that it implies about such men, gives any encounter like this a homoerotic edge. These two seem to be conversing about No.7's cock (and even if they are not, they probably are!). His rolled up shirt seems quite provocative and the standing man's hand itching to make a grab. There's no sense that either of them are overly shy or modest about such matters. Notice that their knees are just touching (on the inside too), it's the universal language for expressing sexual interest to those sensitive enough to recognise it. Maybe No. 7's right hand, which we can't see, is about to make contact too. More realistically in a place like a locker room, they are manoeuvring clumsily towards a date. 

I love Spacron's bold use of clothing and admire it too because it is often a tricky area for renderers, getting them to follow body shapes but not too closely and not everywhere. No 7's  attractive pec shaping avoids the dreaded 'painted-on' look and his sleeves and socks look just right. However the bottom hem of his shirt which encircles his torso should look similar to the arms, a gentle curve of rucked up fabric around the body. That's really a matter of observation which all artists must practice. Even clothes off the body can be problematic, often ending up 2-dimensional and flat. Those shown here work well.

Spacron - Romance in the Water

This image of two lovers wading and embracing in the still waters of a sunken temple reminds me of some of Ulf's fanciful landscapes but Spacron puts his men centre stage and relegates the beautiful location to a supporting role. It's a romantic picture but also tinglingly erotic, thanks to the groin-height water level and the wandering hand sensually encircling and tickling his friend's buttock. It seems rather more seductive when you realise they are talking rather than actually kissing. There's a nice light effect on the darker man's face and both their abdomens, as though from an unseen setting sun or a shared, inner warmth. There's scope for the sinister in this lonely place (for example the gaze of the Buddha) but that doesn't seem to be any part of Spacron's vision.

These images by Spacron show an artist with intelligence and erotic insights. He subtly dabbles with fetish ingredients and suggestive situations without over-dramatising them, allowing his viewers to imagine the outcomes. However he has also produced some more explicit fetish imaginings and in the second post I will review some of them.

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Beautifully Bound - Matheus

Matheus gets a classic hog-tie work-out at BondageMan
It's as if we stumbled in on him in this picture and he doesn't look too pleased about it.

He has a beautiful face which thankfully the gag doesn't hide or distort.
He also has a great ass which is showcased by his sexy, backless briefs.
They seem to accentuate his nakedness.

Matheus' basic hog-tie has been enhanced with tight bicep restraints which pull his arms right back.
The ropework is a little untidy in this view but his straining is still worth seeing.

Seen from the front, his briefs have featureless rubbery look
which raises thoughts of other fetish pleasures.

This is Matheus' birthday treat apparently. Carry on struggling Matheus.

The birthday video of Matheus is available (for members) at BondageMan Clips (No 0853) 

There's also a trailer which  circulates unofficially and contains bits of various videos featuring Matheus. BDMan are actively seeking to suppress it so you may find it's been deleted. I don't quite understand why, surely any publicity is good.....?


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Exciting New 'Slave Academy' pictures by Brick

Brick - Hot and Cold

This is an old classic by Brick. Two naked captives shivering in a locked refrigerator watch as another is slotted into a steam cabinet alongside a fourth who is already sweating it out. Temperature stress trials also feature in other Brick pictures. This picture provides a useful yardstick for understanding the leap in quality evident in Brick's new work (below).


The list of new pictures by Brick at MetalbondNYC continues to grow. 

I have compiled an index below of the 2022 Slave Academy releases.

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If you like Brick's style be sure to also read the mitchmen review of Brick's art 

Saturday 2 April 2022

Marcus Wrestling Match

A reluctant young man is dragged towards a fight cage by two muscular brutes.
There another tough guy awaits him with folded arms and suggestive trunks.

This terrific image was produced by MarcusWrest and is part of 'The Audition' a long series of renders which describe at length the humiliation and sporting punishment of this young man, Joao, and his two buddies by a group of fight toughs, mostly in the guise of a tag team wrestling match but this fight cage sequence is the most interesting part for me.

In fact this group of images is not really a sequence in the conventional sense, but a series of render variations on an identical scene utilising the built-in ability of render software to vary the viewpoint and in this case permit changes to the detail too. Thus the unfortunate Joao loses his underwear in this variation. So too does the bully waiting for him, demonstrating that the bulge in his jock in the first picture was not artificial.

This sight is much to the horror (understandably) of Joao who we now see has recently had a close encounter with something very similar belonging to someone else. 

It looks like the artist has has simply reversed the picture viewpoint here but that's too simplistic. In order to do so he has had to build a complete 3D model of the scene, every character, every prop (like the cage) from every angle. The simple brick wall in the background perhaps is indicative of the limits of his patience - and underlines the amount of work he has put in elsewhere. 

I think this overhead variant is possibly my favourite, showing the forcefulness and the muscularity of the attackers nicely, also the smooth 'ass-let' of their victim. Also here we discover the referee is playing a somewhat sinister role, ushering the poor man into the cage with a knowing smile. Joao seems to be begging him for help.

Here a more elevated viewpoint  conveys something of the daunting heights the young captive must scale if he is to emerge from the cage with minimal damage, unscathed is too much to hope for!

Viewing this version you might recall me recently discussing the merits and limitations of a similar image from long, long ago, namely the photo of two sailors dragging Percy a new recruit back to his berth after having been given a bath scrubbing in Royale's 'Navy Gash'. This picture might be a perfected version of Royale's rather cautious take. Marcus's version brings out the glorious, plumped-up, bare backside which is produced by dragging the owner along in this manner with his feet trailing helplessly behind.

I'm quite surprised that the artist has not produced a version looking upwards from between his feet. That surely would be most erotic!

This final variant produces the illusion of motion (or displacement should we say) towards the cage by using a viewpoint that telescopes the distance between Joao and the cage door.

 Eager spectators are seen following the procession. 


Full info on the work of this artist at MarcusWrest, a Patreon site with a few free images

 Free download Marcus Wrestling Match 1