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Tuesday 29 August 2023

Exotic Predators - Art by Theurges Part 2

Theurges - Brutal Defeat, Drogo v Gaston 

Much of Theurges' art shows naked combat situations and the men depicted always have outstanding physiques. This produces some sensuous imagery when their opponents get the upper hand in the encounter. Here the handsome Gaston, reeling from previous attacks provides a marvellous muscle display as his opponent readies him for an overhead swing into a hard landing. I don't think there's a term for this move in real-life combat since it requires other-worldly strength.

Theurges - Brutal Defeat, Drogo v Gaston 

The fighters' opposition is often drawn from the ranks of fantastical creatures which are depicted as brutish, beast-like, hairy humanoids. They always win and show no scruples about disposing of their defeated opponents. Gaston had the temerity to challenge this one (Drogo) in order to prove his strength, but in this arena unfortunately, the loser loses everything. Drogo, having won his victory and sated his lust at the beaten man's expense here gives him a last appreciative fondle before despatching him to his fate.  If you follow the link at the foot of the post you will see the full fight but be warned, the conclusion is not for the faint hearted.

Theurges - Hostile Moon

Giant Lizards have long been the stuff of fantasy nightmares and in 'Hostile Moon', Lieutenant Sheernan, stranded in an alien desert by an equipment malfunction finds himself being hunted by one of the moon's top predators. Quite why he wandered away from his heavily armed spacecraft completely naked apart from his boots isn't entirely clear. He did take a weapon as a precaution but it proved ineffective and now lies in the sand at his feet.

 At this point he's probably hoping this lizard has got similar genes to King Kong and sees the hairy human as being in need of his protection in this desolate land. Being ginger he's used to attracting all sorts. Unfortunately this type of attraction is a first (and last) for him. To quote the artist "Here he makes his futile last stand against the beast". He and his boots are never seen again. Welcome to planet Vore!

Theurges - Feeding Frenzy

If you've ever been fascinated by the ability of snakes to swallow and digest their victims whole, you'll appreciate the theme of this mini-series. A multiple assault on an unsuspecting swimmer produces a glorious torso image with overtones of exotic bondage and even breath control. The title speaks for itself but this is equally an exercise in pure sensuality and restraint by containment. These marshmallow pink, water-dwelling beings seem deceptively friendly, particularly the one who's gone after the creamery department. There are worse fates, but fortunately the artist doesn't show us them.

Theurges - Speared

When portraying 'beasts' that have a more human form, this artist has a knack of being able to show the intimidating effect of superior size and bringing out an erotic dimension in it with close contacts that hint at forced intimacy. Contrasting hairiness with sleek muscularity seems like depravity and experience confronting purity and innocence - with intent to taint. This image might lead you to believe that the title here is simply a euphemism for such despoilment.

Theurges - Speared

In this world, however, life is brutal. Although the 'beast' is clearly aroused by fighting this muscular and extremely handsome man, those charms do not deflect him from his determination to end his resistance first and that can only mean one outcome. As 'hero in trouble' images go, this is very straightforward but very effective You can see the full set at the link below.

Theurges - Brock and the Fatal Squeeze

After 'Feeding Frenzy (above) it's no surprise to see tentacles rearing their head and Theurges has a distinctive take on such creatures that is totally unambiguous about the phallic inspiration. 

Brock here is an undercover agent who has just escaped from captors who had stripped him in readiness for interrogation. He managed to escape into the sewers but noticed they laughed as he slid down into the man hole. It didn't take long for one of the creatures that live in these depths to detect his warm body and vibrations. Out of the water emerged a penis-tentacle and it swiftly dived between his thighs and wrapped itself around them, lifting him into the air and preventing escape. 

The thickness of the tentacle implies great strength* while it's glistening pinkness is wormlike, suggesting flexibility and agility. Brock himself is more muscular than other victims we have seen and very adult in appearance, but can he save himself?

*See also 'Snakes and Chains'

Theurges - Brock and the Fatal Squeeze

This enwrapment, essentially confined to lassoing the legs and encircling the torso and neck of the captive has a highly realistic feel. There's a tremendous sense of focussed struggle and human muscle pitted being against the undefinable brute strength of an alien being. It's as though this creature has assimilated the ring-craft of the wrestling profession and demonstrates how effectively it can be used very economically to neutralise a man. This is completely different to the normal run of tentacle-alia where the victim's every limb is assailed from every direction and it's unheard of in that genre for the victim's tender organs to be neglected during the process. This creature has other needs.

Theurges - Brock and the Fatal Squeeze

Brock eventually succumbs to unconsciousness in the snake-like constrictions leaving the 'penicle' free to demonstrate it's other similarities to our world's serpents. However, if you are well-acquainted with legends you will know that this is not necessarily the end of Brock. 
You can see the whole 'Fatal Squeeze' story at the link below.

Theurges - Xerron the Orc v Jurgen 

This story features another one-sided contest between man and fantasy beast and in this picture it has reached the point of no return where the challenger knows he has lost but the details of his demise are yet to unfold. Jurgen, described only as 'a cocky fighter' is only thinking of escape at this point. It's not hard to work out what the Orc is thinking about though as he stoops to pick up another leg. Just follow the eyes!.

Theurges - Offering

A muscular man chained to a sacrificial block writhes as his body is engulfed by wriggling worms with penis heads. This image conforms more closely to the traditions of tentacle-land with a mass attack intent on penetrating his orifices and exercising his cock. It's described simply as a 'fertility sacrifice' which seems to imply its' a one way ticket for the captive and it's not his fertility which is intended to get the benefit. The chain restraint suggests these predators are not 'swallowers' and they don't seem to have teeth like the marsh mallow attackers either. The artist does not elucidate and I think that's probably just as well.

Theurges - Niamh v The Alpha 

This marvellous domination image is one of the highlights of the struggle for supremacy between Niamh and The Alpha. It's one of the most substantial works at this artist's web site (link below). 

Niamh is another ginger hero, recalled from retirement and marriage to curb the the growing power of Buck, 'The Alpha'. Unfortunately there are no fairy tale endings in this domain. 

More of that next time

Saturday 26 August 2023

Unequal Combat Art by 'Theurges'

The Champion grins, another pretty, muscle stud is daring to challenge him
Will this be David v Goliath all over again or is the latest hunk doomed? 

Much to his surprise the agile challenger is quickly stopped in his tracks.
The big man is no sluggard and has a long reach.

And he's also got a mean right jab.
This fight isn't going to plan.

Following up with low left punch in the guts
 leaves the brutalised challenger wide open.

A crushing choke grip takes him down

Once on the canvas he's pinned by the throat 
and relentlessly pummelled from above.

Eventually the Champion releases his victim 
who struggles to recover his wits and get to his feet
only to see his opponent flying through the air towards him.

Thirty stones of body weight crash down from a great height
 on top of the bewildered buck
knocking him back down, winding him, flattening him.

That bone crushing squash is followed by suffocating blubber 
which engulfs his face and almost squeezes the life out of him.

The unconscious challenger suffers the Ultimate Humiliation, 
he's hung up like a piece of meat in front of the jeering crowd.

 Then tossed against the fence
and abandoned.

Great, dynamic art by the oddly named 'The Urges'
more next time

Wednesday 23 August 2023

Sex on Legs

AMG gay homoerotic  photo Blackie Page nude naked shiny oiled tattooed body sitting on a draped box modestly hiding shaved crotch slave auction
Blackie Page (AMG)

 A street tough who terrorised the citizenry presents a different, seductive sort of challenge when stripped naked and oiled up ready for the forced labour auction which is to be his punishment. 
Unfortunately he can't shake off that casual, cheeky boy, rebellious attitude. 
Part of him thinks that the gang will be coming to the auction to buy him back.
Failing he should be able to charm his new master in assigning light duties. 
Unfortunately, he doesn't realise that he's an attractive buy for a strict disciplinarian.


AMG's abdomen shot here is masterly eroticism. 
It's hard to believe this was taken in the 1950's

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Tuesday 22 August 2023

'Unapproved School' on display at the Royale Studio Archive


A scene from 'Unapproved School' by Royale Studio.

Fred Collins (left) and David Reid go on the run from brutal Guards.

The full set is now on display at the Archive. 

Read 'Unapproved School'

Sunday 20 August 2023

Dueling Humiliation by Art by Jz(?)


Two young men confront each other over a terrible crime.
Their Shakespearean tights (and contents) are a double treat.

click to enlarge

Cut to the chase and both men's clothes get the full Zorro treatment we have all longed to see.
Green tights proves to be packing a memorable package as well as a sharp sword.
It's hard to know what is frightening his opponent most.


Naked with feet trussed  the snivelling coward proves to have a lust-worthy physique.
He's dragged through his own piss as though the victor intends to hang him out to dry.
This image is the highlight of this little storyette.


In the end it's an un-Shakespearean shibari harness he's subjected to
and a public punishment with penetrating potential 
and for which the emptying of his bladder is sensible preparation.


I can't make out the artist's monogram to give him full credit and a link, it looks like Jz and possibly a 't' too, plus a self-deprecating crown. His style is lush and attractive, very sensual and he breezes through a fine selection of relatively rare fetish interests in this brief tale. There's scope for a lot more direct eroticism too, but he leaves that to our imaginations. This work has the ring of youthfulness running through everything - the plot, the dialogue, the celeb casting and the milking (as it were) of rude, bodily functions. However the freshness, succinctness and originality of the piece is ample compensation.

Identification advice would be welcome.

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Saturday 19 August 2023

Update of Tim's Birthday Spanking


I have now enlarged the pictures of Tim's Birthday spanking 
in Part 2 of 'Be Careful What You Wish For - 12'
to match Parts 1 & 3 

Who's A Naughty Boy?

Friday 18 August 2023

Be Careful What You Wish For - 12 (Part 3)
















Thanks to Sting Pictures and Jockspank for the photos

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Thursday 17 August 2023

Be Careful What You Wish For - 12 (Part 2)

Start reading from Part1












Tim's 21st Birthday Humiliation
Continues in the next post


Thanks to Sting Pictures and Jockspank for the photos

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