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Sunday 31 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 39

Tom's carried upstairs, slung over a shoulder
 Feebly resisting, since his aching, stiff muscles refuse to obey him.
while fear and bewilderment strangle his tongue.
The soft embrace of the bed he is flung on seduces and welcomes,
It's cool sheets are a comfort to his hot, raw rump
and soothing to the fire that flares in his joints
whenever he tries to coax them back into action.

It's bright in the room, from the carpet of snow
which he can see through the window on tree tops and roofs
It's a Christmas card sight but a daunting impediment to escape.
His latest abductor happily hums a tune as he undresses.
He's as unlike a child as it's possible to be.
He's big, very big - and that's not all.

Mitchell HG39 - White Christmas
Soon he's exploring and tasting Tom's body
Enjoying the groaning his movements invoke.
But his touches are tender and Tom's fear declines
He gratefully yields to Tarquin's admiration.

But it's just a seduction
the man climbs astride him,
he thrusts himself forward
aiming to unmask and enter Tom's mouth.

Tom's muscles tighten again in painful defiance
his cock strains tightly against it's cruel cage
and his butt tightly clenches it's unyielding plug.
there's a nightmarish singing of

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas......."

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Saturday 30 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 38

Tom hears the sound of a childish voice
There are shouts of delight as unwrapping begins,
but Tom's box is not touched yet,
since the biggest and best are saved until last.

Tom sits and listens awaiting his turn
His pain is returning, he wants to call out 
But he knows it will spoil that excitement and glee
A bringer of joy he is not meant to be.

Then at last it's his turn to be revealed, 
the outside wrapping is roughly torn open
and the cry goes up

"Daddy thank you, 
you got me my Toy Box!
Gosh! Is there something else inside too?"
Hands scrabble with the lid,
are delayed by the fixings
Then it lifts and light floods
into Tom's tiny dark world.

The brightness is blinding.

Tom sees fragments of figures,
hears a gasp of surprise.
He should leap out and run
but his muscles won't work.
Frozen he sits there
and says he is sorry

Mitchell HG38 - Gift Unwrap

"Daddy, daddy, you got one for me!"

This is no child speaking,
Rough hands seize Tom's ankles,
he's lifted out of the box
and raised up dangling upside down
displaying his plugged and purpled ass
to howls of delight

"On the first day of Christmas
 my Daddy bought for me
 a spanked man in a Toy Box!"
"Daddy, daddy can I take him to my room to play?"

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Friday 29 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 37

Tom sits in his cramped container
 puzzling over the meaning of the latest apparition.
The first two were about Christmas Past and Present
and could easily be explained as products of his imagination
concocted out of his own insecurities and guilt 

The third seemed to refer to Christmases to come
and a situation disturbingly similar to his own right now.
Trapped in a box with a plug in his ass, if not a spring. 
That thought shot sent a spasm of fear through his bowls
but it couldn't be literally true - could it?

Eventually Tom sleeps, the fire dies down,
light filters through the curtains heralding the dawn.
Mitchell HG37 - After Lunch

Tom is awoken by excited voices. 
The hour of his reckoning is near.
The agonising pain in his stiffened limbs 
makes that prospect seem quite welcome.

But the Christmas conventions in this affluent home 
require that he waits and suffers a little longer.
Hungrily he listens to the sounds of eating 
spicing and prolonging his torment.

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Monday 25 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 36

Tom awakes with a start, a clock is striking
He counts the chimes wondering how long he has slept
They seem to go on and on, is it was striking 12 again?
That had been the signal for two apparitions earlier tonight
Surely that can't happen inside the box?

But he is wrong.
He becomes aware of a dim ghostly presence 
It is inside the box with him.
A certain poised tension.
Then suddenly the lid of the box bursts open above him
a figure shoots past him up and out through the gap
precariously balanced on the top of a sort of spring.

Mitchell HG36 - Jack in the Box

Tom recognises who it is, it's his friend Jack
his one-time mentor in the gentle arts of thievery
and of breaking and entering.

That was before Tom reformed his life
and got himself a wife and a job.

Jack disappeared last Christmas,
left town with the Police after him it was rumoured.
He'd gone to London.

As the apparition fades along with it's ghostly message
Tom suddenly becomes acutely conscious of the plug in his ass
It moves with perspiration of his body inside the hot box.
He wonders what it's purpose is
....and why did Jack really disappear?

A terrible fear of the unknown grips Tom.
He is suddenly desperate to get out of the box,
but scared of what is waiting outside
and what will happen to him then.

To be continued
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Saturday 23 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 35

With Tom's efforts and exertions in the confined space of the box
it soon begins to feel quite warm and stuffy
partly because the ventilation holes have been
covered by gift wrapping paper.

Mitchell HG35 - Sleep
It is late and Tom's body aches
from the punishment he has taken
He is feeling quite drowsy
and his brain is telling him
that if he can't get out
 he might as well sleep
until the house owner comes
to do with him whatever he intends.

So eventually Tom nods off and dreams.....

"Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse"

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Friday 22 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 34

Left alone, Tom tries again to break out of the box
He finds it's of very sturdy construction
Squashed tightly inside he can't change position 
or angle his limbs to apply any force.

Totally frustrated he shakes his body in rage
But even then the box hardly moves. 
The dangling label trembles imperceptibly.
His angry shouting is heard by no-one 

Mitchell HG34 - Daddy's Cock Up

After half an hour the cramped position takes it's toll
Pain begins to seep into his arms, his legs, his back
He hears the clock strike two and thinks of his son
Who will be waking about now hoping to find presents.
But tonight ...

♪♫ ♪♫ He's the little boy that Santa Clause forgot,
And goodness knows, he didn't want a lot.
 I'm so sorry for that laddie, for tonight he's lost his daddy,
The little boy That Santa Clause forgot. ♪♫

A tear trickles down Tom's cheek.

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Thursday 21 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 33

Mitchell HG33 - You can't leave me!
Sealed inside the box Tom can still hear noises
The Security men are doing things and talking.
He tentatively pushes against the lid with his knees
It feels more solid than he expected.

He calls out, asking to be released,
hoping it's just a prank they are playing.
Then he hears the sound of a door slamming
followed by a profound silence. 

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Wednesday 20 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 32

Mitchell HG32 - Packaged Up
Tom has learned by now that defying or resisting
these Security Guards can have painful consequences. 
He confines himself to verbal protests 
(You can't do this! Please don't! I'll make you pay! etc etc)
as they fold him into the confines of the box 

They cram his last toe in and fit the lid on top,
plunging him into near darkness relieved only by
the light coming in through 3 small round holes
which are obviously there for ventilation.
There are lots of scuffing noises on the outside of the box,
presumably the Security men are making it secure, trying to
but Tom's confident he can break out once they've gone.
For the sake of form, he continues to shout to be let out.

He feels  the box being lifted and then put down again
There are more scuffles and the rustling of paper.
Then the three light holes are covered, leaving a dim blueness.
Tom recognises the sound of sticky tape being applied.

He realises he's being gift wrapped!

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Tuesday 19 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 31

 The Security men return looking very pleased.
It looks like they've been cleared to go home.
Tom hopes he can go now too.

The security men explain.
"The Police still won't come to get you, not on Christmas Day .
 We can't put you into our temporary custody suite back at base either, same reason.
But we won't babysit you any longer, we've got homes to go to you know!".
Tom nods, his hopes of freedom rise.

"Unfortunately the house owner won't agree to let you off with a warning.
 So we have to turn you over to him, that's the procedure.
He can sort you out when he gets back, which will be in the morning".

"So do you want me to wait here for him?" asks Tom  incredulously.
As soon as they're gone, he'll just find some clothes upstairs and walk.
"Yes," replies the Security man, "he's given very clear instructions about it"

They take Tom's arm and propel him towards the debris of his visit.
The kitchen chair lies on the ground where it was tipped over earlier
Tom thinks, 'they're going to  tie me up again, but I can still escape'.

Mitchell HG31 Gift Box

But he's wrong, they take him to the box 
which he opened when he arrived and found to be empty.
It's still standing amongst the torn and screwed up wrapping paper.
'Get in" says the guard.

"No!" cries Tom "You can't do that!"
"That's our instructions" says the Security man impassively.

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Monday 18 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 30

 The impromptu Christmas Song celebrating Tom's downfall
Makes him think his torments may not be over yet, 
Sure enough one of the laughing Security men picks him up, ass upwards
He carries him over to the fire holding Tom's rear end just above it

Mitchell HG30 - Chestnuts  Roasting on an Open Fire

 His colleague stokes the blaze with a poker and it roars back to life
 Toms caged cock and balls dangle above the dancing flames
He can feel the scorching heat  all down the back of his legs

"Nothing like an open fire at Christmas", says the Security man.
He settles himself into a comfortable position, 
with Tom's head lodged between his thighs
and he begins to sing. 

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ "Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire la lalla lalla la..." ♪ ♪ ♫ ♫

What's the next line .....? he asks Tom.

Tom knows, and is tempted to tell, since the metal rings of his cage
are hotting up now, becoming fiery bands around his cock
The metal butt plug is becoming a thermal lance slowly penetrating him.
He hopes that the Security man's fingers are burning too

In the end (!) his ass is saved by the telephone
"At last!" exclaims his tormentor, depositing Tom on the floor
"perhaps we get home to the wife and kids now"
"Me too" prays Tom, extracting a fallen holly leaf from his buttock

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Sunday 17 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 29

Tom's not expecting his 'present' to be this year's must-have gadget
But hopes it might replace his incinerated clothing
So he can get back home and check everything's OK

It's actually a strange contraption of intimate purpose
which Tom dimly grasps, experiencing a surge of adrenaline
from forebodings and a certain curious excitement.

It's not something he would ever have asked Santa for  
This selfish thought reminds him that his own child and wife 
are going without upon this Christmas Day.
Mitchell HG29 - Five Gold Rings
Tom is a shy and modest man, but senses he can't decline
the urgings of the Security Men to try the 'thingy' on, 
nor can he reject their obliging offers to help him.

It's a tight fit that gets tighter still as each section clips into place
but by some strange good fortune, the ointment used to salve his ass
proves to be invaluable for fitting the parts onto - and into him.

Tom's anatomy adapts impressively to the challenge
drawing forth admiring comparisons with Cinderella's slipper
but did that produce comparable levels of excitement?

As they work the Security men sing a jolly tune....
♫♪ ♪ ♫ On the first day of Christmas, 
My Homeguard gave to me
five go-old rings! ♫♪ ♪ ♫
(pause for chuckles)
♫♪ ♪ ♫ four spanking hands! ♪ ♫ ♫♪ ♫
(that's very good, erm...)
♪ ♫ ♫♪ ♫ three french men......?
.......two burning buns
....and a butt-plug for my fannee ♪ ♫ ♫♪ ♫

(Readers contributions to this ditty welcomed!)
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Saturday 16 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 28

Unwilling to endure further punishment, 
Tom ceases his resistance and becomes compliant.
Satisfied, one of the men goes off to phone the owner of the house
and add the damaged, antique vases to Tom's list of wrongdoings.
 While he's gone, the other begins to apply 
a soothing gel to Tom's battered and bruised backside. 

Mitchell HG28 - Comfort and Joy

It's an undignified position for Tom to be in
and the close physical contact disturbs him greatly
......and yet somehow 
the gentle touch of the hand that just spanked him
seems so comforting now that he wills it not to stop.
 Even when it accidentally wanders down between his buttocks.

The other Security man returns, he looks annoyed
Can I go ...please? Tom bravely asks him.
You'll have to ask the owner that yourself, he's told.
The good news is, you've got a present, I'll go and get it.

Thanks says Tom weakly - just to be polite really.
The prospect of being confronted by the angry owner of the house
fills him with more dismay and anxiety than any copper could.
But the soothing hand upon his ass hole now is so consoling.

The anointer of the ointment is softly humming a carol
♪♫".....and it's tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy......"♪♫♪♫

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Thursday 14 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 27

Tom's taking heavy punishment and desperate to escape
He struggles with the binding round his wrists 
which was improvised from the rags of his own T-shirt
the old perished material rips allowing him to wriggle free.

He gets as far as the front door before the guards can catch him
Breaking several antique vases on the way.
Outside the snow is falling on a winter wonderland.
He will have to battle through it naked.

Mitchell HG27 - His Own Belt
This thought delays him long enough for the security men to grab him
They bring him back struggling and force him to the ground
saying he is not yet free to leave until they tell him so
and they will go on punishing him until he obeys.
Beaten with his own belt on tenderised buttocks, 
Tom finally breaks.

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Wednesday 13 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 26

Anxious to get home after seeing the apparition of his wife,
Tom tells the Security Men they've had their fun.
If they let him go now, he'll overlook the illegal detention,
the unlawful assaults and the destruction of his clothes.

Mitchell HG26 - Hot Work
As a matter of law, Tom knows he's on solid ground.
But their response to his proposal
is to resume the spanking with renewed vigour.
 Soon Tom is squealing like never before.

It's hot work and his assailant strips off his uniform
causing discomfort of a different sort for Tom.
The blows begin to land in sensitive areas
that his father never went near. 

Tom's cocky self confidence begins to ebb. 


Tuesday 12 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 25

Tom's brain is muddled by everything that has happened,
But suddenly he notices the clear, delicate 'ting' 
of a fine carriage clock striking the hour.
In fact it strikes several times, 

But surely it was midnight some time back?
It should be striking one or two now. 
Tom looks up to check what the hands say
 and sees another apparition shimmering in the gloom.

Mitchell HG25 - The Spirit of Christmas Present
This time it's his wife berating him 
for not helping with the Christmas chores.
Tom feels new guilt added to his shame
and embarrassment at being caught.

His wife chides him regularly at home, 
but seeing her in front of him now, 
right after the vision of his dead father,
Does it mean something terrible has happened?

She's laden down with shopping,
 Just driven back from the supermarket,
Or just about to drive back
but there's no sign of his little boy. 

Tom is engulfed by a terrible, burning dread.

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Sunday 10 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 24

Mitchell - HG24 The Holly and The Ivy
Tom's childhood spankings never prepared him for this.
The humiliation of being a toy in his captor's hands
being bound up, manipulated and laughed at 
is even worse than the pain of the continuing thrashing.

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Most Popular 'mitchmen' Posts of All Time - 2015

MCarcel - I am next

According to my Blogger 'hits' stats, Mike Carcel (A-Z posting)  remains my all-time most visited article. The posts in the table below are the 20 most viewed on this blog. Titles in the list link to the original posts. Please tell me if you have difficulty with any links

Last Yr
Total Hits

If the "Top 20 Posts for 2015" was full of surprises, the all time top 20 is exactly the opposite this year. Unsurprisingly (given it's lead) my Mike Carcel A-Z article kept it's spot at the top. (thus giving me my annual challenge of finding a sample picture by him which won't frighten the horses too much! This year's features shaving).


The rest of the posts were exactly the same as last year with a little shuffling of the order, notably the A-Z article on Leo which rose from 18 to 11. Leo's whimsical, kidnap and bondage art is full of interesting ideas and it's nice to see him taking his place alongside the other greats. At his present rate of progress he may well rise a couple more places next year. Most other articles recorded increases consistent with their position on the list, although you can see there are a couple of ‘falterers’.


Mike Carcel's domination of this list seems unlikely to be challenged any time soon. He added 3950 to his hit count this year (compared with 'only' 2366 last year) and this figure exceeded the increases recorded by every other post. Priapus of Milet - 1 recorded the second largest increase with 2716 and rose to the No 2 position overtaking Malex and Franco.


There are no posts in the list later than 2012 but there are some interesting developments a little further down where Tagame has arrived at No 21 with  A-Z of Fetish Artists - Tagame (Part 1). The other 3 parts of this 2014 article also figure in the top 32 and several are likely to enter the top 20 next year, which is a tribute to the great man’s popularity. Representing 2013 is my follow up article on Mike Carcel which is at No 30 and making steady progress. The leading post from 2015 (The Art of Eddie Chin) enters the list at 85.


Two other older articles are now belatedly challenging the leaders. My 2008 article on Cavelo, Mitchell's A to Z of Fetish Artists - Cavelo has done well this year with 1195 hits earning him 27th position. I have now revised and extended it in response to this popularity. Another artist who I champion in this blog is Kalabro who enters the top 30 at 26.


The total hits method of assessing popularity is obviously biased towards older articles so (being a geek!) I also had a look at the total hits per month since publication -see table below. (Note:- In this table, multi-part articles are represented by the highest scoring individual post).

'Rate of hits'
Hits per Month
'Total Hits'
A-Z Mike Carcel - 2010
Priapus of Milet -2012
A-Z Tagame (Part 3) - 2014
A-Z Malex - 2010
My Initiation - 2012
Art of Eddie Chin - 2015
A-Z Tom of Finland (Part 1) - 2014
A-Z Jotto - 2009
A-Z Franco - 2009
Art of Baron - 2014

Using this criterion the top 2 remain the same but Tagame appears at 3. Tom of Finland and Baron both figure in the top 10, which makes sense.  However, this method of ranking does favour these more recent, fresher works. For this reason I suspect the position of Eddie Chin will not be sustained in the coming year - although at the time of writing he's still going strong!

Martin of Holland, Teddy of Paris and Sean Platter also hover gratifyingly just outside the top 10, but this method penalises the oldest A-Z entries, notably letters A-G which were also much sketchier and originally had censored images. These were not up to the standard of the articles from 'M' onwards. I have replaced most of the adulterated pictures now and have revised and extended several of these articles this year (e.g. Adam, The Amir, Axel, Cavelo). That work will continue in 2016.

The articles I post to this blog are very much based on my own interests and fancies. My readers preferences doesn't always match my own (where are Etienne, Les, JoeT and Link?). Nevertheless it's gratifying to see this interest in the great artists who often have a fairly low visibility on the web. I am hoping to finish the remaining A-Z letters in 2016 and take in some more CGI greats.

 To see previous results click on the MPP label below

Thanks to all of you for your continuing interest and support.