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(Oct 12th 2017)

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 25

Tom's brain is muddled by everything that has happened,
But suddenly he notices the clear, delicate 'ting' 
of a fine carriage clock striking the hour.
In fact it strikes several times, 

But surely it was midnight some time back?
It should be striking one or two now. 
Tom looks up to check what the hands say
 and sees another apparition shimmering in the gloom.

Mitchell HG25 - The Spirit of Christmas Present
This time it's his wife berating him 
for not helping with the Christmas chores.
Tom feels new guilt added to his shame
and embarrassment at being caught.

His wife chides him regularly at home, 
but seeing her in front of him now, 
right after the vision of his dead father,
Does it mean something terrible has happened?

She's laden down with shopping,
 Just driven back from the supermarket,
Or just about to drive back
but there's no sign of his little boy. 

Tom is engulfed by a terrible, burning dread.

to be continued
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