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Saturday 12 February 2011

Ross Watson

Ross Watson - Untitled

Ross Watson's series of pictures combining old masters and photographs of young men is a technically interesting for the skill with which he blends colours, textures and the models poses into a seamless composition. The choice of Francoise Sagat to play the crucifixion victim (above) is apt given that model's fascination with the bizarre. Transplanting a person you feel you know into a representation of a historical drama which you also recognise gives this image a frisson of unreality and fetishistic danger which is entirely appropriate for this blog.

Ross Watson - UntitledThis example is less successful because the adaptation doesn't go with the flow of the original picture. The man emerging from the sea has a delightful slender torso (which is why I selected it) but he isn't connecting with the other characters and I can't work out why he's wading along with his arms over his head like that, unless he's sleep walking.

Most of the images in this series end up looking surrealist rather than staying true to the original but serve to illustrate that the gulf between that movement and the old masters is less than one might suppose. I have posted another example on my mitchmen2 blog

You can also find more examples of this work at Beautiful together with a gushing review which is a work of art in itself!

Saturday 5 February 2011

Rugby Heaven

I think I'm probably losing it but I think these pictures are the sexiest I've seen in a long time.
Normally I hate cut-off snippets in clothing ads but in this case it serves to accentuate this guys magnificent thighs. A fitting complement to rugby shorts.

The socks play a part too, again accentuating the chunky upper legs, but also drawing attention to the slender shapely calves below the knee.

This is a splendid fit as off the peg garments go, hugging the backside nicely and oh, the square cut leg does make those muscular thighs so alluring.

This is one heck of a man.
The front view is the best even though there's nothing to see!
For some reason the maroon colour seems to add a bit extra too,
if you go to the website footyboys you'll see every colour imaginable and some more arty pictures too. But these images are quite enough to keep me warm!