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Thursday 31 May 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - RAM

RAM - Biker 3
I generally omit from this survey those artists whose fetish credentials boil down to leather jackets and little else, but I thought RAM was worth a mention for the quality of his work. You can see the photographic origins of this image and the influence of Lüger (Jim French) in the composition although it must be said that Lüger managed to inject much more eroticism into poses like this. RAM seems to have positioned the cowboy's 'stroking' arm so that it is possible to 'read' it as belonging to the biker (if you can suspend your knowledge of how arms work!). A bit of a strange addition to my 'hidden eroticism' collection.

I don't have a website for RAM - info from readers welcome!
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Tuesday 29 May 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Rader/Raider

 Rader - “Beaten”
Brad Rader is an interesting artist. This picture is probably one of his best known images, a study in unrestrained anger and violence. The situation seems to be consensual judging from the state of arousal of the recipient but you wonder if boundaries are being crossed. The equipment on display, an odd mixture of standard 'dungeon' paraphenalia and potentially lethal household tools, does nothing to dispell the sense of danger. It's a disconcerting image if you reflect upon it, comparable with Greasetank's cruel sadism and makes the average, real-life S&M encounter seem quite tame, but I suspect this daring picture brutally portrays an unspoken temptation that lurks in the soul of many fetishists.

 Rader - “Burnt Oranges”
“Burnt Oranges” is equally challenging. Is it depicting a lovers' tiff between an older and younger man - or something more sinister? A hapless cabin boy trapped into extra duties on his rich employer's yacht? Power and coercion fantasies are the foundations of S&M fetish but this simple picture lays it bare, all the more disturbing because the protagonists look so unequal. Rader uses a completely different drawing style here, cleverly invoking a decadent 20's atmosphere (like Prevot does). The figure drawing and composition also reminds me of the work of 'Teddy of Paris' (who I have yet to review) but in fact Rader uses a wide variety of styles and does sometimes mimic other artists. 

 Rader - “Hot and Hairy”
“Hot and hairy” is vanilla in comparison but amazingly sexy. A muscular, hairy man gets dressed, seemingly unaware of the young man in the doorway casually lusting after his body. I particularly like Rader's sensuous depiction of the T-shirted observer showing that he can draw realistic figures and capture male traits. The relationship between the two men is undefined but the flag on the wall suggests this might be the younger one's fantasy. As for the bizarre portculis headboard on the bed, this could signify an interest in dungeons, toy soldiers - or maybe nothing at all!

Rader - “Love For Sale”
In “Love for Sale” Rader reverses the hot and hairy scenario with telling effect. He exquisitely captures the immature awkwardness and innocent pleasure of youth and contrasts it with the frustrations and degeneracy of later life in the form of a drunken, dishevelled, overweight adult leering in through the doorway. More illicit desires are lurking here, we're back in Harry Bush temptation territory but with the lust explicitly shown and a disturbing domestic setting. The college paraphenalia, body hair and the subject of the song suggest that the young man is old enough, but he doesn't particularly look it. Fortunately (for my sensibilities at any rate) the desire goes unfulfilled and that artistic restraint allows us to see a piquant commentary on the reality of gay men growing old, 'Hot and Hairy' seems a long time ago now.

Rader - “Prison Scene”
Anger, Violence, Coercion, Lust, Rader's work is a compendium of fetish essences with their ambiguities and paradoxes explicitly revealed. Superficially, this prison scene could be about shaving, ritual blood mingling or outright mutilation. Rader's humourous slant takes the edge off, suggesting a boyish prank is in progress, but the harsh, glinting blade, the legs prised open, the contrasting states of arousal and the inescapable bars, leave no doubt that the real subject of this picture is fear, literally naked fear. I've rarely seen it so graphically expressed although it's an emotion which is present by implication in most S&M activity. Fear of course is linked with sexual release by nature (survival of the species and all that) which maybe tells you something about the sexual behaviour of oppressed minorities. Rader shows us things about ourselves we didn't really know.

Rader - “Barn Flogging”
Out of fear comes anger, which brings us full circle back to the beginning of this article and another brutal punishment scene. But this time the participants are not the aging adults of my opening example, playing out their world-weary abuses. Here the victim is young and clean cut while the whip is in the hands of a man who is ruggedly handsome and muscular and who, were it not for the disfiguring, out-pouring of anger, would be the epitome of attractive male virility in it's prime, every young man's hero. Perhaps it's fanciful, I can see in this picture a mirror held up to our own feelings - pain repaid in kind, innocent love punished, suffering shared.

I don't drool over Raider's men as I do with Tom of Finland's (for example). The distorted anatomy and harsh shadowing isn't sensual but it brings out the drama and emotion of his situations in a way that you can't ignore. I regard most erotic art as simple entertainment, but looking at these drawings I feel that the artist has reached deep into his soul to draw out and force onto paper feelings that are not comfortable and which are actually quite hard to communicate in a tangible way. 
It's quite an achievement.

Raider's web site is called Flaming Artist and has a selection of images showing other equally interesting facets of his work.

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Friday 25 May 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - The Letter 'R'

  The letter 'R' includes it's own quota of 'stars' - Brad Rader, 'RAS' (R A Schultz) and Rex. 
I usually start off these reviews with 'honourable mentions' of artists whose work I like, 
but who don't qualify for the series (for my inclusion criteria look here).  
This time I've chosen a major figure to set the scene - RW Richards ('RWR').

RWRichards - At The Pool

RW Richards probably doesn't count as a fetish artist, much of his work is middle of the road erotic-romantic, indeed his distinctive, deliberately graphical style could have graced the cover of any romantic novel or fashion spread from the last century (with appropriate censorship of course!)

This languorous evocation of a summer heatwave and the lustful sights it produces is spot-on
It reminds me of Harry Bush's tempting youths (technically and psychologically) but there's a more confident mindset behind it and these are real men, not boys.

RWRichards - Shower

Richards' men have smooth, shiny skins and large eyes with luxurious lashes which are not particularly masculine traits but that's more than made up for elsewhere in his figures.

In this shower scene it helps create a striking contrast with the beautiful Adonis, humbly kneeling before the grizzled, self assured older man. It's a power play which is also the essence of fetish and shows that an inter-generational image can work perfectly well without relying on immature boys.

Richards' treatment of water in these two pictures is interesting for aspiring artists.
There are further articles on RW Richards in 2020.

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Sunday 20 May 2012

New Artist - Kajlet

'Nailed' by Kajlet

Kajlet, the artist who created this image was unknown to me until recently but I suspect he's going to become better known. He draws a wide variety of bondage and torture scenes, not just crucifixions. The super-inflated leg muscles are reminiscent of Kalabro but Kajlet's captives are more mature and stamped with attractive virility.  I particularly like his use of clothing, like the Adidas Swim-trunks here, to suggest a situation and something of the man's character. The tribal tattoos place us firmly in the 21st century. 
You can find more of his work at Kajlets Art blog 
(link updated May 2014)

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Wet Bondage

Fraser is given a pasting at Straight Hell. The arm-bar hogtie looks very good.

Monday 7 May 2012

Chaz 4 - Second Chances

Chaz is set for a new future in finance,
the prison-issue, orange tie is the only reminder of his rehab program.

At his first interview he's keen to impress. “Work hard, play hard” is the motto of Citiwank and what boss could fail to be convinced by a muscular pec emerging from an open white shirt?

In the white hot dealing rooms the guys often have to resort to ditching their stifling suits, so there has to be a strict underwear dress code:- white, clean and not too brief. No frilly pants, no thongs. But they'd never thought it necessary to exclude swimming trunks.

Chaz's secret is revealed, his fetish for inappropriate clothing has not been cured, merely concealed under his business suit. Chaz curses his foolishness.

But our Chaz is a fighter. He sits down with his colleagues to convince them that wearing swimwear assists decision making - and it saves him time when he goes for his daily training at the pool. It's not very convincing but many of them find it sexy anyway. They don't say so because they are enjoying his embarrassment - and his crotch.

The impromptu seminar has brought the dealing room to a halt.
Chaz is summoned to the executive office and given a stern dressing down for distracting his colleagues. The outraged Executive demands his swimming trunks be handed over for examination and confiscation. Fashion Prison beckons to Chaz again.

Chaz bravely pleads his case, demonstrating how the handcuffs shamed him. He recounts the daily ordeal of showering with dangerous, frustrated, criminals, a recollection that brings about a involuntary change in his body, revealing potential that impresses his boss no end. Sensing his last chance, Chaz goes for broke.

The Executive looks down at the tattooed back of the naked, young man grovelling at his feet and trembles with pleasure. There are few sights to better male bravado brought to heel. 
It's one of the pleasures of his job.

He feels he ought to try and take advantage of Chaz's obvious talents. He's wasted in the dealing room, far too distracting to the other men. But there is another vacancy just come up, for a gardener at his private residence. He'd already lined up that nice Nick Sterling, but it wouldn't harm to give Chaz a trial too. 

He wonders how Chaz would look in cut-off denim jeans.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Chaz 3 - Punished

It looks like my plea of mitigation last time was unsuccessful. 
There's only one place for those guilty of inappropriate dress and that's the clink.
Stripped down to basics, the real man emerges and he suddenly looks a bit of a hunk.
Any volunteers for visiting?
Showering and laundry all in one, don't get too cocky Chaz!

Back to the wall. Showers in prisons can be scary places!

Plumped up pecs and sticky-out ears, mm-mm.....and handcuffs too!
Chaz plays his 'get out of jail' card for the governor.
Will he emerge as a reformed character?

Friday 4 May 2012

Chaz 2 - Not So Dodgy

 In my last post I mercilessly poked fun at the way Chaz is presented in some of his beefcake shoots for Randy Blue. Of course, in true tabloid style, I chose the most suitable images to create humourous effect. Today's selection, taken from the same sets show a different side and I must admit I find it fascinating how this man's masculinity and his inner boyishness asserts itself in his pictures despite the distractions of odd clothing, accessories and other stuff.

Chaz gets away with his beany here. Purists might quibble about mixing leather with wool but we'll let that go. Lets face it, leather headgear is a bit of a stones and greenhouses situation! This is a nice 'blokey' pose and the T-shirt shows off wide, manly shoulders. I'm a big fan of chaps and Chaz deserves credit for wearing a pair that actually look as though they fit him. The slender strap squeezing down between his butt cheeks is great!

See what I mean about boyishness? He's not a baby any more though and those chunky thighs emerging from their snug leather sleeves look excellent. It's what chaps are for!

Chaz's pecs show real meaty bulk in this picture from the pool series and smooth, well defined abs as well. The sleeveless tank top is unobtrusive now and I confess to a fascination with the oversize underwear which I presume has stretched out with the wetness.

Also from the pool series. The open-ness of the pose is like a ropeless bondage picture. 
The white deposits on the pool edge have been used by the photographer
 to add spicy innuendo for us pervs!

Chaz looks so much better when he just relaxes. I love his sticky-out ears, despite the stud, although I think it probably accentuates them, which Chaz I imagine would hate! The clothing requires no cultural translation to do it's job here, the immaculate newness will work for some but a grungier well-used jockstrap would have provided an interesting contrast.

The boy within the man comes out to play. 
This is a really nice picture, relaxed and cheekily erotic.
 Even if you're not a socks fan they contribute a touch of informality and spontenaity. 
I have to admit defeat with this sheer top but it does make his biceps look great!
I like the wide strong neck too. 

The boy surfaces again in this shot, there's some nice youthful shaping but I'm not sure what's going on with that ballustrade support visible between his legs!

Next time, an even spunkier Chaz.

Thursday 3 May 2012

Chaz 1 - Dodgy Gear


A little while ago I featured 'Chaz' and his beany in an early Ministry of Silly Hats article

 Chaz has got form for wearing dodgy gear, such as this tank top and shades.

We've probably all had moments when we've pouted like this....
(generally without the Bet Lynch ear-rings) 
....but not been unfortunate enough to have it captured for posterity.

You'll gather I'm not overly intimate with my feminine side, 
but I'll settle for the butt hugging wet underpants in this picture.

As a Brit I probably view this outfit through unsympathetic eyes, the sporting associations don't work for me. I don't get the striped pants (even in the rump view) and the 'pop-up' baseball cap, beloved of American tourists everywhere, surely qualifies for a 'silly hats' article in it's own right. 
I feel I ought to like the mesh 'top' but somehow, no. Does it even belong in this combo?

The mesh garment featured in this outfit makes an equally odd bedfellow with the loose fitting trousers, but it's sheer, body hugging form does at least show off Chaz's muscular arms. 

I rather like the slightly boyish profile of his face captured in this image 
If I'm honest, even in this unflattering collection of pictures there's plenty of man to admire.
(if I just don't think about the luxuriant lashes!)

In my next post I'll show the other side of Chaz and you'll see what I mean.