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Sunday 30 April 2023

Domination Art by ClydeChristie

This image sums up fairly succinctly the domination theme that pervades ClydeChristie's fantasy fan art (and it's clean enough to head up the post!) .

The beaten man is stripped of his armour and dominated and there's a slight suggestion that he'll be called upon to provide a very special service shortly, when the dust has settled. The victor is actually chained and collared like a criminal, and it seems, has vented his rage on an intruder who has stumbled into his reach.

The domination becomes even more exaggerated in this image where the artist employs what seems a fairly traditional practice where the winner places his foot on the subjugated man's throat to demonstrate to him the completeness of his defeat. The victor's overdressed companion joins in, placing his feet on the fallen man's chest.

Meanwhile on the left, feet are also used to force a warrior to kneel and await his fate.

This image shows where defeat may lead, The vestigial armour of the captive - collar and gauntlets - is dramatically contrasted with the regally-dressed warrior who has taken possession of him and towers threateningly above. This artist tends to draw his tops like the classic, square-jawed superhero types of 50's American comics. The naked captive here is a much softer, modern concept with sexy stubble. He takes his painful humiliation rather bravely with arms defiantly spread wide, a stance that appears to confuse his new master. 

This scene is depicted as something of a ritual. I'm not sure if the whirl of markings on the floor (in blocks of 7 if you exclude the strikethrough) are a record of the slave's daily torments or a more general count of prisoners processed in this fashion.

Superhero encounters in straight magazines are frequently framed as contests of strength, but involving very complex personal motivations and emotional involvements so it's hardly surprising that gay fan art interprets this with a sexual dimension and this one is a beauty because it doesn't resort to explicitness.

 We don't know if Captain America is going down on the Winter Soldier out of lust or because he's been made to. Take your choice! The artist's restraint in executing the idea lends it a disconcerting sense of reality, as though this might have happened in an original, straight story. If you check out this picture on his twitter account you'll see an animated gif of the porn scene that inspired it which makes a sexy coupling but also demonstrates how controlled this vanilla interpretation is.


This image gets us even closer to the nub of his art with the top using his boots to trample the very manhood of the unfortunate loser who's been stripped down to his underwear. There are more explicit images in this chain if you follow the links at the foot of the post.

These less fantastical, more real settings pack more punch for me although the dominant top here, Darius, with his prominent facial scar is still a classic gaming character. 

ClydeChristie also draws on the unbridled, ruthless power of a pirate captain to amplify the sense of crushing power over lesser mortals. This particular unfortunate is seemingly the loser in a tavern brawl or maybe a deserter brought to book. He's tied up for this humiliation, suggesting it will be protracted and may be followed by transfer to the Pirate's ship..

The artist also uses the idea of a 'human mat' in this image. It's a more private encounter, possibly located on board the ship where the Captain's power definitely is absolute. 

The gag here suggests that the naked victim may be the Pirate's booty, carried off against his will in a dawn raid. Possibly something like the previous picture. However you get the sense that he is not entirely dismayed by this plight!

Here the trampling seems to have evolved into an elaborate sexual ritual 
involving members of the crew too.

It's just a shame that pirates have a nasty reputation for 'letting crew members go'
in the middle of the ocean. I'm just saying!

This image takes in the world of leather fetish. The extensive selection of stinging flails lining the walls seem to have already been used to stimulate the prisoner, judging by his pinked skin. However they take second place to the booted foot when it comes to the final intimidating coup. At least this prisoner is accorded the dignity of being chained up to receive his punishment. 

There's a sense of anticipation here which his very erotic.

Visit the links to witness his squashing.

This is possibly my favourite with the helplessness of the victim firmly established by the use of open-legged, feet-off-the-ground restraint. There's a nice extra detail of dressing him in a simple, rope, upper-body harness. 

We can see that the threat to his well-being has been progressively demonstrated to him - by undoing his pants and exposing of his cock - by the foot placed between his thighs, menacingly nudging his balls - and the thumb invading his mouth and tipping his head back so he can't see what is coming next. 

Very clever. 

Despite the Christmassy reference I like the use of red ribbon used to restrain this naked 'slave'.

The image takes a different slant on the foot fetish theme with the sub contributing more directly, acknowledging, possibly embracing, his domination rather than being the passive recipient. 

Perhaps he's a 'Christmas Criminal' who hoped to steal the presents from under the tree and ended up being one himself (there's a link to my spanking take on this scenario in the sidebar).

Darius, the scarred protagonist in may of these pictures, likes to throw his weight around in the gym too. His bound victim here has a pretty muscular body but looks suitably dismayed at his humiliation

Embarrassed too perhaps that his cock has shown a weakness he's rather not advertise quite so publicly!

Is this the nerd's revenge? 
It looks like the culprit has stolen one of Darius' trainers, to savour the memory in private.
With the tables turned, Darius reveals his own fetish response to bondage.

This final image is another model of artistic restraint. In some ways it's the modern equivalent of the dominated warrior, the motorcyclist with his flashy motor bike and high performance, very eye-catching white suit being humiliated by a more traditionally attired biker. One imagines the show-off dandy finally exhausting the patience of his fellow bikers. His humiliation does not require the elaboration of sexual humiliation, well not yet anyway. 

The use of chains to bind him are a very nice, fitting detail. 

This is a very refined view of S&M with exquisite artwork.


Check out ClydeChristie on Twitter 
and if you like what you see there's a pay site ClydeChristie on Patreon

Thursday 27 April 2023

Recent additions at the Royale blog

 Recent updates at the mitchmen Royale Studio Open Archive include:

Soldier, Hussar, Guardsman in tights + boots tied to tripod for punishment in bondage
Royale Studio's 'Regency Punishment'?

An imagining of the 'Regency Punishment' segment of 'The Captive'
starring Peter George and Ron Wiltshire

Fragments of the sets of 'Alan and Harry'
including the rare 'Limey and Yankee', sailors fraternising set

The first post of Ron Wiltshire's solo sets

Plus a further iteration of the Royale Studio Timeline post


Visit the Royale Studio blog

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Never Gonna Let You Go

 Based on a differently captioned image by Bazz not suitable for this blog.

Original Photo of Billy by Captured Guys

Monday 24 April 2023

Any Port In A Storm

Drink it first for double the pleasure!
Yes I know it's not Port but it's probably Portuguese!

Bareass Bottle Bitchiness
(Bareass Blogs No 68)

Vintage photo of an unknown model


For other mitchmen bareass blogs, click on the label at the foot of the post 
or start reading at Bareass No 1 and follow the links

Sunday 23 April 2023

Thursday 20 April 2023

Abduction Art by ApostlXIII

These images come from the story by ApostleXIII entitled 'Not Invoked' or 'Not Summoned'.
As you can see, this artist is a skilled and sexy draughtsman.

Two men abducted to order are chained/tied up naked
click to enlarge

The story opens promisingly with a London businessman mildly rebuking his two henchmen for delivering less than he had asked for, but admitting that they have made up for that with the quality. 

We can see at the foot of the page that the delivery consists of two naked, muscular men who have been restrained in rope and chains to await their fate.

The villains explain (top left) that they could have taken the third one as requested, but found it impossible to catch him without his partner. The placement of the businessman's hand in this frame seems to hint at a certain fondness for this bearded associate, called Merino. 

The image of the 'Gherkin' in the background of the abductees cell is a less than subtle hint about the consequences of their abduction, but the location it implies, in the heart of London's financial district, is also suggestive of the immense power and wealth of the man who has commissioned their kidnapping. 

He tells the kidnappers that they did well to avoid trouble and the risk of the authorities catching up with them. He's confident of being able to improvise a solution.

"I will try to resist hurting you too much"

The businessman, 'Belfast', dons a harness to examine the deliveries, 
starting with the blond boy.

His shaven headed accomplice 'Hal' prepares to join in, 
chiding him for damaging the previous delivery too much.

The captive is not reassured by their conversation.

Belfast and Meroni 'prepare' the captives 
and debate the merits of smooth and hairy bodies.

"Concentrate on the sensation of being penetrated"

They blindfold and gag the two captives 
and begin to initiate them into the mysteries of anal penetration.
Belfast uses the smooth blond lad, Merino takes the hairy one
Promising him it's nothing compared with what's to come.

"Spit it out boys, I know you've got plenty"

The ejaculates induced from both captives are collected in a chalice 
which sits inside a mystical circle on the floor. 
Since there are only two captives, Hal adds his own to make up three lots
and also drops of his own blood (I hate this bit, he says).

With the ritual completed, the two captives are released. 
Relieved, the begin to embrace each other.
They think it's all over. But it isn't.

"I'm looking at the smooth one" (left)

Suddenly three demons materialise. 
They are looking forward to what Belfast has brought them.
"Young ones are more fun to break" says one.

But of course there are only two captives on offer for them......not three

"Please! I don't deserve this!"

I won't go into the mayhem that follows or the clever twists the artist springs. 
He creates a seething atmosphere where things are not always what they seem

There's a gripping, growing sense of danger and doom from which no-one seems safe
and it's all illustrated with glorious, sexy images
Check out the links quoted on these pages to find out more about his work.

ApostlXIII has many sites but ApostlXIII on Instagram has a decent collection
He seems to use ApostleIII on Twitter for announcements
plus a pay site at ApostlXIII on Patreon

If you like demonic storylines, I also recommend the work of Platter

Monday 17 April 2023

Classic Homoerotic Images 7

Few mothers could have imagined that this wholesome breakfast dish with it's equally wholesome image of outdoor, athletic endeavour and strength on the packaging would be responsible for alerting generation after generation of innocent offspring to the allure of the male body which lay latent within them.

It's easy to blame the skirt - sorry, kilt, but no, that's a different category of interest altogether. Those muscular shoulders and the tight-fitting, pec-enhancing vest were something I was attracted to even before I had any inkling of why, let alone how lifelong that attraction would become.

That Scotsman was temptation incarnate.

In the 1950's the muscles were crudely censored, little realising that the jolly fisherman 
out looking for a catch in his rolled-down waders was equally corrupting! 
The pair of them together made a fine imaginary coupling

And so say all of us!

More about Scotts Porridge Oats

Friday 14 April 2023

Art by Cavernous Uni


This series of images by Cavernous Uni is a marvellous exercise in sensuality

It features a man astride a glistening tentacle
His tight fitting trousers reveal interesting contours,
and they have already been shredded up to thigh level.


A tentacle reaches in to rip the remnants of his pants off,
The shredded strands strain across exposed buttocks, 
cruelly catching in crevices


Underpants that match his top garment are revealed
Or perhaps, it's a bodysuit - as befits a hero.


The body suit simply vanishes, as is the custom with sequential art
But the smooth bodywork revealed is ample compensation
The 'hero' hides his face in shame.


He can hide his face but he can't hide his crown jewels
An indrawn pucker is no defence either.
As two tentacles close in .


This tentacle creature is even capable of foreplay.
Squeezing it's tendril in-between clenched buttocks.

In some ways this is the sexiest image of the lot


The door to the feast lies open and receptive.

The images beyond this point live up to the artist's name but are too over-the-top for this blog
and to be quite honest they don't have the same, subtle, artistic qualities.

One of our readers 'WDK' had kindly supplied the name of this artist - Yetigo
and links to an english version of this little epic and his sites 
see comment directly below for details.
Thank you WDK!

Tuesday 11 April 2023

The Breaking of Billy

In tight fitting track suit bottoms pants


overpowered restrained and beaten














two on one attack overpowered outnumbered







lifted in air and carried off

carried by abductor bear hug


These pictures are from Scrappy vs Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler (Rip 'n Strip) at Wrestler4Hire and when I first saw them I was amazed and aroused.

That reaction was initially sparked by the amazing sight of Scrappy's muscular back and mighty buttocks as he is lifted into the air by Braden Charron (in 18 and 19 and then again in 25). 

The yellow thong of course looks fabulous on him.

Secondly I was struck by his multiple, facial expressions of surprise, dismay and agony as he is put though a series of manoeuvres by the other two guys in  prolonged, 1-sided contest.

For, this isn't the usual, confused free-for-all you get with three men in a ring, but a calculating 2 on 1 attack inflicted mercilessly by much bigger men on a bodybuilder who is no pussy himself.

Scrappy isn't the prettiest boy on the W4H roster but he does have a great physique and has developed a classic wrestling persona of the vain narcissus. Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler have much bulkier physiques and they both can look like mean toughs which makes them ideal for the job of overpowering Scrappy and putting him in his place which is what they do in a series of amazing images.

I couldn't resist the temptation to weave a story round them. It's entirely fictional of course and not intended to say anything about the character of the wrestlers who act as my models. 

See the video trailer of Scrappy vs Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler (Rip 'n Strip) 

Wrestler4Hire has lots of other great contests with fetish elements and sexy moves.

for more wrestling humiliations at mitchmen click on the wrestling label below