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Thursday 20 September 2012

Mitchmen invade the Aquatic Centre

'Piss Pool Discipline' by Mitchell

My latest picture in the Olympic Scrapbook series (which hasn't quite staggered over the finishing line yet!) was inspired by Ryan Lochte who 'confessed' to pissing in the pool, supposedly to mark his territory. Unfortunately the soldiers drafted in to maintain security at the Games took a dim view of such laxity in young men (no, laxity not laxative). This swimmer, emulating his hero during a training session at the pool, was caught in the act, exposed by secret detection devices planted in the water. Now, tightly bound and trembling, he faces a dose of British Army discipline.......details of which will be revealed in forthcoming sequels at the mitchmen Yahoo! group
Take it from me, he won't be doing it again!
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Monday 17 September 2012

Jeremy's University Challenge

 The students of Kinky College, Mitchester were beaten (250 to 5) by Snooty College, Cambridge in the first round of University Challenge. They blamed their resounding defeat on Jeremy Paxman's harsh application of the rules. As luck would have it Jeremy was booked to address their Student Union the following week and Electrical Engineering Student, Christian Wilde gave him an impromptu tour of the labs. For once, Jeremy was at a loss for words when Christian showed him his starter for 10, with a pain bonus to follow.

With apologies to Jeremy Paxman and Bound Gods.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Hunk of the Month - Logan Vaughn

Every so often I spot a model who just does it for me and triggers me into frenzied Googling for a while, trying to discover what else I've missed of him. 

Logan Vaughn appeared earlier this year in Bound Gods mini-epic, 'The Cabin'. He's seen as a camper being captured and dreadfully used by Ricky Sinz who does a nice line in 'Mr Nasty's at the moment. Logan's face has a sort of conventionality and innocence that makes him perfect for this sort of abduction scenario. Funnily enough, this exciting plotline didn't seem to get much publicity, but around the same time, Logan's name popped up again as a MenOnEdge feature from the same studio (below).

 In this film, sadly, Logan's face is obscured by a blindfold for much of the time, but you get an eyeful of his muscular body. I like this shot of him spreadeagled and still in his jeans, it seems tailor-made for a photoshop makeover into a cowboy-indian torture scene.

Needless to say, MenOnEdge take a different route and the jeans don't stay on for long, rewarding butt lovers with this pleasant sight.

Logan's latest is a vanilla sex scene for Hothouse with a vaguely sporting theme which plays to his regular guy image. (I suspect he'd look pretty hot in a suit too but I've not uncovered him in that role yet!)
In this shot the sweep of Logan's neck and the line of his abdomen are pure, glorious, male beauty. Jimmy Durano seems quite scruffy in comparison. Putting both models in the same orange underwear is visually exciting but also, like a uniform, suggests they are also subject to discipline and control.

The tables are turned here and although it's overly posed, I've rarely seen cock-sucking so well portrayed. as an act of submission. No other touching allowed! Plus we get to see Logan's thighs and arse looking most un-bubble-like but very inviting!
What a difference a year makes! 
From my Googling it turns out Logan's been around for some time cutting a chunkier, boy next door image - just right here for the rigours of the rugby field, I'd say.

Finally, I love this image of a youthful Logan with Aaron Felix from Circle Jerk Boys. The closed-eyes kiss is so sweet. He's not much showing muscle to speak of, in fact it's a slender, positively boyish physique, but those meaty thighs are already the star of the show.

I will probably return to Logan in the future.

Sunday 9 September 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - My Favourite 'R'

It is my custom to select a personal favourite artist from each letter based on Technical Skill, Fetish Content and Sensuality. Leaving aside the 'one hit wonders', there are some real heavyweights in this group in artistic terms - RA Schultz, Rex, Rohr and Roscoe. Their works show convincing anatomy, design skill and dramatic visual effects.

For fetish content, revisiting the work of Brad Rader has been something of a revelation, Rex's subject matter is varied, audacious and beautifully sleazy while Rohr's blood-thirsty images take fetish to the extremes. The lesser artists in this group - RF, Rick Hard, Riton and Rorc have also contributed striking and varied S&M studies but Rőhm's fascist allusions push the boundaries too far for most, I suspect. Raute's spanking pictures are important in their field but fail the sensuality test for me. 

Rex - Gagged

My opening samples of R W Richards' work set the bar for sensuality in artwork and in their different ways Rex, Roscoe and to a lesser extent Rohr all rise to the challenge. I would also include Rico's solitary work here. 

However, it's quite easy for me to pick a winner this time, it has to be Rex, I think his atmospheric and technically exciting work has the edge over Rader, Rohr and Roscoe. My closing sample of Rex's work shows some elementary fetish ingredients - gag, leather, jockstrap plus one of Rex's less alarming animal allusions. I suspect I may be too naïve to understand what it's doing here! There's a nice touch of humour as the gagged man (another admirably masculine specimen) ponders the inaccessibility of that irresistible organ. Gagged and gagging I'd say.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Ruuich4n

Ruuich4n - Taming His BF

Just to round off the 'R's, an excellent asian-style bondage picture. The interweaving of the bodies makes for a more exciting picture but is a challenge to the artist who often has to employ poses to achieve erotic effect which are physically impossible - like the arm reaching between the captive's body and leg here. It is well disguised. and generally, Ruui's anatomy is pretty good - always check the hands! The Shibari network of ropes is a form of 'hyper-bondage', harder to escape from and intended as a torture in it's own right. It is most erotic when it has a clear functional purpose and is not just decorative. The close-up, dramatic viewpoint is very effective but the pen and ink style is a bit austere for my taste (even with the added shading) although it does allow some excellent detailing, like the gag strap. Ruui is quite a prolific artist, I've not collected any other samples of his work but he posts at Deviant Art

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