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Tuesday 4 September 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Ruuich4n

Ruuich4n - Taming His BF

Just to round off the 'R's, an excellent asian-style bondage picture. The interweaving of the bodies makes for a more exciting picture but is a challenge to the artist who often has to employ poses to achieve erotic effect which are physically impossible - like the arm reaching between the captive's body and leg here. It is well disguised. and generally, Ruui's anatomy is pretty good - always check the hands! The Shibari network of ropes is a form of 'hyper-bondage', harder to escape from and intended as a torture in it's own right. It is most erotic when it has a clear functional purpose and is not just decorative. The close-up, dramatic viewpoint is very effective but the pen and ink style is a bit austere for my taste (even with the added shading) although it does allow some excellent detailing, like the gag strap. Ruui is quite a prolific artist, I've not collected any other samples of his work but he posts at Deviant Art

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