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There has been an issue of links not working in the A-Z of Fetish Artists Page. Visitors have been sent to the age verification page and cannot get past it. I have made a change today which I hope will fix it. Please tell me if you continue to experience this problem.
(Feb 21st 2020)

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Hi I'm Mitchell, 
I'm a gay artist with a special interest in bondage, 
welcome to my blog!
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Laurence said...

I have tried to open several of the blogspots listed on the Index of Artists, but when I click on the orange open blogspot key it just keeps bouncing back and does not open the blog. What's going on?

Mitchell said...

I get this problem too sometimes (with Firefox). I think it has to do with opening multiple windows. The only way I know to cure it is to close the browser and start again. Sorry I can't be more helpful.