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The Caps and Collars/ Flat Cap Gang story at Google Groups has been on a break since January, I am working on it and hope to resume shortly. (see Group News for link)

Message updated 14th July 2024

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Hi I'm Mitchell, 
I'm a gay artist with a special interest in bondage.
Welcome to my blog!
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Laurence said...

I have tried to open several of the blogspots listed on the Index of Artists, but when I click on the orange open blogspot key it just keeps bouncing back and does not open the blog. What's going on?

Mitchell said...

I have made a change to the blog settings which I think has cured this problem, please get in touch if I'm wrong!

imperiusims said...

I love your taste of art and appreciate all the things you contributed, thanks!

Mitchell said...

Thank you! Feedback is always appreciated

Traynor said...

Hey there Mitchell, as a coincidence my first name happens to really be Mitchell!

I am an artist of sorts and would love to post pictures the way you do. Every attempt at Tumbex, Blogspot or what have you ends with a site only I know about or can see. Which defeats the purpose of sharing.

I take images from the web and enhance them to my liking. How can I share them as easily as you do?

Mitchell said...

I can't really answer this via comments, please use the profile page link above to contact me. In essence, brand your pictures so re-posts point back to you, use words in your posts that people will search for, ask sites like mine to feature your work or exchange links.

Nicholas said...

Hello Mitchell, I would like to ask you on your thoughts on the rise of Artificial Intelligence art regarding gay erotic art in general.

Do you think AI "artists" qualify as artists? Or that AI art qualify as true art?

I ask these because I increasingly find myself enjoying AI art, that from my personal experience with AI at broad that they hit some sweet spots with fantasies, and I would like to understand more opinions and viewpoints from other people who are also deeply invested in gay erotic art.

Mitchell said...

I'm not sure what you mean by AI art but I am perfectly OK with Computer aided techniques like rendering. For me it's the end result that matters but I don't doubt the skill and artistic decision making that goes into producing a good image which can exceed the best efforts of conventional art forms in the field of erotic art which uses a different language.