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Friday 29 March 2019

Kasee's Wrestling Humiliation

 I rather like the look of wrestler Cason. He has a super body with intimidating thighs - you'd think twice about getting between them! He also has a good-looking face. In the roman style, you might say, not so much pretty as striking. A face which in my head ideally fits him for the role of ring bully.

In this match from Thunders Arena he takes on the diminutive Kasee.
To be fair, Kasee is diminutive only in height. 
He has arms the size of a ham joint and chunky thighs to match.
but his face looks far too cute to be a wrestler.

Kasee, we are told, is a friend of Cason.
Cason's brought him along today to resolve a disagreement over money
but this will be Kasee's first fight experience,
so you have to wonder why he agreed!

That height differential bodes ill for his prospects.....

If Kasee had a bad feeling about this fight idea beforehand,
Cason immediately gives him another one to think about
delivering a nasty smack in the abs,
while gripping the young man's throat in a choke hold.

The groggy Kasee is swept up in a bear hug,
pressurising his newly-bruised stomach and his back.
Before throwing him down.

There's no for him refuge on the floor, Cason locks his legs and heaves him back
able to enjoy his opponents bunched up back muscles and cute, unprotected butt.
As a novice Kasee maybe doesn't realise what's coming next.

His weight disadvantage gives him no defence as Cason slowly lifts him.
In the flying surfboard position he can bounce him and toy with his unsupported back  

Kasee's discomfort seems to excite Cason.
He's certainly in no rush to end it!

Kasee escapes eventually, but his ring speed can't keep him out of trouble.
Cason seizes him and lifts him again keeping up the pressure on that back.

Kasee dives for the ropes trying to escape, but Cason catches him halfway out 
and punishes him by using the ropes to lever even more pressure onto Kasee's back..

Some spectators start to think Kasee's prominent bulge 
shows he is actually enjoying this punishment,in a perverse sort of way.

Just to make sure, Cason hauls him back into the ring and slams him into a corner post
Kasee's resistance is ebbing fast, it's easy for Cason to grab his wrists and pull them back
planting his boot between those succulent, Kasee's buttock cheeks to lever that back, yet again.

When he thinks Kasee has had enough of that,
Cason wraps the lad's unresisting arms around the ropes 
and forces them up behind his back
He flexes his own knees and uses them to lock the arms in position.

Then his arms snake round Casey's neck, 
pulling his head back to accentuate the back stress.

Cason's muscles bulge as he compresses Kasee's windpipe.
Trapped in the corner, with his arms locked behind his back,
all Kasee can do is go red in the face as he descends into unconsciousness.

Cason carries an unresisting Kasee round the ring on his shoulders
conducting a humiliating victory parade. Because he can!

He doesn't seem to be upset about the money any more!
It's been a text book demonstration of ring bullying
with cute Kasee obliged to be the butt of his craft,
and submitting in a most agreeable manner.

I wonder if they are still friends?

This is superb erotic photography! from TA.
See the whole fight at Thunders Arena

No men were hurt in the writing of this article (only their pride)

Tuesday 26 March 2019

The Art of Oscar Waldes

 Oscar Waldes art is about the worship of extremely chunky bears. 
In essence there are two characters in his images: the chunky sex object and his slender admirer,
exemplified by the first image below

Oscar Waldes - Hunting
The characterisations are quite extreme, but he manages to make both of them attractive with an essence of recognisable 'realness'. The bull necked bear is profusely covered in body hair but it's neat and even. His bulk does not obscure the definition of a massive muscularity which strains at his clothing. The pectorals bursting out of his shirt are a great detail for me. The slim, young muscle hunk with his trendy stubble is dwarfed by his size but thrilled by it too. The fiery red colouring accentuates their excitement. 

 (I have an armchair upholstered in a similar pattern to this shirt
 and I don't think it'll ever feel the same to sit in it again!)

Oscar Waldes - Delivery Man
Regular readers will know I have a thing about clothes and especially tight ones.
The skimpy shorts and bulging biceps take centre stage for me in this image.

There's delightful, soft warmth about the colouring here
and the dappled lighting on the visitor's shoulder is a nice touch. 

Both of the bears seen so far are sporting vintage moustaches 
which seems to assign them a certain maturity
 and, I suppose, pitches them into the official 'bear' camp.

The Cable Man
The attraction between Waldes' principal characters is entirely mutual and this image shows the artist loves them both, with a 'man at the door' scenario which nicely balances the preceding one. 

This man's shorts are shamelessly skimpy but his socks and trainers are unexpectedly petite,
in comparison to his butch shoulders, thick neck and dog tags. 

These pictures are cartoons but the attention to detail is quite remarkable. Although these last two images have similar backgrounds there is an interesting difference if you look closely.

Oscar Waldes - Removal Men
Another 'workman in the house' fantasy in which mutual attraction becomes physically expressed. 
To the surprise of the one, it seems, and artful satisfaction of the other.

Wearing a jock-strap to ensnare the unsuspecting removal man may seem 'over the top',
but look again and you see a disguised explicitness centred on the young man's buns,
seeming to indicate that he's got his victim well and truly hooked! 
As 'hidden eroticism' goes, it's remarkably clever, 
but once you've seen it you can't go back to not seeing it!

There's an endearing goofiness about both characters here, 
rather different to the designer artifice of the club scene we started with. 
Not sure about those ear-warmers though!

Waldes captures the essential appeal of both body types: 
bulk you can nestle into and fragile slenderness that can be protectively en-wrapped. 
If you have an intermediate build, you can enjoy both sensations! 

Oscar Waldes - David
This portrait shows a (slightly) more intermediate build. He's muscular but slim waisted and that trendy beard hints that he's a modern man in terms of how he looks after himself.
Even his body hair looks groomed (I love 'grow back'), 
but the unruly head hair and tattoos hint at a more rebellious wilder spirit within. 

Oscar Waldes - Lee
If this man is a rebel, he doesn't need to flaunt it.
There's an autobiographical element in Waldes art and in this image we learn
 that it's the artist who is the chubby chaser and not the other way about.

This tribute to his first lover is very well observed.
The facial details and the sitting posture are so right you feel sure you've seen this man somewhere!
The beer bottle might be seen as more 'hidden eroticism', but it's exactly how many men do sit.  
Oscar Waldes - Spencer
This little image also documents a unique aspect of gay life.
The turning of heads to survey the latest additions to the crowd.
By now, you don't need to be told what the new arrival looks like. 

The fond caricature of a skinny, nightclub waiter is well-depicted and authentic.
He's surrounded by a variety of attractive men, including the shy admirer from the first image 
and all of them echo his pose, all it seems are drawn to larger men.
Joy for chubbies everywhere!

Oscar Waldes - Pool Side
When Waldes does sex, there's still an idyllic, romantic flavour to it, a confident, companionship which is refreshing in gay art but part and parcel of the life which most of us desire and many achieve. The soft colours conjure up a lazy summer's day.

The telephone message request from the shy sub to the kindly bear is gooey but sweet.
The disarrayed swimming trunks a small detail, but a key part of the scene.

Oscar Waldes - Private Pool Party
If sensuality is the essence of bear appeal, raunchy sex seems equally to epitomise Venice.  
One of the ultimate intimacies here finds a place (I nearly said 'face'!) in Waldes' canon.
It's a statement of confidence and comfort in ones own sexuality and feelings for a partner.
Trustful and reassuring in a relationship built on difference rather than likeness. 

The only live webtrace I can find of Oscar Waldes is his Street Fashion clothing store. 
(examples of his products appear in the images above).
He did have a tumblr site but it's been sterilised. 
possibly a victim of the new corporate brand of gay oppession.
At the time of writing, you can still find examples of his work through search engines

If you like chubby art, have a look at my A-Z article on 'Vincent'

Saturday 23 March 2019

A-Z on RJ Blake revised

RJ Blake - Ripe Balls

As part of my on-going upgrades to early articles in the A-Z of Fetish Artists series, I have now expanded my essay on the work of RJ 'Ron' Blake. He's an artist who explored the darkest corners of S&M and the way he draws his men in their various predicaments is unique, sexy and memorable.

The image shown here illustrates many facets of his work, the sketchy drawing style, the attractive man with a hint of bondage restraint and a focus on erotic detail, such as the underarm hair and not least a pre-occupation with male organs. The chunky proportions they enjoy here seem all the more sexy on a slightly-built and relatively young man. The wispy hair dancing around them seems to reflect a ripening masculinity but also suggest an electric-like state of heightened sensitivity. These unruly pubes merge ambiguously with the cup-shaped, artist's signature creating a distinct impression that that something interesting is going on down there!   

See more Blake images in the full, revised A-Z article

Wednesday 20 March 2019

The Look of Love?

Seamus O'Reilly and Landon Conrad, both lost in a moment of genuine intimacy.

This image beautifully expresses the joy of gay love.
One man trustingly gives himself up to a protective partner,
whose hands gently hold his body, reassuring and claiming him.
They share the warm pleasure of the presence within.
It may not be love exactly, but it's more than lust.

And lest you think I'm going all romantic and gooey .........

There's always a twist at mitchmen!
Trust and surrender, wanting and being wanted.
Love and Desire can take many forms

This is 'The Look' No 16, for others click on the 'The Look' label below.

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 or Seamus O'Reilly Series - Part 4

Sunday 17 March 2019

Beautifully Spanked - Will Savage 2 (fem-dom alert!)

In my last post we left Will Savage tied to a table and preparing for a pasting.

This is it Will, the gulp moment!

 Whilst I have zero sexual interest in women I do like to see men being dominated by them.
that's provided that it's focused on the man's sexuality and doesn't overtly involve theirs.
The image below meets that criterion precisely (notwithstanding their bizarre attire!)

The distancing of the audience here creates a sense of power over the captive and an air of anticipation, not so much about 'what' is to happen next - Will's posture and bruising tells us that - but more about 'when' and 'how' it will happen.
This is a fairly unusual spanking arrangement, one that implies minimal physical contact between participants (thank goodness). It forces Will into a nice, cringing position. But for me there's a stronger reason for including this picture and that is the arrangement of Will's feet which look beautiful to me, although it's not usually a special fetish of mine. 

The crossing of his feet creates a fidgety look as though he's uncomfortable with the waiting. They may have been placed like this by his tormentors, in this position it would be quite hard to untangle them.


 In the story Will's employer spanks him just to see if she can. 
Will's resentful submission and the harness he has been tied into seems to epitomise humiliation.

There's an implication in femdom images that the man (as a character) is straight (real life of course is not always that simple). I imagine most gays growing up become fixated on a straight man at some point and learn a painful life-lesson as a result. In harsher times 'straight' defined maleness and part of me still imagines they have magical, desirable masculine qualities despite all the evidence to the contrary. Evidence which also inspires this 'Houseboy' storyline i suppose! Whatever the reason there's a special pleasure in seeing them humiliated by a woman.
Will plays the submissive role so beautifully that I couldn't leave out this picture

Images from 'Houseboy'


In this story Caroline and Amelia hire a spanking strippergram to visit them at home.
They are stunned when it turns out to be Amelia's boyfriend Will, who arrives dressed as a Soldier.  

Will looks great grovelling on the white sheets to receive his punishment for not telling.


Will the footman has been enlisted by the daughters of the house to deliver unofficial, dinner party invitations to interesting young men, but he is intercepted by the Governess and punished along with the daughters. It looks as if these were possibly all shot on the same day. Ouch!

Image from 'Invitations'

In 'Spy' a captured spy, Will, is bound and interrogated by female 'agents'. 
Black underpants are authentically male and make for a nice preliminary.

One of the agents is suspected of fraternising with him, so when he resists the persuasive spanking, both are bound, interrogated and beaten. 
If he won't talk to save his own skin, he might do so, to save that of his lover. 
........or perhaps a bare bottom paddling might do the trick

Images from 'Spy'

More of this ilk at Dreams of Spanking

Thursday 14 March 2019

Beautifully Bound - Will Savage 1

 Will Savage has the sort of body I love, voluptuously muscled but not overly 'ripped'.
This creates the delicious, softer look you see here.

 He has the face of a mischievous elfin and his facial hair is light and youthful looking.
But something about those sleepy eyes makes it easy to imagine him as a bad boy.
Caught and totally immobilised he anxiously awaits his captor's pleasure,
knowing that a doubled-back leg tie as tight as this will soon become painful.

There's something about a man contemplating the ropes that bind him that is extremely erotic.
The chest harness helps to anchor his arms and wrists but visually suggests severe restraint.
It cuts into his pecs, plumping them up for us, emphasising their tightness for him.
The neck loop/collar element conjures up even more intimidating possibilities. 

Will has plenty of time to contemplate his fate in a room that looks cold and bare.
It's bleak cleanliness suggests his captor is focused and efficient.

That's nice, but oh to be able to stretch those legs.


You may have spotted by now that these images come from a spanking website
 but it's one with a feminine flavour, so if you haven't the stomach for such things look away now! 
The rest of you should proceed, excitedly, to the next post

This is it Will, the gulp moment!

For more of Will in Bondage go to Muscle Bound

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Beautifully Bound - Will Savage
Will Savage by Pandora Blake
A fleshy, well-balanced physique, showcased by well-made 'point' bondage.
More Will in the next post

Monday 11 March 2019

The Art of Vern Dufford

 Sombre tones and images expressive of loneliness and despair define this marvellous group of  pictures from Vern Dufford. In this example the bright horizon brings an element of hope.

The depiction of a man's relationship with an expansive landscape recalls the pictures of Caspar David Friedrich but as far as I know he never used nudes. His theme was the mystery of God and creation, Dufford's mystery lies closer to home I suspect, but may amount to much the same thing if we're being philosophical about it!

We can probably guess the contents of this letter. The use of nudity here expresses the emotional vulnerability of the recipient. The subtlety of his sagging figure (which is well observed) redeems the slightly heavy-handed symbolism of the darkened, empty room behind him, representing what his world has suddenly become.
Thankfully there's an optimistic bright spot on the horizon, but he hasn't seen it yet.
The colours of this example seem to have been brightened 

It's darkest before the dawn, so the saying goes, but that's never offered much consolation to anyone stuck at that low point. I don't know if those Dali-like cracks on the man's head are part of the picture or a fault in the photo but they seem quite appropriate. The use of light and shade in these seemingly simple pictures is terrific.


In contrast to the gloomy 'Letter' series, this image of a man trying to control his vessel as it runs before the storm in menacing seas is full of positivity. It's nicely expressed by his leaning-forward pose, going with the vessel rather than trying restrain it. That's probably not good seamanship but it works artistically. Notice that much of the brightness is behind him, but he is still going forward determinedly into storm where the clouds ahead are tinged with encouraging light.

Notice how the artist presents him turned towards us, showing frontal nudity. This seems to assert his masculinity and taking control of the situation. Reversing the positioning of the two legs to show his backside would be more modest, but would create a different sense of turning away from the challenge or lack of control.
Voyager Series
This image with it's suggestion of bondage in the rope-wound body is a natural for this blog
It adds the element of entanglement to this marine saga of tormented emotions.

All these images have a flavour of Art Deco in the simplicity of the figures and the smooth facial features but in this case, the shape of the clouds top left is very typical of that style.

The waters are calmer here but the excitement of the storm is succeeded by weariness and maybe a feeling of despair. The entanglement seems to remain as a restriction even though the slackened rope suggests the moment of crisis has passed. Interesting psychology!

Adrift 2

This image from the same series also has interesting features,
there's a commentary at the mitchmen gateway blog (in post dated March 1st 2019)

Vern Dufford paints in a variety of styles but this group is particularly eye catching.
The subject matter is somewhat gloomy but thoughtful and reflects an aspect of (gay) life that we all experience at some point in our lives. The deco styling is a unifying influence that will appeal to many of our brethren!

I haven't a website for Vern Dufford but you'll find traces of his art sales if you search on his name.