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Sunday 6 March 2016

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Vincent

Vincent - Animal Park

Vincent’s art is in praise of the bigger man, but it’s pitched on a rather idealised level which is more akin to worship of musclemen than chubbies. His characters usually have strikingly handsome and masculine faces set atop thick, tapering necks and massively developed bodies. They also have enormous backsides and thighs but the bulk is packaged in neatly rounded shapes that do not sag and look more like taut, young muscles.

Vincent - Carlos

He has a predilection for dressing these characters in skimpy, see-through outfits which emphasise their overdevelopment. They are also seen in the bodybuilding world. You might expect such muscularity to have required chemical assistance but these two don’t seem to have suffered the usual consequences in respect of their sexual capacity.

Vincent - Shunga
Despite the rugged, western characterisation of the men we have seen so far, Vincent is actually Japanese and I’ve included this example by way of illustration. His heritage also manifests itself in the use of flower motifs in romantic scenes and some tattoo patterns. The bondage we see here is unexpectedly mild for a Japanese artist but the dildo is a typical device. The bulky variant seen here challenging another substantial rump does have a certain erotic logic. Notice how the skin tones in these images convey a sense of smooth, babyish softness.
(‘Shunga’ by the way simply means erotic image).

Vincent - LA-Police

The bondage seen here is slightly more significant, but it’s still symbolic rather than real, rope looped round arms but not really acting in any restraining capacity. This might look like mundane porn activity except for the embrace from behind which is protective and loving. Coupled with that fleshy, baby fat, there’s actually a strange sense of parenting going on here, the chunky, inexperienced helpless child being shown how to manage his own body functions and it’s weirdly sexy.
I have no idea why this is called LA-Police by the way.

Vincent - Brian tied milk

The other bondage format used by Vincent is more extreme. It shows arms that are twisted into acute but impossible angles as though they are not attached to a body by any normal arrangement. It conveys much more of a sense of incapacity, pain even suggested here.

Japanese artists often use ‘phantom’ imagery to show internal penetration but I’ve never seen it used like this before. It’s actually rather effective in conveying a sense of a stranger, a marauder imposing himself. ‘Cleavage frottage’ is normally the domain of straights for obvious physiological reasons and so there’s a sense of mockery in its imposition on such a well-groomed, muscular man. That is topped off (!) by the ‘milk’ that can be seen dripping from the victims cheeks and running down over his pecs and abs in rivulets (just like milk does).

His facial expression is priceless, a sort of submissive, dignified outrage, cheeks red hot with embarrassment. The extreme neatness of his facial hair serves to underline how degrading this act must be and his cock sags accordingly. Which is about all that does sag in these parts! Vincent’s hunks carry weight everywhere else but they don’t have bellies, they have six packs. For me the result is actually very sexy

Vincent - Happy Easter
This image takes the element of humiliating display a step further. This Easter bunny in bondage and laying eggs is a somewhat confused concept but a rather splendid example of Vincent’s feminising constructs. The pecs and lower limbs have unmistakeably feminine shapes, but that said, the rugged face and giant, rather handsome sex organ infuses enough masculinity into the picture to nullify the effect. The skimpy denim garment shown in the first picture failing to conceal a provocative G-string is a similar adoption and adaptation of female eroticism.

The tiny, bunny ears become a humiliation joke of the sort rugby fans will recognise. This game and its boisterous players are perhaps the ultimate source of Vincent’s inspiration. Rugby is very popular in Japan.
Vincent’s work is readily available in book form to buy from his website Vince-X, but samples there are well-protected and it’s very hard to find examples on the web (search under Vyncent as well as Vincent). Vincent’s blog has hardly any on show.

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